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Hard Proof of Israeli involvement in 9/11

Posted by Anarchore on February 26, 2008


found at: http://www.thebirdman.org/Index/Temp/Temp-911WasAnOperationNorthwoods-Henri.htm

Hard Proof of Israeli involvement in 9/11

9/11 – The attacks that occurred on the ground

There have been numerous firsthand reports of car bombs going off in the
streets on 9/11 as panic caused by the aircraft impacts rapidly spread
across the city.

It’s now clear that 9/11 had all the signs of having been an “Operation
Northwood”-type event. As many of you are aware, the plans for this
elaborately planned False Flag operation (Northwood) called for a remote
controlled “airliner” — purportedly carrying American “students”, but in
reality empty of passengers — to be detonated in close proximity to
The Cuban MiGs would be blamed for “shooting” it down, thereby
“justifying” an American invasion of that country. The amazing thing is
that this diabolical scheme was approved by the entire Joint Chiefs of
Staff and endorsed by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. Only JFK’s
refusal to sign-off on this lunatic endeavor prevented it from being
carried out. Yes, it came that close to execution.
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Israeli Killers Bombed Schools Before Murdering Canadian UN Observer

Posted by Anarchore on February 20, 2008

Israel cannot be trusted, even by it’s allies.  Even so, Canada continues to vote pro-Israhell at the UN, as the Israelis continue their extermination campaigns against the Palestinians and other neighbours.  The power of the Israel lobby in Canada needs to be stood up to and countered.   We cannot be ruled by such atrocious, terrorist-connected thugs, and consider ourselves to be decent people.  Canada is already tainted with the stench of the Zionofascists decayed morality in the form of flag waving “Red Fridays” rallies as propaganda events promoting war and occupation.   We note with nausea the Israel pandering of most political parties.  They are beholden to the Lobby to have a chance at election in Canada, given the press dominance of the neoconservative(Trotskyite) Zionists.  They will not dare expose the terroristic nature of the “State of Israel” since it’s notorious inception.

See alsoCanada’s Zionist Politicians, Murdered by Israel, delayed honours in Canada
Cynthia Hess-von Kruedener said she believes her husband, Paeta, and three other UN observers were specifically targeted when their post was bombed by Israel.

Cynthia Hess-von Kruedener said she believes her husband, Paeta, and three other UN observers were specifically targeted when their post was bombed by Israel.
(Submitted by Cynthia Hess-von Kruedener)


UN officer reported Israeli war crimes before deadly bombing: widow

A United Nations military observer sent e-mails home to Canada reporting that Israel was bombing schools and waging “a campaign of terror against the Lebanese people” shortly before he was killed by an Israeli bomb in Lebanon, said his widow.

Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener of Kingston, Ont., a member of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, was one of four UN military observers who died when the Israeli Defence Forces bombed a marked United Nations post on July 25, 2006.

Cynthia Hess-von Kruedener said her husband’s mission was to report on the hostilities in the area and she believes that is why Israeli forces attacked the Israeli United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) post, despite Israel’s claims that the bombing was accidental.

“Obviously they were unhappy with what they were observing. Maybe that post was in the way as well,” she said. “I know my husband was reporting war crimes. And I guess they don’t want to deal with that.”

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Letter from the widow of Major Paeta Hess von Kruedener

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The Hidden Holocaust of the German People

Posted by Anarchore on February 18, 2008

Well, the glorious allies heaping abuse at Germans all these years weren’t all that innocent.  I wonder if this will be featured in the Asper’s Human Rights Museum?

A Hidden Holocaust–Revealed

A Review of James Bacque’s “Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation 1944-1950”

by Eric Blair

Canadian historian James Bacque’s new book, “Crimes and Mercies” [Little, Brown], is a sequel to his 1989 work “Other Losses”. While the latter focused on the fate of millions of German POWs at the end of the Second World War, more than a million of whom the Allies deliberately left to die of a synergistic combination of disease, exposure, and starvation, his current book focuses largely on the grim, post-war fate of 60 million German civilians.

Published this September, “Crimes and Mercies” is over 300 pages in length. These include over 30 maps, photos, and illustrations; a foreword by historian and legal scholar, Alfred de Zayas, and an introduction by the author; eight chapters of text, as well as an index, bibliography, notes, and appendices.

But it is probably on page 131 that we find the epicenter of the book, and its seismic thesis; it is here, in a little, statistical chart, that Bacque’s findings may be seen in a single glance.

                        TOTALS OF DEATHS


                       Minimum     Maximum 


Expellees (1945-50)   2,100,000   6,000,000 

Prisoners (1941-50)   1,500,000   2,000,000 

Residents (1946-50)   5,700,000   5,700,000 

                      _________  __________


Totals                9,300,000  13,700,000  Read the rest...

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Tremaine Arrest Triggers “Online Wave of Anti-Semitism”

Posted by Anarchore on February 8, 2008

What a joke.

The truth is the Zionist establishment is getting quite nervous as more people are coming to the angry realization that they are being dispossed of their country by a group of predatory psychopaths who have been using their Jewishness both as a shield and a cudgel.

Canada is perhaps the third most Zionized country in the world after Germany and Israel.

Canada’s voting at the UN has switched completely pro-Israel, ignoring long standing Canadian committment to human rights.

Three of the last four Supreme Court Judges are Jews, and one is married to the former head of prominent Zionofascist organization the CJC.

Recently the Zionofascists have been consolidating their power in Canada, yet overplaying their hand so that long-tolerant Canadians are starting to whisper the forbidden.

Hate-crime charge triggers wave of Internet anti-Semitism

JANA G. PRUDEN, Canwest News ServicePublished: Saturday, January 26

The case of a Regina man charged with promoting hatred on the Internet has sparked an online wave of anti-Semitic comments.

On Wednesday morning, a long-time contributor to the white supremacist website stormfront.org issued an alert saying Terrence Tremaine – known online as mathdoktor99 and JCMateri – was being arrested and charged for his Internet postings.

The contributor later added he had been in contact with Tremaine, who had been “held for five hours in a cold cell at the police station.” “He’s been charged under Section 319 of the Criminal Code, Canada’s notorious hate law,” the post reads. “He’s been completely gagged. His bail conditions state that he cannot own a computer or access the Internet. Yes, our sordid corrupt justice system becomes more corrupt each day. It’s like when they took away Ernst Zundel’s pencils.” Zundel is a notorious Holocaust denier who has previously been jailed under Canada’s hate laws.

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The article goes on to use the standard scare tactic of quoting the most extremist and moronic comment in the Stormfront thread in question.

Here is the thread that is the so-called “Wave of Anti-Semitism”.


Funny. It seems to be people that are nervous about the increasingly totalitarian tone of government.

He was criticizing Zionists in Canada’s government on his site blog and on Stormfront, doing his duty as a citizen and doing Canadians a service by spreading the news.

National Socialism does not have to be your ideology(it is not mine) to support freedom of speech for societies’ most vulnerable, maligned, and marginalized groups.

Thought crime laws are a Kafkaesque farce, engendered by the very people that are taking the country into a downward spiral, to a dark new age.

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Trotskyite Communists are now Called the Neocons

Posted by Anarchore on February 6, 2008

In Canada the world government and neocon crowd are ensconsed in the Liberal and Conservative parties, while “Montreal-based journalists” crank out propaganda for rags like the National Post..


February 06, 2008 NA (Network America) e-wire

Now that Super Tuesday’s Over . . .

Dear Friends,

The truth is that the Ron Paul forces are dazed and demoralized. They’ve had their “heads handed to them” by the Trotskyite Communists running the 5 Big TV Networks, and the 4 big computerized “vote-counting” companies counting 96% our “our” US vote.


By the way, the Trotskyite Communists of 1917 – are now called the “NeoCons” in 2008.

Consider this, as just ONE PIECE of evidence amongst hundreds of thousands available: Winston Churchill, in the “Illustrated Sunday Herald”, London, February 8, 1920, page 5, identified those behind the Communists who had taken over Russia in 1917 as “the most formidable sect in the world” and explained that for the advancement of this anti-Christian revolution for World Revolution (i.e., World Tyranny, i.e., New World Order) that “Russia had to be laid low.”

Churchill further stated that Communist Front Man, — financed from New York and London, — Vladimir Lenin had gathered “the leading spirits of a formidable sect, the most formidable sect in the world, of which he was the high priest and chief.” Churchill continued: “From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, etc, . . .  this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstruction of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.”

And this drive for the tyrannical “New World Order” has been steadily growing since 1920, and is still in full swing as exhibited by the war-mongering in the Mideast and the attempts to implement growing police state measures here at home under the guidance of Lenin-Look-Alike Michael Chertoff.
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Barbara Kay Wants to Feel Safe

Posted by Anarchore on February 4, 2008

I was listening to CBC’s Cross Country Checkup, since it happened to be on, and I was feeling too lazy to switch it off.

Here is the program link in mp3 in case you are masochistically inclined: http://www.cbc.ca/checkup/archive/2008/080203CC.mp3
The topic was the US Republican and Democrat leadership race.

Consistent with the censorship inherent in Canada’s controlled media, there was praise for all the mainstream war candidates like Clinton, Obama and McCain, but they did not allow a single caller who was aware of Ron Paul, who is one of the remaining four Republican candidates.

Ron Paul is the only candidate of either group who is consistently against the Iraq war, wants to get rid of the IRS and the Federal Reserve, restore the constitution and get America out of foreign entaglements.

Of course the Oil/War/Bilderberg/Israel Lobby is on high alert when someone comes along and threatens to tip their cash cow, so Ron Paul is consistently cheated out of time in debates, and on ‘call-in’ shows like Cross-Country Checkup.

Cross-Country Checkup, which is obstensibly a call-in program where Canadians can weigh in on topics of the day is in reality a government information gatekeeper. Rex Murphy reprimanded a girl who called in during the beginning of the Iraq hostilities, and said that Bush was lying. Murphy, one of the gatekeepers for Canada’s plutocracy and global governance wing told her that Bush would not lie and that one should not say such things about George Bush. Of course 911 truth is not touched at all, except to condemn it as ‘ludicrous’ and ‘unthinkable’. Of course.

Yesterday’s show was no different in that the not-so-hidden powers controlling Canada were given their say. There were various guests, including one brilliant analyst who said that there is no point in debating issues because people don’t follow issues anyway, so we should just focus on superficialities. Then the neocon Barbara Kay was asked for her opinion, as though to provide ‘balance’ for the propaganda barrage I had just been witness to.

Kay’s qualifications are as an English teacher, but somehow this neocon columnist was selected as a reasonable voice for national radio. Why not ask a traditional conservative for their point of view? Traditional conservatives are evidently not pro-Israel enough. A true conservative might mention that Ron Paul is the best Republican for the job, but because Ron Paul is against foreign entanglements(ie Israel backing) and would reform the corrupt Federal Reserve system he is not mentioned by any mainstream media.

No, there are no conservatives allowed. The mainstream media including the CBC are in thrall to neoconservativism, what could be called ‘Israelism’, a fascist Zionist movement responsible for the Iraq war, and deeply involved in the 911 attacks.

Barbara Kay, a “Montreal-based columnist” for the National Post weighed in for McCain, because he would go after “the terrorists”.

Kay’s first priority is to be safe, and with a neocon warmonger in the US, we will be safe in Canada.

Now we know not to take statements like that from neocons at face value don’t we?

No, we see that Kay is in favour of the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war and war against Iran.

In fact, I could tell that about Ms Kay without hearing a word.

How do I know so much about her viewpoints?

The phrase, “Montreal-based columnist for the National Post” says it all.

Neoconservatives and Zionofascists within Canada, with their flagship newspaper the National Post, all have the same talking points and ideology. In fact this has been ordered by Izzy Asper, former owner of CanWest Global communications. Reporters that criticize Israel are fired.
They are pro-war, anti-speech, pro-police state(just like Israel) and always ready to play the “anti-semitism” card, lest anyone expose their perfidy.

Here she is going on about “Israel bashers”: http://www.barbarakay.ca/archive/20080130takingonisraelbashers.htm

Why is Cross Country Checkup giving this extremist airtime?

This isn’t Israel North, it is Canada!
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