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Bakunin Is Right!

Posted by Anarchore on April 30, 2008

Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin, Father of Anarchism

“Everything about Bakunin is genuine: his struggle, sufferings and death. Everything about Marx is bogus

Many self-declared Anarchists today are afflicted with the bug of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness. They read too many leftist communist publications and while they may in fact be against Israeli apartheid, will not identify Zionists pushing the Zionist neocon agenda in Canada and the US for fear of the label of “racism” or the dreaded “anti-semitism”.

The same ideology that implemented PC in the form of “human rights” commissions, institutional “anti-racism” and anti-speech laws was behind communism and is behind the current US/NATO fiasco/genocide in the middle east.  That ideology is the quasi religious/racial supremacist cult of Zionism.

Bakunin recognized the threat:

Bakunin on Marx and Rothschild
“Himself a Jew, Marx has around him, in London and France, but especially in Germany, a multitude of more or less clever, intriguing, mobile, speculating Jews, such as Jews are every where: commercial or banking agents, writers, politicians, correspondents for newspapers of all shades, with one foot in the bank, the other in the socialist movement, and with their behinds sitting on the German daily press — they have taken possession of all the newspapers — and you can imagine what kind of sickening literature they produce. Now, this entire Jewish world, which forms a single profiteering sect, a people of bloodsuckers, a single gluttonnous parasite, closely and intimately united not only across national borders but across all differences of political opinion — this Jewish world today stands for the most part at the disposal of Marx and at the same time at the disposal of Rothschild. I am certain that Rothschild for his part greatly values the merits of Marx, and that Marx for his part feels instinctive attraction and great respect for Rothschild.

This may seem strange. What can there be in common between Communism and the large banks? Oh! The Communism of Marx seeks enormous centralization in the state, and where such exists, there must inevitably be a central state bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, which. speculates on the work of the people, will always find a way to prevail ….”

Source: Michael Bakunin, 1871, Personliche Beziehungen zu Marx. In: Gesammelte Werke. Band 3. Berlin 1924. P. 204-216. [My translation – UD].

Bakunin was correct in his assessment about Zionist bankers and communists in collusion.  Jacob Schiff later gave 20 million dollars of New York Zionist banker money to Lev Bronstein, better known as Leon Trotsky.  The reign of Bolshevik terror led by Zionists subsequently killed 16 million Christians.

There you go.  Just as Bakunin had observed, the Zionist bankers and state communists were on the same team, with tragic consequences.

Now anarchists can put the old canard of anti-semitism to rest, and loudly proclaim, “Bakunin was right!” as we fight to thwart the ongoing and future rounds of Zionist genocide against gentiles.  The Zionists around the world do indeed constitute a “parasitic Jewish nation” as Bakunin describes them.

There is no need to say that the intellectual climate of the time was anti-semitic or some such excuse.

What Bakunin reveals is the truth of the International Jew as Henry Ford put it, and the pernicious hold of international Zionism we know today.


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