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AIPAC: America’s Real Terrorists

Posted by Anarchore on October 17, 2008


AIPAC’s Power Base: America’s Real Terrorists

By: Ted Lang

Our entire government is controlled by Israel! Through a small, rich and powerful Jewish supported pro-Israeli tax-exempt lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or simply AIPAC, virtually all American domestic and foreign policy is now being controlled by a foreign government entanglement. This is done by targeting American politicians: those who are pro-Israel receive campaign funding and favorable publicity through a myriad of Jewish organizations, magnified by the liberal and Democratic Party-leaning American press; those politicians not favoring policies benefiting Israel are targeted by Jews all over America who send money to help finance that politician’s opponent.

Former Georgia Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, who was critical of the dominance Israel enjoyed controlling our government, was defeated in this way by Jewish contributions coming in from all over the United States. Those contributions had to be requested en masse, funneled to a finance manager, and then distributed to all the right places to both the opposing candidate and key media outlets to generate the necessary opposing campaign propaganda.

At the Republican Party’s highly expensive convention bash being orchestrated smack in the middle of New York City this week, FOXNews.com reports: “About 1,500 supporters of Israel attended the posh event hosted by United Jewish Communities, the Republican Jewish Coalition and the American-Israel Political Action Committee. The event, held at Pier 60 in Manhattan, was attended by dozens of congressional members, governors and administration officials, and featured Bloomberg, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman.”

Posting on his website Informed Commentary, and carried on Antiwar.com’s as well, Professor Juan Cole, who teaches history at the University of Michigan, writes in his August 28, 2004 piece entitled, “AIPAC’s Overt and Covert Ops.”: “The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a lobbying group that used to support whatever government was in power in Israel, and used to give money even-handedly inside the US. My perception is that during the past decade AIPAC has increasingly tilted to the Likud in Israel, and to the political Right in the United States. In the 1980s, AIPAC set up the Washington Institute for Near East Policy as a pro-Israeli alternative to the Brookings Institution, which it perceived to be insufficiently supportive of Israel. WINEP has largely followed AIPAC into pro-Likud positions, even though its director, Dennis Ross, is more moderate. He is a figurehead, however, serving to disguise the far right character of most of the position papers produced by long-term WINEP staff and by extremist visitors and ‘associates’ (Daniel Pipes and Martin Kramer are among the latter).”

Professor Cole continues: “WINEP, being a wing of AIPAC, is enormously influential in Washington. State Department and military personnel are actually detailed there to ‘learn’ about ‘the Middle East’! They would get a far more balanced ‘education’ about the region in any Israeli university, since most Israeli academics are professionals, whereas WINEP is a ‘think tank’ that hires by ideology.”

There are many ways AIPAC magnifies its influence over American government, and targeting politicians during elections is only one of them. In this presidential election, reflect on how both Senator John Kerry and President George Bush are one in their support for Israel. Note also how former frontrunner Dr. Howard Dean became toast after he merely suggested a more balanced approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which was created and continues to be exacerbated by Israel’s imperialism and ethnocide.

Cole explains, “Note that over 80% of American Jews vote Democrat, that the majority of American Jews opposed the Iraq war (more were against it than in the general population), and that American Jews have been enormously important in securing civil liberties for all Americans. Moreover, Israel has been a faithful ally of the US and deserves our support in ensuring its security. The Likudniks like to pretend that they represent American Jewry, but they do not. And they like to suggest that objecting to their policies is tantamount to anti-Semitism, which is sort of like suggesting that if you don’t like Chile’s former dictator Pinochet, you are bigotted against Latinos.”

This explanation is consistent with all that I have read on the subject. Jewish Zionists and their more numerically powerful and vocal Christian Zionists, will support any and all Israeli policies, and then smear opponents as being “anti-Semitic.” Perhaps a better term to describe these war-mongering Jewish and Christian Zionists is to identify them as being “Likudniks,” indicative of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s war-mongering and genocidal Likud Party. And it would be entirely safe to say that a majority of Jews living in Israel also oppose Sharon’s atrocities against the Palestinians, which is the ongoing basis for anti-Israeli terrorism there responsible for the horrible deaths and maiming of so many of Israel’s citizens.

AIPAC and the neoconservative Likudniks in the Pentagon and in the Bush administration today represent the greatest threat to world peace. They are plotting to ignite hostilities that could ratchet up to World War III. This would fit in nicely with martial law control over the American populace as General Tommy Franks envisioned, and could lead to US rule by a one government international New World Order seemingly so desired by both Bush and Kerry. And separate from a world engulfed in nuclear war, we have the constant threat of terrorism by Muslim militants looking to hurt the people of “The Great Satan” as protector of the most dangerous regime in the world: Sharon and his Likud Party.

The “outbreak” of anti-Semitism all over the world is unmitigated pap and nonsensical propaganda. Muslims are not out to destroy US because of our wealth, or our freedom, or even because of our ties to, and origins as, a Judeo-Christian nation; they foment terrorism against US because of our military might as the world’s greatest super power enabling Israeli ethnocidal imperialism. It is Israel that is the trigger; we are the big gun.

Commenting further on the dominance of Israel’s Likud Party over American politics, Cole continues: “It should be admitted that the American Likud could not make US policy on its own. Its members had to make convincing arguments to Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush himself. But they were able to make those arguments, by distorting intelligence, channeling Ahmad Chalabi junk, and presenting Big Ideas to men above them that signally lacked such ideas. (Like the idea that the road to peace in Jerusalem ran through Baghdad. Ha!)”

Cole’s observations confirm the source of Muslim terrorism: “The Likud policies of reversing Oslo and stealing people’s land and making their lives hell has produced enormous amounts of terrorism against Israel, and the Likudniks have cleverly turned that to their political advantage. Aggression and annexation is necessary, they argue, because there is terrorism. Some of them now openly speak of ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, using the same argument. But when the Oslo peace process looked like it would go somewhere, terrorism tapered off (it did not end, but then peace had not been achieved).

The drawback for the US in all this is that US government backing for Sharon’s odious policies makes it hated in the Muslim world. (Note that Muslims who oppose Israeli aggression are often tagged as ‘terrorists’ by the US government, but rightwing Jews who go to Palestine to colonize it, walking around with Uzi machine guns and sometimes shooting down civilians, are not ‘terrorists.’) This lack of balance is one big reason that Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri hit the US on September 11. [Emphasis added.] In fact, Bin Laden wanted to move up the operation to punish the US for supporting Sharon’s crackdown on the Second Intifada.”

The FBI investigation now rapidly disappearing from the American media’s radar screen seems as some kind of fluke. Considering the extensive control Israel maintains over virtually all branches of American government through AIPAC and their Pentagon and White House neocon plants, why would an espionage agenda even be necessary?

Again Cole: “So, passing a few confidential documents over is a minor affair. Pro-Likud intellectuals established networks linking Defense and the national security advisers of Vice President Dick Cheney, gaining enormous influence over policy by cherry-picking and distorting intelligence so as to make a case for war on Saddam Hussein. And their ulterior motive was to remove the most powerful Arab military from the scene, not because it was an active threat to Israel (it wasn’t) but because it was a possible deterrent to Likud plans for aggressive expansion (at the least, they want half of the West Bank, permanently).”

Here’s why AIPAC is an extremely dangerous and subversive group as offered by Cole: “All this can happen because there is a vacuum in US political discourse. A handful of special interests in the United States virtually dictate congressional policy on some issues. With regard to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and a few allies have succeeded in imposing complete censorship on both houses of Congress. No senator or congress member dares make a speech on the floor of his or her institution critical of Israeli policy, even though the Israeli government often violates international law and UN Security Council resolutions (it would violate more such resolutions, except that the resolutions never got passed because only one NSC member, the US, routinely vetoes them on behalf of Tel Aviv.) As the Labor Party in Israel has been eclipsed by the Likud coalition, which includes many proto-fascist groups, this subservience has yoked Washington to foreign politicians who privately favor ethnic cleansing and/or agressive warfare for the purpose of annexing the territory of neighbors. On the rare occasion when a brave member of congress dares stand up to this unrelenting AIPAC tyranny, that person is targeted for unelection in the next congressional campaign, with big money directed by AIPAC and/or its analogues into the coffers of the senator or congressman’s opponent. Over and over again, AIPAC has shaped the US congress in this way, so successfully that no one even dares speak out any more.”

Cole points out that this is precisely the type of tyrannical takeover of America our Founding Fathers feared. This is precisely what President George Washington warned US about advising strongly to avoid entangling alliances. Our sinful alliance with tiny Israel, run by mass murderers and war-mongers, has infested virtually all levels of our own government. And they are a long way from being through with US, but we may be only a few short years away from becoming a brutal dictatorship forged from the terrorism created by tiny Israel’s Likud Party.

AIPAC picks, elects and stacks both houses of our Congress. AIPAC has eliminated the Democratic Party’s former frontrunner. AIPAC accomplishes this by targeting politicians, and magnifying their small numbers by enlisting the support of a much greater number of Americans: the Christian Zionists. Cole explains this magnification of power employing non-Jews: “AIPAC is not all that rich or powerful, but politics in the US is often evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. Because many races are very close, any little extra support can help change the outcome. AIPAC can provide that little bit. Moreover, most Americans couldn’t care less about the Middle East or its intractable problems, whereas the staffers at AIPAC are fanatics. [Emphasis added.]

If some congressman from southern Indiana knows he can pick up even a few thousand dollars and some good will from AIPAC, he may as well, since his constituents don’t care anyway. That there is no countervailing force to AIPAC allows it to be effective. (That is one reason that pro-Likud American activists often express concern about the rise of the Muslim-American community and the possibility that it may develop an effective lobby.) Moreover, AIPAC leverages its power by an alliance with the Christian Right, which has adopted a bizarre ideology of “Christian Zionism.” It holds that the sooner the Palestinians are ethnically cleansed, the sooner Christ will come back. Without millions of these Christian Zionist allies, AIPAC would be much less influential and effective.” [Emphasis added]

The etremely dangerous power that AIPAC, a lobby of about 60,000, “representing” five to six million Jews in Israel, wields over the government and military of the United States, a nation of almost 300 million, can easily lead to a totally nuclear World War III. Terrorism is a tactic employed by the weak and oppressed. It is a tool that can be used to symbolically retaliate against a repressive government that is enslaving a people. But it can also be used to turn the people of a repressive nation against its own government. When the people of such a repressive nation realize that it is their own government that is responsible for generating such terrorism from external sources, the perpetrators hope that internal political pressure will lead to the abolition of that nation’s oppressive policies. This is the motivation of the PLO in conducting terroristic suicide bus and public place bombings against Israel.

The stubborn pigheadedness of the Bush administration and its Zionist PNAC cabal that engineered the war against Iraq in accordance with the “Clean Break” policy, is what must now be propped up and supported by a series of increasingly draconian Patriot Acts. Terrorism against the United States will grow, and will grow more seriously. During American expansionism characterized as “the wild West,” the Colt “Peacemaker” revolver was termed “The Equalizer.” In the “wild” Mid East, terrorism is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to oppressed Muslims and Palestinians. The new “equalizer” is nuclear weaponry. The threat to America is that nuclear devices will be employed shortly in terrorist acts against the United States.

This is precisely why we are becoming a police state. Bush had it right when he said that we couldn’t win a war against terrorism. But we can take a positive approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We can unauthorize AIPAC to lobby and take away its tax-exempt status. We can recognize that both of our major political parties are totally under the thumb of a serious foreign entanglement, and one that not only dictates down to US, but is also impervious to the death, harm and destruction that the weak and oppressed will use against US as the actions of our government blur the distinction between a just and honest people and our increasingly savage and corrupt government.

This is the major issue in this election. Either our government is with US, or with Israel. Which way is it Mr. Bush? Is there a third party that will step forward and save our nation? Obviously, saving US from World War III and nuclear attack aren’t of any importance to either major political party. We are, instead, focusing on another unjust war we lost thirty years ago. But just like the Germans after World War I, we cannot accept either that the war is over, or the fact that we lost it. The blessed opportunity of a “peaceful revolution” by a truly honest and open election is rapidly slipping away, and may well be replaced by a nuclear terrorist attack launching World War III. It will be the first major rebellion against “The Evil Empire,” a rebellion against the Emperor of the Dark Side. Star Wars is US, and the great clock of history is about to strike the hour.

Source: http://www.etherzone.com/2004/lang090304.shtml


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The High Cost of Zionism in Canada

Posted by Anarchore on October 15, 2008

Over $900/year from every man, woman and child in Canada for Zionist wars and police state

The Brain Parasite that is Bleeding the US

Many people know that the US fattens up Israel with weapons, technology and $4 billion/year in aid for their ethnic cleansing of Palestine. But the true cost of Israel to the United States is much more than outright handouts of cash and arms: http://zionofascism.wordpress.com/2008/10/14/the-cost-of-israel/

When you factor in all the costs of maintaining US/Israeli hegemony in the region, the Iraq war, the bases and Fifth Fleet, the pricetag is astronomical, in the 10s or 100s of billions a year.

Snowing Canada for the War of Terror

Is Canada also bleeding cash for Zionist goals that undermine Canada’s security and prosperity? Yes. By the hundreds of billions.

The War in Afghanistan was entered under the auspices of the US War on Terror, following the attacks of 911. We now know that Israelis knew about and were likely involved in the attack on New York, in order to clear the path for war …and no, Bin Laden did not plot 911 from an Afghan cave. Only TV programmed idiots still believe that. I shouldn’t have to tell anyone that the Project for a New American Century, a Zionist neocon group published a paper calling for a catalizing event that would bring American public opinion on line for the wars planned.

I also shouldn’t have to remind people that the Bush administration received multiple specific warnings from foreign governments. They needed 911 to get the war program started.

Even if you believe the official story of 911, there is no denying that Zionists seized upon the opportunity to wage bloody war in the middle east. There is no denying the lies leading up to the invasion of Iraq. There is no denying the propaganda campaign now waged by Zionists and their acolytes against Iran. “We have to prevent a second Holocaust”- are sentiments mouthed by McCain and Obama, as they repeat lies about Iran.

So no one is under the illusion that the War on Terror is anything but a Zionist/US/Israeli orchestrated power game, built on invading sovereign Arab countries for profit and the benefit of Israel? If you are reading this on Zionofascism.wordpress.com, the right sidebar will have a map, that links to an article showing that the Iraq war was partly about opening the pipeline to Haifa. Good.

OK, so we can reach the conclusion that the War on Terror is really nothing more than a series of endless wars for Israeli/US interests. Given the dominance of AIPAC in congress, these are Zionist wars. Indeed, one would be hard pressed to reach any other conclusion, but I invite those who do to let me know.

How do we bleed? Let us count the ways

The Useless War that Cannot be Won

According to the media, the Afghan war will cost taxpayers between $18 and $22Billion. Of course, wars always go over budget, so it is probably closer to $30 Billion, but we’ll go with the conservative government estimate of $18,000,000,000.

What does Canada get out of fighting Israel’s enemies? The emnity of Arabs who never threatened us, and lots of heroin flooding the world’s markets.

What do the Zionists get? Their enemies the Taliban are out, so their pipeline can go through. Their heroin trade is up and running, with 90% of the world’s heroin coming out of Afghanistan. Someone is getting very rich, and it is not Canada.

War of Terror Invades Canada, and We Get to Pay for Our Own Oppression

The CBC says that Canada has spent $24 Billion since 911 on ‘security’. $24,000,000,000

How many terror attacks were stopped by this massive amount of cash? ZERO. Why? Because there are no terrorists to speak of in Canada, other than the Zionists in power, and Israeli Mossad cells.

What did Canada get for that kind of money? Well the Judeo-fascists were able to get Ernst Zundel locked up without charge, held on an unconstitutional security certificate. Muslims were demonized, with the lurid details of a plot to behead the Prime Minister. Only later does the story get out that two of the ringleaders were RCMP provacateurs.

The LiberCon parties are entirely compromised by Zionist agents and their agendas. The proof is in the way polluticians fall over each other to out-Israel the competition. We get the illusion on our Zionist owned media that there is an actual democracy in Canada, yet only 59% of registered voters bothered to cast a ballot.

$18,000,000,000 Afghan war of terror
+$24,000,000,000 State terror AKA ‘security’
$42,000,000,000 (Afghan war of terror + State terror AKA ‘security’)

Wow $42 Billion by 2011, on an unwinnable war, and on security measures that do nothing other than humiliate travellers and jail and torture innocent people. Remember Maher Arar? I suppose we can add the 10.5 million in compensation for the Zionist style treatment he received from the rotten to the core RCMP. Big deal, that’s just a drop in the bucket for Canada’s Israel worship at the expense of the public.

All because we followed the Zionists in the US, in their quest to donate blood to the terrorstate. Mind that the $24 Billion is only for seven years, by 2011 it should conservatively add another 10 Billion.

$42,000,000,000 (Afghan war of terror + State terror AKA ‘security’ to 2008)
+ $10,000,000,000
$52,000,000,000 (Afghan war of terror + State terror AKA ‘security’ to 2011)

So $52 Billion since 2001 will go to waste! But hold on, the real shocker is coming a few paragraphs down.

Surpluses Squandered

(Well, worse than squandered actually, the money was and is being used to make the world a more fearful, dangerous, heartbreaking place)

Didn’t Canada have a huge surplus in 2001? It seems the LiberCon(Canada’s Liberal and Conservative parties have ruled since 2001 with the same agenda) parties were determined to waste the surplus:

The federal government recorded a budgetary surplus of $17.1 billion in 2000-01. This is the largest annual surplus since Confederation and the fourth consecutive annual surplus, following surpluses of $3.5 billion in 1997-98, $2.9 billion in 1998-99 and $12.3 billion in 1999-2000.

Well the surplus is gone now. What happened to it?

The pro-Zionist Globe and Mail says the surplus went to oh, increased military spending, eh? No mention of the war and the attack on Canadians via ‘security’ legislation. Do you believe the Globe and Mail, or are they part of the deception?

Since 2000, we have had four federal elections. We have also watched federal surpluses dwindle from a peak of $20-billion in 2000, to nothing at all this year – or perhaps even a deficit.

Where did it all go? Much of it went to pre-election or campaign attempts to woo voters with their own money – either through income-tax cuts and health-care transfers by the Liberals, or through cuts to the Goods and Services Tax, increased military spending and too-numerous-to-mention small but targeted programs and tax incentives by the Tories.

There was also a $54 Billion EI surplus, another lurid tale of government corruption, and cheating of the working people.

Building Up for War Against the Canadian People?

But there is good news. The Conservatives have embarked on a $490 Billion military spending plan over 20 years!

Mackay was quoted in CP as saying that “Ministers will discuss how to co-operate on providing armed security during natural disasters such as hurricanes or major national events like the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver”.

They want to spend our money to use the military, or perhaps some Blackwater-type mercs against us. This is even more frightening in light of the deal signed with the US to trade soldiers in emergencies. Do you think some gang-member shellshocked US soldier is going to respect your charter rights?

Let’s Crunch Some Numbers

$490 Billion/20 Years = $24.5 Billion/year.

52 Billion/10 Years = $5.2 Billion/year.

$24.5 Billion + $5.2 Billion = 30.9 Billion/year for the next 20 years! That’s about $909/person per year. No wonder they don’t want us to know about this!

Are these people insane? They appear to want to tie up any potential surplus cash in Canada, presumably to put down domestic dissent, caused by the starving people created by their very paranoia. Will someone tell them that full bellies are the best counter-insurgency tools? Or do they know something we don’t, about plans that will crash down on the Canadian people? We know what Big Jewry is capable of, they killed 20,000,000 Christians in the Soviet Union. Either way, this can not stand.

Canada does not get billions of dollars of aid a year from the USA like Israel does. We don’t need and don’t want this insane, inhuman, Israelization of Canada. How about respecting the right of habeus corpus, like any civilized country does? And how about free speech, which has been under attack. We need a rejection and a rollback of Zionofascism.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Ken Dryden Hit With One Too Many Hockey Pucks

Posted by Anarchore on October 14, 2008

Zionofascism has so dominated Canada’s politics that the question is not pro or con Palestinian genocide, but how fast we can encourage Israhell to achieve it. Do Canada’s Jews really vote based on groveling to Israel?

One has to wonder how they can stand to live in Canada where many people are actually against Zionist genocide and control. Not that you would know it looking at politicians. The politicians know if they offend big Jewry they will not win. So we get the most philo-Judiac quislings, with candidates getting kicked out for telling the truth about Israeli 911 treachery.

Why don’t the genocidal Jews move to Israel. Won’t they be happier where they can kill Palestinians personally, without repercussion? Many of us are starting to not like the Jewish community in general. Thirteen percent of a growing percentage of Canadians have an unfavourable view of Jews, due to the activities of Israeli subversives.

Are there any Jewish groups other than Zionist scumbags in Canada? One or two, maybe.

“The fight against anti-semitism is vital”?

The reason for any so-called “anti-semitism” is because the Zionofascists have taken over the media, much of the Supreme court, and have turned Parliament into a junior Knesset.

It seems that Jewish criminal gangs have done this before, and this is the cause of your “anti-semitism”, that keeps getting Jews thrown out of country after country.

In other words, it’s not our fault, it’s YOUR fault for not reigning in the criminals.

Your whining about the fight against anti-semitism being undermined sounds disingenuous, what anti-semitism? There is no anti-semitism, but what is generated by your people.

And if you don’t reign in your criminals, WE WILL, epithet of “anti-semite”, or not. Because it doesn’t really matter what Jews say. You have no moral authority anymore, the Holocaust(six million myth) is a joke, esp when Jews have killed many times that many of my people, so don’t count on that helping you anymore.

Not that I don’t welcome you to help fight Zionofascism in Canada, but it won’t be on your terms and it won’t be to advance the interests of “the tribe”, and it won’t be to fight “anti-semitism”, other than cleansing you of the shadow of evil that lies over the word “Jew” by the actions of those who say they speak for you.

What Jewish leaders in Canada are calling for justice? I’d really like to know.

“I pledge to help Jews kill the Goyim of the world. While it may sound harsh, genocide is the right thing to do at this time.”

Ken Dryden goes on Israeli power play in York Centre faceoff.
Israel’s party mixer

Dryden blurs Liberal stance on Mideast
It’s true that sitting Lib MP Ken Dryden didn’t exactly promise to attend every bris up and down York Centre riding.
But he did dangerously hit the hyperbole gas pedal at a September 24 meeting while trying to out-Israel Conservative challenger Rochelle Wilner, a hard-liner and former B’nai Brith president.
In front of a split audience in the sanctuary of the Beth Emeth synagogue on Wilmington (personal note: I had my bar mitzvah here), the ex-hockey guy’s eyes hardened as he advocated no truck or trade with the “terrorists” in the democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza.
Then he offered this shocker: “Stop all aid that flows into Gaza. While that may seem a harsh measure that will hurt Palestinian civilians… it is the right thing to do at this time.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Skimmer Blogs

Posted by Anarchore on October 5, 2008

There are a lot of blogs reporting on the surface minutea of Canadian politics, taking politics at face value.

They see themselves as ‘muck-rakers’, helping to shape the nation’s political reality.

What they really are is heavily partisan and obsequious to their ‘leader’ who can do no wrong.

When they do inadvertently encounter the muck at the bottom of Canadian politics, they hold their noses, ignore it, and heap condemnation upon those who dredged it up.

Many are openly Zionist, like this Liberal Party Israel Lobby turd: http://jasoncherniak.blogspot.com.

And of course their consensus on facts like Israeli foreknowledge and complicity in 911, is that it is ‘wacky’, even to the point of casually dismissing the fact that it is true exactly as Lesley Hughes reported.

So their ‘muckraking’ never challenges the Zionist/corporate consensus with hard fact about the duplicity of the Zionist three ring circus of politics, media and corporatism, but focuses on things like skinny dipping or pointing out the immigrant third world drug dealers and gangs in Canada.

When a fact does come up, that Israel did have prior knowledge, and that the proof is available to anyone with the most basic research skills, the Zionist-vetted ‘bloggers’ hide their heads in the sand.

All these blogs link to each other, and are linked to by the mainstream media, who see them as a safe consession to internet culture.

But really, all they do is act as repeaters for corporate memes, regardless of “breakthroughs” that blogs like the Black Rod http://blackrod.blogspot.com/ (seems to have a fetish for the trappings of Parliament) make, ie “outing” Lesley Hughes.

I’m sure the author of that blog thinks that he is so cutting edge for “exposing” what Lesley Hughes wrote, and I’m sure it doesn’t matter to it that what she said was the truth. Common to many of these blogs is their disdain for comments, either not allowing comments altogether, like the “Black Rod”, or heavily censoring dissent like Jason Cherniak.

These people are not journalists, they are corporate repeaters and commisars. What revelations they do provide is on the level of ‘skimming’, but it allows us to reach deeper conclusions about whatever mental illness they have that makes them averse to the truth about this corrupt, rotten country.

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Dion: Full Confidence in the Canadian Jewish Congress

Posted by Anarchore on October 4, 2008

Dion is not a leader. Neither is Stephen Harper. They are puppets of the Zionofascists.

“I have full confidence in the Canadian Jewish Congress to solve this matter.”

While Canadians were sleeping, Zionofascists took control of our media.

Then they took places in government, on the Supreme Court, there was even a CJC leader Rabinovitch as head of the CBC.

Now they are cleansing Canadian politics of views they don’t like, for the terrorist state Israel, that they support more than Canada.

BTW, the evidence shows that Israel knew about 911 and was likely involved in the execution, which makes it all the more frightening that these powerful evil Zionists are so intertwined in Canada’s politics.

MTL911truth did a video about an Isreali company getting the Montreal Metro contracts, the company is a front for the terrorist Israeli intelligence operation, The Mossad, “by deception we do war” is their motto.

Now bring this up to speed with what we know about Israel attacking her “allies” to blame on the Arabs and we have a serious security situation in Canada.

Let’s give Zionists a one-way ticket to their criminal haven and world terrorist headquarters in Israhell.

How about it Bernie Farber, Johnathan Kay and the rest of your fifth column of Israel-loving rats?

I for one would like to give you a huge sendoff, by putting my boot up your ass.

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Joe Cortina Lets the Jews Have it.

Posted by Anarchore on October 1, 2008

I don’t agree with demonizing every Jew, but as a collective we see that they are harmful to every society, today mostly because of their allegiance to the terrorist state Israel.

“I have never done such a letter in all my life – but I read something today – an insult to the memory of the American Sailors that You people murdered – so vile so filthy so treasonously rotten – that I can no longer contain my anger as a patriot a veteran. I have traveled much and have yet to encounter a more sadistic, vile, soulless tribe of criminal rancid filth as you Jews.”


I have never done such a letter in all my life – but I read something today – an insult to the memory of the American Sailors that You people murdered – so vile so filthy so treasonously rotten – that I can no longer contain my anger as a patriot a veteran. I have traveled much and have yet to encounter a more sadistic, vile, soulless tribe of criminal rancid filth as you Jews.

In the past I have tried to maintain a sense of decorum when addressing the FACT that the Jew in MY country has turned it into a morally rotted corpse with his pornography –violence – crime – drugs – Child murder – communist advocacy – mockery of our Lord – his strangling of Christian tradition and a laundry list of other vile conduct so emblematic of the Jew. You people are the mortal enemies of every decent man woman and child in this country. Not all of us have yet reached that inescapable conclusion – but we will! The TRUTH tends to always shine.

Well – I have news flash for you rotten evil lying Jews – the gloves come off today! I –and millions of other decent mainstream REAL Americans are fed up with your filthy treason and mockery of all that is American and good and Christian. It is YOU PEOPLE that are the authors of ALL of the sorrows we have suffered here. It was YOU people who drove our Lord from the hearts of our school children. It was YOU people who have put the workingman into the current financial crisis through your lies and greed.

It was YOU people who got us entangled in serial wars against the innocent enemies of your beloved IsrHELL! It was YOU people that got our sons killed in TWO world wars! It was YOU people that financed both sides of these horrible conflicts and profited from the blood death and suffering! It was YOU people who have turned our Television screens into springboards for your pornographic – Godless – Christ mocking – pervert glorification. It was YOU people that have worked tirelessly to destroy the spirit of Christmas with your evil godless filth. It was YOU people who have made pornography a billion dollar business in our once Christian country!

It was YOU people who spawned the vilest traitors America have ever known! It was YOU people whose filthy cheating lying rancid conduct got you thrown out of entire countries! It was YOU people who have supported everything Marxist and Godless! It was YOU people who introduced our children to your satanic Heavy metal filth! It was YOU people who have been despised and reviled by every decent people on earth for your filthy putrid business dealings! It was YOU people use Hollywood to destroy the wholesomeness of our youth! It was you people who also used Holly wood to promote your Marxist treason!

It was YOU people who have made my country one of the mated nations on earth today. It was YOU people who murder defenseless children like rats in Palestine – so don’t bother to spread any of your lies about ‘terrorists’ – YOU are the terrorists! It was YOU people who are responsible for the racial strife in this country today. It was You people who were decreed the sons of the Devil by Christ for your eternally pernicious filth. It was YOU people who were responsible for the torture and murder of our Lord!

It was YOU people who were responsible for the mass murders of over two hundred million innocent civilians by you demonic creation of YOUR monster called COMMUNISM! AND it was you filthy Jews who butchered and murdered hundreds of our sons serving aboard the USS Liberty!

How DARE you open your filthy lying whining Jew mouths and mock the deaths of these brave Americans as you did recently. We have had a belly full of you Jews and your treasonous loyalties to Israhell. You are the ONLY race in the history of mankind to have had so many WORLD FAMOUS prominent leaders – philanthropists- statesmen – philosophers – holy men – Presidents – authors – military leaders – artists – composers – and playwrights openly condemn your universally filthy rancid conduct and lifestyles. You are the most rotten vile pernicious creatures on the face of the earth and I have personally witnessed your uniquely demonic sadistic evil up close and personal – VERY PERSONAL!

You people are a pestilence to this nation. Please leave. Your ilk does NOT belong here. We are SICK TO DEATH of your incessant whining about your Hollowhoax – out of which you, in predictable greedy Jew fashion, have created a highly profitable business. The REAL ‘holocaust’ of historic fact was the one that YOU people committed when you murdered MILLIONS of our Christian brethren. You murdered them ONLY because they followed Christ. Get it?

Your filthy Jew relatives were put in prison in Germany for their CRIMES – of usury – cheating – pornography and being opportunistic parasites when the German people were suffering in a massive depression that YOU caused. You people were criminals – just like here in MY country – GET IT? You Jews are THE cause of more human suffering and misery than ALL of the rest of mankind together have wrought – and that is a proven historic fact!

We are sick to death of you constant whining mantra of “anti-Semitism”. Some of my most admired friends are TRUE Semites – so stop the lies! You Jews whine and complain about EVERYTHING. We are sick to death of your” Oh veys” – and your “ such a deals”. You and your lying whining ilk are a threat to ALL that is good – pure – innocent – wholesome and decent in this world.

Why don’t you do ALL decent Americans a favor and take yourselves and your filthy conduct with you to Satan’s city of IsraHELL. What’s the matter – scared you won’t hear the cash register ring there as often as here? Get the hell out of MY country you parasites! Destructive lying Christian hating scum like you were never intended to live in this land of our Christian Founding Fathers. I may not live to see it – but there WILL be a day of justice in this country-and you WILL pay for your endless remorseless crimes – if you remain here!

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

*For the benefit of the non ’self-chosen’ that may be reading this – it refers to the slaughter of the Shipmates of the unarmed USS liberty in international waters by order of IsraHell’s Zionist government by war criminal Ariel Sharon in June of 67. The Jews were concerned that the Liberty – an intelligence ship may have learned of the war crimes committed by the Jews against helpless civilians (something their ‘brave’ IDF are so very good a doing – especially defenseless children) These cowardly Jews murdered our sons and fathers in cold blood – machine-gunned the life rafts – shot thousands of cannon shells into the crippled ship – rained burning death down with napalm and torpedoed her – so as to sink her, and murder all the crew and blame it on – OF COURSE – those terrible Arabs. Well God decided that the little ship would not be sunk – as miraculously as it may seem. The lying Jews still persisted in claiming they thought it was an Egyptian cattle boat. The Liberty was in full US Naval ID numbers and HUGE flag standing straight out in a stiff breeze. Our cowardly treasonous alcoholic mobster President Johnson would not even allow other nearby ships to defend OUR OWN SONS! As brave men tried in vain to defend their ship with their own blood still running hot on her decks – Johnson and McNamara ordered the Admiral of the nearby Med fleet to stand down and just let the slaughter continue. His ‘excuse was that IsraHell – “was our friend and ally” and he “didn’t want to embarrass them”. The Jews got away with mass murder that infamous day and are still laughing their asses off on how they controlled our entire government.

At a very recent talk given by survivors of the Liberty an apparently Jew dominated audience mocked our murdered sons. Cruel callous slanderous comments poured forth against the murdered men and in defense of the war crimes of murdering Jews For the whole story of the suffering – humiliations – and misery caused by this act of war – I suggest you go to the USS LIBERTY SITE and be prepared to learn of the biggest Jew crime of the century – a FACTUAL act OF WAR -and the ensuing cover-up by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! If after you learn the entire story this does not make you ‘pulse pounding’ enraged – you have NO love or feeling for your country. The article of the disgraceful mockery of our murdered shipmates can be read here == USS Liberty vets get rough reception from Jewish audience The Journal News Sep 28, 2008

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Toronto 18 Scare-orism Scam Exploding in Zionists Faces

Posted by Anarchore on September 26, 2008

“From the first terrifying charges outlined by prosecutors to the
gritty, often comically deflated details that have emerged in court,
the case of the Toronto 18 seems to fit a well-established pattern in
terrorism prosecutions. Whether the result of trumped-up charges,
conflicting demands of intelligence agencies or difficulties of trying
cases where evidence is withheld by governments looking to protect
their sources and methods, numerous terrorism trials in the United
States and Europe have similarly foundered over the years.”

Yeah no shit, it is government scare-orism to support the terrorist imperial and police state policies of the neocon White House and their Israeli masters. The liquid bomb hoax fizzled similarly in Britain, and remember the Miami terrorist group that turned out to be nothing as well?

We are witnessing the internationally co-ordinated false accusations, and police agency entrapment of Muslims, to create sympathy for Zionists and their wars, and justify the anti-democratic ‘security certificates’, where the authorities don’t have to have proof, they can just disappear you.

Part of this is surely to misdirect people from understanding that Zionists where instrumental in the Sept 11 attacks.

But now as with the banking scandals(also Jew scams), the Zionist terror scams are falling apart. What will happen when the public realizes it is being taken for a ride with the government scare-orism?

The payback for the UberKikes is going to be enormous. How about a payback for ‘Nazi hunters’ like Simon Wiesenthals who persecuted old men for being guards. Now there will be no more ‘Nazi hunters’, persecuting Germans, it will be Zionist-hunters that will go after terrorist Jewry and their Goy puppets. Oh yes, we are in for interesting times indeed.

Full NYT story follows:


At Canada Terror Trial, the Accused Take on a Less Sinister Cast
September 24, 2008

BRAMPTON, Ontario — The story that first emerged about the 18 men and
teenagers, all Muslims, who were arrested in and around Toronto in
June 2006, was deeply disturbing. Police officials and prosecutors
told of plots to bomb government offices in Toronto and Ottawa as well
as a nuclear power station, and of a planned attack on Parliament with
the aim of capturing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and decapitating

Zafar Bangash, an imam and commentator, spoke Wednesday in Toronto on
behalf of several suspects.

Charges were dropped this year against seven of the defendants. And
evidence presented at the first trial suggests that the group was long
on inflammatory talk about plots but short on the means and methods to
carry them out, and that it was aided — and perhaps provoked — by paid
police informants.

From the first terrifying charges outlined by prosecutors to the
gritty, often comically deflated details that have emerged in court,
the case of the Toronto 18 seems to fit a well-established pattern in
terrorism prosecutions. Whether the result of trumped-up charges,
conflicting demands of intelligence agencies or difficulties of trying
cases where evidence is withheld by governments looking to protect
their sources and methods, numerous terrorism trials in the United
States and Europe have similarly foundered over the years.

This month, for example, a London jury dealt a blow to
counterterrorism officials when it convicted three of eight defendants
of conspiracy to commit murder but failed to reach verdicts on the
more serious charge of a conspiracy to blow up seven airliners with
liquid explosives.

While no expert observer is willing to forecast this week’s verdict,
many agree that the Toronto 18 may be more a gang that could not shoot
straight than Canada’s first serious homegrown terrorist threat since
a group of Quebec separatists kidnapped a British diplomat and
kidnapped and killed a provincial cabinet minister in 1970.

“There was certainly a portrait drawn of this being a serious
terrorist cell involving a large number of individuals who had
bloodthirsty objectives,” said Wesley Wark, of the Munk Center for
International Studies at the University of Toronto. “We didn’t get a
chance to assess those claims until this trial. Then things became
instantly much murkier.”

Because the man on trial was 17 years old when arrested, he cannot be
identified under Canadian law. But evidence presented in court made it
clear that, at best, he was a minor character in the group, one who
appears to have been more interested in chopping firewood than in

No matter how minor his role, though, the evidence presented in the
case presents a broad picture of the months leading to the raids,
which, the police said, were timed to prevent the group from acquiring
fertilizer to create bombs. The evidence was so broad that a court
order prevents the publication of the identities of other people
described in it to avoid prejudicing later trials.

The man, who was accused of participating in terrorist training, moved
to Canada from Sri Lanka in 1994 and was raised a Hindu. He converted
to Islam in high school and met many of his accused accomplices,
including a man prosecutors depict as the ringleader, at a mosque in
the Scarborough area of Toronto.

But there was no evidence offered directly linking the defendant to
the bomb plot or plans to storm Parliament. Instead, most of the case
focused on his attendance at two camps that the police described as
terrorist training sessions but that prosecution witnesses
characterized as recreational or religious retreats. Both were
videotaped by a paid police informant who was part of the group and
who testified that he choreographed some of the scenes.

Video from a camp north of Toronto in December 2005 shows a car
spinning around in a nearby, snow-covered parking lot. Prosecutors
characterized that as special driver training but the defense, and
many outsiders, said it was nothing more than “cutting doughnuts,” a
favorite winter pastime of young Canadian motorists. Other video from
the camp shows paintball fights, military clothing and members
marching with a group flag.

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Toronto Scare-orism Case Falls Apart

Posted by Anarchore on September 25, 2008

First conviction by corrupt Zionist court, defense alleges police entrapment.

The RCMP is Canada’s national police force and is totally corrupt to the highest levels. They will do anything to play up the war on terror and the need to increase their budgets and power to the detriment of our rights and taxes.

This case is highly suspect, with two RCMP agents within the alleged terror cell. So you have the RCMP basically creating a ‘terror’ group(or was it a paintball group), and entrapping the non-RCMP followers and then congratulating themselves for their heroic bust.

The Zionist mouthpiece the National Post obviously is celebrating the utter rot of Canada’s politics to Zionofascism:


The group conspired to obtain firearms and to detonate truck bombs, using what they thought was three-tonnes of ammonium nitrate, according to prosecutors. RCMP said it was three times the amount used in the Oklahoma bombing in 1995, which killed 168 people.

Oooo they conspired to obtain… oh no, so in fact nothing happened, the cops set up the buy and the kids take the fall so Harper could ride the war on terror propaganda.

But what was the crime that this youth was convicted for?


The youth, who was accused of attending terrorist training camps and stealing items for them, displayed no emotion when the judge delivered his verdict, but shook his head at various points during the decision.

“I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that a terror group existed,” said Sproat, as he read part of his 94-page decision.

“(The youth) clearly understood that the camps were training for a terrorist purpose. He also understood that contributing materials to be used at the camp enhanced the ability of the group to conduct the training.”

What a joke! I call Kangaroo court!


Posted By Michele
“Unfair Dealing” also examines some of the controversial evidence and facts involved in the ongoing case of alleged “homegrown terrorism”, including:

  • The fact that federal MP Wajid Kahn was instrumental in surveillance of the suspects
  • The fact that one paid informants degree in ‘agricultural engineering’ gave him – and only him – the capability to buy the alleged bomb-making fertilizer
  • The fact that the warehouse which received the bomb-making materials is within 500 meters of the RCMP detachment in Newmarket, Ontario, at 1228 Gorham St., Unit 6
  • The allegation that the RCMP secured the rental of the warehouse – not the suspects – according to an exclusive interview with Ken Kerr of 1228 Gorham Street, as told to him by the warehouse co-owner, Robert Lassaline. This allegation challenges Crown documents stating that Shareef Abdelhaleem was the one to secure rental of the warehouse
  • The well-documented history of RCMP and CSIS dirty-trick tactics and staged operations (Phony FLQ Manifesto, Barn-Burning, Operation Bricole, Operation Ham, Operation Kabriole, Project Thread, Etc…)

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Government Thought Control on Trial in Canada

Posted by Anarchore on September 18, 2008

An important free speech case is underway in Canada.

Hate speech law creates ‘political elite’: lawyer


OAKVILLE – Canada’s human rights hate speech laws can, and eventually will, prohibit discussion of any historical conflict in which religion or race played a role, according to a leading defender of Canada’s most notorious far-right figures.

Doug Christie, addressing the hate speech hearing of freedomsite.orgWeb master Marc Lemire on behalf of the Canadian Free Speech League, said Section 13 of the Human Rights Act, which prohibits messages “likely to expose” identifiable groups to hatred, has created “a political elite who alone can communicate their views and decide who else can communicate.” Originally formulated for telephone hate lines, Section 13 now applies to the Internet and, by extension, a wide array of published material.

Hate-speech rule may be outdated in Internet age, adjudicator says


An adjudicator of a human-rights hearing involving an Internet hate case questioned yesterday whether a provision used to attack hate speech has any place in the Internet age.

The Human Rights Act provision permits anyone who objects to an Internet posting to expose the author to a costly, cumbersome human-rights adjudication process, said Athanasios Hadjis, who is presiding over a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal against webmaster Marc Lemire.


From: Marc Lemire [mailto:marc@lemire.com]
Sent: Thursday, 18 September 2008 4:16 PM
To: marc@lemire.com
Subject: LEMIRE HEARING Day 3: AG admits Government Aim is Thought Control, and gives Hadjis a way out of ruling on Sec.13 Constitutionality


AG admits Government Aim is Thought Control, and gives Hadjis a way out of ruling on case. B’nai Brith: Those who live in glass houses should not throw rocks

“I’m Having to Defend the Telling of Jokes,” Miss Kulaszka Explained

OAKVILLE. September 17, 2008. Barbara Kulaszka victim Marc Lemire’s lawyer was up at the podium again today. She started off defending “jokes and trivia.” The law shouldn’t concern itself with ‘trivia. This law has gone mad.

“Making motions to this Tribunal is like going to a feminist convention and recommending that women stay home and home school and cook meals for their children. I wouldn’t want to go back to an era where I couldn’t be a lawyer and, yet, women going to work has meant children raised on junk food and a growing problem of obesity.”

Tribunal Member Hadjis argued that persistent off colour jokes in the workplace can be considered harassment. “But this isn’t the workplace,” Miss Kulaszka countered, “where you might have to put up with harassment day after day. Surfing the Internet and accessing a website where these jokes occur is voluntary.”

The application of this law is “totally political,” she charged. Harvey Goldberg, the head of the CHRC hate committee, “went to the Moslem community and urged them to lay complaints under Sec. 13. They said that the CHRC wouldn’t accept complaints from them. Well, in the Maclean’s case the CHRC didn’t accept the Moslems case. They were right.”

“There was no attempt to balance free speech with the application of this law,” Miss Kulaszka stated.

Mr. Hadjis interrupted her to argue that Parliament had passed such laws to protect certain minorities.

“This is a political persecution,” Miss Kulaszka charged.

“As to Mr. Warman’s credibility, Mr. Warman denied posting his complaints on a website called Recommnet. Dean Steacy said in investigating a complaint against that website Mr. Warman admitted he had posted that material” Miss Kulaszka explained.

Fothergill Says Thought Control is the Gov’t’s Aim

“Hate has not changed with the new technology of the Internet. Events in Rwanda and Darfur have only reinforced the scourge of hate speech.” Kurz argued that:.

“1. Hate speech remains harmful.
2. Canadian society must continue to strive to eliminate hate speech.”

“Hate speech strikes at the very core of a person’s identity and the trauma can last a lifetime,” he stated referencing Dr. Karen Mock’s report, but Mr. Hadjis corrected him saying that her report dealt mostly with assaults, not with postings on message boards.

“None of the shameful episodes in Canadian history, – the refusal to admit Jewish refugees, the internment of the Japanese – were not caused by censorship but by vilification,” Kurz insisted.

Mr. Kurz then turned to the hateful passages from B’nai Brith’s own website. Mr. Hadjis pointed out that intent didn’t matter.

One of the postings on the B’nai Brith “cooperative affiliation” sponsored, Nizkor Website read in part:

Fuck em. What have they done for the preservation and advancement

of the White race? They let the Jews crap all over our planet. They let

our schools be mongrelized with Niggers.

What have they passed on to us? Niggers dancing around on MTV with half

naked White women. A $5 trillion dollar debt. Public education is a joke.

A population that is over 30% non-White. Faggots infect our streets.


However, Mr. Kurz argued that the “effect” of the passage was all that mattered.

“The best way to deal with hate speech is before it becomes a cancer, using civil remedies like. Sec. 13 rather than the heavy hand of the Criminal Code,” Kurz stated, not reminding Mr. Hadjis that the fines and gag orders of Sec. 13 require a far lower level of proof than the Criminal Code.

After lunch, Barbara Kulaszka presented her rebuttal. She criticized B’nai Brith and Commission witness Karen Mock for their efforts to shut down debate. “She said she won’t debate ‘holocaust deniers or haters I urge you to look at the press editorials. The media is outraged by these attacks on freedom of speech.”

During his rebuttal, Simon Fothergill, arguing for the constitutionality of the Internet censorship law, seemed to retract his earlier charge against the defence that it was abusing the process by trying to revisit previous legal decisions: “Of course, things have changed because of the Internet.”

“Both Mr. Christie and Mr. Fromm took great exception to my comment about the Internet being used to organize and reinforce like minded opinions. We are concerned about permitting certain prejudicial attitudes to develop unchecked. That part of the conclusion is not determined by the Internet and should be treated as settled,” he argued.

“In terms of remedy, you are certainly entitled to consider the remedial nature and it would be a legal error to impose a penalty for a punitive purpose,” Mr. Fothergill added.

Citing press briefing papers when penalties were added to the Act in 1998, Mr. Fothergill spoke of the fines as “deterrents” to people using telephone answering machines and the Internet to expose privileged groups to “hatred” or “contempt.”

Mr. Fothergill urged the Tribunal not to consider media commentaries as uninformed and reflecting a bias, rather than, “as Miss Kulaszka said, the opinions of Canadians.’ I urge you to ignore the media commentaries that are filed as they are inherently unreliable.”

“The Commission plays a major role in filtering out complaints and seeing that an inadvertent slip on a message board, if measures are taken, may not lead to a Tribunal,” Mr. Fothergill said by way of reassurance.

Even Tribunal decisions may contain hateful statements, Mr. Fothergill admitted, but “context is everything.” Thus, presumably if B’nai Brith or the government posts hateful comments it’s alright; if a website with the wrong ideology says the same things, it’s off to Tribunals, gag orders, fines and maybe even prison for them.

Mr. Fothergill, recounting the numerous Commission abuses of Mr. Lemire’s rights, including the non attendance of Mr. Warman even for the final submissions, said Mr. Lemire should have sought judicial review, but, he added, “that if you feel the administration of justice would be brought into disrepute by these acts, you can dismiss the complaint, as Mr. Fromm, advocated, on those grounds.”

“If you consider these abuses that Mr. Lemire complains of – and I take no position on them – they are administrative and you can dismiss the complaint or stay the proceedings, rather than invalidate the legislation and the will of Parliament.”

Margot Blight then took over on behalf of the Commission. “It is submitted that the Commission uses common sense and the history of Sec. 13 referrals confirms that. If there is no need for a remedy, there is no need for the Tribunal to refer a case. It makes no sense to think the Commission would refer to a Tribunal a website that was being run properly.”

“When the Commission discovered very late in the day that the message board had been taken down in the Ouwendyk complaint, the Commission, withdrew its participation. It is the position that this law captures only the most extreme forms of speech.

Barbara Kulaszka offered a brief rebuttal to Ms Blight’s hour long response. She said when she sought a settlement, Mr. Warman summarily turned Mr. Lemire down stating that he “had dirty hands.”

“What a WHOIS search means we explained through our expert Mr. Klatt. The Commission called no rebuttal evidence,” she stated.

“I was astounded to hear Mr. Fothergill give you a way out, if you find this an abuse of protest, to dismiss this complaint without striking down the legislation,” she added.

“Our charts demonstrate that this Section is not being used in a remedial fashion. We rely on Tremaine and Lampman where letters of apology don’t work. Mr. Warman even posted Miss Lampman’s letter on one of those websites he calls ‘neo-Nazi.’ With respect to Mr. Vigna, I stand by my submissions. Mr. Steacy made it very clear Mr. Warman and Mr. Vigna knew who Jadewarr was,” she recalled.”The Commission’s ‘gatekeeper’ function is only to stop complaints against their friends, stakeholders or powerful people like Maclean’s,” she stated in her quiet forceful way.

“Thank you all, it’s been a long ride. I’m very overloaded. So, don’t expect anything soon,” Member Hadjis said in adjourning the hearing.


PAYPAL: Donate now to help the Marc Lemire Constitutional Appeal

We desperately need your support to cover the legal bills and costs associated with this challenge of Internet Censorship

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Seven Years Ago, Five Dancing Israelis

Posted by Anarchore on September 11, 2008

The media is not allowed to touch this story, but it will never be forgotten. Article below reprinted from:


On the day of the 9-11 attacks, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked what the attacks would mean for US-Israeli relations. His quick reply was: “It’s very good…….Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)”

The Five Dancing Israelis
Arrested On 9-11

As the world watched in disbelief and asked the question…

Click for full size image…Mossad operatives were seen dancing with joy.

Read the rest of this entry »

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