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The High Cost of Zionism in Canada

Posted by Anarchore on October 15, 2008

Over $900/year from every man, woman and child in Canada for Zionist wars and police state

The Brain Parasite that is Bleeding the US

Many people know that the US fattens up Israel with weapons, technology and $4 billion/year in aid for their ethnic cleansing of Palestine. But the true cost of Israel to the United States is much more than outright handouts of cash and arms: http://zionofascism.wordpress.com/2008/10/14/the-cost-of-israel/

When you factor in all the costs of maintaining US/Israeli hegemony in the region, the Iraq war, the bases and Fifth Fleet, the pricetag is astronomical, in the 10s or 100s of billions a year.

Snowing Canada for the War of Terror

Is Canada also bleeding cash for Zionist goals that undermine Canada’s security and prosperity? Yes. By the hundreds of billions.

The War in Afghanistan was entered under the auspices of the US War on Terror, following the attacks of 911. We now know that Israelis knew about and were likely involved in the attack on New York, in order to clear the path for war …and no, Bin Laden did not plot 911 from an Afghan cave. Only TV programmed idiots still believe that. I shouldn’t have to tell anyone that the Project for a New American Century, a Zionist neocon group published a paper calling for a catalizing event that would bring American public opinion on line for the wars planned.

I also shouldn’t have to remind people that the Bush administration received multiple specific warnings from foreign governments. They needed 911 to get the war program started.

Even if you believe the official story of 911, there is no denying that Zionists seized upon the opportunity to wage bloody war in the middle east. There is no denying the lies leading up to the invasion of Iraq. There is no denying the propaganda campaign now waged by Zionists and their acolytes against Iran. “We have to prevent a second Holocaust”- are sentiments mouthed by McCain and Obama, as they repeat lies about Iran.

So no one is under the illusion that the War on Terror is anything but a Zionist/US/Israeli orchestrated power game, built on invading sovereign Arab countries for profit and the benefit of Israel? If you are reading this on Zionofascism.wordpress.com, the right sidebar will have a map, that links to an article showing that the Iraq war was partly about opening the pipeline to Haifa. Good.

OK, so we can reach the conclusion that the War on Terror is really nothing more than a series of endless wars for Israeli/US interests. Given the dominance of AIPAC in congress, these are Zionist wars. Indeed, one would be hard pressed to reach any other conclusion, but I invite those who do to let me know.

How do we bleed? Let us count the ways

The Useless War that Cannot be Won

According to the media, the Afghan war will cost taxpayers between $18 and $22Billion. Of course, wars always go over budget, so it is probably closer to $30 Billion, but we’ll go with the conservative government estimate of $18,000,000,000.

What does Canada get out of fighting Israel’s enemies? The emnity of Arabs who never threatened us, and lots of heroin flooding the world’s markets.

What do the Zionists get? Their enemies the Taliban are out, so their pipeline can go through. Their heroin trade is up and running, with 90% of the world’s heroin coming out of Afghanistan. Someone is getting very rich, and it is not Canada.

War of Terror Invades Canada, and We Get to Pay for Our Own Oppression

The CBC says that Canada has spent $24 Billion since 911 on ‘security’. $24,000,000,000

How many terror attacks were stopped by this massive amount of cash? ZERO. Why? Because there are no terrorists to speak of in Canada, other than the Zionists in power, and Israeli Mossad cells.

What did Canada get for that kind of money? Well the Judeo-fascists were able to get Ernst Zundel locked up without charge, held on an unconstitutional security certificate. Muslims were demonized, with the lurid details of a plot to behead the Prime Minister. Only later does the story get out that two of the ringleaders were RCMP provacateurs.

The LiberCon parties are entirely compromised by Zionist agents and their agendas. The proof is in the way polluticians fall over each other to out-Israel the competition. We get the illusion on our Zionist owned media that there is an actual democracy in Canada, yet only 59% of registered voters bothered to cast a ballot.

$18,000,000,000 Afghan war of terror
+$24,000,000,000 State terror AKA ‘security’
$42,000,000,000 (Afghan war of terror + State terror AKA ‘security’)

Wow $42 Billion by 2011, on an unwinnable war, and on security measures that do nothing other than humiliate travellers and jail and torture innocent people. Remember Maher Arar? I suppose we can add the 10.5 million in compensation for the Zionist style treatment he received from the rotten to the core RCMP. Big deal, that’s just a drop in the bucket for Canada’s Israel worship at the expense of the public.

All because we followed the Zionists in the US, in their quest to donate blood to the terrorstate. Mind that the $24 Billion is only for seven years, by 2011 it should conservatively add another 10 Billion.

$42,000,000,000 (Afghan war of terror + State terror AKA ‘security’ to 2008)
+ $10,000,000,000
$52,000,000,000 (Afghan war of terror + State terror AKA ‘security’ to 2011)

So $52 Billion since 2001 will go to waste! But hold on, the real shocker is coming a few paragraphs down.

Surpluses Squandered

(Well, worse than squandered actually, the money was and is being used to make the world a more fearful, dangerous, heartbreaking place)

Didn’t Canada have a huge surplus in 2001? It seems the LiberCon(Canada’s Liberal and Conservative parties have ruled since 2001 with the same agenda) parties were determined to waste the surplus:

The federal government recorded a budgetary surplus of $17.1 billion in 2000-01. This is the largest annual surplus since Confederation and the fourth consecutive annual surplus, following surpluses of $3.5 billion in 1997-98, $2.9 billion in 1998-99 and $12.3 billion in 1999-2000.

Well the surplus is gone now. What happened to it?

The pro-Zionist Globe and Mail says the surplus went to oh, increased military spending, eh? No mention of the war and the attack on Canadians via ‘security’ legislation. Do you believe the Globe and Mail, or are they part of the deception?

Since 2000, we have had four federal elections. We have also watched federal surpluses dwindle from a peak of $20-billion in 2000, to nothing at all this year – or perhaps even a deficit.

Where did it all go? Much of it went to pre-election or campaign attempts to woo voters with their own money – either through income-tax cuts and health-care transfers by the Liberals, or through cuts to the Goods and Services Tax, increased military spending and too-numerous-to-mention small but targeted programs and tax incentives by the Tories.

There was also a $54 Billion EI surplus, another lurid tale of government corruption, and cheating of the working people.

Building Up for War Against the Canadian People?

But there is good news. The Conservatives have embarked on a $490 Billion military spending plan over 20 years!

Mackay was quoted in CP as saying that “Ministers will discuss how to co-operate on providing armed security during natural disasters such as hurricanes or major national events like the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver”.

They want to spend our money to use the military, or perhaps some Blackwater-type mercs against us. This is even more frightening in light of the deal signed with the US to trade soldiers in emergencies. Do you think some gang-member shellshocked US soldier is going to respect your charter rights?

Let’s Crunch Some Numbers

$490 Billion/20 Years = $24.5 Billion/year.

52 Billion/10 Years = $5.2 Billion/year.

$24.5 Billion + $5.2 Billion = 30.9 Billion/year for the next 20 years! That’s about $909/person per year. No wonder they don’t want us to know about this!

Are these people insane? They appear to want to tie up any potential surplus cash in Canada, presumably to put down domestic dissent, caused by the starving people created by their very paranoia. Will someone tell them that full bellies are the best counter-insurgency tools? Or do they know something we don’t, about plans that will crash down on the Canadian people? We know what Big Jewry is capable of, they killed 20,000,000 Christians in the Soviet Union. Either way, this can not stand.

Canada does not get billions of dollars of aid a year from the USA like Israel does. We don’t need and don’t want this insane, inhuman, Israelization of Canada. How about respecting the right of habeus corpus, like any civilized country does? And how about free speech, which has been under attack. We need a rejection and a rollback of Zionofascism.

Supplementary Articles


Afghan war will cost taxpayers $22B

Study gives estimate as parties call for official numbers

David Pugliese, Canwest News Service

Published: Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Afghan war is going to end up costing the Defence Department more than $22 billion, both in actual money spent on the mission and future payments to rebuild equipment and provide long-term care for veterans, a military conference heard Wednesday.

The figures are contained in a yet-to-be-released study by security analyst David Perry, a former deputy director of Dalhousie University’s Centre for Foreign Policy Studies. The study will be included in an upcoming edition of the International Journal published by the Canadian International Council.

But some of Perry’s findings were discussed Wednesday at an conference on maritime affairs attended by military leaders and analysts from Canada, the U.S. and several Asia-Pacific nations.

The cost of Canada's mission to Afghanistan has become front and centre in the federal election campaign.

The cost of Canada’s mission to Afghanistan has become front and centre in the federal election campaign.

Graham Thomson/Edmonton Journal

“This is an important work and bang on with the numbers,” said retired commodore Eric Lerhe, who included some of Perry’s figures in his slide presentation at the conference.

In an interview Wednesday night, Perry said he was not surprised at the numbers he found. “We’re fighting a war on the other side of the world and that takes a lot of resources,” said Perry, who is in Ottawa.

He noted that the number of Canadian Afghan veterans is projected to be around 41,000 by 2010. That far exceeds the estimated 25,000 Canadian veterans from the Korean War, Perry added.

Officials with Defence Minister Peter MacKay’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

The figures don’t include the cost of aid to Afghanistan or the cost of the mission for other federal departments such as the RCMP and Foreign Affairs.

Such figures are expected to soon emerge. On Wednesday Parliament’s new budget officer, Kevin Page, pledged to release his comprehensive study of the cost of the war.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper also said Wednesday he has no objection to the release of that report.

Harper’s agreement comes one day after all three major opposition leaders called for him to release of the figures.

“As all parties have granted their consent, as soon as the report has been completed – including the completion of the independent peer review process – it can be released during the writ period,” Page said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

Some the figures used in the Perry study came from the Defence Department. Other details were estimated using the experiences of the U.S. military and its cost models from the Iraq and Afghan wars.

The breakdown of the Afghan costs is as follows:

. $7 billion for the cost of the war. This is the incremental cost from late 2001 to 2012. It includes everything from ammunition and fuel to the salaries of reservists and contractors. It does not include the salaries of regular force military personnel.

. $11 billion is the estimated future bill for Veterans Affairs and DND for long-term health care of veterans and related benefits, as well as having to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder among troops. Veterans Affairs Canada predicts an increase of 13,000 Canadian Forces members to its client base by 2010. Using American estimates, between 10 to 25 per cent of returning veterans may experience mental health problems as a result of their overseas deployment.

U.S. studies estimate that country’s long-term health care and disability costs for its Iraq and Afghan veterans to be between $350 billion to $650 billion.

– $2 billion for the purchase of mission-specific equipment. That includes everything from Leopard tanks, howitzers, counter-mine vehicles to aerial drones and six Chinook helicopters. Defence officials argue that such equipment will be used on future missions beyond Afghanistan. The figure didn’t include the latest $95 million lease for additional aerial drones.

– $2 billion for the replacement of the military’s LAV-3 fleet. “This fleet is going to be worn out pretty soon from the wear and tear of Afghanistan and will have to be replaced,” said Perry.

– $405 million for repair and overhaul costs.

Perry’s study also determined the Liberal government had provided extra funding to the Defence Department to cover 85 per cent of the Afghan war costs. The Conservative government, however, is funding only 29 per cent of the cost to the Defence Department for the war, according to the study, with the remaining money coming out of DND’s existing budget.

Perry said the Conservatives might be providing more funding but that is not apparent from publicly released figures. “The Liberals were much more transparent in the funding they were providing,” he said.

There is growing concern inside the ranks of the military about the real cost of the Afghan conflict. In January, the head of the army warned that the service was stretched almost to the breaking point and replacement stocks of equipment for Afghanistan have long been used up, either destroyed by the enemy or in the process of being repaired.

In the army’s business plan written in January, commander Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie warned that much of the service’s combat vehicle fleet is in need of repair, the result of operating in the harsh Afghan terrain or from excessive use in training in Canada for the war.

“Obviously all of it has to be replaced from existing stocks, but the initial pool of stocked equipment has long since been used up, either destroyed by the foe or is off being repaired,” Lt.-Gen. Leslie wrote.

Additional money is needed to buy parts and to hire more people, military or civilian, to fix the equipment which is used for training for Afghanistan, Lt.-Gen. Leslie wrote.

The general’s business plan was written shortly after the release of the Defence Department’s 2008-2009 Report on Plans and Priorities which also raised issues regarding the impact of the Afghan war. In that report the army pointed out that “Afghanistan has consumed the resources of both our first and second lines of operation.”

At a security and defence forum meeting last year Perry argued that if the real costs of the Afghan war are not “transparent there is no way of knowing their real impact on the Canadian military’s future force structure.”

with files from Mike Blanchfield, Canwest News Service


$24B spent on security in Canada since 9/11

Canada has spent an extra $24 billion beefing up security measures since the Sept. 11 attacks on U.S. soil, CBC News estimates.

The federal government has never revealed the costs of extra security precautions taken after the 2001 attacks, but CBC calculated the multibillion-dollar figure by tallying budgets from various departments and interviewing sources familiar with defence-related spending.

Domestic security accounted for the largest portion of expenditures at around $15 billion. That amount includes costs such as paying domestic airlines to outfit planes with reinforced doors on pilots’ cabins and installing high-tech detection scanners at ports and land crossings.

An increase in the military’s budget makes up another big chunk of the spending. After subtracting normal yearly increases in place before Sept. 11, the Canadian military received an estimated $9 billion extra since 2002. The annual rate of military spending in the budget has also doubled.


$490 Billion defense road map rollout, blacked out by media

You would think something like a detailed road map of ‘the modernization of the Canadian forces’, at the big fancy 8th Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas (CDMA) would elicit some sort discussion or analysis from the Canadian media/ chattering class. At the conference, Peter Mackay began to spin links between the need to respond to ‘natural disasters’ and ‘security of the Olympics’ with armed security. The highlight of the conference was the release of Canada’s 20-year, $490 billion “Canada First Defense Strategy,” a detailed plan to modernize its armed forces and its military industry. McKay also signed a Memoranda of Understanding with his counterparts in Honduras, Guatemala and Bolivia, which falls under the Military Training Assistance Programme (MTAP). Yet hardly a boo, has been published about this week long conference, as the Republican convention in St Paul and the buzz around the soon to be announced election provided a nice blackout about things that were going on, that the media and lobbyist just aren’t so interested in regular folks to know about.

So what do we know happened this week in the luxury resort of Banff where the delegates from 34 countries met under the theme of ‘Co-operation and Collaboration”?
According to CP Canadian Defense Minister and host of the conference, Peter MacKay addressed the crowd by stirring their shared belief that “Now more than ever, we are all connected and need to cooperate to achieve the security, democratic development, and prosperity we all desire”.

Mackay was quoted in CP as saying that “Ministers will discuss how to co-operate on providing armed security during natural disasters such as hurricanes or major national events like the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver”. (emphasis added)

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates added his two cents to further this argument of ‘natural disaster and national events’ blending of security measures with “We have a collective dream: a free, prosperous and secure hemisphere. By working together, we can transform that dream into reality and embrace the great promise and potential of the Americas…… Sub-themes for this year’s gathering include generating military assistance for regionally or nationally hosted events like the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada and peacekeeping support in places like Haiti. CDMA’s final communiqué may address the need to create a multi-nation disaster task force.” Gates also briefly mentioned the ‘cooperation programs’ of the very new Merida Initiative involving a U.S.-Mexico-Central America partnership which is suppose to fight drug-related violence, the Caribbean Community efforts to improve security on Caribbean waters, and the proposed South American Defense Council. The next meeting of the CDMA will be held in Bolivia in 2010.

We also know that the merging/collaboration of important economics-trade-military issues was discussed at the conference from an article by ‘america.gov’, who wrote “Carlo Dade, executive director of the Canadian Foundation for the Americas in Ottawa, told America.gov that hemispheric military police relations are a subject of special interest to Canada.”

This ‘special interest’ is important to same right wing lobbyist think tank that published the report last month called “ Alberta Oil Sands: Sustainable Energy Security for the Americas?” which aptly ties in the need for military and economic cohesion between Canada and the US. “The oil sands hold the promise that both North and South America can rely on Alberta and its energy resources for decades to come, as trade within the Americas grows and Canadians become more fully integrated into pan-American economic and cultural streams.” We can assume other important lobbyists were in attendance but exactly who is simply speculation without access to a list of the participants, but I am willing to guess that anyone with an interest in securing some of the contracts for the next few years, was there, starting with Lockheed Martin Canada.

The Canadian government didn’t waste any time in starting to put forward that $490 billion dollars, ‘Defense First Strategy’ as the Tories plan on giving a $1 Billion contract to upgrade the navy’s frigates to Lockheed Martin Canada this week, according to David Pugliese in his Sunday article published in the Ottawa citizen. As well the open secret Canadian mercenaries JTF2 will be moved to Trenton at a price tag of $300 million. Another $200 million will be used to revamp infrastructure in Trenton and another $140 million will be used to improve conditions at CFB Gagetown, N.B.
The Military industrial/corporate complex in Canada is happy this first week of electioneering that is for sure! As the rest of Canadians probably never heard about this conference, with the 500+ military and war makers in attendance, not much debate is expected.

What does Canada get in return for such close ties to Israel? Mossad agents running around trying to set up the next 9/11 in Montreal. Too bad the roof didn’t collapse on the lot of them.


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