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B’nai Brith Canada: Unwavering Support for Israel

Posted by Anarchore on March 27, 2007

An Odious Israel Group Pushes Canada Around

“Unwavering Support” for state terror. If a person has been convicted in particularly gruesome murders and all sorts of depravity, he does not receive unwavering support except from family members. Yet the shills for the terrorist state of Israel expect Canada to show unconditional love for Israel, even when that love involves supporting the murder of millions of people the gangster state would rather have out of the way. Scum like B’nai Brith are at the forefront of lobbying for war against countries Canada had no quarrel with, like Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. B’nai Brith and other such Zionofascist groups must be exposed for their odious deeds so they can be subjected to the appropriate public scorn and retaliation. The future of the world depends on it.

What can one say about a group that presents itself as a human rights organisation while working to stifle political dissent and promote state terror? Hypocrisy is one word that comes to mind, but other words jump out, like traitorous and slimy. B’nai Brith is involved in many activities that are harmful to Canada, from lobbying for Canadian involvement in the corrupt mideast wars, to lobbying for increased surveillance and a powerful police state, to lobbying for censorship and against free speech. In this article I will show how B’nai Brith successfully lobbies for Canadian support of state terror by Israel. B’nai Brith is not the only nominal Jewish group lobbying for Israel, but it is one of the oldest, largest and most powerful.

Kicking out Arabs from their homes, shooting Palestinian girls in the head on their way to school, bombing civilian roads and infrastructure, apartheid and genocide, it is all good according to B’nai Brith. Unwavering support is the only thought in the heads of the indoctrinated B’nai’s when the subject of Israel comes up.

Some background on B’nai Brith:


The Canadian section of B’nai Brith (the Canadian organization uses no apostrophe in “Brith”) was founded in 1875 and is the country’s oldest Jewish service organization. In recent years it has been a rival to the Canadian Jewish Congress as “the voice” of Canada’s Jewish community and is considered to be the more outspokenly conservative body of the two, particularly in its publication the The Jewish Tribune (compared to the more moderate Canadian Jewish News). B’nai Brith Canada (BBC) is also considered to be closer to the Likud in its views of Israel and Zionism than the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) which is officially non-partisan as to Israeli politics. In Canadian politics, although both groups are officially non-partisan, several former senior officials in the CJC, such as former President Irwin Cotler, have run as candidates for the Liberal Party of Canada, while Frank Dimant, executive director of B’nai Brith, considered running as a candidate of the conservative Canadian Alliance in the 2000 federal election.

B’nai Brith’s Frank Dimant: Terror-Promoting Hypocrite

In their own words, B’nai Brith admit that they support Israel, no matter what crimes are committed by the gangsters running the state. Here, from a call to sign a petition, they profess unwavering support for terrorism in the name of Israel.

Unwavering Support for the Terrorstate

The Institute for International Affairs of B’nai Brith Canada is urging the general public as well as Jewish community members to sign on to this document, which is both a denunciation of the planned CUPE-Ontario boycott of Israel and a reaffirmation of unwavering support for the Jewish State.

And when these people say unwavering support, they really do mean material and moral support for acts of terrorism:
B’nai Brith criticized for official’s terror remarks supporting state terror

“When Israel uses terror… to destroy a home and convince people to be terrified of what the possible consequences are, I’d say that’s acceptable use to terrify someone,” he said.

Later in the show, he said: “Israel does make use of – I know I’ll be misquoted – but the truth is that terror is an option to be used by states in order to prevent deaths of their own citizens and of others. Acts that take place in Gaza and [the] West Bank, you might want to classify them as terrorists sponsored by the state. But when that is being done to prevent deaths, are we going to say that that is wrong?”

Every year B’nai Brith publishes a list of “anti-semitic” incidents. They claim that this year’s total is up:

B’nai Brith: Anti-Semitic incidents rose 12.8% in 2005

OTTAWA (CP) – B’nai Brith Canada says reports of anti-Semitic incidents jumped 12.8 per cent nationally in 2006, revealing an “open hatred” against Jewish people.

The article goes on to state that events in the middle east are fueling more such incidents. However, the veracity of such occurrences is suspect, as Paul Fromm recently noted:

Poor Baby Report

It’s become a Spring ritual. Each year, the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith issues its lovingly collected Annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents and each year, the headlines carried by the gullible press are the same. Once again, so the hyperventilating report would have us believe, anti-Semitism is up again,. The blackshirts are back in town.

This year is no exception. The annual poor baby” report was released Friday and predictably: “In 2006, 935 incidents were reported to the League for Human Rights, constituting an overall increase of 12.8% from the previous year. This figure sets a new all-time high for Canada. A five-year view shows that the number of incidents has more than doubled since the 459 incidents reported in the 2002 Audit. With the exception of a small hiatus in 2005, when a slight 3.3% decrease was reported, there has been a relentless upward movement over the past 10 years. A 10-year view shows that incidents have jumped more than four-fold since 1997 when there were 212 cases. Twenty-five years ago when the League released its first Audit, the number of reported incidents was only 63.”

Why, on the surface, if B’nai Brith is to be believed, anti-Semitism in Canada is so bad, it’s a wonder the Jewish population doesn’t just all pick up their bags and head to Israel. For one good reason: The B’nai Brith report is a crock. Jews, in Canada, never had it so good. As a group, they are wealthy and very influential, having the ear of those in power.

By way of reality check, StatsCan reported that Jews are Canada’s wealthiest ethnic group. Jews, like the Asper family, control substantial portions of the mass media. Jews , who number 373,000 and thus comprise just over one per cent of Canada’s population, are very substantially over-represented in law, medicine and on the Supreme Court, where one third, three of the nine justices are Jews. Just a few weeks ago, B’nai Brith hosted a major dinner. There was Canada’s Israel Firster Prime Minister Stephen Harper, pledging undying support for Israel. The other three party leaders were also there gamely pledging their support for a foreign state.

The “poor baby” act wears a little thin.
The first thing we have to realize is that these are almost all self-reported “incidents.” There’s almost no indication of people being charged much less convicted. Many of these incidents are “hate” on the Internet or graffiti or leaflets. No one has been charged and B’nai Brith’s definition of “hate” is so fluid that it encompasses any criticism of Israel or Jews. The breakdown of the 954 incidents is highly instructive.

B’nai Brith should know they are not hated for their ethnicity, they are hated for what they do.

In a typical gangster action, B’nai Brith targetted a teacher’s organisation with demands that there be no discussion on Israel:

Teachers’ Union Defends Right to Freedom of Speech

On January 12th, B’nai Brith launched an all-out assault on OSSTF by sending an e-mail “alert” to its members urging them to pressure OSSTF members to disengage from a debate scheduled to take place at this Thursday’s regular monthly Council Meeting. Today, the Jewish Defense League announced its intention to rally outside of the OSSTF office during the meeting.

“This can be seen as nothing short of an attempt to intimidate our membership” said Doug Jolliffe, President of OSSTF District 12 Toronto.

All that unwavering support for Israel means Canadians are figuring out the true nature of groups like B’nai Brith.

But the Prime Minister does not care about Canadians:

He said that both Olmert and Sharon have been willing to make “painful compromises for peace. This is the sort of leadership, initiative and commitment that we need and that we have come to expect from the great State of Israel.”

After Harper’s speech, B’nai Brith executive vice-president Frank Dimant told him: “Every Shabbat, every Saturday, we recite [a] prayer for you, Mr. Prime Minister. I believe that the Almighty has answered our prayers.”


Canada’s Zionist Politicians

More background on B’nai Brith


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