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Hungarian Guard Formed

Posted by Anarchore on September 29, 2007

Original link: http://www.americanfreepress.net/html/hungarian_nationalists.html


Zionist Prime Minister Admits He Stole The Election That Put Him in Office


By George Kadar

The unstable world of Hungarian domestic politics was able to produce a new surprise: Suddenly a rapidly growing patriotic group reported to the local media that they will swear in 56 new officers for the Hungarian Guard in the old town section of Budapest.

The reaction of the mostly ex-communist Hungarian government and the left in general was as if someone detonated a ten-ton nuclear bomb in the parliament’s cafeteria during lunch.

You may recall the events that started last September: Violent confrontations were taking place for months after the Jewish prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, admitted in a taped speech to his insiders that his party won the last elections by lying to the voters and that he was manipulating the economic data of the country.

The same day when the recording was published (9-17-06), this reporter was at the front of the Hungarian parliament building with thousands of others demanding the resignation of Gyurcsany. The government moved all available police forces into Budapest and six weeks of violent confrontations were started.

The police used hard rubber balls fired from shotguns to disperse crowds, maiming and blinding dozens of people. Unidentified chemical agents used by the police sent many to the hospital with severe respiratory problems.

Gyurcsany was micromanaging the action from a secret location after a few hundred demonstrators took over the state controlled central TV building in the center of the city for a night.

On Oct. 23, 2006, the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising against the Red Army—a national holiday—300,000 Hungarians were marching in dozens of different groups up and down the streets of this ancient city while tens of thousands of policemen were indiscriminately beating young and old, tourists and locals, firing thousands of chemical canisters into the crowd, arresting and beating people by the thousand, and running them down with horses and trucks.

It was a day to remember. The local activists have ever since been thinking hard to find a way to protect the population from this kind of uncontrolled, police-state thuggery.

A few weeks ago, Gabor Vona, a Hungarian nationalist leader, reported to the press the formation of the Hungarian Guard. The local constitution says the organization cannot offer training with firearms. This is a world where only government thugs and Israeli military/Mossad agents (used by the prime minister as bodyguards) can carry arms.

However, Vona strongly encouraged his followers to train at the local shooting clubs or anywhere they can. The Guard said its goal is to alter the political structure—a structure that has not changed since the Red Army left in 1991.

Hungarian nationalists have chosen to swear in 56 officers right away. Hungarians clearly remember the 1956 uprising in which the USSR brutally repressed a nationalist revolution that aimed to rid the country of communist occupational forces and Soviet influence.

At the same time as the Hungarian Guard was sworn in, Vona stated in his speech: “Blood will flow as the first act of the newly formed Hungarian Guard. . . . [T]he Guard is planning to donate blood to the Hungarian Red Cross.”

Nationalist George Kadar is an American citizen who was born in Hungary. He serves as one of AFP’s European bureau chiefs. He can be reached via email at kennewickman@gmail.com. He now lives in England.

(Issue #40, October 1, 2007)


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Harper Grovels to the Nexus of Evil: “I can pursue an aggressive foreign policy”

Posted by Anarchore on September 28, 2007

Zionofascism and Globalism are the planks of the CFR, the nexus of twin evils. Our internationalist puppet PM Harper, the ‘unelectable’ cretin who would have had Canadians make the “ULTIMATE SACRIFICE” in Iraq, told this group of terrorist masterminds everything they wanted to hear.

Harper to CFR: “Aggressive Foreign Policy”, “Against Nationalism”

The Council on Foreign Relations is one of the main ‘elite’ groups pushing for the interests of Globalism and Zionism and against local autonomy and self-direction for communities, regions or nations. The ‘market’, rather multinational corporations set up by predators amoungst those of this group should rule according to the CFR. The membership includes Canada’s own Jewish criminal family the Bronfmans, along with most of the US candidates, Republican and Democrat.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper told them everything they wanted to hear. Harper is despised in Canada for his pro-Globalist and Zionist agenda, but he cares more about pleasing his globalist masters. He knows that the Zionist Canadian media will not expose the lies at the foundation of the War OF Terror, but with every dead Canadian soldier in Afghanistan the “Support the Troops”(Support the Mission) propaganda grows louder.

Harper gives the impression that the Canadian people support the Afghan war:
“I may be criticized in Parliament for it, but in most cases if I can make my case to the Canadian people, I can pursue an aggressive or well-defined foreign policy,” he said. “I don’t think our government, on anything from the Middle East to Afghanistan to climate change, has had any hesitation in taking well-defined stands and stands that are sometimes highly criticized in Parliament itself.”1

He also gives the impression that the US is too nationalist:
“He said he was “deeply concerned” that the political discourse in the U.S. had been infected by “populism, protectionism and nationalism in an unhealthy sense.”2

I guess the US, with it’s open border letting in Mexican illegals by the millions, and it’s foreign policy based on the agenda of that ‘shitty little country’ Israhell, is too populist and nationalist.

The internationalist traitors of the CFR are committed to destruction of the national sovereignty of the US and the rest of the world in favour of the New World Order, a one world government ruled by tyranny and terror.

As they slaughter millions of Arabs, perhaps WE THE PEOPLE should realize that it will be our turn one day.

Perhaps we should stop them before that day comes?

Harper and the CFR criminals belong in a cell eating cold porridge.






What Presidential Candidates are part of the CFR? What are they trying to accomplish?

Fred Thompson
Rudy Giuliani
John McCain
Mitt Romney
Jim Gilmore
Newt Gingrich
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
John Edwards
Joe Biden
Chris Dodd
Bill Richardson

Who Opposes the CFR?
Ron Paul

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Zionofascist Bollinger Eviscerated by Patriot

Posted by Anarchore on September 27, 2007

(found at http://www.thebirdman.org/Index/Index-DailyReads.html)

Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 16:32:34 -0400

From: winchester76Subject: Re: Remarkable Nonsense about the Holocaust

To: heavenonearth@hotmail.com

Sadia – Here is a copy of the Email letter I just sent to Columbia President Bollinger. You may also – if you wish distribute it to a concerned. This man needs a LOT of ‘free’ advertisement.

Dear President Bollinger;

I am a seasoned geo-political intel analyst who has spent time in the Mid-East – among other credentials. I also come from a Latin ethnicity whose heritage included the tradition of hospitality to those who were invited to my home or my country. I am multi-lingual – have been a foreign diplomat – Honeywell aero-apace scientist – have traveled to dozens of foreign countries – lived among other cultures – am a successful retired businessman and while you were still in Jr high school – was a commanding a combat training infantry company of some 235 men – the youngest officer on record to do so at that time ( 1961) Later on I commanded an elite Special Operations Airborne A -Team – so I have not garnered my knowledge or learned opinions via an ‘armchair’. I have ‘paid my dues’ – and with HONOR!

What I witnessed recently was one of the most embarrassing and disgusting experiences of my life. Your conduct was not only inappropriate – but of a thug bully mentality which has tainted the reputation of my country – my native land that I have risked my life to protect. How much was it Mr. Bollinger? – 30 pieces of silver? Was that what the Jews paid you for your cowardly ‘assassination’? I would have expected such ignorant slanderous crudeness from filth like Bill Clinton – but not a person of your prestigious position. Do you REALLY have ANY idea of the amount of IRREPARABLE damage you have committed by you arrogant malevolent slanderous insults! The man you so maliciously insulted and falsely maligned, holds a doctorate degree and is the elected President of a sovereign nation. You might at least had the decorum to recognize those facts.

Of all the countries in the Mid-East where I was NOT shown courtesy, respect and hospitality – the ONLY place was IsraHELL. What was really an eye opener was that before my actual experiences there, I had expected exactly the opposite! As long as that land of Godless liars, thieves, prostitutes, porn kings, white slavers, murderers, cheats, frauds, mobsters, Marxists, racists and traitors to America EXISTS – there will NEVER EVER be ANY peace on this planet. That place is 100% pure concentrated evil! Read you Bible Mr. Bollinger. Our Lord PERSONALLY addressed them – the ‘self-chosen’ – as the ” sons of the Devil – the father of all lies”. NOTHING has changed in the souls and hearts of these pernicious scum in the past 2000 years.

In the future – DECENT KNOWLEDGEABLE American patriots will hold brutish lying slanderous ‘shabbus goy’ like yourself responsible for the horrors that you have been responsible for promoting. When that treasonous spineless mongoloid war criminal Bush plunges MY country into a world wide conflict – people like you WILL be ALSO held responsible. YOU WILL YET PAY FOR YOUR COMPLICITY IN THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

These madmen traitors have sent our street scum ( these are NOT the decent young warriors I trained 45 years ago!) to murder -at present count- now OVER ONE MILLION TOTALLY INNOCENT CIVILIAN MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN – all in the name of the Jew and his criminal shit little stolen country – IsraHELL! I have been INSIDE that criminal shithole with the HIGHEST intelligence personnel and witnessed horrors that you can’t even imagine sir! Have you ever witnessed the world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization shoot helpless defenseless innocent children in their – OWN HOMELAND – just for sport or target practice? No of course not! Well – Mr. Bollinger – I HAVE!

That BONA FIDE terrorist group is the IDF! They are the SAME killers that murdered and slaughtered over 200 of our sons brothers and father aboard the USS LIBERTY – and YOU – you hypocrite – you STILL proudly support these Godless anti-American murdering Jew scum! The SAME Jew scum that have turned MY beloved once decent country into a morally rotted corpse! There is not ONE SINGLE moral malady that has of more recent times ‘infected ‘ this once great country that was not at the bequest, support and finance of the Jew – NOT ONE!

YOU SIR – are the perfect example of the ‘domestic’ enemy of MY country and those who would jeopardize the safety of MY children and grandchildren. DAMN YOU TO HELL SIR! – DAMN YOU TO HELL! May almighty God punish you for your lies, false witness, duplicity and hypocrisy – and send you to the most forlorn corner of hell to rot for all eternity!

YOU – are the quintessential ‘domestic enemy’ that I took that solemn oath so many years ago – to defend this country against! YOU and your ilk ARE the EXACT reason why we are now the most feared and hated nation on earth. When you lay on your death bed and are struggling for your last breath – I want you to NEVER forget this letter and the horrendous damage you have done to decent innocent mankind. Even worse – you were given the rare opportunity to do the right and truthful and honorable thing – and instead – you did evil! May God forgive you for what you have done – I will not.

With utter disgust,

Joe Cortina – father – patriot – veteran – historian – Christian – and seeker of truth and justice till the day I die

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Zionofascists Winning Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan: “Death to Canada”

Posted by Anarchore on September 27, 2007

Gee I guess the Afghans don’t appreciate their people getting slaughtered in air raids and the men, women and children counted as Taliban.

When we hear about Canadians killing 100 Taliban, they are counting farmers, and families.

So when Harper needs a propaganda coup, all the Canadian troops do is call in an air strike to massacre some random village.

Yep, the Taliban is on it’s last legs, we are told by the Jews media. 


‘Death to Canada,’ outraged Afghans chant
Last Updated: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 | 8:07 PM ET
CBC News

Hundreds of enraged Afghans chanting “death to Canada” blocked a highway Wednesday following a raid by foreign troops that left two religious leaders dead.

Protesters accused Canadian and American soldiers of killing the two during raids overnight Tuesday on houses in Senjaray, a community on the outskirts of Kandahar city. It is in the Zhari district, a hotbed of Taliban activity west of the city.

read the rest at the ZOG occupied CBC

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Mearsheimer and Walt Kick Zionofascist Ass

Posted by Anarchore on September 6, 2007

Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer

It seems that the Zionist facade is ever so slowly and inexorably crumbling. “The Israel Lobby” by Walt and Mearsheimer has been expanded into a new book “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”, which is sure to cause some gnashing of teeth for the Zionist terrorists.

Here’s an excerpt from one review:


“To be sure, the article would not have engendered such visceral reactions if not for the robust credentials of its authors. Overnight, two pillars of the academic establishment achieved notoriety for pushing into the open a subject that had long remained a taboo.

And the object of their critique, the “lobby” — general parlance to describe those actors who actively promote a “pro-Israel” policy — launched an aggressive campaign to discredit their work and injure their reputations. More than one year later, they are still standing, proving that, according to Michael Massing, “the wide attention their argument has received shows that, in this case, those efforts have not entirely succeeded.”

Now, Mearsheimer and Walt have expanded their article into a 355-page book called “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. In it, they argue much the same, that there exists neither a strategic nor a moral reason for the U.S. to diplomatically, military and unequivocally support Israel in the Middle East. As such, the U.S. should treat Israel as it does its other allies and conduct foreign policy that benefits U.S. interests.”

Zionist Power? What Zionist Power?

What are the chances that this book will get reviewed in the press in Canada?

I think everyone knows the answer to that.

AIPAC has a counterpart in Canada called CJPAC, as well as terrorist supporting Jewish groups like the CJC and Bnai B’rith. The Zionist-controlled media like the (Zio)Nazional Post and the CBC are effective lobbyists for Israeli interests, made all the more powerful because Canadians don’t know they are being snowed.

The previous Liberal government had a group of MP’s that included Joe Volpe called “Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel”. Harper has surpassed even the Liberal’s treasonous behaviour and established an Israel lobby group that liasons with the Israeli Knesset within Canada’s Parliament!

The common thread between these organizations is close ties to Israel and support for all Israeli terrorism, torture and murder. What does the Sunday Times say about it?

“Only America might be capable of inducing the government of Israel to moderate its behaviour, and it will not try. Washington gives Jerusalem a blank cheque, and all of us in some degree pay a price for Israel’s abuses of it.”

OY Vey! The Zionofascists must be gnashing their teeth like mad. Perhaps Leo Adler needs to take another cross-Canada tour and emphasize that criticising the Israeli terrorstate means ummm.. The Holocaust.. YOU HEAR ME?? THE HOLOCAUST!!!! STOP CRITICIZING ISRAEL AND ZIONISM YOU STUPID GOYIM!!! Criticizing Israel is anti-semitism. Hello??? Is anyone there?

No Leo, they are reading Walt and Mearsheimer’s new book. Why don’t you talk to your Zionist fascist friend Heather Reisman, and maybe she can ban it from Chapter’s Books like she did with an anti-SPP book.

But take heart, Zionofascists. The new book from the head of a Jewish organization that sprung up in response to the lynching of a paedophile will surely put to rest the myth of “Jewish power”:

Abe Foxman of the ADL is using his Zionist power to show that there is no Zionist power

Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote a book refuting Walt and Mearsheimer’s thesis. “The Deadliest Lies: The Israel Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control” is due out on the same day as Walt and Mearsheimer’s book.

See, it was all a myth. It just happened by coincidence that the US is following Israel’s foreign policy interests by attacking Muslim countries. It was faulty intelligence that led to the invasion of Iraq, not Zionist interests. Ignore the fact that the Zionist media was complicit in the warmongering lies. Don’t pay any attention to publications like PNAC’s Rebuilding America’s Defences, written by Zionist neocons as the blueprint for Bush’s wars. Don’t pay any attention to Zionists in Canada and the US lobbying to attack Iran. Don’t pay any attention to the 200 Israeli spies who were arrested in connection with 9/11 and later freed without charge. Don’t look at the man behind the curtain. Zionofascists are our friends, helping protect us from ‘terrorists’.

Don’t read or listen to Mearsheimer and Walt. Don’t watch this interview.

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