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Let the Sun Set on Terror Laws

Posted by Anarchore on March 10, 2007

After 5 years of insurgence after the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001, serious cracks are now showing in the Zionofascist facade. People are starting to speak out against the Israel-first filth and their anti-speech, anti-liberty and pro-torture and despotism agenda.

Times Colonist

Published: Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Re: “Let the sun set on terror laws,” Feb. 19.

The editorial deals throughout with “threats posed by international
terrorism” and Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act. Under this act, the
editorial states that “the authorities only have to show reasonable
suspicion someone is a threat to justify permanent imprisonment.”

It must be recalled that we have seen at least one case, that of
Ernst Zundel, who was indefinitely incarcerated, in solitary
confinement, without any hint that he posed a threat to Canada’s
national security; without being convicted, or even accused of any
crime. In Zundel’s case a national security certificate was used to
silence and punish him for purely political reasons.

Not that it has any relevance in Canada, but the British Law Lords
ruled more than two years ago in the case of “suspects” detained
without conviction or even the laying of charges:

“Nothing could be more antithetical to the instincts and conditions
of the people of the United Kingdom than indefinite detentions
without charge or trial. The real threat to the life of the nation
comes not from terrorism but from laws such as these.”

Gordon Payne,
© Times Colonist (Victoria) 2007


One Response to “Let the Sun Set on Terror Laws”

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