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Montreal 911 Truth Movement Averts Mossad Metro Terror Plot

Posted by Anarchore on March 29, 2008

Recently the makings of a plot for a 7/7 style terrorist attack by Israeli Mossad terrorists against Montreal’s Metro was exposed.

Who discovered this?

Was it the RCMP, the globalist police force that has made a name for itself by taser torture of Canadians and high corruption?

No, we can’t count on the RCMP for anything other than backing Harper and his Zionist terrorist propaganda.

Was it CSIS, the intrepid national security outfit that watched as the Air India bombers plotted mass death but did nothing to stop it?

No, CSIS can be counted on to do nothing while Canada is in danger.

The government will not stop the next terror attacks planned for Canada, because they are intimately involved with the masters of false flag terror, the Isrealis.

Pro-Israel Zionists placed by treasonous Canadian politicians now hold important posts in Canada’s Parliament(the Isreali allies caucus), Supreme Court, and the CBC.

Other Israeli agents own media monopolies, like CanWest Global, which always stresses the pro-Israel side, and conspires to swindle Canadians with War on Terror propaganda. They actually want a terror attack on Canada, so they can pour on even more propaganda for Israel inspired wars.

In a country full of enemies in the top government posts, who saved Canada from a 7/7 attack by pointing out the preparations for terror?

It was the “conspiracy theorists”.

They did research on Verint -the company that got the contract for video surveillance of Montreal’s Metro subway system- and found connections to the terrorist Israeli Mossad.

No secret police is necessary, it is plain to see that averting terror involves watching the scum in power and who they are dealing with.

Much thanks to Montreal 911 Truth for exposing the Israeli terrorist connections to the Metro security company, and possibly averting the Canadian 7/7.

Mtl 911 truth released a documentary showing that companies tied to the terrorist state of Israel’s intelligence(read:terrorists) are surveilling the transit system.

In the 7/7 attacks on Britain, video surveillance was tampered with.

State terror plots like 7/7 required that the video be under the control of the conspirators, so the manufactured story(Arab terrorists) would appear seamless.

Who knows how long before “D-Day” would have hit Montreal if this had not been discovered?

The attacks would have been blamed on Arabs, Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day would make speeches about the need to stand by the noble Israelis in the War on Terror, and the Zionist dream of endless war for Canada in Israel’s interests would be fullfilled.

The Isreali terrorist fiend Benjamin Netanyahu would be invited to speak at huge state sponsored Red Friday rallies, telling us how Israel feels our pain.

Harper would enact the new terror legislation they no doubt have waiting in the wings just as the PATRIOT ACT was released way too soon after the 9/11 attacks, almost like they were expecting it.

You can download the whole movie here:


























If you need to get up to speed on the Israeli terrorists:

Israeli terrorists arrested in connection with 911 released later by
dual Israeli Chertoff.

Israeli terrorist ally Harper installs a secret “Isreal Allies Caucus” in

Schofield Stepford Wife the Dishonourable Minister of Unsafe Public
Safety Stockwell Day signs deal with Israel.


Israel needs to be investigated for it’s role in 911 and due to it’s policy of political killings of the Palestinian opposition be considered a terrorist rogue state, for all it’s posturing as a so-called democracy.

Israel lobby groups in Canada should be investigated and have their
funds seized for support of terror.

Pro-Israel media should be investigated, and broken up due to the
pernicious influence on the country of their war-on-terror,
give-up-your-rights, fight-wars-for-Israhell propaganda.

Right now the Israel Lobby can make or break any politician in Canada.

They are the only group who could have managed to whip the Liberals
into capitulating on the Afghanistan war extension.

This is not the first time that Israeli companies have done “security”, in the lead up to terror. Remember a fateful day now known as 9/11?


Below are 2 historic documents of interest to 9/11 and its Logan Airport,Boston,Massachusetts connections.

One is a press release from the Israeli run U.S. penny stock ‘security’ company named ICTS International that ‘guarded’ or ‘protected’ both Logan and Newark, New Jersey airports on 9/11/01.ICTS International perhaps had duties in Dulles Airport as well as the Marvin Bush-Al-Sabah Securacom.So in both cases we have non-American ‘security’ although the Al-Sabah and Bush connection to both Dulles and the WTC security should have been scrutinized much more than W Bush allowed,including his father and ex-president George Herbert Walker Bush’s role in bringing Kuwaitis to be in charge of guarding strategic U.S. airports and real estate in the first place !


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How Did the Afghan War Get Extended?

Posted by Anarchore on March 25, 2008

How did Canada’s Afghan occupation get extended? In Canada there are groups that will support war for vatious reasons. Some are veterans and newly-brainwashed soldiers and those who think like them, wanting to relive the imagined glory of the past. Then there are the warmongerers for money like arms dealers and stock profiteers. These fools and scum are in the minority, but they are superceded by a powerful faction that controls the media and politics in Canada.

There is only one group that had the organization and the resources to pull this off -The Israel Lobby.

Canadians were recently treated to a shocking and sickening spectacle. On March 13, 2008, Stephane Dion and the Liberals, who had been calling for an end to Canada’s hostilities in Afghanistan, voted with the Conservatives to continue propping up the brutal war- and drug-lords in the Afghan “government”1. The “mission” will be extended beyond 2009, to at least 2011.2 What caused the about face from Dion, who had said that he would never agree? Read the rest of this entry »

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