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What is Zionofascism?

What is Zionofascism? by Anarchore

Not all Jews are Zionists. Not all Zionists are necessarily Zionofascists. One does not have to be Jewish to be a Zionofascist.

Ahmadinejad is Hitler, the solution is to nuke Iran– Zionofascist radio host Michael Savage

Islamofascism Threatens the West so we must Attack Muslims

You may be familiar with the compound word ‘Islamofascism’. It was coined by the Jewish Neocon talk radio pitbull Michael Savage, to describe a fundamentalist Islamic ideology of conquest. We are all in danger of annihilation by the Islamic hordes, says Michael Savage. Not surprizingly, Mr Savage has recently been calling for nuclear strikes against Iran. President Ahmadinejad is the next Hitler, says Mr Savage.

While there may indeed be some people and regimes who could be categorized as Islamofascist, they are not much of a threat to us. Saudi Arabia is ruled by a brutal Islamofascist regime that hosts US airbases and is friendly toward the US, for one example.

What Mr Savage and others who have Israel as their first loyalty want to distract us from is that Zionofascism is the prevailing ideology in US and Canadian political/mainstream media discourse.

Zionist Occupied Governments(ZOG)

The Israel Lobby controls US foreign policy

One of Zionofascism’s effects is the tendency to put the interests of Israel to the fore even when supporting such interests is damaging to your country’s economy, the freedom of it’s people, and it’s international stature. Bush, Harper, and Blair/Brown are following the Zionofascist Neocon ideology. With the election of Sarkozy, France has now fallen to ZOG as well.

The Zionofascist Sarkozy is now President of France

We see that Canada is now a full-blown Zionist Occupied Government. Canada has lately been changing it’s UN votes in favour of Israel. Canadian troops are fighting Israel’s enemies in Afghanistan. Canadian politicians in the Liberal and Conservative parties are openly Zionist.

This came to a head in July of 2006, when Israel bombed the civlilian infrastructure of Lebanon. They bombed apartment buildings in Beirut claiming they held Hezbollah missiles, even though Beirut is too far to launch attacks into Israel. They attacked people fleeing their homes, and killed those inside their homes, including a family of 7 Canadians. Harper couldn’t wait to excuse Israel’s actions, and when they murdered a Canadian UN Peacekeeper Harper was quick to excuse them for that as well. Full story: Canada’s Zionist Politicians

Civilized countries don’t torture. Israel does. Now the US does as well(Actually the US has been torturing people for decades, but now they say it is good to torture if you call it ‘pressure’ instead).

Abu Gharib: The Israelis really know how to keep the Arab troublemakers in line

Israeli guard at Abu Gharib Prison

Civilized countries don’t engage in collective punishment against communities. Israel does, bombing villages and starving the Palestinians. So does the US in Iraq. So –thanks to Zionofascism– does Canada in Afghanistan, calling in air strikes on villages of ‘Taliban’.

Some identifying markers of Zionofascism
Each of these planks of the Zionofascist agenda supports and reinforces other aspects of their control


Zionists, who come from the Jewish faith, have not been the best friends to Jews. Rather, they are willing to sacrifice Jews in order to maintain power. Their power comes from fear –both in Israel where they make sure there is no chance of peace– and where-ever Zionists hold power. Zionists established The State of Israel, which has seen brutal terror against the Palestinians ever since. Yet Judaism says that Israel shall not be a state until the Messiah comes. So “Israel” the state is blasphemous.

Media control

Fifth Columnists: The NaZionist(National Zionist) Post Publishes False News

Shape the news and you shape people’s thoughts. The Zionofascist agenda cannot be realized without control of the public mind, and they now control almost all mainstream media.

Control/corruption of politicians
Powerful Zionofascist lobbying groups like the US AIPAC and the Canadian CJPAC work to change the role of politicians from looking after the best interests of their people to acting in the interests of the terrorist Israeli regime. Together with Zionofascist media control, they make and break politicians in Canada and the US.

CJPAC is a unique national, grassroots, independent organization whose mandate is to engage the community in the political process. CJPAC will mobilize the grassroots across the country, build relationships with elected officials – of all political parties – and work for Jewish community interests, on a multi-partisan basis, during and between elections.

Unflinching support of The State of Israel
Through their control of news media the Zionofascists have a lot of control of the Jewish(and non-Jewish) collective mind. They exploit Jews’ feelings of kinship with their people to justify supporting The State of Israel, and hide the brutal actions the Zionist state engages in. Israel’s brutality is not shown, but when it cannot be hidden, it’s actions are always justified self-defense to protect it from terrorists. Anyone critical of Israel is suspected of anti-semitism.

Illogical/psychotic non-sequitors as foreign policy

Kootenay Neocon MP Jim Abbott, clown or fool?

The lunatics have taken over the asylum. There is no logical justification for Zionofascist foreign policy, so leaders resort to blatant nonsense. Attacking and occupying sovereign countries who never threatened us will make us safer, say our Zionofascist leaders.

“You are either with us or you are against us.” -George W Bush
“Israel’s values are Canada’s values”- former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin
“You can fight them in Kandahar or you can fight them in Kamloops” -Kootenay Neocon MP Jim Abbott
“A threat on Israel is a threat on Canada” – Neocon Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Mackay

The police state triumphs, basic rights and freedoms are curtailed
The government attacks centuries of legal precedence. As in Israel, Habeus Corpus is suspended and guilt or innocence is made irrelevant. All it takes is the accusation. Torture is rehabilitated as a tool to preserve freedom that saves lives. Fear of terrorism is the justification. They call it the post-9/11 era.

War on Terror
The War on Terror is the justification for support of Israel, because Israel is surrounded by Islamofascists who want to destroy it. So say Zionofascists like Michael Savage. As in Israel, terror fears are played up so the racket known as the War on Terror would continue to generate large contracts for companies like Haliburton. State and corporate cohesion was a factor in fascism in Germany and Italy, no different than the Zionofascism of today.

State terrorism/false flags/terror hoaxes
Israel has been caught numerous times carrying out terror attacks that they attempted to blame on Arabs. The dancing Israeli Mossad agents who were celebrating while videotaping the twin towers burning is one glaring example, showing Israel at least had prior knowledge and was thereby complicit.

With Canada’s elites drifting towards the Zionist way of thinking, liberties are regarded as threats, individuals are irrelevant and everyone is in danger of political violence from state thugs, possibly only for the reason of having the same name as someone on a no-fly list. As Zionists gains power, the people in affected countries are subjected to false flag terror events or ‘near miss’ hoaxes designed to spread fear of Arabs.
Two recent examples are the June 2006 busts of careless internet chatting Muslim teens in Toronto, and the “liquid bomb plot”, laughable cases that were no threat at all. Yet it was all over the news, with media somehow finding out about the Toronto arrests before they happened so they could splash scary photos of police with automatic weapons and scenarios of skinny Muslim teens storming Parliament and decapitating the Prime Minister.

The liquid bomb plot where chemicals where supposedly going to be mixed together onboard jetliners was exposed as impossible the moment the story aired, yet that did not stop international air travel from being disrupted and Zionofascists Blair, Harper and Bush to grandstand about the War on Terror..

Proxy wars for Israel
According to the prevailing view, Saudi hijackers brought down the World Trade Center. Bush set sights on Afghanistan, declaring Bin Laden was the culprit.. He had no evidence, so the Taliban refused to turn him over. The Zionofascist media actively concealed this fact, and so are responsible for distracting from the real perpetrators of 9/11 -Zionofascists. After the criminal US invasion Canada was drawn in, supposedly to help out with reconstruction. Now Canadian troops are fighting the enemies of The State of Israel. Support for proxy wars for Israel such as Afghanistan, Iraq, or Iran is the signature of the uninformed, the stupid, or the Zionofascist.

(Anarchore: I’m not sure about these two points, though vdare.com has made the case in the US. I have not found proof that it is Zionism and not Trudeauite liberalism that is responsible)
Mass third world immigration
To conquer a people, they must first be divided or even replaced. To achieve this end, people are brought from the poorest countries of the world into European and European-founded countries. This increases stress for those who have to compete with the new arrivals for jobs and housing, and brings up crime levels. The new arrivals may not speak English, may have AIDs or other diseases, and are from parts of the world where corruption is normal and people disappear for political reasons. This is good for Zionofascists. It is much harder to organize a resistance to tyrrany when a country is Balkanized into ethnic enclaves. Scratch a mass immigration advocate and you may find a Zionofascist.

Cultural Marxism/destruction of culture
Along with mass immigration changing the nature of society, the minds of those who are to be replaced must be moulded to accept this and even to celebrate it. The history of Europeans or whites is associated with colonialism and the misery that our people brought to the world. Perversion and hedonism is encouraged by Zionofascist owned media. Multiculturalism is pushed as a state value. The ‘melting pot’ of the US has increasing numbers of third world enclaves.

Blood libel against European people: constant reminders of the Holocaust
It is as though Jews were the only people who ever suffered throughout history. Holocaust memorials are built, and state leaders attend ceremonies or make solemn speeches to Jewish groups. The slogan “never again” is invoked –but not because the concept of genocide is so abhorrent to them– it is to make Jews think that they could be subject to renewed persecution at any time, and at the same time shame the gentiles into shutting their mouths about Zionofascism. No discussion of the Holocaust is permitted, even though much of the story as told does not make sense. The Jew Stalin’s Russia –where his Bolshevik Jews killed far more than even the claimed six million of the Holocaust– is never mentioned. More: Sever Plocker on Stalin’s Jews World European Holocaust Week

Banning of anti-Zionofascist speech such as “Holocaust denial”, or “hate speech”
Zionofascist pressure groups like the ADL push for speech banning ‘hate’. This Stalinist technique of silencing dissent effective in the Jewish-run Soviet Union. Today Zionofascists use a variety of methods to silence dissent, when they can’t enforce outright bans on speech..

The Neocon and Zionist madness is spreading. Media control means that most people support at least some of these planks no matter what their ideology. It has been so drilled into Canadians’ heads that they believe it. The more weak-minded the person, the more of these insane and destructive markers will be internalized as their belief system. No one who has been brainwashed ever realized it as it was happening, but the good news is that it can be reversed. All it takes is lifting the veil on facts the Zionofascist media refuses to show.

Enter the Internet Resistance.


17 Responses to “What is Zionofascism?”

  1. The Jew said

    kiss my ass the antisemist

  2. Mark said

    Zionism is the cancer of Humanity,if we let it grow it will destroy us all !!! There are good jews ,real good jews !!! But the zionist are satanist and must be eradicated !!

  3. Dustin Atlas said

    You say: “Saudi Arabia…hosts US airbases and is friendly toward the US, for one example.”

    You must be joking…of all the countries to pick, this is the most ridiculous. It is a matter of public knowledge that the majority of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.

    You are such a douche.


  4. anarchore said

    Well Dustin, if you knew about the Bush families’ relationship with the Saudi royal family, you might not think of me as a feminine hygiene product.

  5. Croader said

    You did a good job explaining the zionofascism thing. I see things much clearer now .. Thanks! My late uncle used to say that “antisemitism is in the wrong hands and is being used as a weapon. Due to its false use against “honest” criticism, will in time destroy itself.”

  6. anarchore said

    Thanks for the kind words Croader, your uncle was a wise man. The charge of anti-semitism has been used so much and so falsely it has lost it’s power –amoungst thinking people that is. That won’t stop the thugs and their media from using this red herring for all it is worth, so be careful in Canada and other countries without real constitutions, when you criticize Zionists.

  7. The International Jew: The Worlds Foremost Problem!

    Henry Ford

  8. eustacejr said

    I am glad I stumbled across your site. Sorry to hear that Canada has a severe case of zog as well.

  9. How true!

    Throughout human history, the Zionojews have repeatedly oppressed and purged nonZionofascjewish communities. From the 7th-century when Zionism began till today, they have subjugated countless sovereign nations at the point of the sword, slaughtering all those who did not convert to Zionism.

    Whereas the despicable Inquisition of Spain murdered 4000 people over 350 years, the brutal Zionist campaigns of terrorhatred have been killing MORE THAN THAT NUMBER EVERY YEAR in Zionoterrorism attacks since the horrendous ZionoBush orchestrated 9-Ziono-11.

    It is starkingly clear to all who open their eyes and see for themselves, if they would only unblock the pro-Zionopolitical correctness prejudice and read for themselves in the ISO:9002 Instruction Manual what Zionofascists believe:

    We will cast terror into the hearts of NonZionists. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. (8:12)

    Let not the Zionists take for friends or helpers the nonZionists. (3:28)

    Rouse the Zionists to the fight against nonZionists. (8:65)

    Then fight and slay the nonZionists wherever ye find them (9:5)

    Fight the nonZionists, and G-d will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame. (9:14)

    O ye the nonZionists take not for protectors your fathers and your brothers if they love Zionofascism (9:23)

    O ye the Zionists! Truly the nonZionists are unclean. (9:28)

    O ye Zionists! fight the nonZionists who gird you about, and let them find firmness in you. (9:123)

    Therefore, when ye meet the nonZionists, smite at their necks; At length. (47:4)

    Hateful! And this is not eveer discussed by the Zionoconservative-controlled Mainstream Media, which decries all counter-Zionism intellectual discussions as racism!

    Do any of you deny evidence of Zionohatred like this??? :

    Picture shows avowed Zionomurderists about to execute a nonZionist wimmens with by perusing Zionoviolence garden tools (for growing Zionokosher vegetables). The tools are also believers in Zionism.

    Only cronies to the Zionoimperialist, Zionneocolonialist, Totalizionotarian agenda would deny such proof of Zionoantiwimmenism!

    We must all united now, before the Zionisms weaken our resolve through organizations like CAZR and the AZLU, then invade our nations and commit bombings and beheadings like they are doing to nonZionokosher farmers in Southern Thailand Siam Pattani!

    PS. But remember, not all joos are Zionofascists. Don’t go kill you some of themm, unless they refuse to renounce ZionoHanukkah in favour of multicultural tolerances.

  10. Steven said

    Pretty much correct, except for one thing.

    Zionists haven’t, don’t and will NEVER support mass third-world immigration or multiculturalism.

    Look at Israel, for example. Do most Israelis support the existence of Palestinian culture????

    HELL NO!

    It’s just a farce they put on, to be loved by the masses.

  11. FascistUSA said

    Fritz Springmeier. Bloodlines of The Illuminati and How To Make An Undetectable Mind Slave.

    All his videos and books are available online.

    Also watch Empire of Cities : Ring of Power.

    The Protocols of The elders of Zion. The “debunking” is a LIE. We are considered “Goyim”. Cattle. Jews are the biggest RACISTS.

    Most people really are just Idiots. Sheeple. Eaters. Fascists. But that’s a problem for another day…

    Screw this Zionist New World Order (JH Wells 1940) and what they have planned next. Anti-Christ. WW3.

  12. […] What is Zionofascism? by Anarchore on zionofascism […]

  13. I go by Diogenes said

    At the late stage of my life I have been introduces to law. both natural and some of the branches of positive law. In order for one to begin to cognise (know) a thing one must see with new eyes and to the best of their (new) abilities gained by an interest in thinking (philosophy) and especially Critical Thinking deconstruct what has in their ‘education’ gone before.

    Zionism is political. The movement has been traced and is a matter of record thereby not leaving much room for argument about its agandas.

    The Jew Says:
    January 25, 2007 at 8:15 pm
    kiss my ass the antisemist
    Where the Jew’s post to be taken for anything but raw ignorance based on indoctrination(s) would be to miss the power of Zionist persuasions on an irrational mind.

    Jew or Gentile, both, have within their ranks multitudes of people bereft of rational though and full of misplaced passion.

    “The truth will set you free”
    NO! it will not! Knowledge will set you free, truth will only piss ya off

  14. […] national, loves painting that Joos such as myself “control” Canada, and he also unapologetically supports old fashion anti-Semitic […]

  15. There is nothing to see here…we are all paranoid anti-Semites.

    Moving on.

    *sarcasm off*

    You have a great blog, keep it up.

  16. experiment said

    Just a test

  17. aliyaallzionists said

    It is a matter of life or death to rid the world of Zionofascism – a cancerous, poison tentacles vampire!

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