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Israeli Occupation Government to Revive Unpopular Police State Legislation

Posted by Anarchore on May 17, 2007

Who needs a warrant?

The same mindset that justifies conducting foreign wars, and to prosecute ‘hate speech’ is at work here to take us that much closer to a society where the government can simply imprison it’s critics on ‘terrorism’. We already see the government using the security certificate system to promote terror hoaxes and cut off the young Islamo-dupes from contact, to perpetrate the myth that these chat-room Jihadists were a threat. They even had a police officer goad them into an alleged buy of fertilizer.


All that enlightenment junk, human rights, thousands of years of tradition honouring habeaus corpus, all out the window. The terrorists have changed everything say our wise Zionist guides, and we must give up our freedoms, our liberties, our concept of justice that requires that the accused be able to face their accuser and be protected from torture to extract a confession.

The directives for this type of legislation can be traced right back to their origins in Tel Aviv. It certainly is not Canadian, but it is very Israeli. Very Zionofascist.



The federal government plans to introduce legislation that would renew controversial anti-terrorism measures voted down by opposition parties earlier this year, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says.

Day said Tuesday he has drafted a bill to reinstate preventive arrests, which allow police to detain or restrain terror suspects without charge.

He also said the bill would allow the resumption of investigative hearings, which require anyone with information relevant to the investigation of a terrorist act to appear before a judge.

Both the Commons public safety committee and a Senate panel have already recommended extending those provisions, but Liberal MP and committee member Roy Cullen

-Yep. No difference between the Zionist Liberal party and the Zionist Conservatives. What is the appropriate way to deal with foriegn agents in our own government?

told CBC News Wednesday that Day must include other key recommendations from both panel reports to ensure the bill’s passage.



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