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JFK was a Conspiracy Theorist

Posted by Anarchore on October 6, 2008

Silly JFK, thinking there are conspiracies…


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Government Thought Control on Trial in Canada

Posted by Anarchore on September 18, 2008

An important free speech case is underway in Canada.

Hate speech law creates ‘political elite’: lawyer


OAKVILLE – Canada’s human rights hate speech laws can, and eventually will, prohibit discussion of any historical conflict in which religion or race played a role, according to a leading defender of Canada’s most notorious far-right figures.

Doug Christie, addressing the hate speech hearing of freedomsite.orgWeb master Marc Lemire on behalf of the Canadian Free Speech League, said Section 13 of the Human Rights Act, which prohibits messages “likely to expose” identifiable groups to hatred, has created “a political elite who alone can communicate their views and decide who else can communicate.” Originally formulated for telephone hate lines, Section 13 now applies to the Internet and, by extension, a wide array of published material.

Hate-speech rule may be outdated in Internet age, adjudicator says


An adjudicator of a human-rights hearing involving an Internet hate case questioned yesterday whether a provision used to attack hate speech has any place in the Internet age.

The Human Rights Act provision permits anyone who objects to an Internet posting to expose the author to a costly, cumbersome human-rights adjudication process, said Athanasios Hadjis, who is presiding over a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal against webmaster Marc Lemire.


From: Marc Lemire [mailto:marc@lemire.com]
Sent: Thursday, 18 September 2008 4:16 PM
To: marc@lemire.com
Subject: LEMIRE HEARING Day 3: AG admits Government Aim is Thought Control, and gives Hadjis a way out of ruling on Sec.13 Constitutionality


AG admits Government Aim is Thought Control, and gives Hadjis a way out of ruling on case. B’nai Brith: Those who live in glass houses should not throw rocks

“I’m Having to Defend the Telling of Jokes,” Miss Kulaszka Explained

OAKVILLE. September 17, 2008. Barbara Kulaszka victim Marc Lemire’s lawyer was up at the podium again today. She started off defending “jokes and trivia.” The law shouldn’t concern itself with ‘trivia. This law has gone mad.

“Making motions to this Tribunal is like going to a feminist convention and recommending that women stay home and home school and cook meals for their children. I wouldn’t want to go back to an era where I couldn’t be a lawyer and, yet, women going to work has meant children raised on junk food and a growing problem of obesity.”

Tribunal Member Hadjis argued that persistent off colour jokes in the workplace can be considered harassment. “But this isn’t the workplace,” Miss Kulaszka countered, “where you might have to put up with harassment day after day. Surfing the Internet and accessing a website where these jokes occur is voluntary.”

The application of this law is “totally political,” she charged. Harvey Goldberg, the head of the CHRC hate committee, “went to the Moslem community and urged them to lay complaints under Sec. 13. They said that the CHRC wouldn’t accept complaints from them. Well, in the Maclean’s case the CHRC didn’t accept the Moslems case. They were right.”

“There was no attempt to balance free speech with the application of this law,” Miss Kulaszka stated.

Mr. Hadjis interrupted her to argue that Parliament had passed such laws to protect certain minorities.

“This is a political persecution,” Miss Kulaszka charged.

“As to Mr. Warman’s credibility, Mr. Warman denied posting his complaints on a website called Recommnet. Dean Steacy said in investigating a complaint against that website Mr. Warman admitted he had posted that material” Miss Kulaszka explained.

Fothergill Says Thought Control is the Gov’t’s Aim

“Hate has not changed with the new technology of the Internet. Events in Rwanda and Darfur have only reinforced the scourge of hate speech.” Kurz argued that:.

“1. Hate speech remains harmful.
2. Canadian society must continue to strive to eliminate hate speech.”

“Hate speech strikes at the very core of a person’s identity and the trauma can last a lifetime,” he stated referencing Dr. Karen Mock’s report, but Mr. Hadjis corrected him saying that her report dealt mostly with assaults, not with postings on message boards.

“None of the shameful episodes in Canadian history, – the refusal to admit Jewish refugees, the internment of the Japanese – were not caused by censorship but by vilification,” Kurz insisted.

Mr. Kurz then turned to the hateful passages from B’nai Brith’s own website. Mr. Hadjis pointed out that intent didn’t matter.

One of the postings on the B’nai Brith “cooperative affiliation” sponsored, Nizkor Website read in part:

Fuck em. What have they done for the preservation and advancement

of the White race? They let the Jews crap all over our planet. They let

our schools be mongrelized with Niggers.

What have they passed on to us? Niggers dancing around on MTV with half

naked White women. A $5 trillion dollar debt. Public education is a joke.

A population that is over 30% non-White. Faggots infect our streets.


However, Mr. Kurz argued that the “effect” of the passage was all that mattered.

“The best way to deal with hate speech is before it becomes a cancer, using civil remedies like. Sec. 13 rather than the heavy hand of the Criminal Code,” Kurz stated, not reminding Mr. Hadjis that the fines and gag orders of Sec. 13 require a far lower level of proof than the Criminal Code.

After lunch, Barbara Kulaszka presented her rebuttal. She criticized B’nai Brith and Commission witness Karen Mock for their efforts to shut down debate. “She said she won’t debate ‘holocaust deniers or haters I urge you to look at the press editorials. The media is outraged by these attacks on freedom of speech.”

During his rebuttal, Simon Fothergill, arguing for the constitutionality of the Internet censorship law, seemed to retract his earlier charge against the defence that it was abusing the process by trying to revisit previous legal decisions: “Of course, things have changed because of the Internet.”

“Both Mr. Christie and Mr. Fromm took great exception to my comment about the Internet being used to organize and reinforce like minded opinions. We are concerned about permitting certain prejudicial attitudes to develop unchecked. That part of the conclusion is not determined by the Internet and should be treated as settled,” he argued.

“In terms of remedy, you are certainly entitled to consider the remedial nature and it would be a legal error to impose a penalty for a punitive purpose,” Mr. Fothergill added.

Citing press briefing papers when penalties were added to the Act in 1998, Mr. Fothergill spoke of the fines as “deterrents” to people using telephone answering machines and the Internet to expose privileged groups to “hatred” or “contempt.”

Mr. Fothergill urged the Tribunal not to consider media commentaries as uninformed and reflecting a bias, rather than, “as Miss Kulaszka said, the opinions of Canadians.’ I urge you to ignore the media commentaries that are filed as they are inherently unreliable.”

“The Commission plays a major role in filtering out complaints and seeing that an inadvertent slip on a message board, if measures are taken, may not lead to a Tribunal,” Mr. Fothergill said by way of reassurance.

Even Tribunal decisions may contain hateful statements, Mr. Fothergill admitted, but “context is everything.” Thus, presumably if B’nai Brith or the government posts hateful comments it’s alright; if a website with the wrong ideology says the same things, it’s off to Tribunals, gag orders, fines and maybe even prison for them.

Mr. Fothergill, recounting the numerous Commission abuses of Mr. Lemire’s rights, including the non attendance of Mr. Warman even for the final submissions, said Mr. Lemire should have sought judicial review, but, he added, “that if you feel the administration of justice would be brought into disrepute by these acts, you can dismiss the complaint, as Mr. Fromm, advocated, on those grounds.”

“If you consider these abuses that Mr. Lemire complains of – and I take no position on them – they are administrative and you can dismiss the complaint or stay the proceedings, rather than invalidate the legislation and the will of Parliament.”

Margot Blight then took over on behalf of the Commission. “It is submitted that the Commission uses common sense and the history of Sec. 13 referrals confirms that. If there is no need for a remedy, there is no need for the Tribunal to refer a case. It makes no sense to think the Commission would refer to a Tribunal a website that was being run properly.”

“When the Commission discovered very late in the day that the message board had been taken down in the Ouwendyk complaint, the Commission, withdrew its participation. It is the position that this law captures only the most extreme forms of speech.

Barbara Kulaszka offered a brief rebuttal to Ms Blight’s hour long response. She said when she sought a settlement, Mr. Warman summarily turned Mr. Lemire down stating that he “had dirty hands.”

“What a WHOIS search means we explained through our expert Mr. Klatt. The Commission called no rebuttal evidence,” she stated.

“I was astounded to hear Mr. Fothergill give you a way out, if you find this an abuse of protest, to dismiss this complaint without striking down the legislation,” she added.

“Our charts demonstrate that this Section is not being used in a remedial fashion. We rely on Tremaine and Lampman where letters of apology don’t work. Mr. Warman even posted Miss Lampman’s letter on one of those websites he calls ‘neo-Nazi.’ With respect to Mr. Vigna, I stand by my submissions. Mr. Steacy made it very clear Mr. Warman and Mr. Vigna knew who Jadewarr was,” she recalled.”The Commission’s ‘gatekeeper’ function is only to stop complaints against their friends, stakeholders or powerful people like Maclean’s,” she stated in her quiet forceful way.

“Thank you all, it’s been a long ride. I’m very overloaded. So, don’t expect anything soon,” Member Hadjis said in adjourning the hearing.


PAYPAL: Donate now to help the Marc Lemire Constitutional Appeal

We desperately need your support to cover the legal bills and costs associated with this challenge of Internet Censorship

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The Canadian left vs the neo-con Jews

Posted by Anarchore on May 19, 2008

Another real dissident site appears in Canada as the anti-Zionist movement gathers momentum.  Igor Alexander exposes Zionist hypocrisy in Canada re: “Human Rights” Tribunals.

Mark Steyn: The Canadian left vs the neo-con Jews

I’ve just been getting up to speed with this Mark Steyn affair:

What’s fascinating about this case is that Canadian Humans Rights Tribunals have for years been trying to deny people such as historical revisionists and white nationalists the right to express their views, and everyone has looked the other way. But now that the Canadian Human Rights Commission is trying to silence a Jew (*) who has been engaging in hate speech against Muslims, there’s a massive outcry about it! Funny how the media Jews didn’t seem to care about free speech until it suddenly occured to them that these hate speech laws could be turned around and used to silence them in their continued efforts to demonize Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians in order to drum up support for the Third World War they and their neo-conservative stooges are trying to start in the Middle East. If these media Jews are so concerned about our civil liberties, then where was all the handwringing about loss of free speech when Indian Chief David Ahenakew was being fined and humiliated by a Canadian court for making anti-Semitic remarks?

Jews were perfectly willing to support hate speech laws as long as those laws were serving Jewish interests. Now that those laws are becoming an impediment to Jewish interests (i.e., to getting the West embroiled in a protracted war against Islam), they want to get rid of them. It’s amazing how members of a group that makes up less than 2 or 3 per cent of the population always wind up setting the agenda for the rest of us.

Read the rest…

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Tremaine Arrest Triggers “Online Wave of Anti-Semitism”

Posted by Anarchore on February 8, 2008

What a joke.

The truth is the Zionist establishment is getting quite nervous as more people are coming to the angry realization that they are being dispossed of their country by a group of predatory psychopaths who have been using their Jewishness both as a shield and a cudgel.

Canada is perhaps the third most Zionized country in the world after Germany and Israel.

Canada’s voting at the UN has switched completely pro-Israel, ignoring long standing Canadian committment to human rights.

Three of the last four Supreme Court Judges are Jews, and one is married to the former head of prominent Zionofascist organization the CJC.

Recently the Zionofascists have been consolidating their power in Canada, yet overplaying their hand so that long-tolerant Canadians are starting to whisper the forbidden.

Hate-crime charge triggers wave of Internet anti-Semitism

JANA G. PRUDEN, Canwest News ServicePublished: Saturday, January 26

The case of a Regina man charged with promoting hatred on the Internet has sparked an online wave of anti-Semitic comments.

On Wednesday morning, a long-time contributor to the white supremacist website stormfront.org issued an alert saying Terrence Tremaine – known online as mathdoktor99 and JCMateri – was being arrested and charged for his Internet postings.

The contributor later added he had been in contact with Tremaine, who had been “held for five hours in a cold cell at the police station.” “He’s been charged under Section 319 of the Criminal Code, Canada’s notorious hate law,” the post reads. “He’s been completely gagged. His bail conditions state that he cannot own a computer or access the Internet. Yes, our sordid corrupt justice system becomes more corrupt each day. It’s like when they took away Ernst Zundel’s pencils.” Zundel is a notorious Holocaust denier who has previously been jailed under Canada’s hate laws.

read the rest…

The article goes on to use the standard scare tactic of quoting the most extremist and moronic comment in the Stormfront thread in question.

Here is the thread that is the so-called “Wave of Anti-Semitism”.


Funny. It seems to be people that are nervous about the increasingly totalitarian tone of government.

He was criticizing Zionists in Canada’s government on his site blog and on Stormfront, doing his duty as a citizen and doing Canadians a service by spreading the news.

National Socialism does not have to be your ideology(it is not mine) to support freedom of speech for societies’ most vulnerable, maligned, and marginalized groups.

Thought crime laws are a Kafkaesque farce, engendered by the very people that are taking the country into a downward spiral, to a dark new age.

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Wiesenthal Centre: Canadians Cannot be Trusted on the Internet

Posted by Anarchore on July 27, 2007

The implication of the article below is that Canadians are not capable of coming to their own conclusions about material they encounter online. We must be shown the correct thoughts by the Simon Wiesenthal centre, and must not think thoughts critical of Israel. Above all, we must not be exposed to facts about the Israel lobby’s influence on the Canadian government and about Israel backed wars, like Afghanistan.

Leo Adler, director of national affairs for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, presented its 10th annual report on Digital Terrorism and Hate for 2007 to Sudbury media on Monday.

“Sudbury may be small compared to other Canadian cities, but it is not isolated,” Adler said. “All it takes is to attract and recruit one individual. … Sudbury is no further immune than Toronto, New York City or any other place.”

Canadians are simply too naive to be trusted to use the internet without possibly being turned into terrorists by savvy hate-mongers. Oh, save us from free speech, Mr Adler. Please restrict access to the web, oh wise Zionists.

Sudbury not immune from terrorism; One person can create a web of lies, Simon Wiesenthal “researcher” says

Lara Bradley
Local News – Tuesday, July 24, 2007 @ 09:00

Hate websites are becoming increasingly clever at luring in the young, angry or just plain curious, and we should all be vigilant, an expert says.

On the Internet, you can find games like Border Crossing in which the player shoots Mexican “wetbacks” – pregnant women with toddlers in tow as they scurry across the border.

Then there’s Ethnic Cleansing, where the player gets to custom-tailor the group he or she would like to hunt down; and Kaboom, in which the player gets to be a suicide bomber, earning points based on the size of the crowd taken out.

Leo Adler, director of national affairs for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, presented its 10th annual report on Digital Terrorism and Hate for 2007 to Sudbury media on Monday.

“Sudbury may be small compared to other Canadian cities, but it is not isolated,” Adler said. “All it takes is to attract and recruit one individual. … Sudbury is no further immune than Toronto, New York City or any other place.”

The centre, a human rights organization dedicated to fostering ideas of tolerance and understanding, has been monitoring the Internet since 1995.

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Back then, there was only one hate crime site called Stormfront, a group promoting white supremacy.

“Hate on Demand chronicles what has taken place,” Adler said. “How extremist groups harness the power of the Internet.”

Now, countless terrorists groups – from the Baby Liberation Army, which targets medical staff who perform abortions, to religious extremists pumping up suicide bombers to hardcore environmental groups promoting violence to achieve their ends – use the World Wide Web to disseminate information to members, as well as market themselves to potential members.

“Things don’t happen spontaneously,” he said. “Terrorism is extremely well organized.”

From games to weapons sites containing step-by-step instructions on how to build bombs that will detonate using a cellphone, hate sites on the Internet are on the rise, up about 17 per cent from 2006.

Parents and educators have to become aware of what’s out there so they can monitor children and young people’s exposure to these dark places, Adler said.

“A lot of the sites look very scholarly, but are hate sites,” he said.

Teachers might not be aware that when they assign students projects on immigration or the Holocaust, students will likely encounter these sites during the course of their research. One Burlington girl, for example, came across one denying the Holocaust existed.

So firmly convinced was she by its “documents,” that she organized a debate in her class. She later e-mailed the site saying she had won over 80 per cent of her class. The site’s organizers called her a freedom fighter.

Because words that inspire hate crimes is considered a crime in Canada, Canadian web hosts will often take down sites the centre uncovers as directing hatred towards one group or violence.

If the host doesn’t agree, then the centre can take its concerns to police.

Recently, it got the Railties Collective, dedicated to violent ways to stop rail traffic, off its Canadian host. However, the Dossier Noir, which targets Jewish and black people in Canada, is on an American server so can’t be touched.

What can people do? Adler recommended parents monitor their children’s Internet use. If you do find a hate site, then report it to police or the centre at www.fswc.ca.


Online hate

Digital Terrorism and Hate 2007, the 10th annual report by the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, is also available in French and Spanish.

It was compiled by the center’s researchers in Los Angeles, Toronto, Jerusalem, Paris, New York and Buenos Aires.

This year’s report has more than 600 sites culled from 7,000 problematic websites, blogs, newsgroups, YouTube and other on-demand video sites.


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News – Week of May 14 – May 20

Posted by Anarchore on May 20, 2007

Because there is so much news, I have decided to make a weekly post of news summaries concerning Zionofascism. All of these are important, but because of time I have not made seperate posts for them. This should improve the coverage of news stories.


Cost of new tanks $1.3 billion, double initial estimate


Canadian Press

May 17, 2007 at 10:43 PM EDT

OTTAWA Canada’s purchase and long-term support of 100 slightly used Leopard 2A6
battle tanks will be $1.3 billion roughly double the Conservative government’s
initial public estimate last month.

As he detailed a laundry list of military hardware the Conservative government
plans to buy over the next few years, Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor surprised
the Commons by announcing there will be a 20-year, $650-million service contract
attached to the tank deal.


Netanyahu: Shut off Gaza’s water


Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday called upon Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to take serious steps to end rocket attacks on Sderot from the Gaza Strip.

Speaking at a Likud faction meeting at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center marking the 30th anniversary of the party’s 1977 rise to power, Netanyahu said that Olmert should learn from Begin’s 1981 attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor that a government’s primary responsibility is to protect its people.

“The government can do a lot to protect its people,” Netanyahu said. “It could evacuate whomever necessary, enact a closure on the Gaza Strip, stop providing services like electricity and water, or decide on a limited invasion of four or five kilometers to distance the range of the Kassams. But the government isn’t doing anything to protect the people of Sderot, because it is paralyzed,” he said.


Large portion of Europeans feel Jews too powerful

The ADL study found that 39 percent of respondents
believe that “Jews have too much power in the business
world,” while 44 percent said they agreed with the
statement that “Jews have too much power in
international financial markets.” Overall, 20 percent
of respondents said they blame Jews for the death of

Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence

Princeton University Press
http:// press.princeton.edu/titles/8213.html
Historical accounts of Jewish violence — particularly against Christians —
have long been explosive material. Some historians have distorted these
records for anti-Semitic purposes. Others have discounted, dismissed, or
simply ignored the evidence, often for apologetic purposes. In Reckless
Rites, Elliott Horowitz takes a new and forthright look at both the history
of Jewish violence since late antiquity and the ways in which generations of
historians have grappled with that history. In the process, he has written
the most wide-ranging book on Jewish violence in any language, and the first
to fully acknowledge and address the actual anti- Christian practices that
became part of the playful, theatrical violence of the Jewish festival of


Exposing the Neo-Con Zionist Jewish network that is manipulating America

Scroll down to see video.This Video Contains four 60 second ads
exposing the Neo-Con Zionist Jewish network that is manipulating America —
and — offering a Positive Action Plan to everyday Americans to reclaim our
destiny; if you’re with us, and if you can afford it — donate and help us
prepare to take back the country in 2008!

At the end of the video, you should be automatically directed to the
contribution page where you can help me reach millions over Big Talk Radio
stations with these messages. If not re-directed, see contribution link
below. For internet visitors like you, we are able to show TV ads, the
audio heard on radio — plus video.
Prepare to be shocked and/or entertained.
if you received this by email, the home page for this video is:

Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2006 “Radio Ads” Campaign


On a Learjet to hell

As Jerry Falwell heads down to meet his boss, don’t forget that he is largely responsible for much of the mess in the Middle East caused by the Zionist infiltration of American politics (emphasis throughout in red):

“Begin developed a close relationship with leading fundamentalists, such as Falwell, who later received a Learjet from the Israeli government for his personal travel and in 1981 was honored with the Jabotinsky Award in an elaborate ceremony in New York. When Israel bombed Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981, Begin made his first telephone call to Falwell, asking him to ‘explain to the Christian public the reasons for the bombing.’ Only later did he call Reagan. Falwell also converted former Senator Jesse Helms from a critic of Israel into one of its staunchest allies in the US Senate, where he chaired the influential Foreign Relations Committee.”


Relief As Wolfowitz Calls an End to Uneasy World Bank Tenure

Written by Richard Dukes
Saturday, 19 May 2007
World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz resigned from his post Thursday ending a bitter row over his role in allotting huge pay hikes to girlfriend Shaha Riza. The former US deputy Defense Secretary agreed to step down June 30 after the 24-member World Bank board accepted his explanation that he had acted in good faith during the whole fiasco.

Wolfowitz’s resignation followed a ruling by a World Bank panel that he had violated the institution’s laws in granting tax-free pay rises to World Bank Middle East expert Shaha Riza, who is his partner.



The below given report is a U.S. War Department investigation and evaluation of issues generated by Jewish power. It was compiled in August 1919 and given SECRET classification until 1973.

A hard copy of this document may be obtained from U.S. National Archives in Washington DC, – its number is 245-1.

This is PART 1, of serial parts as transcribed by PAPUREC.

[page 1 of doc. begins]


The recent emphasis in American public opinion placed on the part the Jews have been taking in world events, has seemed to warrant the Department in undertaking a preliminary study of the particular matters in controversy and also the larger question of the scope of Jewish influence in world affairs today. Among the more important points around which controversy has waged are:

I. The authenticity of the so-called Jewish Protocols, which purport to set forth a Jewish plan, centuries old, of world domination.

II. The question of how far Jewry as such is connected with Bolshevism, not only in the Soviet Government of Russia and Hungary, but in all the other countries of the world and particularly Germany and the United States.

III. The various phases of the Polish question:

(a) Whether the Jewish anti-Polish propaganda in the United States has been based on actual widespread Jewish Pogroms in Poland, or

(b) Whether, on the contrary, the stories of pogroms have been greatly exaggerated as a part of a deliberate Zionist propaganda to get for the Jews in Poland minority rights which both factions of American Poles publicly denounce as amounting to the creation of a state within a state.

(c) How serious is the nation-wide secret boycott against all Jews and Jewish goods recently started by the American Poles and other Slavic sympathizers ?

[page 2 of doc. begins]

It is self evident that in controversies such as these the Jews are strongly on the defensive on one side while the Slavic peoples are bitter in their denunciation upon the other. The important thing for us, however, is the fact that Americans in the main do not sense the situation nor appreciate its dangerous possibilities. Unfortunately there is too much truth in the charge made by the Slavs that the reasons for this is that the American press is so largely owned and controlled by the Jews. Witness the fact that the so-called Jewish Protocols which constitute by far the most serious charge against the Jews of those above enumerated, have never been mentioned in any American publication other than the official report of the Senate Judiciary Committee containing the testimony about the Protocols.

From The Sunday Times
May 20, 2007

Decline and fall of the neocons

Paul Wolfowitz’s departure from the World Bank signals the end of an ideological era in Washington
Sarah Baxter

As Tony Blair was bidding farewell to President George W Bush in the Rose Garden on Thursday, the World Bank was preparing to kick out Paul Wolfowitz as president. Allies to the left and right in the Iraq war were falling by the wayside that day.

Was he responsible for Blair’s departure from office, Bush was asked. There had to be a reason why a prime minister who had never lost an election was being dumped. “Could be . . . I don’t know,” the president mused above the distant chant of war protesters outside the White House gates.

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The Only Republican Candidate

Posted by Anarchore on May 19, 2007

The rest are all Zionist trash. 

Ron Paul talks some sense about Arab terrorism and Us foreign policy. 

Although he doesn’t get into the evidence that Israel was implicated, Paul appears ready to disengage from America’s foreign entanglements. 

And when he talks of foreign entanglements, we all know what foreign power he is talking about –to the tune of $4billion US/year. 

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Israeli Occupation Government to Revive Unpopular Police State Legislation

Posted by Anarchore on May 17, 2007

Who needs a warrant?

The same mindset that justifies conducting foreign wars, and to prosecute ‘hate speech’ is at work here to take us that much closer to a society where the government can simply imprison it’s critics on ‘terrorism’. We already see the government using the security certificate system to promote terror hoaxes and cut off the young Islamo-dupes from contact, to perpetrate the myth that these chat-room Jihadists were a threat. They even had a police officer goad them into an alleged buy of fertilizer.


All that enlightenment junk, human rights, thousands of years of tradition honouring habeaus corpus, all out the window. The terrorists have changed everything say our wise Zionist guides, and we must give up our freedoms, our liberties, our concept of justice that requires that the accused be able to face their accuser and be protected from torture to extract a confession.

The directives for this type of legislation can be traced right back to their origins in Tel Aviv. It certainly is not Canadian, but it is very Israeli. Very Zionofascist.



The federal government plans to introduce legislation that would renew controversial anti-terrorism measures voted down by opposition parties earlier this year, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says.

Day said Tuesday he has drafted a bill to reinstate preventive arrests, which allow police to detain or restrain terror suspects without charge.

He also said the bill would allow the resumption of investigative hearings, which require anyone with information relevant to the investigation of a terrorist act to appear before a judge.

Both the Commons public safety committee and a Senate panel have already recommended extending those provisions, but Liberal MP and committee member Roy Cullen

-Yep. No difference between the Zionist Liberal party and the Zionist Conservatives. What is the appropriate way to deal with foriegn agents in our own government?

told CBC News Wednesday that Day must include other key recommendations from both panel reports to ensure the bill’s passage.


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German Backlash Grows

Posted by Anarchore on May 12, 2007

When Germany does rise again, it will be the envy of the world, notwithstanding Zionofascist hatemongers.  This story is a little dated, but no doubt reflects a growing mood in the public.

As the Berlin coalition government comes to typify the worst excesses of the
decadent Weimar Republic, endlessly promoting abortion, homosexuality,
atheism and a hatred of all things German while sending precious young
soldiers to die for counterfeit Israel in Afghanistan and the Lebanon,
increasing numbers of angry German citizens are quietly and patiently
preparing to take back their nation and declare independence from the
Satanic New World Order.

Globalist Parasites Take Fright as German Patriots Prepare for Government

By Michael James in Frankfurt, Germany


Swimming against a swelling tide of popular anger, disillusionment and
despair, Germany’s corrupt and self-serving political elites are reacting
with horror to the quiet revolution that is taking place in the heartlands
of the German nation.

Galvanised by a growing rage at the massive annual transfers of taxpayers’
money to the state of Israel and the European Union against the backdrop of
Germany’s biggest tax hike in history, a bankrupt and collapsing health
sector, failed education system, mass unemployment and a tidal wave of
immigration, voters are terrifying their ruling masters by switching their
allegiance to radical patriots.

Michel Friedman, a notoriously sleazy Jewish politician, wealthy activist
lawyer and heavily promoted television personality with a criminal record
for cocaine abuse and a penchant for vicious anti-German tirades, was among
the first to condemn voters for sending nationalist candidates to the state
parliament in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern last Sunday.

“The patient Germany must now be healed with antibiotics because Aspirin no
longer works,” the enraged Friedman wrote in Stern Magazine. “We must make
it clear to voters that while protest votes in a democracy are legitimate
they should not be used to legitimate hostile parties.”

The pro-German Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (National
Democratic Party of Germany) secured six seats in the new parliament, which
oversees a constituency suffering an 18 percent jobless rate, widespread
poverty, swingeing cuts in public welfare and an invasion of immigrants
seeking handouts and black market jobs. The success follows its 2004 entry
into the state parliament in Saxony, where it now boasts twelve
representatives, and the consolidation of a substantial parliamentary
presence in Bremen and Brandenburg in the shape of its sister party, the
German People’s Union (DVU).

The NPD gained significantly in stature last year by staging a walkout in
the Saxon parliament in Dresden, protesting a one-minute silence in
remembrance of the “victims” of Auschwitz in place of a similar
commemoration for the victims of the Dresden Holocaust. Between February 13
and 15, 1945, an estimated 250,000 German civilians, most of them women and
children, died in a terrorist firestorm of nightmare proportions unleashed
by American and British bombers. It has been described as a war crime of an
even greater magnitude to that of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and
Nagasaki, amounting to a cold and calculated act of genocide against the
German people and the irrational destruction of one of Europe’s most
beautiful historical cities, which at the time posed no military threat.

Efforts to ban the NPD failed spectacularly in March 2003 when Germany’s
Federal Constitutional Court rejected a petition from the government and
mainstream political parties. The court was unable to obtain testimony from
operatives working for the federal secret police, who had infiltrated the
NPD as informers and agents provocateur.

However, members of Angela Merkel’s increasingly unpopular coalition
government have moved swiftly to re-state plans for a new banning order.
Complaining that the NPD’s “increasingly aggressive self-confidence” is
partly based on its constitutionality, the Vice-President of the German
federal parliament, Wolfgang Thierse (Social Democratic Party of Germany),
and the chairman of the SPD’s parliamentary faction, Peter Struck, are
seeking urgent talks with the Minister of the Interior, Wolfgang Schaeuble
(Christian Democratic Union), ahead of moves to outlaw German patriotism.

Demanding “a tougher response from the police and a prohibition of the NPD”,
Thierse reiterated Friedman’s argument that protests could only be tolerated
insofar that such protests are not translated into support for anti-Zionist
and pro-German political movements. It was acceptable, he stated, that the
communist PDS be allowed to absorb “rage, indignation and disappointment”,
but the same should not apply to the nationalist NPD. If you can’t beat it,
he argues, ban it.

“Unconstitutional wickedness,” says Gerhard Frey, leader of the DVU and
historical truth campaigner. “It’s a cheap idea.”

NPD leader Udo Voigt also remains unfazed at the fuss generated by a
frightened elite and its journalists-for-hire in the Zionist mainstream
media, pointing out that most of the damage directed at campaign posters
during the election had been directed at the NPD by their opponents. The
Berlin police went on record by saying that the emotional hysteria whipped
up by the tabloid press in regard to alleged attacks on globalists had no
foundation in reality “and could not be established”.

Voigt is now eyeing upcoming elections in the states of Bavaria, Hessen,
Niedersachsen and Saarland and expects a steadily increasing “momentum in
the west” with the ultimate prize in mind: the Bundestag in 2009. But for
the moment, all eyes are on Udo Pastoers, the prospective chief of the NPD’s
parliamentary group in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Less than a day after
securing victory, Pastoers paid special tribute to prisoner of conscience
and historian, Ernst Zundel, placing him alongside Mahatma Gandhi as an
idealist and freedom fighter.

“Ernst Zundel has achieved the unbelievable,” Pastoers said admiringly.

Zundel, who was illegally kidnapped from his home in the United States by
Zionist agents working on behalf of the German government, is currently on
trial in Mannheim for publishing scientific and historical information that
brings into question the factual integrity of the so-called Jewish
“holocaust”. A succession of defence lawyers have been dismissed and
threatened with prosecution for attempting to provide the court with
evidence that Mr Zundel is correct in his assertions: a bizarre and surreal
legal process that is unique to Germany, and which has angered millions of
civil libertarians in Europe, Britain, Ireland, America, Canada and the Arab

Both Voigt and Frey have emphasised their keen willingness to work with
other national independence movements in Europe as part of a long-term
strategy to bring an end to the European Union, NATO, the World Bank, the
United Nations and other institutions that represent corporate and global
parasiticism at the expense of ordinary working and middle-class people.

“There are only two different causes that historically lead over and over
again to destruction, murder, war and suffering,” says 17-year old Sebastian
Seidel, a member of the NPD’s youth wing, the Freien Kameradschaften. “On
the one side is the abuse of power, greed and the arbitrary expansion of
hegemony that embraces the insanity of world government. On the other side
is the response to injustice, resistance to the dark powers of evil, the
struggle against those who would eliminate us, and the dawning of a new will
to freedom that fights against everything that falsifies and destroys the
survival imperative of peoples and their cultures.”

As the Berlin coalition government comes to typify the worst excesses of the
decadent Weimar Republic, endlessly promoting abortion, homosexuality,
atheism and a hatred of all things German while sending precious young
soldiers to die for counterfeit Israel in Afghanistan and the Lebanon,
increasing numbers of angry German citizens are quietly and patiently
preparing to take back their nation and declare independence from the
Satanic New World Order.

“This time,” says Voigt, smiling. “This time.”

Michael James is a British freelance journalist and translator, resident in
Germany for over 14 years. Permission to republish his work in any media is
freely granted.

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Mass Immigration May Spark Civil War

Posted by Anarchore on April 16, 2007

People are sick of the lies, the wars, the mass immigration designed to demographically change our countries to the third world. Our political systems are entirely infiltrated by Zionofascists and their lackeys, so the question is what will it take to seize freedom?

Found on newsgroup can.politics Apr 15/2007.

Who in our western countries wishes to have this invasion from the third world?!

by Michael Laudahne eOpposition

The population certainly not, not to mention some unchangeably raving

Our ‘elite’ in politics, justice system, administration and the media, which
has implemented it and keeps it going, couldn’t care less about their
country and its people. The one thing that counts for them is that they
themselves thrive. Presently, a cosmopolitan attitude is ‘in’ in those
circles, so they adapt.

It’s these people who would have to change their opinion, in order to stop
the development and undo it. This is difficult because they all suffer from
group idiocy – as described so well in H C Andersen’s fairy tale of The
Emperor’s New Clothes. The question is, how can it be broken? Will a young
boy do shouting, ‘But he’s got nothing on’?

Probably not. In the USA, Hal Turner ( http://halturnershow.com/ ) proposes
that citizens shoot and kill a considerable number of the members of this
‘elite’, in order to force the survivors to obey the citizens. Interesting

I am convinced: If the ‘elite’ doesn’t find to reason and just lets this
development continue, we’ll have a civil war, sooner or later. There are
simply too many people in our countries who are not ready to passively look
on while exotic intruders from the third world take over our countries, no
matter under what politically correct slogans.

A civil war means there will be no more order like there used to be. E g,
parts of the former state powers (like the military) will side with the
population. *) This is the moment when the population will be able to hold
members of the ‘elite’ accountable.

So, get prepared: Who ever lives near a minister, higher judge/state
attorney, higher civil servant or media personality, should make a note of
his data – anything you can get -, in order to be able to catch him on D
day. Those who refuse to listen that they have to obey their population and
not UN functionaries or the fifth columns’ lobbies or execute their private
policies, will have to feel. ‘All the force emanates from the people.’

Attention: Some of your ‘representatives’ will be armed against you. Don’t
go there unarmed. And remember: You’re facing criminals. Your task is to
re-establish the
legitimate order. You may use all the means necessary to achieve this goal.

> *) Remember Nicolae Ceausescu (
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolae_Ceau%C5%9Fescu ): He was sentenced
> and shot dead by his own military.

Even if leftists and jews don’t like to hear it: No third-world immigration
to the western world! Many danes think the same, see e g

http://www.dendanskeforening.dk/index.asp?id=27 .

Third-world immigration to the west was organised by the jewish orientals
(third-worlders themselves), in order to make them less visible in the
growing ethnic chaos. Proof: research done by prof Kevin B MacDonald, see


Don’t surrender, keep on fighting !!!

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