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The Cost of Israel

Posted by Anarchore on October 14, 2008

Judicial Inc does a great job showing how Israel has bled the US dry. From: http://judicial-inc.biz/US_troops_Israel.htm

What Does Supporting Israel Really Cost?

The Fifth Fleet was established just to protect Israel

$50.00 Fill Ups Are Beca Read the rest of this entry »


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The Terrorists Behind The Terrorists

Posted by Anarchore on October 12, 2008


The Terrorists Behind The Terrorists


The Seeds That Crack The Concrete

by Sruti Rasa,

Until about a few years ago most of the people of our little Dutch town could only envision the US as a trustworthy defender of the world’s democracies. The US army used to be highly respected in the Netherlands because it took part in our liberation from the Nazis.

Things have changed.

Now a growing number of us think of the US as an aggressor nation that has deceived the international community with pre-meditated lies and fabricated evidence in order to get away with the invasion of Iraq. Now we witness how the US army has itself turned into an invading and occupying force using Nazi methods.

Previously for many of us it was hard to accept the possibility of purposely evil-intentioned US presidents, not even during the Vietnam War. Now many of us think Bush is vicious and treacherous enough to have been complicit in 9/11. We think the rulers of the Zionist New World Order (ZNWO) let him in on their deceitful strategy, not only because of the criminal demerits of his family, but also because his perverted character suited their purposes so well. Read the rest of this entry »

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Deport Israeli Mole Irwin Cotler

Posted by Anarchore on October 8, 2007

Canada’s bane: The Pernicious Montreal-based Israel Lobby

Let’s not forget Irwin Cotler was Canada’s Minister of Justice when Maher Arar was rendered to Syria. Perhaps a similar solution should be applied to rid us of the vile influence of Cotler and the Israel lobby.

He is furthering the neocon’s crimes against humanity.Deport all Israel-moles back to their criminal headquarters.

> “A person who incites to genocide and is complicit in crimes against
> humanity belongs in the dock of the accused, rather than the podium of
> the UN General Assembly.”

That’s right, let’s get rid of Cotler and his Bronfman/Asper/Jewish mob criminals.

Now this “Canadian” Zionofascist is writing for the Jerusalem Post.


> Ahmadinejad and International Law
> by Irwin Cotler
> Three important lessons from the Theater of the Absurd.
> Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent visit to the
> United States and the UN was no less than a three-act play in
> the Theater of the Absurd. While it has been argued that his command
> performances at the UN, Columbia University and in
> the media further exposed his absurdity, critics need to look
> behind and beyond the on-stage theatrics, lest we ignore the
> depth of his regime’s criminality and the suffering of the Iranian
> people.
> Now that the curtain has fallen, the question becomes: What
> are the lessons to be learned and actions to be taken?
> Arguably, there are three lessons to be learned, each
> corresponding with the acts in the Theater of the Absurd, and
> each with a lesson anchored in the rule of law; more
> particularly, in the disregard of the rule of law.
> Ahmadinejad should have been declared an inadmissible
> person and placed on the “United States’ Watchlist” of
> persons barred from entering the country.
> First, President Ahmadinejad should have been declared an inadmissible
> person and placed on the “United States’
> Watchlist” of persons barred from entering the country. For
> American law excludes from entry any person who has
> engaged in, or incited to, terrorist activity, or who “has used
> his position of prominence to endorse or espouse terrorist
> activity in a way that undermines United States’ efforts to
> reduce or eliminate terrorist activities.”
> The evidence of Iran’s complicity in terrorist activity is clear
> and compelling. Ahmadinejad’s Iran has recruited, trained,
> financed, instigated and armed its terrorist proxies such as
> Hamas, Hizbullah and Islamic Jihad, whose platforms and
> policies are replete with genocidal calls and terrorist activity
> that outdo even its Iranian patron.

Good(if it is true, probably not because Cotler is a lying Israel-scum), I hope Israel’s regime is “wiped off the map”(a quote the Zionofascists wrongly use to slander).

> Moreover, Ahmadinejad is in standing violation of the
> Genocide Conventions prohibition against the “direct and
> public incitement to genocide,”

Of course Mr Cotler never mentions where such incitements were made.

which alone should be cause
> for exclusion. If it be argued that no precedent exists for
> excluding an sitting president, it should be recalled that
> Austrian president Kurt Waldheim was placed on the “US
> Watchlist” for his participation in the persecution of civilian
> populations during the Second World War.
> The second act in this Theater of the Absurd was the
> invitation extended to Ahmadinejad to address Columbia
> University. This was not a matter of academic freedom.
> Columbia was not obliged to give Ahmadinejad a podium;
> rather, given his criminality, it was obliged not to give him a
> podium. Nor was this a matter of “free speech;” incitement to
> commit genocide is not protected speech. Indeed, it is a
> violation of international criminal law – including not only the
> Genocide Conventions but the International Criminal Court
> Treaty.

So that means leaders of the Israeli terrorstate should be banned from Canada and the US?

> In fact, the best evidence for not inviting Ahmadinejad to
> Columbia was set forth in the “introduction” by Columbia’s
> President Lee Bollinger of Ahmadinejad , which was more
> indictment than introduction, and appeared more as an
> exculpatory disclaimer — however discourteous — for the
> wrongful judgment to invite Ahmadinejad to begin with.

It was more a Zionofascist vomitting(all over himself) than an introduction. The scum Bollinger shamed himself, the University and America.

> Further, the “justification” offered for the invitation by
> Columbia University Dean John Coatsworth – that he would
> have given Hitler a platform — was devoid of any moral
> compass.

Just like Israhell supporters.

> Third, and most disturbing, Ahmadinejad should not have
> been a welcome guest at the United Nations General
> Assembly. He should have been — and should be — the
> object of a criminal indictment, the elements for which can be
> found in Lee Bollinger’s own introduction.

So should Israeli terror supporters like you, Cotler.

> A person who incites to genocide and is complicit in crimes
> against humanity belongs in the dock of the accused, rather
> than the podium of the UN General Assembly.

That’s right, let’s get the Israel shills in jail, for plotting genocide against the people of Iran.

> A person who incites to genocide

Like Irwin Cotler does…

; who is complicit in crimes
> against humanity;

which Irwin Cotler and the Israel lobbyists are…

who continues the pursuit of the most
> destructive of weaponry in violation of UN Security Council
> Resolutions;

like Israel has done with it’s nukes. Is Cotler going to call for Israhell to be disarmed next?

who warns Muslims who support Israel that they
> will “burn in the umma of Islam;

…who cut off the water for Palestinians...

” who is engaged in a massive
> repression of human rights in Iran;

…which Israel is a master of, where Arabs are 2nd and 3rd class citizens…

who assaults the basic
> tenants of the UN Charter

…yup that’s Israhell of course…

>– such a person belongs in the dock
> of the accused, rather than the podium of the UN General
> Assembly.
> But it is not enough to lament what occurred in this Theater
> of the Absurd, or even to learn its lessons. It is important to
> act on those lessons so as to restore respect for the rule of
> law and the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, fidelity to the
> UN Charter, and the struggle against impunity. Accordingly,
> the following actions should be undertaken with all
> deliberate speed:

Deport all Israel lobbyists back to their world criminal headquarters.

> State parties to the Genocide Convention, such as Canada,
> have not only a right, but a responsibility, to enforce the
> convention, particularly as regards the prevention of genocide.
> State parties should therefore refer the criminal incitement to
> genocide by President Ahmadinejad and other Iranian leaders
> to the appropriate UN agencies. It is astonishing that this
> criminal incitement has yet to be addressed by the UN
> Security Council, the UN General Assembly, or any other
> body or agency of the United Nations, though it has found fit
> to give him a podium.
> State parties should initiate, in the International Court of
> Justice, an inter-state complaint against Iran – for its “direct
> and public incitement to genocide” in violation of the
> Genocide Convention, to which Iran is party.

Sounds good, right after Israel is indicted for it’s massive crimes.

> The crimes of President Ahmadinejad and other Iranian
> leaders should be referred by the UN Security Council to the
> special prosecutor of the International Criminal Court for
> investigation and prosecution.

Crimes that are dwarfed by the terrorstate Israel.

> State parties should prepare criminal indictments of President
> Ahmadinejad, former president Rafsanjani, and other Iranian
> leaders on the basis of the “Universal Jurisdiction” principle
> embodied in the Genocide Convention.

I have some other names, like Olemert, Bush, Blair, Harper, Howard, and Cotler.

> The UN Secretary General should refer President
> Ahmadinejad and other Iranian leaders to the UN Security
> Council, on the basis of their threats to international peace
> and security, pursuant to Article 99 of the UN Charter.

Based on lies and the Zionofascists mistranslation of what Ahmadinejad said.

Cotler knows he is lying, parasites like him thrive on deception of their hosts.

Zionofascist lies: http://zionofascism.wordpress.com/2007/06/01/wipe-israel-off-the-map-what-ahmadinejad-really-said/

Juan Cole, a University of Michigan Professor of Modern Middle East and
South Asian History, translates the Persian phrase as:

The Imam said that this regime occupying Jerusalem (een rezhim-e
ishghalgar-e qods) must [vanish from] the page of time (bayad az safheh-ye
ruzgar mahv shavad).[10]

According to Cole, ¡§Ahmadinejad did not say he was going to ¡¥wipe Israel
off the map¡¦ because no such idiom exists in Persian¡¨ and ¡§He did say he
hoped its regime, i.e., a Jewish-Zionist state occupying Jerusalem, would

> President Ahmadinejad and other designated Iranian leaders should be
> placed on a “watchlist” by concerned countries, preventing their
> entrance as “inadmissible persons.”

Sounds good, let’s start by dumping Cotler in the Atlantic Ocean.

There is presently discussion
> about holding Iran accountable for its defiance of UN Security Council
> resolutions calling for the suspension of its uranium-enrichment
> process. The recommended options have included everything from UN
> sanctions to possible military strikes. It is time that the above
> juridical options was initiated, which might also embolden progressive
> forces within Iran while holding the responsible individuals
> accountable.
> Indeed, recent history has taught us that sustained international
> juridical remedies can bring about the indictment of seemingly immune
> dictators, such as Slobodan Milosevic and Augusto Pinochet, and such
> actions are clearly preferable to military options.

Zionofascists are of course immune to prosecution right Cotler? You wait and see…

> This is an opportunity for countries such as the United States and
> Canada to exercise necessary leadership in regard to one of the most
> important threats confronting the international community today.
> Published: Sunday, October 07, 2007
> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
> Professor Cotler is a member of Canada’s parliament and its former
> Minister of Justice. He is a distinguished academic and a prominent
> human rights lawyer, whose dedication to humanitarian causes has
> earned him the Order of Canada and many other awards.

Cotler is one of the ZOG’s agents in Canada’s Parliament.

Zionofascists have been hollowing out Canada for years, replacing freedom with thought crime legislation, calling for massive third world immigration, calling for disarming of the Canadian people, and rallying for wars the Canadian people want no part of and have no interest in.

Zionist fascists like Mr Cotler are at the forefront of pushing for Canadians in Afghanistan, fighting Israel’s enemies the Taliban.

If they had their way, Canadians would be dying in large numbers in the futile war in Iraq.

Now the same Zionofascist pieces of garbage are calling for war on Iran.

These scum should be deported straight to Israel.


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Zionofascist Bollinger Eviscerated by Patriot

Posted by Anarchore on September 27, 2007

(found at http://www.thebirdman.org/Index/Index-DailyReads.html)

Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 16:32:34 -0400

From: winchester76Subject: Re: Remarkable Nonsense about the Holocaust

To: heavenonearth@hotmail.com

Sadia – Here is a copy of the Email letter I just sent to Columbia President Bollinger. You may also – if you wish distribute it to a concerned. This man needs a LOT of ‘free’ advertisement.

Dear President Bollinger;

I am a seasoned geo-political intel analyst who has spent time in the Mid-East – among other credentials. I also come from a Latin ethnicity whose heritage included the tradition of hospitality to those who were invited to my home or my country. I am multi-lingual – have been a foreign diplomat – Honeywell aero-apace scientist – have traveled to dozens of foreign countries – lived among other cultures – am a successful retired businessman and while you were still in Jr high school – was a commanding a combat training infantry company of some 235 men – the youngest officer on record to do so at that time ( 1961) Later on I commanded an elite Special Operations Airborne A -Team – so I have not garnered my knowledge or learned opinions via an ‘armchair’. I have ‘paid my dues’ – and with HONOR!

What I witnessed recently was one of the most embarrassing and disgusting experiences of my life. Your conduct was not only inappropriate – but of a thug bully mentality which has tainted the reputation of my country – my native land that I have risked my life to protect. How much was it Mr. Bollinger? – 30 pieces of silver? Was that what the Jews paid you for your cowardly ‘assassination’? I would have expected such ignorant slanderous crudeness from filth like Bill Clinton – but not a person of your prestigious position. Do you REALLY have ANY idea of the amount of IRREPARABLE damage you have committed by you arrogant malevolent slanderous insults! The man you so maliciously insulted and falsely maligned, holds a doctorate degree and is the elected President of a sovereign nation. You might at least had the decorum to recognize those facts.

Of all the countries in the Mid-East where I was NOT shown courtesy, respect and hospitality – the ONLY place was IsraHELL. What was really an eye opener was that before my actual experiences there, I had expected exactly the opposite! As long as that land of Godless liars, thieves, prostitutes, porn kings, white slavers, murderers, cheats, frauds, mobsters, Marxists, racists and traitors to America EXISTS – there will NEVER EVER be ANY peace on this planet. That place is 100% pure concentrated evil! Read you Bible Mr. Bollinger. Our Lord PERSONALLY addressed them – the ‘self-chosen’ – as the ” sons of the Devil – the father of all lies”. NOTHING has changed in the souls and hearts of these pernicious scum in the past 2000 years.

In the future – DECENT KNOWLEDGEABLE American patriots will hold brutish lying slanderous ‘shabbus goy’ like yourself responsible for the horrors that you have been responsible for promoting. When that treasonous spineless mongoloid war criminal Bush plunges MY country into a world wide conflict – people like you WILL be ALSO held responsible. YOU WILL YET PAY FOR YOUR COMPLICITY IN THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

These madmen traitors have sent our street scum ( these are NOT the decent young warriors I trained 45 years ago!) to murder -at present count- now OVER ONE MILLION TOTALLY INNOCENT CIVILIAN MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN – all in the name of the Jew and his criminal shit little stolen country – IsraHELL! I have been INSIDE that criminal shithole with the HIGHEST intelligence personnel and witnessed horrors that you can’t even imagine sir! Have you ever witnessed the world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization shoot helpless defenseless innocent children in their – OWN HOMELAND – just for sport or target practice? No of course not! Well – Mr. Bollinger – I HAVE!

That BONA FIDE terrorist group is the IDF! They are the SAME killers that murdered and slaughtered over 200 of our sons brothers and father aboard the USS LIBERTY – and YOU – you hypocrite – you STILL proudly support these Godless anti-American murdering Jew scum! The SAME Jew scum that have turned MY beloved once decent country into a morally rotted corpse! There is not ONE SINGLE moral malady that has of more recent times ‘infected ‘ this once great country that was not at the bequest, support and finance of the Jew – NOT ONE!

YOU SIR – are the perfect example of the ‘domestic’ enemy of MY country and those who would jeopardize the safety of MY children and grandchildren. DAMN YOU TO HELL SIR! – DAMN YOU TO HELL! May almighty God punish you for your lies, false witness, duplicity and hypocrisy – and send you to the most forlorn corner of hell to rot for all eternity!

YOU – are the quintessential ‘domestic enemy’ that I took that solemn oath so many years ago – to defend this country against! YOU and your ilk ARE the EXACT reason why we are now the most feared and hated nation on earth. When you lay on your death bed and are struggling for your last breath – I want you to NEVER forget this letter and the horrendous damage you have done to decent innocent mankind. Even worse – you were given the rare opportunity to do the right and truthful and honorable thing – and instead – you did evil! May God forgive you for what you have done – I will not.

With utter disgust,

Joe Cortina – father – patriot – veteran – historian – Christian – and seeker of truth and justice till the day I die

Related: http://www.ziopedia.org/en/articles/jewry%10lobby/bollinger_was_rude,_crass_and_vulgar_with_president_ahmadinejad/

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Wipe Israel off the Map? What Ahmadinejad Really Said

Posted by Anarchore on June 1, 2007

Every media outlet is repeating the lie that Ahmadinejad called to “Wipe Israel off the map”. He did not say that, but the lie takes on a life of it’s own in the Zionist media sphere we experience whenever we turn to corporate TV or print media.

Discerning readers know that this is propaganda in anticipation of an attack on Iran.

“Ahmadinejad did not say he was going to ‘wipe Israel
off the map’ because no such idiom exists in Persian” and “He did say he
hoped its regime, i.e., a Jewish-Zionist state occupying Jerusalem, would


Juan Cole, a University of Michigan Professor of Modern Middle East and
South Asian History, translates the Persian phrase as:

The Imam said that this regime occupying Jerusalem (een rezhim-e
ishghalgar-e qods) must [vanish from] the page of time (bayad az safheh-ye
ruzgar mahv shavad).[10]

According to Cole, “Ahmadinejad did not say he was going to ‘wipe Israel
off the map’ because no such idiom exists in Persian” and “He did say he
hoped its regime, i.e., a Jewish-Zionist state occupying Jerusalem, would

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) translates the phrase

[T]his regime that is occupying Qods [Jerusalem] must be eliminated
from the pages of history.[12]

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Dear Professor Akhavan

Posted by Anarchore on June 1, 2007

Payam Akhavan

I was listening to the CBC Sunday Edition last week and heard some of the usual nonsense about Iran.

They had an academic from McGill on and he was saying Iran is basically the most evil place in the world and wants to wipe out all the Jews.

Nobody seems to mention that there are 25,000 Jews living in Iran, and they are free to practice their faith.

The attacks on Iran are part of the ongoing campaign to justify genocide against the Iranian people on behalf of Israel.

The following links make nonsense of the claim Iran wants to kill the Jews:

The Jewish community of Persia, modern-day Iran, is one of the oldest in the Diaspora, and its historical roots reach back to the 6th century B.C.E., the time of the First Temple.

Although Iran and Israel are bitter enemies, few know that Iran is home to the largest number of Jews anywhere in the Middle East outside Israel.

It comes as a surprise to many visitors to discover that Iran, a country so hostile to Israel and with a reputation for intolerance, is home to a small but vibrant Jewish community that is an officially recognized religious minority under Iran’s 1979 Islamic Constitution.

Historically, say Jewish leaders, anti-Semitism here is rare, a fact they say is often lost on critics outside, especially in Israel, where many Iranian Jews have relatives.

Mr Akhavan did not respond to my email.
Dear Mr Akhavan;

Certainly Iran is doing some bad things, but the presentation you were a part of this morning smells of propaganda. The Iran Holocaust conference was not the Holocaust Denial conference(as you stated), and yes Mr Duke was a member of the KKK a long time ago, but there were no KKK members as you stated.

Meanwhile Israel is given a pass by the CBC for it’s ongoing atrocities. What do you think of this discrepancy? The former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress is the appointed head of the CBC, and we now have a heavily Zionist slant to the reporting of Israel vs Palestine and the demonization of Iran.

Canada is under a Zionist Occupational Government that is kowtowing to Israel, but then as a Harvard man you should already know that. If you don’t, please allow me to introduce a blog I have created for the purpose of exposing the neocon Zionist government in Canada. No I do not hate Jews, nor am I a NeoNazi or Arab nationalist and I have no group affiliations.

I just notice little things like Netanyahu being allowed to visit our countries when this man is clearly a terrorist, who celebrates the terrorist King David Hotel bombing every year.

British anger at terror celebration
By Ned Parker and Stephen Farrell
The commemoration of Israeli bombings that killing 92 people has caused offence
AS ISRAEL wages war against Hezbollah “terrorists” in Lebanon, Britain has protested about the celebration by right-wing Israelis of a Jewish “act of terrorism” against British rule 60 years ago this week.
The rightwingers, including Binyamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister, are commemorating the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, the headquarters of British rule, that killed 92 people and helped to drive the British from Palestine.
read the rest here…

Then I notice the CBC is going by the neocon/Zionist demonization of Iran in preparation to exterminate more Arab people for Israel.

There is a Jewish supremacist, fascist group at the heart of Jewry that is responsible for orchestrating the current exterminations and genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is not anti-semitic to expose this. But it would be risky for an academic to do so, and would certainly preclude any more solicitations from the CBC, and the rest of Canada’s Zionist dominated media for that matter.

Good luck to you sir.

Anarchore(BC Progressive Nihilist Party)

My blog: http://zionofascism.wordpress.com/

An excellent review of ZOG in the US:

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The Only Republican Candidate

Posted by Anarchore on May 19, 2007

The rest are all Zionist trash. 

Ron Paul talks some sense about Arab terrorism and Us foreign policy. 

Although he doesn’t get into the evidence that Israel was implicated, Paul appears ready to disengage from America’s foreign entanglements. 

And when he talks of foreign entanglements, we all know what foreign power he is talking about –to the tune of $4billion US/year. 

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Ahmadinejad Says Zionists are Not Jews

Posted by Anarchore on April 30, 2007

As Zionofascists attribute false quotes to him, Ahmadinejad speaks truth.

“The Zionists, I want to tell you, are NOT Jews.

That’s the biggest deception we’ve ever faced.

Zionists are Zionists. Period.

They are not Jews.

They are not Christians.

They are not Muslims.

They are a POWER group – a POWER party.”


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US Zionists Funding Terrorists In Iran

Posted by Anarchore on April 29, 2007

It seems the war has begun months ago. The US is funding Iranian seperatist terrorists according to a London Telegraph story from Febuary.

Who runs US foreign policy?

Zionofascists(this is well documented).

To stop war the warmongers and war lobbyists need to be eliminated. In the US they consist of the military industrial complex, which is looking for any excuse to drop bombs for financial reasons, steered by AIPAC and other Israel lobbying groups, who lobbied for the War OF Terror against the Arab people, who lobbied for the war against Iraq, and are now lobbying to attack Iran.

America, Canada, Europe, listen! We don’t have to tolerate these fascists. Let us speak out boldly for the arrests or expulsion of Zionofascist terror plotters in our nations.


US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran

By William Lowther in Washington DC and Colin Freeman, Sunday Telegraph

Last Updated: 12:30am GMT 25/02/2007

America is secretly funding militant ethnic separatist groups in Iran in an attempt to pile pressure on the Islamic regime to give up its nuclear programme.

  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s regime is accused of repressing minority rights and culture

In a move that reflects Washington’s growing concern with the failure of diplomatic initiatives, CIA officials are understood to be helping opposition militias among the numerous ethnic minority groups clustered in Iran’s border regions.

The operations are controversial because they involve dealing with movements that resort to terrorist methods in pursuit of their grievances against the Iranian regime.

In the past year there has been a wave of unrest in ethnic minority border areas of Iran, with bombing and assassination campaigns against soldiers and government officials.

Such incidents have been carried out by the Kurds in the west, the Azeris in the north-west, the Ahwazi Arabs in the south-west, and the Baluchis in the south-east. Non-Persians make up nearly 40 per cent of Iran’s 69 million population, with around 16 million Azeris, seven million Kurds, five million Ahwazis and one million Baluchis. Most Baluchis live over the border in Pakistan.

Funding for their separatist causes comes directly from the CIA’s classified budget but is now “no great secret”, according to one former high-ranking CIA official in Washington who spoke anonymously to The Sunday Telegraph.

His claims were backed by Fred Burton, a former US state department counter-terrorism agent, who said: “The latest attacks inside Iran fall in line with US efforts to supply and train Iran’s ethnic minorities to destabilise the Iranian regime.”

read the rest…

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Dutch Documentary Exposes the Israel Lobby

Posted by Anarchore on April 24, 2007

The world is waking up!

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