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Joe Cortina Lets the Jews Have it.

Posted by Anarchore on October 1, 2008

I don’t agree with demonizing every Jew, but as a collective we see that they are harmful to every society, today mostly because of their allegiance to the terrorist state Israel.

“I have never done such a letter in all my life – but I read something today – an insult to the memory of the American Sailors that You people murdered – so vile so filthy so treasonously rotten – that I can no longer contain my anger as a patriot a veteran. I have traveled much and have yet to encounter a more sadistic, vile, soulless tribe of criminal rancid filth as you Jews.”


I have never done such a letter in all my life – but I read something today – an insult to the memory of the American Sailors that You people murdered – so vile so filthy so treasonously rotten – that I can no longer contain my anger as a patriot a veteran. I have traveled much and have yet to encounter a more sadistic, vile, soulless tribe of criminal rancid filth as you Jews.

In the past I have tried to maintain a sense of decorum when addressing the FACT that the Jew in MY country has turned it into a morally rotted corpse with his pornography –violence – crime – drugs – Child murder – communist advocacy – mockery of our Lord – his strangling of Christian tradition and a laundry list of other vile conduct so emblematic of the Jew. You people are the mortal enemies of every decent man woman and child in this country. Not all of us have yet reached that inescapable conclusion – but we will! The TRUTH tends to always shine.

Well – I have news flash for you rotten evil lying Jews – the gloves come off today! I –and millions of other decent mainstream REAL Americans are fed up with your filthy treason and mockery of all that is American and good and Christian. It is YOU PEOPLE that are the authors of ALL of the sorrows we have suffered here. It was YOU people who drove our Lord from the hearts of our school children. It was YOU people who have put the workingman into the current financial crisis through your lies and greed.

It was YOU people who got us entangled in serial wars against the innocent enemies of your beloved IsrHELL! It was YOU people that got our sons killed in TWO world wars! It was YOU people that financed both sides of these horrible conflicts and profited from the blood death and suffering! It was YOU people who have turned our Television screens into springboards for your pornographic – Godless – Christ mocking – pervert glorification. It was YOU people that have worked tirelessly to destroy the spirit of Christmas with your evil godless filth. It was YOU people who have made pornography a billion dollar business in our once Christian country!

It was YOU people who spawned the vilest traitors America have ever known! It was YOU people whose filthy cheating lying rancid conduct got you thrown out of entire countries! It was YOU people who have supported everything Marxist and Godless! It was YOU people who introduced our children to your satanic Heavy metal filth! It was YOU people who have been despised and reviled by every decent people on earth for your filthy putrid business dealings! It was YOU people use Hollywood to destroy the wholesomeness of our youth! It was you people who also used Holly wood to promote your Marxist treason!

It was YOU people who have made my country one of the mated nations on earth today. It was YOU people who murder defenseless children like rats in Palestine – so don’t bother to spread any of your lies about ‘terrorists’ – YOU are the terrorists! It was YOU people who are responsible for the racial strife in this country today. It was You people who were decreed the sons of the Devil by Christ for your eternally pernicious filth. It was YOU people who were responsible for the torture and murder of our Lord!

It was YOU people who were responsible for the mass murders of over two hundred million innocent civilians by you demonic creation of YOUR monster called COMMUNISM! AND it was you filthy Jews who butchered and murdered hundreds of our sons serving aboard the USS Liberty!

How DARE you open your filthy lying whining Jew mouths and mock the deaths of these brave Americans as you did recently. We have had a belly full of you Jews and your treasonous loyalties to Israhell. You are the ONLY race in the history of mankind to have had so many WORLD FAMOUS prominent leaders – philanthropists- statesmen – philosophers – holy men – Presidents – authors – military leaders – artists – composers – and playwrights openly condemn your universally filthy rancid conduct and lifestyles. You are the most rotten vile pernicious creatures on the face of the earth and I have personally witnessed your uniquely demonic sadistic evil up close and personal – VERY PERSONAL!

You people are a pestilence to this nation. Please leave. Your ilk does NOT belong here. We are SICK TO DEATH of your incessant whining about your Hollowhoax – out of which you, in predictable greedy Jew fashion, have created a highly profitable business. The REAL ‘holocaust’ of historic fact was the one that YOU people committed when you murdered MILLIONS of our Christian brethren. You murdered them ONLY because they followed Christ. Get it?

Your filthy Jew relatives were put in prison in Germany for their CRIMES – of usury – cheating – pornography and being opportunistic parasites when the German people were suffering in a massive depression that YOU caused. You people were criminals – just like here in MY country – GET IT? You Jews are THE cause of more human suffering and misery than ALL of the rest of mankind together have wrought – and that is a proven historic fact!

We are sick to death of you constant whining mantra of “anti-Semitism”. Some of my most admired friends are TRUE Semites – so stop the lies! You Jews whine and complain about EVERYTHING. We are sick to death of your” Oh veys” – and your “ such a deals”. You and your lying whining ilk are a threat to ALL that is good – pure – innocent – wholesome and decent in this world.

Why don’t you do ALL decent Americans a favor and take yourselves and your filthy conduct with you to Satan’s city of IsraHELL. What’s the matter – scared you won’t hear the cash register ring there as often as here? Get the hell out of MY country you parasites! Destructive lying Christian hating scum like you were never intended to live in this land of our Christian Founding Fathers. I may not live to see it – but there WILL be a day of justice in this country-and you WILL pay for your endless remorseless crimes – if you remain here!

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

*For the benefit of the non ’self-chosen’ that may be reading this – it refers to the slaughter of the Shipmates of the unarmed USS liberty in international waters by order of IsraHell’s Zionist government by war criminal Ariel Sharon in June of 67. The Jews were concerned that the Liberty – an intelligence ship may have learned of the war crimes committed by the Jews against helpless civilians (something their ‘brave’ IDF are so very good a doing – especially defenseless children) These cowardly Jews murdered our sons and fathers in cold blood – machine-gunned the life rafts – shot thousands of cannon shells into the crippled ship – rained burning death down with napalm and torpedoed her – so as to sink her, and murder all the crew and blame it on – OF COURSE – those terrible Arabs. Well God decided that the little ship would not be sunk – as miraculously as it may seem. The lying Jews still persisted in claiming they thought it was an Egyptian cattle boat. The Liberty was in full US Naval ID numbers and HUGE flag standing straight out in a stiff breeze. Our cowardly treasonous alcoholic mobster President Johnson would not even allow other nearby ships to defend OUR OWN SONS! As brave men tried in vain to defend their ship with their own blood still running hot on her decks – Johnson and McNamara ordered the Admiral of the nearby Med fleet to stand down and just let the slaughter continue. His ‘excuse was that IsraHell – “was our friend and ally” and he “didn’t want to embarrass them”. The Jews got away with mass murder that infamous day and are still laughing their asses off on how they controlled our entire government.

At a very recent talk given by survivors of the Liberty an apparently Jew dominated audience mocked our murdered sons. Cruel callous slanderous comments poured forth against the murdered men and in defense of the war crimes of murdering Jews For the whole story of the suffering – humiliations – and misery caused by this act of war – I suggest you go to the USS LIBERTY SITE and be prepared to learn of the biggest Jew crime of the century – a FACTUAL act OF WAR -and the ensuing cover-up by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! If after you learn the entire story this does not make you ‘pulse pounding’ enraged – you have NO love or feeling for your country. The article of the disgraceful mockery of our murdered shipmates can be read here == USS Liberty vets get rough reception from Jewish audience The Journal News Sep 28, 2008


2 Responses to “Joe Cortina Lets the Jews Have it.”

  1. anarchore said

    You know I was thinking of taking down Joe’s Jew diatribe because of the rather angry some would say hateful tone, but now I realize that he is absolutely correct.


    Apparently Jews had stacked the attendance of the meeting.

    There were survivors there from the USS Liberty, who said they were silenced by the govt to Israel’s terrorist attack on the USS Liberty, a clearly marked US ship. The Israelis were spraying the lifeboats with machine gun fire.

    The Jews wanted no survivors.

    The Jews at the audience were of the same mind, they did not want to hear about Israeli treachery. That those sailors were cannon-fodder for Zionist false flag to blame Egypt, is just fine in the mind of the average Israel supporting Jew.

    But we see this in Canada as well.

    Because of this attitude amoung Jews, they are a fifth column, covering up for the terrorist state Israel’s ongoing control and terror.

    Perhaps it is time for mass deportation of terror-supporting Jews.

    How about this: if you are a Jew that has not denounced Israhell, you get a one-way free trip there. Sound fair? I mean you have your stinking stolen state, so perhaps you should stay there and stop inundating us with your whining and treachery.

    Now that we see that these scum will ridicule even a survivor of Israeli terror at the USS Liberty treachery, while to question any Holohoax “survivors” claims is anathema.

    Now we see what attitude the Jew holds towards truth.

    Even in Canada the Jews are protecting Israel from charges of terrorism.

  2. zampan013 said

    I’ve read that our Founding Father’s debated as to letting the Jew’s [sic.] enter America or not enter. I don’t know what they were thinking when they did allow them in. America’s constitution is a near perfect document for mankind. What made it less than perfect, is that it allowed a less than human tribe -the “Khazar’s”- to twist it to their own advantage. I agree with everything Joe says, but as the saying goes, “no one is taken advantage of without letting themselve’s be” or maybe, “Be as innocent as dove’s and wise as serpents”.

    Let’s face it, America went to hell a long time ago. The civil war comes to mind, the Union had no legal right to stop succession. The Jew’s are just a bunch of carpet-bagger’s that are very good at being under-handed. Let Joe six pak’s daughter watch tv, go to public school and shack up with a negro. Who cares (?), my daughter didn’t. Yeah, I’m really mad about the USS Liberty, but our own rotten fucking president made a personal call to the admiral to turn the planes around. America died a long time ago, imo it’s time to leave.

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