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How Did the Afghan War Get Extended?

Posted by Anarchore on March 25, 2008

How did Canada’s Afghan occupation get extended? In Canada there are groups that will support war for vatious reasons. Some are veterans and newly-brainwashed soldiers and those who think like them, wanting to relive the imagined glory of the past. Then there are the warmongerers for money like arms dealers and stock profiteers. These fools and scum are in the minority, but they are superceded by a powerful faction that controls the media and politics in Canada.

There is only one group that had the organization and the resources to pull this off -The Israel Lobby.

Canadians were recently treated to a shocking and sickening spectacle. On March 13, 2008, Stephane Dion and the Liberals, who had been calling for an end to Canada’s hostilities in Afghanistan, voted with the Conservatives to continue propping up the brutal war- and drug-lords in the Afghan “government”1. The “mission” will be extended beyond 2009, to at least 2011.2 What caused the about face from Dion, who had said that he would never agree? Read the rest of this entry »


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Zionofascists Winning Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan: “Death to Canada”

Posted by Anarchore on September 27, 2007

Gee I guess the Afghans don’t appreciate their people getting slaughtered in air raids and the men, women and children counted as Taliban.

When we hear about Canadians killing 100 Taliban, they are counting farmers, and families.

So when Harper needs a propaganda coup, all the Canadian troops do is call in an air strike to massacre some random village.

Yep, the Taliban is on it’s last legs, we are told by the Jews media. 


‘Death to Canada,’ outraged Afghans chant
Last Updated: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 | 8:07 PM ET
CBC News

Hundreds of enraged Afghans chanting “death to Canada” blocked a highway Wednesday following a raid by foreign troops that left two religious leaders dead.

Protesters accused Canadian and American soldiers of killing the two during raids overnight Tuesday on houses in Senjaray, a community on the outskirts of Kandahar city. It is in the Zhari district, a hotbed of Taliban activity west of the city.

read the rest at the ZOG occupied CBC

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Six More Canadians Dead for USrael’s War

Posted by Anarchore on July 5, 2007

What a difference a day makes in our Zionofascist controlled media here in Canada.

July 4th “Rahrahrah!” Taliban civilians killed by Canadian troops.

We’re engaging the Taliban, kicking ass, gogogo our boys yahoo!!!

July 5th “Waahwaahwahh!”

Waahh… they’re using “Iraqi” tactics, it just isn’t fair boohoohoo noble, ultimate sacrifice, democracy blablabla…


Canadian troops kill two Taliban
UPDATED: 2007-07-04 01:27:00 MST

The troops massed in the area under darkness for Operation Drag-On, the latest in a series of military operations designed to clear insurgents out of the volatile Zhari district of Kandahar province.

Canadian soldiers, together with Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police, staked out areas known to be frequented by the Taliban and lay in wait for contact.

“I’m pretty good at identifying where some of them are,” said Maj. Dave Quick, the officer commanding of India Company, the Canadian battle group leading the fight.

“If I knew where all of them were, we wouldn’t have this.”

Huddled behind the walls of abandoned compounds, the soldiers opened fire when they saw suspected enemies, mindful they should avoid accidentally hitting their Afghan allies.

How do the Canadians know what they are firing at? How do they distinguish the Taliban from some farmer in a truck?

The Canadians hide in the dark, and shoot at anything that moves.

“Let’s massacre whole villages from afar, then speed around waiting to get blown up by roadside bombs!”

From the same article:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Canadian and Afghan forces conducted a search-and-destroy mission against the Taliban in a dangerous district of southern Afghanistan early yesterday morning, leaving at least two insurgents dead and two wounded.

No casualties were reported among Canadians and Afghan government troops in the operation, officials said.

An Afghan official, provincial governor Asadullah Khalid, earlier said 33 suspected insurgents were dead.

Are those 31 extra “insurgents” just civilians who got in the way?

The NATO method seems to be to just massacre the Afghans.


U.S./NATO bombs slaughter Afghan civilians

Published Jul 1, 2007 11:25 PM

Long-range attacks by U.S. and NATO forces, both air strikes and artillery fire, killed more than 100 Afghan civilians—mainly women, children and old men—in a 10-day period in late June.

These deaths have caused such a fury among the Afghan people that Hamid Karzai, the president installed by the U.S. with the blessing of NATO, had to call a press conference on the lawn of the presidential palace to denounce the attacks.

Karzai said, “You don’t fight a terrorist by firing a field gun from 37 kilometers away into a target. That is definitely bound to cause civilian casualties. You don’t hit a few terrorists with field guns.”

The hype about “engaging the Taliban” was nothing but sitting in the dark and shooting at ‘suspected enemies’.

Or are the people of Afghanistan the enemy, and is Canada just there to prop up another group of warlords and tyrants?

The mission was initially sold to Canadians as a reconstruction and peacekeeping mission, but now Canada is engaging in aggressive war just like the Russians.


KABUL: Six Canadian soldiers and an Afghan interpreter died after their heavily armored vehicle was struck by a bomb on a road in southern Afghanistan.

NATO out of Afghanistan, Canada out of NATO, Zionofascists out of Canada!

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News – Week of May 21 – May 27

Posted by Anarchore on May 28, 2007


Updated:2007-05-19 19:07:38
Former President Carter Blasts Bush
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (May 19) – Former President Carter says President Bush’s administration is “the worst in history” in international relations, taking aim at the White House’s policy of pre-emptive war and its Middle East diplomacy.

The criticism from Carter, which a biographer says is unprecedented for the 39th president, also took aim at Bush’s environmental policies and the administration’s “quite disturbing” faith-based initiative funding.

“I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history,” Carter told the Arkansas Democrat -Gazette in a story that appeared in the newspaper’s Saturday editions. “The overt reversal of America’s basic values as expressed by previous administrations, including those of George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon and others, has been the most disturbing to me.”


Ron Paul videos
“It’s time for action, it’s time for revolution start … If they pull Ron Paul from the debates, it’s time for America to start a revolution … I will not be implanted with chips and I will not carry an ID card.”
–Movie producer Aaron Russo on The Alex Jones Show, Friday May 18, 2007, in urging widespread action to support populist Republican Party candidate Dr Ron Paul, who has taken the lead in public polls in the last two Republican presidential candidates’ debates and has been black-banned by the mainstream media.


Daryl Bradford Smith and The French Connection do not call for any violence against any individuals or any individual groups. The call that goes out in this audio file is intended for the listeners protect themselves and try to prevent the possible impending tyranny.



Hell, No – I Won’t Go!!!

by Edgar J. Steele
My name is Edgar J. Steele.

“Leave there. Leave there now. You don’t have a lot more time…” Thus went a recent email from an expatriate American correspondent, writing from his new home of many years in Moscow, Russia.

I think he is right. I – we, that is – don’t have much time left before the final crackdown comes. You know – the ultimate American police state. And, yes, it can get much worse. You have no idea.

Thus far, we have been complaining about the procedures, laws and bureaucracies being set into place. Just wait until they start to use them.

*Italian campus denies denier*
An Italian university shut down to prevent a lecture by a Holocaust denier.
The head of the University of Teramo, in central Italy, ordered the
shutdown Friday after it failed to dissuade Robert Faurisson from
appearing. Faurisson, who has been prosecuted in his native France for
arguing that the Nazi gas chambers were a myth, had been invited by a
history professor at the university.
Jewish groups said the invitation was unbecoming of a serious academic

Ottawa Citizen – Monday, May 21, 2007

Canada may supply Afghan military with Leopard tanks

KABUL, Afghanistan — Canada is in discussions with NATO to provide
Afghanistan’s fledgling army with Leopard tanks so it can better fight

Military officials say future plans call for the Afghan National Army
(ANA) to switch from its Soviet-designed equipment to gear that is more
compatible with the NATO nations fighting in this south Asia country.

Defence sources here confirm that Canada is interested in supplying some
of its older Leopard tanks to the Afghans and initial discussions have
begun on that potential deal.


Special to The Globe and Mail

May 24, 2007 at 8:29 AM EDT

VICTORIA — The B.C. representative for the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada has filed a human-rights complaint alleging a Victoria-based website and its editors, manager and directors “contrive to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.”

Eighteen articles allegedly containing anti-Semitic material have been removed by publisher Alan Rycroft from Peace, Earth and Justice News pending the outcome of an inquiry by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and after the receipt of a letter from the commission detailing a complaint from B’nai Brith’s Harry Abrams.

“There are a number of calumnies that need to be exposed,” Mr. Abrams, a Victoria businessman, said in an interview. “The idea that Israel has no right to exist or that Israel is an apartheid state,” he cited as examples.

Mr. Rycroft said Mr. Abrams has quoted some of the articles out of context and that they are critical of the policies of the Israeli government and do not express hatred toward Jews.

A letter from the Canadian Human Rights Commission to Mr. Rycroft signed by Richard Tardif, deputy secretary-general, says the commission is required to address any complaint that alleges a violation of the Canadian Human Rights Act.


Immigration has tended to lower wages in both Canada and U.S.: study
Published: Friday, May 25, 2007 | 9:12 AM ET
Canadian Press

OTTAWA (CP) – A new study says immigration has tended to lower wages in both Canada and the United States, but it found the impact of immigrants on the wages of domestic workers depends to a large extent on the newcomers’ skills.

In 2001, about four in 10 people with more than an undergraduate degree were immigrants in Canada compared to about one in five in the United States.

That’s curtailed the earnings growth of the most-educated Canadians relative to the least-educated, while the opposite has happened in the United States.

A significantly higher proportion of immigrants to the United States have been much less skilled so these newcomers have depressed the earnings of low-paid Americans and increased the gap relative to the highest paid.

In Canada, immigration has tempered the gap between rich and poor but in the United States, it has exacerbated it.

Between 1980 and 2000, immigration increased the male labour force by 13.2 per cent in Canada and 11.1 per cent in the United States, while in Mexico the male workforce shrunk by 14.6 per cent.
© The Canadian Press, 2007


Canada’s Unexplained Military Presence in Afghanistan

Disinformation Distorts Public Opinion Surrounding the Occupation

by Shane Ruttle Martinez / May 26th, 2007

Since Ottawa sent military support to the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan, Canadian public opinion has generally hovered in a state of confusion, with many people unsure of exactly why troops have been sent there in the first place.

Now, however, that befuddlement is steadily being combined, if not replaced, with a sense of distrust and agitation.

And understandably so. Canadians largely remain perplexed as to why Ottawa has sent troops to a war which many see as unjustified, and even more seem to feel is still unexplained. No solid reasoning has come from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to elaborate on the very general statements released this far, which have simply declared that Canada is now “committed” to the war. Despite the rising military and civilian death toll overseas, he claims that Canada now has a “better military” from the experience.

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Canada’s Defence Minister a Military Lobbyist

Posted by Anarchore on May 23, 2007

Just when you thought the corruption could go no lower. There seems to be a lot of dissident blogs and sites in Canada lately.  The Harper Index is the latest exposing the Zionist Israel and US-firster Stephen Harper .


O’Connor, Gordon — now must defend doubling of costs for tank estimates

Embattled defence minister is former soldier and military industry lobbyist.

Defence Minister O'Connor with Canadian troopsIn 2006, Stephen Harper chose Gordon O’Connor as defence minister, a man with openly hawkish views due to his background as a soldier and military industry lobbyist. This week O’Connor, besides having to fend off the opposition over Afghanistan, is trying to defend new estimates for the cost of tank purchases that are double what the government projected.

The purchase and long-term support of 100 slightly used Leopard II tanks was pegged last week at $1.3 billion. This figure is twice what O’Connor estimated in April, which may have been less than forthcoming about support costs for the tanks. This inconsistency could prove embarrassing for the Conservatives, who long pressed, while in opposition, for more careful public spending, and more so for former industry lobbyist O’Connor.

In her book Holding the Bully’s Coat, journalist Linda McQuaig writes “Harper signalled his active support for the army’s transformation (into an adjunct of the US ‘war on terror’) with the appointment of Gordon O’Connor as defence minister, as well as with further increases in the military budget. O’Connor… also has an extensive background lobbying for defence contractors.”

read the rest…

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News – Week of May 14 – May 20

Posted by Anarchore on May 20, 2007

Because there is so much news, I have decided to make a weekly post of news summaries concerning Zionofascism. All of these are important, but because of time I have not made seperate posts for them. This should improve the coverage of news stories.


Cost of new tanks $1.3 billion, double initial estimate


Canadian Press

May 17, 2007 at 10:43 PM EDT

OTTAWA Canada’s purchase and long-term support of 100 slightly used Leopard 2A6
battle tanks will be $1.3 billion roughly double the Conservative government’s
initial public estimate last month.

As he detailed a laundry list of military hardware the Conservative government
plans to buy over the next few years, Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor surprised
the Commons by announcing there will be a 20-year, $650-million service contract
attached to the tank deal.


Netanyahu: Shut off Gaza’s water


Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday called upon Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to take serious steps to end rocket attacks on Sderot from the Gaza Strip.

Speaking at a Likud faction meeting at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center marking the 30th anniversary of the party’s 1977 rise to power, Netanyahu said that Olmert should learn from Begin’s 1981 attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor that a government’s primary responsibility is to protect its people.

“The government can do a lot to protect its people,” Netanyahu said. “It could evacuate whomever necessary, enact a closure on the Gaza Strip, stop providing services like electricity and water, or decide on a limited invasion of four or five kilometers to distance the range of the Kassams. But the government isn’t doing anything to protect the people of Sderot, because it is paralyzed,” he said.


Large portion of Europeans feel Jews too powerful

The ADL study found that 39 percent of respondents
believe that “Jews have too much power in the business
world,” while 44 percent said they agreed with the
statement that “Jews have too much power in
international financial markets.” Overall, 20 percent
of respondents said they blame Jews for the death of

Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence

Princeton University Press
http:// press.princeton.edu/titles/8213.html
Historical accounts of Jewish violence — particularly against Christians —
have long been explosive material. Some historians have distorted these
records for anti-Semitic purposes. Others have discounted, dismissed, or
simply ignored the evidence, often for apologetic purposes. In Reckless
Rites, Elliott Horowitz takes a new and forthright look at both the history
of Jewish violence since late antiquity and the ways in which generations of
historians have grappled with that history. In the process, he has written
the most wide-ranging book on Jewish violence in any language, and the first
to fully acknowledge and address the actual anti- Christian practices that
became part of the playful, theatrical violence of the Jewish festival of


Exposing the Neo-Con Zionist Jewish network that is manipulating America

Scroll down to see video.This Video Contains four 60 second ads
exposing the Neo-Con Zionist Jewish network that is manipulating America —
and — offering a Positive Action Plan to everyday Americans to reclaim our
destiny; if you’re with us, and if you can afford it — donate and help us
prepare to take back the country in 2008!

At the end of the video, you should be automatically directed to the
contribution page where you can help me reach millions over Big Talk Radio
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below. For internet visitors like you, we are able to show TV ads, the
audio heard on radio — plus video.
Prepare to be shocked and/or entertained.
if you received this by email, the home page for this video is:

Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2006 “Radio Ads” Campaign


On a Learjet to hell

As Jerry Falwell heads down to meet his boss, don’t forget that he is largely responsible for much of the mess in the Middle East caused by the Zionist infiltration of American politics (emphasis throughout in red):

“Begin developed a close relationship with leading fundamentalists, such as Falwell, who later received a Learjet from the Israeli government for his personal travel and in 1981 was honored with the Jabotinsky Award in an elaborate ceremony in New York. When Israel bombed Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981, Begin made his first telephone call to Falwell, asking him to ‘explain to the Christian public the reasons for the bombing.’ Only later did he call Reagan. Falwell also converted former Senator Jesse Helms from a critic of Israel into one of its staunchest allies in the US Senate, where he chaired the influential Foreign Relations Committee.”


Relief As Wolfowitz Calls an End to Uneasy World Bank Tenure

Written by Richard Dukes
Saturday, 19 May 2007
World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz resigned from his post Thursday ending a bitter row over his role in allotting huge pay hikes to girlfriend Shaha Riza. The former US deputy Defense Secretary agreed to step down June 30 after the 24-member World Bank board accepted his explanation that he had acted in good faith during the whole fiasco.

Wolfowitz’s resignation followed a ruling by a World Bank panel that he had violated the institution’s laws in granting tax-free pay rises to World Bank Middle East expert Shaha Riza, who is his partner.



The below given report is a U.S. War Department investigation and evaluation of issues generated by Jewish power. It was compiled in August 1919 and given SECRET classification until 1973.

A hard copy of this document may be obtained from U.S. National Archives in Washington DC, – its number is 245-1.

This is PART 1, of serial parts as transcribed by PAPUREC.

[page 1 of doc. begins]


The recent emphasis in American public opinion placed on the part the Jews have been taking in world events, has seemed to warrant the Department in undertaking a preliminary study of the particular matters in controversy and also the larger question of the scope of Jewish influence in world affairs today. Among the more important points around which controversy has waged are:

I. The authenticity of the so-called Jewish Protocols, which purport to set forth a Jewish plan, centuries old, of world domination.

II. The question of how far Jewry as such is connected with Bolshevism, not only in the Soviet Government of Russia and Hungary, but in all the other countries of the world and particularly Germany and the United States.

III. The various phases of the Polish question:

(a) Whether the Jewish anti-Polish propaganda in the United States has been based on actual widespread Jewish Pogroms in Poland, or

(b) Whether, on the contrary, the stories of pogroms have been greatly exaggerated as a part of a deliberate Zionist propaganda to get for the Jews in Poland minority rights which both factions of American Poles publicly denounce as amounting to the creation of a state within a state.

(c) How serious is the nation-wide secret boycott against all Jews and Jewish goods recently started by the American Poles and other Slavic sympathizers ?

[page 2 of doc. begins]

It is self evident that in controversies such as these the Jews are strongly on the defensive on one side while the Slavic peoples are bitter in their denunciation upon the other. The important thing for us, however, is the fact that Americans in the main do not sense the situation nor appreciate its dangerous possibilities. Unfortunately there is too much truth in the charge made by the Slavs that the reasons for this is that the American press is so largely owned and controlled by the Jews. Witness the fact that the so-called Jewish Protocols which constitute by far the most serious charge against the Jews of those above enumerated, have never been mentioned in any American publication other than the official report of the Senate Judiciary Committee containing the testimony about the Protocols.

From The Sunday Times
May 20, 2007

Decline and fall of the neocons

Paul Wolfowitz’s departure from the World Bank signals the end of an ideological era in Washington
Sarah Baxter

As Tony Blair was bidding farewell to President George W Bush in the Rose Garden on Thursday, the World Bank was preparing to kick out Paul Wolfowitz as president. Allies to the left and right in the Iraq war were falling by the wayside that day.

Was he responsible for Blair’s departure from office, Bush was asked. There had to be a reason why a prime minister who had never lost an election was being dumped. “Could be . . . I don’t know,” the president mused above the distant chant of war protesters outside the White House gates.

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The Only Republican Candidate

Posted by Anarchore on May 19, 2007

The rest are all Zionist trash. 

Ron Paul talks some sense about Arab terrorism and Us foreign policy. 

Although he doesn’t get into the evidence that Israel was implicated, Paul appears ready to disengage from America’s foreign entanglements. 

And when he talks of foreign entanglements, we all know what foreign power he is talking about –to the tune of $4billion US/year. 

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Israeli Occupation Government to Revive Unpopular Police State Legislation

Posted by Anarchore on May 17, 2007

Who needs a warrant?

The same mindset that justifies conducting foreign wars, and to prosecute ‘hate speech’ is at work here to take us that much closer to a society where the government can simply imprison it’s critics on ‘terrorism’. We already see the government using the security certificate system to promote terror hoaxes and cut off the young Islamo-dupes from contact, to perpetrate the myth that these chat-room Jihadists were a threat. They even had a police officer goad them into an alleged buy of fertilizer.


All that enlightenment junk, human rights, thousands of years of tradition honouring habeaus corpus, all out the window. The terrorists have changed everything say our wise Zionist guides, and we must give up our freedoms, our liberties, our concept of justice that requires that the accused be able to face their accuser and be protected from torture to extract a confession.

The directives for this type of legislation can be traced right back to their origins in Tel Aviv. It certainly is not Canadian, but it is very Israeli. Very Zionofascist.



The federal government plans to introduce legislation that would renew controversial anti-terrorism measures voted down by opposition parties earlier this year, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says.

Day said Tuesday he has drafted a bill to reinstate preventive arrests, which allow police to detain or restrain terror suspects without charge.

He also said the bill would allow the resumption of investigative hearings, which require anyone with information relevant to the investigation of a terrorist act to appear before a judge.

Both the Commons public safety committee and a Senate panel have already recommended extending those provisions, but Liberal MP and committee member Roy Cullen

-Yep. No difference between the Zionist Liberal party and the Zionist Conservatives. What is the appropriate way to deal with foriegn agents in our own government?

told CBC News Wednesday that Day must include other key recommendations from both panel reports to ensure the bill’s passage.


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German Backlash Grows

Posted by Anarchore on May 12, 2007

When Germany does rise again, it will be the envy of the world, notwithstanding Zionofascist hatemongers.  This story is a little dated, but no doubt reflects a growing mood in the public.

As the Berlin coalition government comes to typify the worst excesses of the
decadent Weimar Republic, endlessly promoting abortion, homosexuality,
atheism and a hatred of all things German while sending precious young
soldiers to die for counterfeit Israel in Afghanistan and the Lebanon,
increasing numbers of angry German citizens are quietly and patiently
preparing to take back their nation and declare independence from the
Satanic New World Order.

Globalist Parasites Take Fright as German Patriots Prepare for Government

By Michael James in Frankfurt, Germany


Swimming against a swelling tide of popular anger, disillusionment and
despair, Germany’s corrupt and self-serving political elites are reacting
with horror to the quiet revolution that is taking place in the heartlands
of the German nation.

Galvanised by a growing rage at the massive annual transfers of taxpayers’
money to the state of Israel and the European Union against the backdrop of
Germany’s biggest tax hike in history, a bankrupt and collapsing health
sector, failed education system, mass unemployment and a tidal wave of
immigration, voters are terrifying their ruling masters by switching their
allegiance to radical patriots.

Michel Friedman, a notoriously sleazy Jewish politician, wealthy activist
lawyer and heavily promoted television personality with a criminal record
for cocaine abuse and a penchant for vicious anti-German tirades, was among
the first to condemn voters for sending nationalist candidates to the state
parliament in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern last Sunday.

“The patient Germany must now be healed with antibiotics because Aspirin no
longer works,” the enraged Friedman wrote in Stern Magazine. “We must make
it clear to voters that while protest votes in a democracy are legitimate
they should not be used to legitimate hostile parties.”

The pro-German Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (National
Democratic Party of Germany) secured six seats in the new parliament, which
oversees a constituency suffering an 18 percent jobless rate, widespread
poverty, swingeing cuts in public welfare and an invasion of immigrants
seeking handouts and black market jobs. The success follows its 2004 entry
into the state parliament in Saxony, where it now boasts twelve
representatives, and the consolidation of a substantial parliamentary
presence in Bremen and Brandenburg in the shape of its sister party, the
German People’s Union (DVU).

The NPD gained significantly in stature last year by staging a walkout in
the Saxon parliament in Dresden, protesting a one-minute silence in
remembrance of the “victims” of Auschwitz in place of a similar
commemoration for the victims of the Dresden Holocaust. Between February 13
and 15, 1945, an estimated 250,000 German civilians, most of them women and
children, died in a terrorist firestorm of nightmare proportions unleashed
by American and British bombers. It has been described as a war crime of an
even greater magnitude to that of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and
Nagasaki, amounting to a cold and calculated act of genocide against the
German people and the irrational destruction of one of Europe’s most
beautiful historical cities, which at the time posed no military threat.

Efforts to ban the NPD failed spectacularly in March 2003 when Germany’s
Federal Constitutional Court rejected a petition from the government and
mainstream political parties. The court was unable to obtain testimony from
operatives working for the federal secret police, who had infiltrated the
NPD as informers and agents provocateur.

However, members of Angela Merkel’s increasingly unpopular coalition
government have moved swiftly to re-state plans for a new banning order.
Complaining that the NPD’s “increasingly aggressive self-confidence” is
partly based on its constitutionality, the Vice-President of the German
federal parliament, Wolfgang Thierse (Social Democratic Party of Germany),
and the chairman of the SPD’s parliamentary faction, Peter Struck, are
seeking urgent talks with the Minister of the Interior, Wolfgang Schaeuble
(Christian Democratic Union), ahead of moves to outlaw German patriotism.

Demanding “a tougher response from the police and a prohibition of the NPD”,
Thierse reiterated Friedman’s argument that protests could only be tolerated
insofar that such protests are not translated into support for anti-Zionist
and pro-German political movements. It was acceptable, he stated, that the
communist PDS be allowed to absorb “rage, indignation and disappointment”,
but the same should not apply to the nationalist NPD. If you can’t beat it,
he argues, ban it.

“Unconstitutional wickedness,” says Gerhard Frey, leader of the DVU and
historical truth campaigner. “It’s a cheap idea.”

NPD leader Udo Voigt also remains unfazed at the fuss generated by a
frightened elite and its journalists-for-hire in the Zionist mainstream
media, pointing out that most of the damage directed at campaign posters
during the election had been directed at the NPD by their opponents. The
Berlin police went on record by saying that the emotional hysteria whipped
up by the tabloid press in regard to alleged attacks on globalists had no
foundation in reality “and could not be established”.

Voigt is now eyeing upcoming elections in the states of Bavaria, Hessen,
Niedersachsen and Saarland and expects a steadily increasing “momentum in
the west” with the ultimate prize in mind: the Bundestag in 2009. But for
the moment, all eyes are on Udo Pastoers, the prospective chief of the NPD’s
parliamentary group in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Less than a day after
securing victory, Pastoers paid special tribute to prisoner of conscience
and historian, Ernst Zundel, placing him alongside Mahatma Gandhi as an
idealist and freedom fighter.

“Ernst Zundel has achieved the unbelievable,” Pastoers said admiringly.

Zundel, who was illegally kidnapped from his home in the United States by
Zionist agents working on behalf of the German government, is currently on
trial in Mannheim for publishing scientific and historical information that
brings into question the factual integrity of the so-called Jewish
“holocaust”. A succession of defence lawyers have been dismissed and
threatened with prosecution for attempting to provide the court with
evidence that Mr Zundel is correct in his assertions: a bizarre and surreal
legal process that is unique to Germany, and which has angered millions of
civil libertarians in Europe, Britain, Ireland, America, Canada and the Arab

Both Voigt and Frey have emphasised their keen willingness to work with
other national independence movements in Europe as part of a long-term
strategy to bring an end to the European Union, NATO, the World Bank, the
United Nations and other institutions that represent corporate and global
parasiticism at the expense of ordinary working and middle-class people.

“There are only two different causes that historically lead over and over
again to destruction, murder, war and suffering,” says 17-year old Sebastian
Seidel, a member of the NPD’s youth wing, the Freien Kameradschaften. “On
the one side is the abuse of power, greed and the arbitrary expansion of
hegemony that embraces the insanity of world government. On the other side
is the response to injustice, resistance to the dark powers of evil, the
struggle against those who would eliminate us, and the dawning of a new will
to freedom that fights against everything that falsifies and destroys the
survival imperative of peoples and their cultures.”

As the Berlin coalition government comes to typify the worst excesses of the
decadent Weimar Republic, endlessly promoting abortion, homosexuality,
atheism and a hatred of all things German while sending precious young
soldiers to die for counterfeit Israel in Afghanistan and the Lebanon,
increasing numbers of angry German citizens are quietly and patiently
preparing to take back their nation and declare independence from the
Satanic New World Order.

“This time,” says Voigt, smiling. “This time.”

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Canadian Government Knew About Afghan Torture from the Start

Posted by Anarchore on May 11, 2007

The detainee torture issue has been floating around Parliament the last few weeks, with denials from Harper and gag orders for Con MP’s. 

When Harper said that the tortured afghanis were lying, HE was lying to the Canadian people.

The Taliban are more trustworthy than our own politicians.

How did Canada sink so low?

This is just part of the Israelification of Canadian government and society, with increased corruption and state powers seen as progress.

Canadian troops have no business in Afghanistan fighting a fraudulent war.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A diplomatic report revealing that the Canadian government has been aware that Afghan security forces have been torturing prisoners handed over to them by Canadian soldiers has caused outrage across the country.

It all started on April 24 when The Globe and Mail newspaper published interviews with former Afghan prisoners who claim that Afghan intelligence officials subjected them to beatings, whippings with cables, and electric shocks.

The prisoners said they had been turned over to the feared Afghan National Security Directorate (NSD), the country’s intelligence agency, by Canadian soldiers.

Initially, the Canadian government denied any knowledge that Afghan security forces were torturing prisoners. The Globe then requested a report compiled by Canadian diplomats in Kabul, Afghanistan, on the human rights situation in the country.

Initially, the government denied the existence of such a report. After the Globe pressed the issue by raising the matter with the federal information commissioner, the government released a heavily censored version of a report titled “Afghanistan 2006: Good Governance, Democratic Development and Human Rights.”

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