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Government Scarerorism Suffers Setback

Posted by Anarchore on February 26, 2007

Well last summer’s terror scare which had skinny teenagers and a cop buying fertilizer and hatching plots to storm Parliament and behead Harper turns out to have been what everyone with a brain knew it was –contrived terror bullshit, the sort which increases government police state abuses, just like the Zionofascists of Israhell have kept going since 1948, a strategy of tension and control through terror or the threat of terror. Harper was of course quick on the bandwagon, even though he himself likely knew it was a complete setup.

“Terror” Paraphernalia -fertilizer and cell phones

Feb 23, 2007 02:46 PM

Staff Reporter
In the first setback for the government’s case against an alleged homegrown terrorism cell in Toronto, the youngest suspect had charges against him stayed in a Brampton court today.

“The Crown made their own estimation of the evidence that it wasn’t going to be adequate to come to a conviction or comittal for trial,” said defence lawyer Michael Block, who is representing a 16-year-old, the youngest of the 18 Toronto-area suspects charged last summer after a massive police sweep across the Greater Toronto Area.

“These charges have a lot of political weight and I think the Crown has taken a course that reflects their view of the evidence and at the same time it’s a cautious step,” Block told reporters outside the courthouse as the preliminary hearing, into its 15th day, ended for his client.

The teen, one of four youths charged with participating in a terrorist group for the purpose of carrying out terrorist acts and receiving training to be part of a terrorist group, breathed a sigh of relief as Justice Paul Currie stayed proceedings against him.

This means that bail restrictions against him are lifted, but the Crown has one year to reactivate those charges.

Crown attorney John Neander refused to comment.

Charges against two other teens, aged 17 and 18, were reduced to the first count and each was committed to stand trial. The Crown withdrew the second count. The hearing for a fourth youth – the only one in custody – continues.

On trial in this landmark case are not only the now 17 accused but also the reputation of Canada’s spy service and federal police force after news of the terrorism arrests garnered international headlines.

Defence lawyers have accused the government of casting their net too wide in the sweep and others have said they plabn to argue that the influence of government moles in the case entrapped their clients.

“In matters of these kinds, I think the police are going to throw a very wide net over a lot of people because the allegations are very troubling and it certainly worked out that my client’s involvement was nil but I think the procees itself served to bring that out,” said Block.

“My client didn’t commit any criminal acts but he found himself in the company of some people who brought a lot of scrutiny on their acts, a lot of attention.”

A publication ban prevents reporting any evidence heard at the preliminary hearing.

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