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AIPAC: America’s Real Terrorists

Posted by Anarchore on October 17, 2008


AIPAC’s Power Base: America’s Real Terrorists

By: Ted Lang

Our entire government is controlled by Israel! Through a small, rich and powerful Jewish supported pro-Israeli tax-exempt lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or simply AIPAC, virtually all American domestic and foreign policy is now being controlled by a foreign government entanglement. This is done by targeting American politicians: those who are pro-Israel receive campaign funding and favorable publicity through a myriad of Jewish organizations, magnified by the liberal and Democratic Party-leaning American press; those politicians not favoring policies benefiting Israel are targeted by Jews all over America who send money to help finance that politician’s opponent.

Former Georgia Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, who was critical of the dominance Israel enjoyed controlling our government, was defeated in this way by Jewish contributions coming in from all over the United States. Those contributions had to be requested en masse, funneled to a finance manager, and then distributed to all the right places to both the opposing candidate and key media outlets to generate the necessary opposing campaign propaganda.

At the Republican Party’s highly expensive convention bash being orchestrated smack in the middle of New York City this week, FOXNews.com reports: “About 1,500 supporters of Israel attended the posh event hosted by United Jewish Communities, the Republican Jewish Coalition and the American-Israel Political Action Committee. The event, held at Pier 60 in Manhattan, was attended by dozens of congressional members, governors and administration officials, and featured Bloomberg, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman.”

Posting on his website Informed Commentary, and carried on Antiwar.com’s as well, Professor Juan Cole, who teaches history at the University of Michigan, writes in his August 28, 2004 piece entitled, “AIPAC’s Overt and Covert Ops.”: “The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a lobbying group that used to support whatever government was in power in Israel, and used to give money even-handedly inside the US. My perception is that during the past decade AIPAC has increasingly tilted to the Likud in Israel, and to the political Right in the United States. In the 1980s, AIPAC set up the Washington Institute for Near East Policy as a pro-Israeli alternative to the Brookings Institution, which it perceived to be insufficiently supportive of Israel. WINEP has largely followed AIPAC into pro-Likud positions, even though its director, Dennis Ross, is more moderate. He is a figurehead, however, serving to disguise the far right character of most of the position papers produced by long-term WINEP staff and by extremist visitors and ‘associates’ (Daniel Pipes and Martin Kramer are among the latter).”

Professor Cole continues: “WINEP, being a wing of AIPAC, is enormously influential in Washington. State Department and military personnel are actually detailed there to ‘learn’ about ‘the Middle East’! They would get a far more balanced ‘education’ about the region in any Israeli university, since most Israeli academics are professionals, whereas WINEP is a ‘think tank’ that hires by ideology.”

There are many ways AIPAC magnifies its influence over American government, and targeting politicians during elections is only one of them. In this presidential election, reflect on how both Senator John Kerry and President George Bush are one in their support for Israel. Note also how former frontrunner Dr. Howard Dean became toast after he merely suggested a more balanced approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which was created and continues to be exacerbated by Israel’s imperialism and ethnocide.

Cole explains, “Note that over 80% of American Jews vote Democrat, that the majority of American Jews opposed the Iraq war (more were against it than in the general population), and that American Jews have been enormously important in securing civil liberties for all Americans. Moreover, Israel has been a faithful ally of the US and deserves our support in ensuring its security. The Likudniks like to pretend that they represent American Jewry, but they do not. And they like to suggest that objecting to their policies is tantamount to anti-Semitism, which is sort of like suggesting that if you don’t like Chile’s former dictator Pinochet, you are bigotted against Latinos.”

This explanation is consistent with all that I have read on the subject. Jewish Zionists and their more numerically powerful and vocal Christian Zionists, will support any and all Israeli policies, and then smear opponents as being “anti-Semitic.” Perhaps a better term to describe these war-mongering Jewish and Christian Zionists is to identify them as being “Likudniks,” indicative of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s war-mongering and genocidal Likud Party. And it would be entirely safe to say that a majority of Jews living in Israel also oppose Sharon’s atrocities against the Palestinians, which is the ongoing basis for anti-Israeli terrorism there responsible for the horrible deaths and maiming of so many of Israel’s citizens.

AIPAC and the neoconservative Likudniks in the Pentagon and in the Bush administration today represent the greatest threat to world peace. They are plotting to ignite hostilities that could ratchet up to World War III. This would fit in nicely with martial law control over the American populace as General Tommy Franks envisioned, and could lead to US rule by a one government international New World Order seemingly so desired by both Bush and Kerry. And separate from a world engulfed in nuclear war, we have the constant threat of terrorism by Muslim militants looking to hurt the people of “The Great Satan” as protector of the most dangerous regime in the world: Sharon and his Likud Party.

The “outbreak” of anti-Semitism all over the world is unmitigated pap and nonsensical propaganda. Muslims are not out to destroy US because of our wealth, or our freedom, or even because of our ties to, and origins as, a Judeo-Christian nation; they foment terrorism against US because of our military might as the world’s greatest super power enabling Israeli ethnocidal imperialism. It is Israel that is the trigger; we are the big gun.

Commenting further on the dominance of Israel’s Likud Party over American politics, Cole continues: “It should be admitted that the American Likud could not make US policy on its own. Its members had to make convincing arguments to Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush himself. But they were able to make those arguments, by distorting intelligence, channeling Ahmad Chalabi junk, and presenting Big Ideas to men above them that signally lacked such ideas. (Like the idea that the road to peace in Jerusalem ran through Baghdad. Ha!)”

Cole’s observations confirm the source of Muslim terrorism: “The Likud policies of reversing Oslo and stealing people’s land and making their lives hell has produced enormous amounts of terrorism against Israel, and the Likudniks have cleverly turned that to their political advantage. Aggression and annexation is necessary, they argue, because there is terrorism. Some of them now openly speak of ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, using the same argument. But when the Oslo peace process looked like it would go somewhere, terrorism tapered off (it did not end, but then peace had not been achieved).

The drawback for the US in all this is that US government backing for Sharon’s odious policies makes it hated in the Muslim world. (Note that Muslims who oppose Israeli aggression are often tagged as ‘terrorists’ by the US government, but rightwing Jews who go to Palestine to colonize it, walking around with Uzi machine guns and sometimes shooting down civilians, are not ‘terrorists.’) This lack of balance is one big reason that Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri hit the US on September 11. [Emphasis added.] In fact, Bin Laden wanted to move up the operation to punish the US for supporting Sharon’s crackdown on the Second Intifada.”

The FBI investigation now rapidly disappearing from the American media’s radar screen seems as some kind of fluke. Considering the extensive control Israel maintains over virtually all branches of American government through AIPAC and their Pentagon and White House neocon plants, why would an espionage agenda even be necessary?

Again Cole: “So, passing a few confidential documents over is a minor affair. Pro-Likud intellectuals established networks linking Defense and the national security advisers of Vice President Dick Cheney, gaining enormous influence over policy by cherry-picking and distorting intelligence so as to make a case for war on Saddam Hussein. And their ulterior motive was to remove the most powerful Arab military from the scene, not because it was an active threat to Israel (it wasn’t) but because it was a possible deterrent to Likud plans for aggressive expansion (at the least, they want half of the West Bank, permanently).”

Here’s why AIPAC is an extremely dangerous and subversive group as offered by Cole: “All this can happen because there is a vacuum in US political discourse. A handful of special interests in the United States virtually dictate congressional policy on some issues. With regard to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and a few allies have succeeded in imposing complete censorship on both houses of Congress. No senator or congress member dares make a speech on the floor of his or her institution critical of Israeli policy, even though the Israeli government often violates international law and UN Security Council resolutions (it would violate more such resolutions, except that the resolutions never got passed because only one NSC member, the US, routinely vetoes them on behalf of Tel Aviv.) As the Labor Party in Israel has been eclipsed by the Likud coalition, which includes many proto-fascist groups, this subservience has yoked Washington to foreign politicians who privately favor ethnic cleansing and/or agressive warfare for the purpose of annexing the territory of neighbors. On the rare occasion when a brave member of congress dares stand up to this unrelenting AIPAC tyranny, that person is targeted for unelection in the next congressional campaign, with big money directed by AIPAC and/or its analogues into the coffers of the senator or congressman’s opponent. Over and over again, AIPAC has shaped the US congress in this way, so successfully that no one even dares speak out any more.”

Cole points out that this is precisely the type of tyrannical takeover of America our Founding Fathers feared. This is precisely what President George Washington warned US about advising strongly to avoid entangling alliances. Our sinful alliance with tiny Israel, run by mass murderers and war-mongers, has infested virtually all levels of our own government. And they are a long way from being through with US, but we may be only a few short years away from becoming a brutal dictatorship forged from the terrorism created by tiny Israel’s Likud Party.

AIPAC picks, elects and stacks both houses of our Congress. AIPAC has eliminated the Democratic Party’s former frontrunner. AIPAC accomplishes this by targeting politicians, and magnifying their small numbers by enlisting the support of a much greater number of Americans: the Christian Zionists. Cole explains this magnification of power employing non-Jews: “AIPAC is not all that rich or powerful, but politics in the US is often evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. Because many races are very close, any little extra support can help change the outcome. AIPAC can provide that little bit. Moreover, most Americans couldn’t care less about the Middle East or its intractable problems, whereas the staffers at AIPAC are fanatics. [Emphasis added.]

If some congressman from southern Indiana knows he can pick up even a few thousand dollars and some good will from AIPAC, he may as well, since his constituents don’t care anyway. That there is no countervailing force to AIPAC allows it to be effective. (That is one reason that pro-Likud American activists often express concern about the rise of the Muslim-American community and the possibility that it may develop an effective lobby.) Moreover, AIPAC leverages its power by an alliance with the Christian Right, which has adopted a bizarre ideology of “Christian Zionism.” It holds that the sooner the Palestinians are ethnically cleansed, the sooner Christ will come back. Without millions of these Christian Zionist allies, AIPAC would be much less influential and effective.” [Emphasis added]

The etremely dangerous power that AIPAC, a lobby of about 60,000, “representing” five to six million Jews in Israel, wields over the government and military of the United States, a nation of almost 300 million, can easily lead to a totally nuclear World War III. Terrorism is a tactic employed by the weak and oppressed. It is a tool that can be used to symbolically retaliate against a repressive government that is enslaving a people. But it can also be used to turn the people of a repressive nation against its own government. When the people of such a repressive nation realize that it is their own government that is responsible for generating such terrorism from external sources, the perpetrators hope that internal political pressure will lead to the abolition of that nation’s oppressive policies. This is the motivation of the PLO in conducting terroristic suicide bus and public place bombings against Israel.

The stubborn pigheadedness of the Bush administration and its Zionist PNAC cabal that engineered the war against Iraq in accordance with the “Clean Break” policy, is what must now be propped up and supported by a series of increasingly draconian Patriot Acts. Terrorism against the United States will grow, and will grow more seriously. During American expansionism characterized as “the wild West,” the Colt “Peacemaker” revolver was termed “The Equalizer.” In the “wild” Mid East, terrorism is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to oppressed Muslims and Palestinians. The new “equalizer” is nuclear weaponry. The threat to America is that nuclear devices will be employed shortly in terrorist acts against the United States.

This is precisely why we are becoming a police state. Bush had it right when he said that we couldn’t win a war against terrorism. But we can take a positive approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We can unauthorize AIPAC to lobby and take away its tax-exempt status. We can recognize that both of our major political parties are totally under the thumb of a serious foreign entanglement, and one that not only dictates down to US, but is also impervious to the death, harm and destruction that the weak and oppressed will use against US as the actions of our government blur the distinction between a just and honest people and our increasingly savage and corrupt government.

This is the major issue in this election. Either our government is with US, or with Israel. Which way is it Mr. Bush? Is there a third party that will step forward and save our nation? Obviously, saving US from World War III and nuclear attack aren’t of any importance to either major political party. We are, instead, focusing on another unjust war we lost thirty years ago. But just like the Germans after World War I, we cannot accept either that the war is over, or the fact that we lost it. The blessed opportunity of a “peaceful revolution” by a truly honest and open election is rapidly slipping away, and may well be replaced by a nuclear terrorist attack launching World War III. It will be the first major rebellion against “The Evil Empire,” a rebellion against the Emperor of the Dark Side. Star Wars is US, and the great clock of history is about to strike the hour.

Source: http://www.etherzone.com/2004/lang090304.shtml


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Israel’s Achievements

Posted by Anarchore on May 19, 2007

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Israeli Occupation Government to Revive Unpopular Police State Legislation

Posted by Anarchore on May 17, 2007

Who needs a warrant?

The same mindset that justifies conducting foreign wars, and to prosecute ‘hate speech’ is at work here to take us that much closer to a society where the government can simply imprison it’s critics on ‘terrorism’. We already see the government using the security certificate system to promote terror hoaxes and cut off the young Islamo-dupes from contact, to perpetrate the myth that these chat-room Jihadists were a threat. They even had a police officer goad them into an alleged buy of fertilizer.


All that enlightenment junk, human rights, thousands of years of tradition honouring habeaus corpus, all out the window. The terrorists have changed everything say our wise Zionist guides, and we must give up our freedoms, our liberties, our concept of justice that requires that the accused be able to face their accuser and be protected from torture to extract a confession.

The directives for this type of legislation can be traced right back to their origins in Tel Aviv. It certainly is not Canadian, but it is very Israeli. Very Zionofascist.



The federal government plans to introduce legislation that would renew controversial anti-terrorism measures voted down by opposition parties earlier this year, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says.

Day said Tuesday he has drafted a bill to reinstate preventive arrests, which allow police to detain or restrain terror suspects without charge.

He also said the bill would allow the resumption of investigative hearings, which require anyone with information relevant to the investigation of a terrorist act to appear before a judge.

Both the Commons public safety committee and a Senate panel have already recommended extending those provisions, but Liberal MP and committee member Roy Cullen

-Yep. No difference between the Zionist Liberal party and the Zionist Conservatives. What is the appropriate way to deal with foriegn agents in our own government?

told CBC News Wednesday that Day must include other key recommendations from both panel reports to ensure the bill’s passage.


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Canadian Government Knew About Afghan Torture from the Start

Posted by Anarchore on May 11, 2007

The detainee torture issue has been floating around Parliament the last few weeks, with denials from Harper and gag orders for Con MP’s. 

When Harper said that the tortured afghanis were lying, HE was lying to the Canadian people.

The Taliban are more trustworthy than our own politicians.

How did Canada sink so low?

This is just part of the Israelification of Canadian government and society, with increased corruption and state powers seen as progress.

Canadian troops have no business in Afghanistan fighting a fraudulent war.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A diplomatic report revealing that the Canadian government has been aware that Afghan security forces have been torturing prisoners handed over to them by Canadian soldiers has caused outrage across the country.

It all started on April 24 when The Globe and Mail newspaper published interviews with former Afghan prisoners who claim that Afghan intelligence officials subjected them to beatings, whippings with cables, and electric shocks.

The prisoners said they had been turned over to the feared Afghan National Security Directorate (NSD), the country’s intelligence agency, by Canadian soldiers.

Initially, the Canadian government denied any knowledge that Afghan security forces were torturing prisoners. The Globe then requested a report compiled by Canadian diplomats in Kabul, Afghanistan, on the human rights situation in the country.

Initially, the government denied the existence of such a report. After the Globe pressed the issue by raising the matter with the federal information commissioner, the government released a heavily censored version of a report titled “Afghanistan 2006: Good Governance, Democratic Development and Human Rights.”

read the rest…

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B’nai Brith Canada: Unwavering Support for Israel

Posted by Anarchore on March 27, 2007

An Odious Israel Group Pushes Canada Around

“Unwavering Support” for state terror. If a person has been convicted in particularly gruesome murders and all sorts of depravity, he does not receive unwavering support except from family members. Yet the shills for the terrorist state of Israel expect Canada to show unconditional love for Israel, even when that love involves supporting the murder of millions of people the gangster state would rather have out of the way. Scum like B’nai Brith are at the forefront of lobbying for war against countries Canada had no quarrel with, like Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. B’nai Brith and other such Zionofascist groups must be exposed for their odious deeds so they can be subjected to the appropriate public scorn and retaliation. The future of the world depends on it.

What can one say about a group that presents itself as a human rights organisation while working to stifle political dissent and promote state terror? Hypocrisy is one word that comes to mind, but other words jump out, like traitorous and slimy. B’nai Brith is involved in many activities that are harmful to Canada, from lobbying for Canadian involvement in the corrupt mideast wars, to lobbying for increased surveillance and a powerful police state, to lobbying for censorship and against free speech. In this article I will show how B’nai Brith successfully lobbies for Canadian support of state terror by Israel. B’nai Brith is not the only nominal Jewish group lobbying for Israel, but it is one of the oldest, largest and most powerful.

Kicking out Arabs from their homes, shooting Palestinian girls in the head on their way to school, bombing civilian roads and infrastructure, apartheid and genocide, it is all good according to B’nai Brith. Unwavering support is the only thought in the heads of the indoctrinated B’nai’s when the subject of Israel comes up.

Some background on B’nai Brith:


The Canadian section of B’nai Brith (the Canadian organization uses no apostrophe in “Brith”) was founded in 1875 and is the country’s oldest Jewish service organization. In recent years it has been a rival to the Canadian Jewish Congress as “the voice” of Canada’s Jewish community and is considered to be the more outspokenly conservative body of the two, particularly in its publication the The Jewish Tribune (compared to the more moderate Canadian Jewish News). B’nai Brith Canada (BBC) is also considered to be closer to the Likud in its views of Israel and Zionism than the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) which is officially non-partisan as to Israeli politics. In Canadian politics, although both groups are officially non-partisan, several former senior officials in the CJC, such as former President Irwin Cotler, have run as candidates for the Liberal Party of Canada, while Frank Dimant, executive director of B’nai Brith, considered running as a candidate of the conservative Canadian Alliance in the 2000 federal election.

B’nai Brith’s Frank Dimant: Terror-Promoting Hypocrite

In their own words, B’nai Brith admit that they support Israel, no matter what crimes are committed by the gangsters running the state. Here, from a call to sign a petition, they profess unwavering support for terrorism in the name of Israel.

Unwavering Support for the Terrorstate

The Institute for International Affairs of B’nai Brith Canada is urging the general public as well as Jewish community members to sign on to this document, which is both a denunciation of the planned CUPE-Ontario boycott of Israel and a reaffirmation of unwavering support for the Jewish State.

And when these people say unwavering support, they really do mean material and moral support for acts of terrorism:
B’nai Brith criticized for official’s terror remarks supporting state terror

“When Israel uses terror… to destroy a home and convince people to be terrified of what the possible consequences are, I’d say that’s acceptable use to terrify someone,” he said.

Later in the show, he said: “Israel does make use of – I know I’ll be misquoted – but the truth is that terror is an option to be used by states in order to prevent deaths of their own citizens and of others. Acts that take place in Gaza and [the] West Bank, you might want to classify them as terrorists sponsored by the state. But when that is being done to prevent deaths, are we going to say that that is wrong?”

Every year B’nai Brith publishes a list of “anti-semitic” incidents. They claim that this year’s total is up:

B’nai Brith: Anti-Semitic incidents rose 12.8% in 2005

OTTAWA (CP) – B’nai Brith Canada says reports of anti-Semitic incidents jumped 12.8 per cent nationally in 2006, revealing an “open hatred” against Jewish people.

The article goes on to state that events in the middle east are fueling more such incidents. However, the veracity of such occurrences is suspect, as Paul Fromm recently noted:

Poor Baby Report

It’s become a Spring ritual. Each year, the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith issues its lovingly collected Annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents and each year, the headlines carried by the gullible press are the same. Once again, so the hyperventilating report would have us believe, anti-Semitism is up again,. The blackshirts are back in town.

This year is no exception. The annual poor baby” report was released Friday and predictably: “In 2006, 935 incidents were reported to the League for Human Rights, constituting an overall increase of 12.8% from the previous year. This figure sets a new all-time high for Canada. A five-year view shows that the number of incidents has more than doubled since the 459 incidents reported in the 2002 Audit. With the exception of a small hiatus in 2005, when a slight 3.3% decrease was reported, there has been a relentless upward movement over the past 10 years. A 10-year view shows that incidents have jumped more than four-fold since 1997 when there were 212 cases. Twenty-five years ago when the League released its first Audit, the number of reported incidents was only 63.”

Why, on the surface, if B’nai Brith is to be believed, anti-Semitism in Canada is so bad, it’s a wonder the Jewish population doesn’t just all pick up their bags and head to Israel. For one good reason: The B’nai Brith report is a crock. Jews, in Canada, never had it so good. As a group, they are wealthy and very influential, having the ear of those in power.

By way of reality check, StatsCan reported that Jews are Canada’s wealthiest ethnic group. Jews, like the Asper family, control substantial portions of the mass media. Jews , who number 373,000 and thus comprise just over one per cent of Canada’s population, are very substantially over-represented in law, medicine and on the Supreme Court, where one third, three of the nine justices are Jews. Just a few weeks ago, B’nai Brith hosted a major dinner. There was Canada’s Israel Firster Prime Minister Stephen Harper, pledging undying support for Israel. The other three party leaders were also there gamely pledging their support for a foreign state.

The “poor baby” act wears a little thin.
The first thing we have to realize is that these are almost all self-reported “incidents.” There’s almost no indication of people being charged much less convicted. Many of these incidents are “hate” on the Internet or graffiti or leaflets. No one has been charged and B’nai Brith’s definition of “hate” is so fluid that it encompasses any criticism of Israel or Jews. The breakdown of the 954 incidents is highly instructive.

B’nai Brith should know they are not hated for their ethnicity, they are hated for what they do.

In a typical gangster action, B’nai Brith targetted a teacher’s organisation with demands that there be no discussion on Israel:

Teachers’ Union Defends Right to Freedom of Speech

On January 12th, B’nai Brith launched an all-out assault on OSSTF by sending an e-mail “alert” to its members urging them to pressure OSSTF members to disengage from a debate scheduled to take place at this Thursday’s regular monthly Council Meeting. Today, the Jewish Defense League announced its intention to rally outside of the OSSTF office during the meeting.

“This can be seen as nothing short of an attempt to intimidate our membership” said Doug Jolliffe, President of OSSTF District 12 Toronto.

All that unwavering support for Israel means Canadians are figuring out the true nature of groups like B’nai Brith.

But the Prime Minister does not care about Canadians:

He said that both Olmert and Sharon have been willing to make “painful compromises for peace. This is the sort of leadership, initiative and commitment that we need and that we have come to expect from the great State of Israel.”

After Harper’s speech, B’nai Brith executive vice-president Frank Dimant told him: “Every Shabbat, every Saturday, we recite [a] prayer for you, Mr. Prime Minister. I believe that the Almighty has answered our prayers.”


Canada’s Zionist Politicians

More background on B’nai Brith

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Let the Sun Set on Terror Laws

Posted by Anarchore on March 10, 2007

After 5 years of insurgence after the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001, serious cracks are now showing in the Zionofascist facade. People are starting to speak out against the Israel-first filth and their anti-speech, anti-liberty and pro-torture and despotism agenda.

Times Colonist

Published: Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Re: “Let the sun set on terror laws,” Feb. 19.

The editorial deals throughout with “threats posed by international
terrorism” and Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act. Under this act, the
editorial states that “the authorities only have to show reasonable
suspicion someone is a threat to justify permanent imprisonment.”

It must be recalled that we have seen at least one case, that of
Ernst Zundel, who was indefinitely incarcerated, in solitary
confinement, without any hint that he posed a threat to Canada’s
national security; without being convicted, or even accused of any
crime. In Zundel’s case a national security certificate was used to
silence and punish him for purely political reasons.

Not that it has any relevance in Canada, but the British Law Lords
ruled more than two years ago in the case of “suspects” detained
without conviction or even the laying of charges:

“Nothing could be more antithetical to the instincts and conditions
of the people of the United Kingdom than indefinite detentions
without charge or trial. The real threat to the life of the nation
comes not from terrorism but from laws such as these.”

Gordon Payne,
© Times Colonist (Victoria) 2007

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Israeli Agent Cotler Still Pushing Zionofascism

Posted by Anarchore on March 4, 2007

Colter should be deported to Israel, where this ‘Canadian’ MP’s real constituency resides.


One other Liberal MP, former justice minister Irwin Cotler, abstained. A dozen others weren’t present for Tuesday’s vote, including four who had previously argued strongly in favour of renewing the security provisions.

Dion said disciplinary action will be meted out but declined to specify, calling it an “internal caucus matter.”

Related: Cotler Watch

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Disappearing Detainees –More Canadian Zionofascism

Posted by Anarchore on March 4, 2007

Like Israel has been doing in Palestine since it’s inception, the neocon thugs of Zionist Canada have sent in our troops to subjugate the Afghans, ensuring more war and terror.

War and terror is good for Zionofascism, but Canada has no business in Afghanistan.

This April 1, 2004, file photo shows U.S soldiers taking an Afghan prisoner in Zunchorah Village, near Khost, about 250 km southeast of Kabul, Afghanistan.(AP / Emilio Morenatti)
This April 1, 2004, file photo shows U.S soldiers taking an Afghan prisoner in Zunchorah Village, near Khost, about 250 km southeast of Kabul, Afghanistan.(AP Emilio Morenatti)


Three key prisoners in Afghan abuse probe missing

Updated Fri. Mar. 2 2007 10:43 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

The disappearance of three Afghan detainees — key prisoners in the investigation into alleged abuse by Canadian soldiers — has prompted strong criticism over Canada’s prisoner handover agreement.

“This is a tremendous failing on the part of the Department of National Defense and I worry about it,” Amin Attaran, a law professor from the University of Ottawa, told CTV Newsnet on Friday.

“It’s just minimal basic requirement of taking care of any living person that you treat them without any kind of risk of torture, that you shelter them properly and you do not give them to known torturers as the Afghans currently are.”

The NaZi(National Zionist) National Post –a newspaper obstensibly covering issues of concern to Canadians is in reality a Zionist propaganda vehicle.

Predictably, they say it is no big deal Canadian troops are thugs for Israel’s interests. http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/story.html?id=37ef7cd5-d734-428d-a054-6c5dbbbd2d31&k=0

Opinion: Don Martin on the alleged prisoner abuse
OPINION: Don Martin on the alleged prisoner abuse in Afghanistan
Don Martin, National Post
Published: Wednesday, February 07, 2007

OTTAWA — So let’s put off hunting down the Taliban, the better to scour Kandahar for three Afghans who may have been injured while resisting arrest by Canadian forces — or may well be dead after a successful stint as suicide bombers.

Related: Canadian Troops Abusing Prisoners

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US Israelification Under Fire

Posted by Anarchore on February 27, 2007

The torture techniques used against Padilla are vintage CIA mind control, but the detention of a citizen without charge for years is straight out of Zionofascist Israel.

A Trial for Thousands Denied Trial  Naomi Klein

Something remarkable is going on in a Miami courtroom. The cruel methods US interrogators have used since September 11 to “break” prisoners are finally being put on trial. This was not supposed to happen. The Bush Administration’s plan was to put José Padilla on trial for allegedly being part of a network linked to international terrorists. But Padilla’s lawyers are arguing that he is not fit to stand trial because he has been driven insane by the government. Arrested in May 2002 at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, Padilla, a Brooklyn-born former gang member, was classified as an “enemy combatant” and taken to a Navy prison in Charleston, South Carolina. He was kept in a 9-by-7-foot cell with no natural light, no clock and no calendar. Whenever Padilla left the cell, he was shackled and suited in heavy goggles and headphones. Padilla was kept under these conditions for 1,307 days. He was forbidden contact with anyone but his interrogators, who punctured the extreme sensory deprivation with sensory overload, blasting him with harsh lights and pounding sounds. Padilla also says he was injected with a “truth serum,” a substance his lawyers believe was LSD or PCP.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Government Scarerorism Suffers Setback

Posted by Anarchore on February 26, 2007

Well last summer’s terror scare which had skinny teenagers and a cop buying fertilizer and hatching plots to storm Parliament and behead Harper turns out to have been what everyone with a brain knew it was –contrived terror bullshit, the sort which increases government police state abuses, just like the Zionofascists of Israhell have kept going since 1948, a strategy of tension and control through terror or the threat of terror. Harper was of course quick on the bandwagon, even though he himself likely knew it was a complete setup.

“Terror” Paraphernalia -fertilizer and cell phones

Feb 23, 2007 02:46 PM

Staff Reporter
In the first setback for the government’s case against an alleged homegrown terrorism cell in Toronto, the youngest suspect had charges against him stayed in a Brampton court today. Read the rest of this entry »

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