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Thoughtcrime Laws Not Welcomed by Canadians

Posted by Anarchore on June 23, 2007

By Karen Gordon (Stolen from newsgroup can.politics) June 23, 2007

(K): The Jewish organizations in Canada are like fleas onto a dog when it
comes to anything that they consider ‘derogatory’ against Jews.
They care little for the nuances of the laws in Canada – they’re sending
signals that their faction will not tolerate ANY criticism, in any degree,
at any time. And they use the Holocaust as their flag for their actions.

In fact, they had no case against Ahenakew for what he said. Here’s the
decision that the Supreme Court of Canada came to when James Keegstra was
charged under the Hate Law of our Criminal Code – mainly section 319(2)….

On reading s. 319(1), one is immediately struck by the words “in a public
place.” On its face, the provision would appear to prohibit the
communication of all proscribed statements in a public area, regardless of
the context in which those statements are made. In other words, even when
the statements are made within the context of a private conversation, if
that conversation occurs in a public place, then the offence is triggered.
Support for this interpretation can be found in the Keegstra decision.
Dickson C.J. writing for the majority, said in reference to subsection (2):

“that the legislation excludes private conversation, rather than including
communications made in a public forum, suggests that the expression of
hatred in a place accessible to the public is not sufficient to activate
the legislation…Section 319(1) covers statements communicated “in a
public place”, suggesting that a wider scope of prohibition was intended
where the danger occasioned by the statements was of an immediate nature,
while the wording of s. 319(2) indicates that private conversations taking
place in public areas are not prohibited.”

(K): Where the judge in Ahenakew’s case erred, was that he decided the
conversation between the reporter and Ahenakew was NOT a ‘private
conversation’. Read the conversation and see if you feel it was or wasn’t
a private conversation……..
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Petition of the citizens of earth for the peaceful dismantling of Israel

Posted by Anarchore on June 20, 2007

The evil that is Zionism and Israel boggles the mind. We see them engaging in atrocities against the Palestinian people even with the Zionist press censoring most of the news. The world cries out to end the abomination known as the state of Israel.

Here is a petition from Alkali blog in France, for the peaceful dismantling of the #1 problem in the world today, terrorist Israel.

I have translated it from the original French, and hopefully we can get this to appear in other languages as well.

Please comment and suggest amendments and corrections.

Petition of the citizens of earth for the peaceful dismantling of Israel.

Publié par alkali Lancé 25 mai 2007

To prevent this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8ksYX9LLck

Preparation of the text of a petition which will be put on line within six month:

Translated with Google on-line translation and myself… May be some things have changed from the original one in french. please refer to it. Thanks.

Petition of the citizens of earth for the peaceful dismantling of Israel.

If you think that the Jewish religion is a worthy religion and that the behavior of Israel makes it lose the respect which is owed to it as a religion.

If you think that the acts which have established Israel are theft. UN resolution 181 in 1947 was established to divest the Palestinians of their land.

If you think that Zionism is a xenophobic and racist theory like Nazism.

If you think that Israeli policies are taking us straight towards the 3rd world war.

If you think that the wars both in Iraq and in Lebanon are only for the profit of Israel.

If you think that the US empire works only for Israel and that it advances the parts on the chess-board of Zion.

If you think that France since the last elections works only for Israel, with its Zionists puppets.

If you think that the purpose of Israel is only the take over of oil of the area in order to dominate the world.

If you think that Zionism directs by various intrigues the businesses of the world.

If you think that peace will never come from Israel.

If you think that the mainstream media of the whole world favour Israel too often .

If you think that the debate on this question is impossible because of the preceding point.

If you think that Judaism is opposed to the establishment of Israel and to Zionism.

If you think that a slow and discrete genocide has been going on for 60 years there, and more because of the conflicts Zionists started.

Then sign the international petition and oblige the nations through the UN –which is responsible for this genocide and these innumerable wars– to reconsider its decision and to cancel the provisions of resolution 181. Let us ask in our states to change policy towards Israel and Zionism.

The reasons which are to be called upon, others will soon come to enlarge this list.

Israel did not respect any points of the Balfour Declaration.

Whilst Lord Balfour did indeed make that promise on behalf of Britain, to Lord Rothschild, for onforwarding to the Zionist Federation, he made the promise on condition that the rights of the population already there (i.e. the Palestinians) were not prejudiced.

The statute of Jerusalem was not respected.

The attack of the rights and the lives of the preexisting indigenous inhabitants.

The expulsion of the inhabitants without just compensation.

Israel commits crimes every day that no court judges.

Israel does not respect any International Convention.

Israel is equipped with prohibited weapons and;

Israel uses prohibited weapons against civilians.

Israel attacks without discriminating between civilians and fighters, tanks and others weapons of war.

Israel starves and reduces to misery the whole Palestinian people.

Israel steals from and impoverishes the Palestinian people, by preventing trade and by collecting taxes..

Permanent occupation of territories that it accepted as being those of the Palestinian people and which become in fact a bad copy of the African southern townships.

Israel has ignored every UN resolution against it.
We have to take care of Jewish populations which will have to be evacuated to the states which signed resolution 181. Many of the Israelis have two or three-nationalities when it is not more. Israel is just their back base. They more often live in the capitals and cities of the world, not in Israel. They will return to the countries which they left and where they generally had good situations.

Only those Jews which have not shaped Israeli policy will remain. And that after approval on behalf of a committee made up of Palestinian and only of them.Criminals are not allowed to stay.

Because the evil was caused by the nations of the world, it is time that they repair their errors. Gaza was evacuated. Israel can be too. Palestinians must find their independence and their freedom in the country where they born. The name of Israel is a spiritual name which must remain in the spiritual sphere according to Orthodox Judaism. The return from exile of Palestinians will follow and the freedom of access to the holy land of all the religions will be finally respected.

As this is the prototype, you are invited to deliver your opinion on the points which seem to you incomplete or erroneous. As this petition must be established in all the languages of the world translators are welcome. If you have good knowledge of the organization of petitions on line or if you are a webmaster and have time to grant to this initiative do not hesitate. For some this may appear Utopian, for me it is the only means of restoring peace in the middle east and on earth. If you are able to help at all please do so. I do not need money, nor to become a celebrity, just sign this petition it is all that is required from you. Transmit it with your mailing list, talk to those around you, on your blog, your Internet site, try by all means, so the world does not fall into the Zionist abyss like Palestine, Iraq or soon Iran.

Moreover if that functions we will have proved that humanity can link beyond all the barriers the borders the races and the religions so Jews can finally join the great human family.

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Zionist Political Persecution Continues in Kanada

Posted by Anarchore on June 10, 2007

Police Seize Terry Tremaine’s Computer in “Hate Law” Raid

by Paul Fromm

REGINA, June 8, 2007. Another Canadian dissident was raided this morning and had his computer and books seized. Terry Tremaine (Mathdoktor99 on Stormfront), a former university lecturer in math and computer studies, had his computer, books,. cds, dvds, and software seized by police executing a warrant to search for material that might violate Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code, Canada’s notorious “hate law.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Shame on Chantal Kreviazuk, Israel Shill

Posted by Anarchore on June 10, 2007

Shame on Chantel. Shill for Zionism.

Chantal Kreviazuk, a mediocre Canadian singer of Ukraine heritage sang for the same ideological group that murdered millions of her people. Principled support for Israel eh?

The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre is just another of the many Zionist Israel lobbies in Canada. Just a glance at the web page for the “Spirit of Hope Benefit” shows the enormous power these people weild in Canada.

Keep in mind this is just one Israel Lobby group out of scores; there is Bnai B’rith, the CJC, CJPAC, and the shadowy Israeli government liason established by the Conservatives known as the “Israel Allies Caucus” and many others including virtually all the media and all politics. Canada is ripe for regime change, if we want to be free.


The Spirit of Hope Benefit 2007


The Honourable Al Gore

45th Vice President of the United States

Tuesday June 5th, 2007
Beth Tzedec Synagogue, 1700 Bathurst Street

Top Gifts Dinner, 5:30 p.m.
Patron Reception, 6:00 p.m.
Main Presentation, 7:30 p.m.


Al Gore, keynote kpeaker, Spirit of Hope Benefit 2007.

$50,000 Founder

Includes ten tickets to the Top Gifts Dinner; ten theatre tickets with exclusive seating; photograph with the keynote speaker*; a full page ad in the programme book; and verbal recognition from the podium.

Of course Stephan Dion was there to show his true loyalties are to the Israel Lobby, not Canada


Also in the audience were Liberal leader Stéphane Dion, who flew into Toronto solely for the one event, Carolyn Bennett and Ontario Liberal Ministers Kwinter, Bountrogianni and Ramsay. The only Conservative in sight was the Master of Ceremonies, Ben Mulroney. I note that Mr. Dion sat beside Michael Levitt, the Co-Chair of our Liberal Friends of Israel group, who has been doing excellent work within the Jewish Community both as a community member and as a Liberal.


Next, Chantal Kreviazuk performed live. It was beautiful. In the midst of her performance, Ms. Kreviazuk spoke without a text from her piano and it was clearly from the heart. She spoke about her principled support for Israel. She also spoke passionately about intervention in Darfur. Since you know that she is not a politician trying to make an impression, but just an artist trying to take advantage of her celebrity to support a good cause, I found it all quite moving.

Tell you what Chantal. Perhaps you should restrict yourself to talking about what you know, and not let yourself be a shill for Zionists. Zionists that play up the largely fictional holocaust and downplay the very real Holodomor of the Ukraine, a genocide waged by supremacist Bolshevik Jews of the sort she sang for. http://zionofascism.wordpress.com/2007/04/24/stalins-jews/

The Ziono-scum must have had a good laugh at her expense afterward, at how stupid the Goyim are.

Ironically her latest album is called Ghost Stories. I hope the spirits of her ancestors haunt her.

In closing, here is an essay by a Urainian who knows better than to be the Zionists puppet, who tells his own “ghost stories”.

“Let the chips fall where they may. The inordinate role played by Jews in bringing Bolshevism to power is certainly a topic worthy of further exploration.”


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USS Liberty

Posted by Anarchore on June 8, 2007

June 8, 1967. Forty years ago Israel engaged in a provocateur attack against the USS Liberty attempting to kill all on board for the purpose of blaming Arabs.


Why did Israel attack USS Liberty?

Remember the Liberty!
When Israel attacks, the Pentagon retreats


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Japanese “Holocaust Denier” Forms Political Party

Posted by Anarchore on June 7, 2007

The Zionists are figuratively on the run, soon they will be physically running from the people enraged at the Iraq and Iran wars and the 9/11 terror, the third world legal and illegal immigrant flood, enabled by the Israhell Lobby, AKA organized Jewry, AKA Zionism, AKA Zionofascism. Jews, help us to speak out against the terrorists hiding behind your religion. The ADL, B’nai Brith, Simon Wiesenthal, CJC, CJPAC and all the other Zionofascist criminal gangster groups have to be eliminated if we want peace in the world.*

Thanks to our Japanese brothers and sisters dedicated to fighting this tyranny!


Holocaust denier establishes party in Japan


Richard Koshimizu claims no Jews were murdered during World War II, and that Hitler was funded and protected by Jews. Anti-Semite political activist to deliver public speech at State-funded venue this week

Obviously the Predators have not sunk their claws into Japan. Japan has kept her culture free from Zionofascist Occupation Government. They have not let Jewry control their press, or pass legislation prohibiting discussion of the menace of the terrorist supporting Israel-first crowd. In Canada or Europe Mr Koshimizu would be arrested under hate crimes(thought crime) laws.

*This is not intended as an insult to Judaism, but rather to a group of people that wrap themselves in Judaism as a cover for their terrorist activities. These Zionists who cheer on Israel’s terror and do not seem to have any conscience, who lie outrageously with no shame and who lead us into war for nothing –they need to be denounced using the strongest terms possible. I hope this shocks people who are sitting on the fence, because there really is no middle ground, you are for Zionist supremacy and terrorism or you are against it! I salute our Jewish brothers and sisters who have seen the light and denouce the Zionofascists –but I wish there were more of you!

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He Protesteth Too Much…Effie Eitam and Israel’s Denial of Shin Bet Involvement in Entebbe

Posted by Anarchore on June 6, 2007

‘He Protesteth Too Much…Effie Eitam and Israel’s Denial of Shin Bet Involvement in Entebbe

You just KNOW it had to come…The panic-stricken denial, the outraged shrieking of ‘how dare you filthy Goyim accuse us Jews of anything untoward, immoral or unseemly’ and–almost as if it were legislatively imposed–the wailing of persecution and anti-Semitism.

And so, true to form and as predictable as vultures at the scene of a 3-day-old road-kill, here ‘they’ come, meaning the makeup artists whose job it is to slap more rouge and mascara on the ugly, syphilitic whore known as Israel and try to do something about the smell of death and deception that follows her around like a black cloud everywhere she goes…

In this case it deals with the recently-released British intelligence reports indicating that the famous Entebbe hijacking in 1976 (and subsequent rescue of the Jewish hostages from the ‘crazed Palestinian militants’ who were holding them) was the handiwork of–ONCE AGAIN, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Israeli Intelligence. ‘Just in the knick of time’ as the old saying goes, since at that time the US was just about to begin important talks with the PLO over the Palestinian situation, all of which got flushed right down the toilet with this timely act of terrorism.
read the rest…

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News – Week of May 28 – June 3

Posted by Anarchore on June 4, 2007

It has been quite a week once more in Zionofascist News. Every week I am amazed by the amount of material covering what these scoundrels are up to. Another rabid Zionist is nominated as head of the World Bank by Bush, another ‘Toronto 19’-style “terrorist” plot completely infiltrated and controlled by the FBI is “stopped” from doing “unimaginable” terror, Canadian politicians continue to grovel to the Jewish mafia better known as organized Jewry or Zionism, Harper is swinging his pecker with his Bilderberg chums at the G8 and the neocon Sarkozy in France, and it turned out Israhell staged the whole Entebbe incident to scuttle any chance of peace with Palestine! One week!

We start with the treason known as Deep Integration, AKA the SPP.
Extract from Garth Turner MP blog June 3, 2007.
“Like most Canadians, I am at a loss to know with certainty if this is a beneficial partnership for our nation to be so enthusiastically embracing.

Even though Stephen Harper’s popularity is plummetting because of his support of the terrorist state, politicians still find it necessary to grovel to Zionism in Canada. No, it is not enough for politicians to support the Jewish community, they have to worship the state of Israel and never criticize it.
Israel is a Dion priority
Sunday morning, the national leadership of the Liberal Party congregated in Toronto. The event that brought them together was the United Jewish Appeal’s Walk With Israel, which is the largest pro-Israel event in Canada. I am the communications director for a group called “Liberal Friends of Israel”, so I was quite excited by the resounding success of the event and the Liberal contribution.

Not everyone supports Zionofascism, however.
Palestinians have been punished by the West
From the start, the democratically elected,
Hamas-led Palestinian Authority was never
given a chance to succeed. Canada,
the United States and other Western
nations immediately cut foreign aid,
and Israel refused to transfer tax funds
owed to the new Palestinian government.

In fact, dissent is growing in Canada.
The Stephen Harper effect
People who do not like to see their money wasted are not going to like it when they find out the costs of the Afghanistan adventure are going to exceed $20 billion, before the day in 2009 the mission is supposed to end.

The usual neocon deceptions, using the terror bogeyman:
Republican Candidates Employ “al-Qaeda” Fairy Tales
Like paranoid schizophrenic neglecting his meds, Senator John McCain tells us Osama will get us if the United States pulls out of Iraq.

“In the May 15 Republican debate in South Carolina, Senator John McCain of Arizona suggested that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden would ‘follow us home’ from Iraq—a comment some viewers may have taken to mean that bin Laden was in Iraq, which he is not,” reports the Boston Globe.

The old masters of staged terrorism, Israel have now been found to have staged the kidnapping and subsequent rescue at Entebbe. It appears they did it to discredit the PLO, as usual fighting against any hope of peace.  Wake up, Israel has it’s fingerprints all over 9/11 as well!
Documents claim Israel aided Entebbe hijack
The Israeli secret service and radical Palestinians may have engineered the hijacking of an Air France plane that flew to Entebbe in Uganda, according to a claim in newly released government documents.

Alleged Terror Plot Foiled by Hero Government –But they had NO EXPLOSIVES!

“Officials viewed the alleged plotters as a credible threat, but sources said they apparently did not have the technical savvy to carry out the plot.

One official said the plan “was not technically feasible.” Officials added that the alleged plotters had no explosives and had not yet figured out a way to get some.”

Xympora blog exposes the deception:
How scary is it?
Monday, June 04, 2007
Contrast “U.S.: ‘Unthinkable’ terror devastation prevented” and “Plot Was Unlikely to Work, Experts Say, Citing Safeguards and Pipeline Structure”. The usual problem with Bibi Netanyahu’s ‘war on terror’ is that the ‘terrorist’ story has to be dramatic enough to cause fear and Islamophobia, but not so dramatic that it seriously reduces anybody’s profits or the stock market index. Pipelines are everywhere, and largely unguarded and unguardable, and Americans know that, so a pull-back from the original scare was necessary.

The US government continues to behave exceedingly suspiciosly in the aftermath of the Zionist facillitated 911 plot.
Flight 93 Wreckage Under Armed Guard Buried Deep Inside Iron Mountain
This local news report discusses secret records, files and material that
is buried deep underground at a facility called Iron Mountain in
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – including the wreckage of Flight 93 which is
now under armed guard.

f93 wreckage kept under high security(What are they hiding?)

Bloody-Handed 911 Gangster Giuliani Heckled, Booed By 9/11 Family Members
We Are Change confronts former New York Mayor for second time on cover-up of crime scene, WTC collapse foreknowledge and desecration of victim’s remains

Secret trials are what you get in a Big-Jewry dominated country like the Soviet Union. And Canada.
Hearings secret, inquiry head rules
Not even the Muslim Canadians whose cases are being probed will be able
to hear what’s presented

Bad news for those hoping to find out more about Canada’s murky role in
the war on terror. The head of an inquiry into the mistreatment and
imprisonment of three Muslim Canadian men has ruled that, save in
exceptional circumstances, the entire exercise will be carried out in

Harper lands in Germany as G8 summit approaches, also meeting with neocon Zionist President of France
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Environment Minister John Baird arrived late Sunday in Europe to attend two world gatherings, including the Group of Eight summit of industrialized nations in Heiligendamm, Germany

Some blog reaction to Zoellicks nomination to the World Bank:

George Bush today appointed Zionist Robert Zoellick as president of the World Bank. He replaces another hardcore Zionist, Paul Wolfowitz, who was one of the architects of the Iraq war before moving on to his role as head of this Zionist-controlled organization.

Do the sheeple never question WHY someone who is not a Jewish Zionist would not have been chosen?


I cannot tell you how surprised I am that Bush has appointed another Jew to replace the Jewish Zionist Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank. That’s right, George Bush, just appointed a hard core Jewish Supremacist by the name of Robert Zoellick to replace the corrupt Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank.[1]

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Wipe Israel off the Map? What Ahmadinejad Really Said

Posted by Anarchore on June 1, 2007

Every media outlet is repeating the lie that Ahmadinejad called to “Wipe Israel off the map”. He did not say that, but the lie takes on a life of it’s own in the Zionist media sphere we experience whenever we turn to corporate TV or print media.

Discerning readers know that this is propaganda in anticipation of an attack on Iran.

“Ahmadinejad did not say he was going to ‘wipe Israel
off the map’ because no such idiom exists in Persian” and “He did say he
hoped its regime, i.e., a Jewish-Zionist state occupying Jerusalem, would


Juan Cole, a University of Michigan Professor of Modern Middle East and
South Asian History, translates the Persian phrase as:

The Imam said that this regime occupying Jerusalem (een rezhim-e
ishghalgar-e qods) must [vanish from] the page of time (bayad az safheh-ye
ruzgar mahv shavad).[10]

According to Cole, “Ahmadinejad did not say he was going to ‘wipe Israel
off the map’ because no such idiom exists in Persian” and “He did say he
hoped its regime, i.e., a Jewish-Zionist state occupying Jerusalem, would

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) translates the phrase

[T]his regime that is occupying Qods [Jerusalem] must be eliminated
from the pages of history.[12]

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Dear Professor Akhavan

Posted by Anarchore on June 1, 2007

Payam Akhavan

I was listening to the CBC Sunday Edition last week and heard some of the usual nonsense about Iran.

They had an academic from McGill on and he was saying Iran is basically the most evil place in the world and wants to wipe out all the Jews.

Nobody seems to mention that there are 25,000 Jews living in Iran, and they are free to practice their faith.

The attacks on Iran are part of the ongoing campaign to justify genocide against the Iranian people on behalf of Israel.

The following links make nonsense of the claim Iran wants to kill the Jews:

The Jewish community of Persia, modern-day Iran, is one of the oldest in the Diaspora, and its historical roots reach back to the 6th century B.C.E., the time of the First Temple.

Although Iran and Israel are bitter enemies, few know that Iran is home to the largest number of Jews anywhere in the Middle East outside Israel.

It comes as a surprise to many visitors to discover that Iran, a country so hostile to Israel and with a reputation for intolerance, is home to a small but vibrant Jewish community that is an officially recognized religious minority under Iran’s 1979 Islamic Constitution.

Historically, say Jewish leaders, anti-Semitism here is rare, a fact they say is often lost on critics outside, especially in Israel, where many Iranian Jews have relatives.

Mr Akhavan did not respond to my email.
Dear Mr Akhavan;

Certainly Iran is doing some bad things, but the presentation you were a part of this morning smells of propaganda. The Iran Holocaust conference was not the Holocaust Denial conference(as you stated), and yes Mr Duke was a member of the KKK a long time ago, but there were no KKK members as you stated.

Meanwhile Israel is given a pass by the CBC for it’s ongoing atrocities. What do you think of this discrepancy? The former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress is the appointed head of the CBC, and we now have a heavily Zionist slant to the reporting of Israel vs Palestine and the demonization of Iran.

Canada is under a Zionist Occupational Government that is kowtowing to Israel, but then as a Harvard man you should already know that. If you don’t, please allow me to introduce a blog I have created for the purpose of exposing the neocon Zionist government in Canada. No I do not hate Jews, nor am I a NeoNazi or Arab nationalist and I have no group affiliations.

I just notice little things like Netanyahu being allowed to visit our countries when this man is clearly a terrorist, who celebrates the terrorist King David Hotel bombing every year.

British anger at terror celebration
By Ned Parker and Stephen Farrell
The commemoration of Israeli bombings that killing 92 people has caused offence
AS ISRAEL wages war against Hezbollah “terrorists” in Lebanon, Britain has protested about the celebration by right-wing Israelis of a Jewish “act of terrorism” against British rule 60 years ago this week.
The rightwingers, including Binyamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister, are commemorating the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, the headquarters of British rule, that killed 92 people and helped to drive the British from Palestine.
read the rest here…

Then I notice the CBC is going by the neocon/Zionist demonization of Iran in preparation to exterminate more Arab people for Israel.

There is a Jewish supremacist, fascist group at the heart of Jewry that is responsible for orchestrating the current exterminations and genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is not anti-semitic to expose this. But it would be risky for an academic to do so, and would certainly preclude any more solicitations from the CBC, and the rest of Canada’s Zionist dominated media for that matter.

Good luck to you sir.

Anarchore(BC Progressive Nihilist Party)

My blog: http://zionofascism.wordpress.com/

An excellent review of ZOG in the US:

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