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Canadian Government Knew About Afghan Torture from the Start

Posted by Anarchore on May 11, 2007

The detainee torture issue has been floating around Parliament the last few weeks, with denials from Harper and gag orders for Con MP’s. 

When Harper said that the tortured afghanis were lying, HE was lying to the Canadian people.

The Taliban are more trustworthy than our own politicians.

How did Canada sink so low?

This is just part of the Israelification of Canadian government and society, with increased corruption and state powers seen as progress.

Canadian troops have no business in Afghanistan fighting a fraudulent war.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A diplomatic report revealing that the Canadian government has been aware that Afghan security forces have been torturing prisoners handed over to them by Canadian soldiers has caused outrage across the country.

It all started on April 24 when The Globe and Mail newspaper published interviews with former Afghan prisoners who claim that Afghan intelligence officials subjected them to beatings, whippings with cables, and electric shocks.

The prisoners said they had been turned over to the feared Afghan National Security Directorate (NSD), the country’s intelligence agency, by Canadian soldiers.

Initially, the Canadian government denied any knowledge that Afghan security forces were torturing prisoners. The Globe then requested a report compiled by Canadian diplomats in Kabul, Afghanistan, on the human rights situation in the country.

Initially, the government denied the existence of such a report. After the Globe pressed the issue by raising the matter with the federal information commissioner, the government released a heavily censored version of a report titled “Afghanistan 2006: Good Governance, Democratic Development and Human Rights.”

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