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Reisman Bans Anti-SPP Book

Posted by Anarchore on July 28, 2007

The Zionofascist owner of Indigo/Chapters books. Heather Reisman gets nailed by activists for her pro-Israel stance.

It turns out that she does not just have a pro-Israel agenda

Reisman, like most Zionofascists, also has an anti-Canada agenda.

Canada’s Largest Bookstore Retailer Bans Book Which Reveals North American Union Agenda to Canadians
posted by Lee

By Peter Tremblay

Are you a concerned Canadian who is seeking a copy of the book entitled Traitors Among Us: The Betrayers of Canada in a Canadian bookstore. Well, you will not find a copy at Indigo Books. The ownership of Indigo books is associated with Canada’s largest corporations, that in turn, have reportedly sought to conceal information from Canadians about the North American Union (NAU) agenda.

The book entitled Traitors Among Us: The Betrayers of Canada features a compilation of articles from The Canadian National Newspaper. These articles both expose and also challenge an apparent assumption by many of Canada’s corporate and political elites. This apparent assumption, championed by large mass-media conglomerates in Canada like CanWest Global, is that the only “rational” course for Canadian society, is to assimilate itself into the U.S. political-military-industrial complex.

Canada, has been championed as an alternative society to “America” since time immoral. As Canada has evolved, since its cultural-political inception since 1535, the essence of its society has taken a distinctively socially progressive national identity. Jean Talon, Canada’s first Intendant in the “ancien regime” of New France, envisioned Canada as a Great and Powerful State, that was critically inspired by the Old World aboriginal civilizations of Canada, in synergy with “Old World” values of Europe. Prime Ministers of Canada before Brian Mulroney had all rejected so-called “Free Trade”, out of a now further substantiated concern that Canada’s vital social fabric and independence from the United States would be destroyed. Tommy Douglas’ championing of universal medicare vitally further affirmed Canada’s distinctively progressive social fabric. Former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, sought to further embrace the progressive identity of Canada, by seeking to champion the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He did that, in his efforts, as a Great Canadian, to fulfill Canada’s destiny as a Just Society, which would operate as a role model for the rest of the world.

In sharp contrast, current Prime Minister Harper cannot see any role for Canada other than that of participating in international affairs as a puppet of American Empire via “Globalization”.

Historically, the American Revolution had sought to destroy a connection to “Old World” values, symbolized by cultural-political ties with Britain. America’s elites sought to create an assimilating “melting pot”, which would be created by the idolizing of a gun culture of violence associated with the American Revolution, which has further embraced militaristic jingoism.

Canada’s political leadership, sought in response to the American Revolutionary context, to cultivate a society of “Peace, Order and Good Government” which would inspire a society that recognized the ideal of ‘civility’ in the development of our cities as communities; and where there was a positive constructive role for government in societal development. That sought role fundamentally embraces further adopted tenets of appreciating for example, multiculturalism, and ‘universality’ in relation to a comprehensive one-tier public healthcare system, within social justice, in general. That socially responsible role of government has vitally contributed to a reputed much better quality-of-life in Canada, as compared to the United States, which is plagued by horrific segregated poverty alongside elite affluence, and by accompanying prevalent violent crime in its cities.

Many of Canada’s corporate and political elites under the clandestine agenda of efforts to create a so-called “North American Union”, (apparently by any means necessary), seek to destroy Canada.

Canada’s corporate and political elites used to be among the greatest defenders of the need to defend Canada’s sovereignty. The elites had recognized that their institutions were the very creatures of the aggressive defence of Canadian institutions. These recognition among institutions included representatives of wealthy financial institutions, to smaller community-oriented initiatives and public agencies. However, thanks to former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s successful proselytizing of greed and venality, to once politically loyal elites, via the “benefits” of “Free Trade” with the United States, much of these elites now elect to sell Canada out.

Prime Minister Brain Mulroney had dysfunctionally inspired a new generation of greed-driven mercenaries who operate in the mass-media, in the likes of CanWest Global owners (who help fund the Conservative Party), TorStar, Quebecor Sun Media, and other such neo-conservative public relations outlets. Only BellGlobe Media, inclusive of the Globe and Mail, CTV, and CHUM, (as well as in particular, a handful of community and campus media outlets) have maintained any semblance of journalistic integrity, in the present sea of elite-managed propaganda.

Canada’s corporate and political elites now linked to the U.S. religious-political-military-industrial complex, which is operating in overtime, is trying to convince Canadians to accept the dysfunctional polices of the Harper neo-conservative minority government toward an elite sought right-wing majority government.

Dysfunctional policies which are supported by current Prime Minister Harper’s allies, include presiding over the sabotage of Canada’s universal public healthcare system to destroying treasured Canadian institutions like the well renown Wheat Board, so as to cause Canadian farmers to be ruled by U.S. agri-business privatization agenda. Additional policies include ignoring the plight of growing poor communities in Canada which include women, homeless peoples, immigrants, and aboriginal peoples, and also reckless pro-Global Warming policies.

The ‘Canadian Dream’ refers to the evolved collective aspirations of Canadians, as inspired by such recognized Great Canadians as Tommy Douglas and Pierre Elliot Trudeau, to fulfill the national destiny of Canada, as a socially independent society, that is independent from the United States. The prevailing systematized efforts to sabotage the achievement of the ‘Canadian Dream’, is the apparent betrayal of Canada to a traitorous agenda.

Source: AgoraCosmopolitan.com





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Wiesenthal Centre: Canadians Cannot be Trusted on the Internet

Posted by Anarchore on July 27, 2007

The implication of the article below is that Canadians are not capable of coming to their own conclusions about material they encounter online. We must be shown the correct thoughts by the Simon Wiesenthal centre, and must not think thoughts critical of Israel. Above all, we must not be exposed to facts about the Israel lobby’s influence on the Canadian government and about Israel backed wars, like Afghanistan.

Leo Adler, director of national affairs for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, presented its 10th annual report on Digital Terrorism and Hate for 2007 to Sudbury media on Monday.

“Sudbury may be small compared to other Canadian cities, but it is not isolated,” Adler said. “All it takes is to attract and recruit one individual. … Sudbury is no further immune than Toronto, New York City or any other place.”

Canadians are simply too naive to be trusted to use the internet without possibly being turned into terrorists by savvy hate-mongers. Oh, save us from free speech, Mr Adler. Please restrict access to the web, oh wise Zionists.

Sudbury not immune from terrorism; One person can create a web of lies, Simon Wiesenthal “researcher” says

Lara Bradley
Local News – Tuesday, July 24, 2007 @ 09:00

Hate websites are becoming increasingly clever at luring in the young, angry or just plain curious, and we should all be vigilant, an expert says.

On the Internet, you can find games like Border Crossing in which the player shoots Mexican “wetbacks” – pregnant women with toddlers in tow as they scurry across the border.

Then there’s Ethnic Cleansing, where the player gets to custom-tailor the group he or she would like to hunt down; and Kaboom, in which the player gets to be a suicide bomber, earning points based on the size of the crowd taken out.

Leo Adler, director of national affairs for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, presented its 10th annual report on Digital Terrorism and Hate for 2007 to Sudbury media on Monday.

“Sudbury may be small compared to other Canadian cities, but it is not isolated,” Adler said. “All it takes is to attract and recruit one individual. … Sudbury is no further immune than Toronto, New York City or any other place.”

The centre, a human rights organization dedicated to fostering ideas of tolerance and understanding, has been monitoring the Internet since 1995.

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Back then, there was only one hate crime site called Stormfront, a group promoting white supremacy.

“Hate on Demand chronicles what has taken place,” Adler said. “How extremist groups harness the power of the Internet.”

Now, countless terrorists groups – from the Baby Liberation Army, which targets medical staff who perform abortions, to religious extremists pumping up suicide bombers to hardcore environmental groups promoting violence to achieve their ends – use the World Wide Web to disseminate information to members, as well as market themselves to potential members.

“Things don’t happen spontaneously,” he said. “Terrorism is extremely well organized.”

From games to weapons sites containing step-by-step instructions on how to build bombs that will detonate using a cellphone, hate sites on the Internet are on the rise, up about 17 per cent from 2006.

Parents and educators have to become aware of what’s out there so they can monitor children and young people’s exposure to these dark places, Adler said.

“A lot of the sites look very scholarly, but are hate sites,” he said.

Teachers might not be aware that when they assign students projects on immigration or the Holocaust, students will likely encounter these sites during the course of their research. One Burlington girl, for example, came across one denying the Holocaust existed.

So firmly convinced was she by its “documents,” that she organized a debate in her class. She later e-mailed the site saying she had won over 80 per cent of her class. The site’s organizers called her a freedom fighter.

Because words that inspire hate crimes is considered a crime in Canada, Canadian web hosts will often take down sites the centre uncovers as directing hatred towards one group or violence.

If the host doesn’t agree, then the centre can take its concerns to police.

Recently, it got the Railties Collective, dedicated to violent ways to stop rail traffic, off its Canadian host. However, the Dossier Noir, which targets Jewish and black people in Canada, is on an American server so can’t be touched.

What can people do? Adler recommended parents monitor their children’s Internet use. If you do find a hate site, then report it to police or the centre at www.fswc.ca.


Online hate

Digital Terrorism and Hate 2007, the 10th annual report by the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, is also available in French and Spanish.

It was compiled by the center’s researchers in Los Angeles, Toronto, Jerusalem, Paris, New York and Buenos Aires.

This year’s report has more than 600 sites culled from 7,000 problematic websites, blogs, newsgroups, YouTube and other on-demand video sites.


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Zionist Supremacist group wants Outremont Liberal pulled from byelection

Posted by Anarchore on July 24, 2007

Is this how “Jewish groups” acted in pre-Nazi Germany? Just wondering.


Jewish group wants Outremont Liberal pulled from byelection

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 | 12:03 AM ET

B’nai Brith Canada has asked Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion to remove new star candidate Jocelyn Coulon from an upcoming byelection in Montreal’s Outremont riding because of his past stance on Israel.

The Jewish organization says Coulon, a political scientist and former journalist, has a “well-documented anti-Israel bias,” including sympathy for Hamas, that is “out of step with current Liberal policy,” according to a statement released by the group.

Coulon, who was officially declared the Liberal candidate in Outremont last week, is vigorously defending his past articles, arguing he’s a proponent of healthy debate, not of anti-Israel sentiment.

He has been a frequent commentator on international affairs, penning opinion pieces in various Montreal newspapers since he left journalism for an academic position at the Université de Montréal.

Coulon’s analysis of Hamas’s rise to power in the Palestinian Territories 18 months ago is what concerns B’Nai Brith Canada, said Moïse Moghrabi, a lawyer for the organization.

In one opinion piece, dated Feb. 22, 2006, Coulon writes that Hamas isn’t just a terrorist organization, but a social and political movement that won the Palestinian elections because of its commitment to fight corruption and help people — and the international community should not isolate it.

That opinion reflects anti-Israel sentiment and violates Liberal policy in the Middle East, Moghrabi told CBC News.Coulon should not represent the federal Liberals, Moghrabi said, because he “doesn’t see [Hamas] as a terrorist organization with whom we should not be talking to, as established by the previous government.”

The B’nai Brith lawyer said Coulon’s nomination in Outremont — a Liberal stronghold — could mean he will eventually bring his opinions to the federal Liberal caucus, and possibly influence Grit foreign policy.

Coulon said he has no anti-Israel bias, but strongly believes in criticism and debate. “I am a true ally of Israel,” he said on Monday. “Sometimes I’m very critical, that’s for sure, but I think that makes good allies.”

B’nai Brith hopes Coulon’s documented position on Israel will disqualify him from the byelection.

The Liberal party defended Coulon, saying it is proud to have him as a candidate.

“He has consistently asserted Israel’s right to defend itself,” said Yves Lemire, who spoke on behalf of the party. “Mr. Coulon supports the Liberal party policy, which calls for a permament two-state solution in the Middle East.”

Outremont is a multi-ethnic riding nestled along Mont Royal’s northern slope, and is home to a significant Jewish population, including a large portion of Montreal’s Hasidic community.

A byelection in the riding is expected this fall, though the federal Conservative government has not yet picked a date.

It is widely seen as a two-way race between the Liberals and the NDP, who recruited the popular Thomas Mulcair, a lawyer and former environment minister under Quebec Premier Jean Charest.

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Six More Canadians Dead for USrael’s War

Posted by Anarchore on July 5, 2007

What a difference a day makes in our Zionofascist controlled media here in Canada.

July 4th “Rahrahrah!” Taliban civilians killed by Canadian troops.

We’re engaging the Taliban, kicking ass, gogogo our boys yahoo!!!

July 5th “Waahwaahwahh!”

Waahh… they’re using “Iraqi” tactics, it just isn’t fair boohoohoo noble, ultimate sacrifice, democracy blablabla…


Canadian troops kill two Taliban
UPDATED: 2007-07-04 01:27:00 MST

The troops massed in the area under darkness for Operation Drag-On, the latest in a series of military operations designed to clear insurgents out of the volatile Zhari district of Kandahar province.

Canadian soldiers, together with Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police, staked out areas known to be frequented by the Taliban and lay in wait for contact.

“I’m pretty good at identifying where some of them are,” said Maj. Dave Quick, the officer commanding of India Company, the Canadian battle group leading the fight.

“If I knew where all of them were, we wouldn’t have this.”

Huddled behind the walls of abandoned compounds, the soldiers opened fire when they saw suspected enemies, mindful they should avoid accidentally hitting their Afghan allies.

How do the Canadians know what they are firing at? How do they distinguish the Taliban from some farmer in a truck?

The Canadians hide in the dark, and shoot at anything that moves.

“Let’s massacre whole villages from afar, then speed around waiting to get blown up by roadside bombs!”

From the same article:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Canadian and Afghan forces conducted a search-and-destroy mission against the Taliban in a dangerous district of southern Afghanistan early yesterday morning, leaving at least two insurgents dead and two wounded.

No casualties were reported among Canadians and Afghan government troops in the operation, officials said.

An Afghan official, provincial governor Asadullah Khalid, earlier said 33 suspected insurgents were dead.

Are those 31 extra “insurgents” just civilians who got in the way?

The NATO method seems to be to just massacre the Afghans.


U.S./NATO bombs slaughter Afghan civilians

Published Jul 1, 2007 11:25 PM

Long-range attacks by U.S. and NATO forces, both air strikes and artillery fire, killed more than 100 Afghan civilians—mainly women, children and old men—in a 10-day period in late June.

These deaths have caused such a fury among the Afghan people that Hamid Karzai, the president installed by the U.S. with the blessing of NATO, had to call a press conference on the lawn of the presidential palace to denounce the attacks.

Karzai said, “You don’t fight a terrorist by firing a field gun from 37 kilometers away into a target. That is definitely bound to cause civilian casualties. You don’t hit a few terrorists with field guns.”

The hype about “engaging the Taliban” was nothing but sitting in the dark and shooting at ‘suspected enemies’.

Or are the people of Afghanistan the enemy, and is Canada just there to prop up another group of warlords and tyrants?

The mission was initially sold to Canadians as a reconstruction and peacekeeping mission, but now Canada is engaging in aggressive war just like the Russians.


KABUL: Six Canadian soldiers and an Afghan interpreter died after their heavily armored vehicle was struck by a bomb on a road in southern Afghanistan.

NATO out of Afghanistan, Canada out of NATO, Zionofascists out of Canada!

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