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WANTED: Parasite seeks new host country

Posted by Anarchore on October 17, 2008

WANTED: Parasite seeks new host country.

Due to recent financial upheavals and several more
earth-shattering financial meltdowns to come upon
our present host, this parasite is looking for a well-heeled
and very easily manipulated nation to glom onto.
The host nation will need to have the following traits in order
to fully satisfy the unquenchable thirst and desires of
the parasite:

1. The country’s banking system MUST be in private
hands, like a federal reserve type of banking cartel.
For reasons not to be discussed here, this trait is
an absolute and no country will be considered
that has control of it’s own monetary supply.

2. The country MUST have a large and well financed
military, that is willing to send kids off to far away
lands, fighting wars for the parasite’s entertainment.
No questions will be allowed as to what the host
country’s kids are fighting these wars for, as these
blood sacrifices are necessary for the parasite’s
long term well-being.

3. The Main Stream Media, including, but not
limited to the written press, television, publishing
and cable television, is to be placed in the control
of the parasite for reasons of national security.
Naturally, since this is a “national security” issue,
no discussion will be allowed on this point.
(Note: For now, the control of the pesky Internet
is still up for grabs, but other parasites are
working to secure the venue.)

4. The host country’s educational system must be
throttled down to where it teaches nonsense instead of fact.
For example, in the country of our current host,
we have managed to indoctrinate a large portion
of the populace with the Holocaust Industry’s version
of WWII and other countries applying to be our
next host should expect no less.

5. The parasite realizes that being a host country
is a draining experience, so to help alleviate that,
we will encourage the following forms of recreation
to take our host’s minds off what is really happening.
The forms of recreation not only allowed, but
encouraged are: Various forms of “pro” sports;
Mindless television shows that have no morally
redeeming value; pornography and hour after
hour of empty “news” coverage of the bimbo
of the week.

6. The host country will not expect the parasite
to do any work whatsoever, especially the physical kind.
Being a parasite is a full time job, but the host
country can help with keeping the host nation’s
people tied up with a feeling of helplessness, by
filling the airwaves with mind numbing news
stories about gruesome rapes, kidnappings and
murders committed around the the country,
without offering anything of value in the way
of context or sociological or historical perspective.

All countries wishing to apply for this position
should contact the nearest Israeli embassy and
do so quickly, as our current host is fading fast.
Remember, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,
since once your country has hosted this parasite,
it won’t be much good for anything else,
so apply today!

From:  http://aliyaallzionists.wordpress.com/wanted-parasite-seeks-new-host-country/


6 Responses to “WANTED: Parasite seeks new host country”

  1. incogman said

    Sounds more like a resume than a job advertisement. But hell, they are interchangable after-all. I like that “bimbo of the week” bit — I used to always wonder why we had to suffer this insufferable daily torture until I figured out the Matrial Girl was really the poster child for brainwashed shabboz gurlz.

    Oh yeah, I read that timesonline thing about Obama. Funny.

  2. fourthreichisrael said

    Hilarious and too true!

    Speaking of parasites… how on earth did Kenneth McVay, Paid/Shabbos Goy, get an OBC?

    Some Zionists are arrested for their criminal behavior, other Zionists like Kenneth McVay OBC, defend them!
    Is this what the Government of British Columbia, Canada, gave an Order of British Columbia to Kenneth McVay for?

    Surely, this is an abuse of the honor and dignity that is associated with an Order of British Columbia.


  3. roy albrecht said

    Don’t Look now, but the Zionist Banker Jews, their relatives, and manager-slaves have been stealing Western Technology and selling it to those whom they are allowing to over run North America. This has been going on covertly since the end of WW2 for sure.
    In exchange for treasonously selling our manufacturing and military strength, “the Jews” have gained critical concessions in Indian and Chinese Mass-Media and industry.

    The new hosts are the China and India.

    Our new Canadian rulers will be Chinese and Indian puppets with Crypto-Jews from both these countries leading the charge.

    It is not a done deal by any means and only a mass awakening and uniting of the Canadian public will be able to put a stop to this without bloodshed or chaos, but don’t hold your breath…

  4. Prometheus said

    “The new hosts are the China and India.

    Our new Canadian rulers will be Chinese and Indian puppets with Crypto-Jews from both these countries leading the charge.”

    pft. Are you a UC Jew?

    new hosts be India and China? Are you shitting me? India and China don’t make gentiles and Americans and Europeans fight wars against Arabs, Iranians, Afghans, Muslims,

    Indians and Chinese don’t make anti-free speech laws but demand full double standards for themselves

    And Indians and Chinese don’t have any books or guidelines or strong beliefs that are as diabolic and satanic and exploitive as the Talmud. Nor are there any sizable number of Chinese or Indians who vigorously espouse hateful blasphemies against Jesus Christ, but there are plenty of Israelis and Jews who do

  5. roy albrecht said

    By “UC” I take it you mean “under cover”?

    I am a German-Canadian (born in Canada of German refugee parents from the Sudetenland and Saxony) and have been on the receiving end of the Filthy Limey Jew c@cksucker and full blown Criminal Kikes for most of my life. I am not a Jew. In fact, personally, I would feel quite warm and fuzzy inside to see almost every Jew I have ever known to be subject to a real Holocaust like my ancestors endured in Dresden, not the made up Holyhoax of the Zionist Mafia.
    I have more love for a pile of fresh dog sh*t mixed with rotting chicken carcasses than do for the average Jew.
    I hope I made myself clear on that.

    In 1993, the PR of China finally recognized Israel. Around this time many Zionists were allowed to set up “Joint Venture” Multinational companies in China in exchange for allowing easy access to “Canadian” markets (not to mention US markets) not to mention immigration. Much the same thing occurred in India at the time.

    Today, Chinese and “Subcontinental” Crypto-Jews (or females married to Jews) are replacing gentile Shabat Goyem in the Mass Media at an alarming rate. These same groups are at the receiving end of engineered “equal opportunity” schemes to numerous to mention.

    Calls of every Jew run Media source are for law-enforcement to be more “representative” of the “racial realities” in Canadian society. (read: get rid of the pesky Euro-Canadian. For even they would balk at killing their own citizens for expressing political opinions that are contrary to what Jews like).

    After the Jew-Limey c@cksuckers get done replacing the freedom loving white middle class with their own “diversity engineered” police mercenaries, only then can a true “cleansing” of the “evil” (those who oppose the Jew World order) white man begin.

    What many people do not know is that the high ranking Indian organized crime syndicates and Chinese Triad members work in close co-operation with the International Jewish Mafia.

    Moreover, it has been estimated that up to 10% (easily 5%) of the (Mexican) Latin American population may have Jewish DNA in them (see: Jewwatch.com, expulsion of Spanish Jews). I can not but suspect that many of the leaders of the Mexican Drug cartels are most probably Crypo-Jews working with other Jewish run organized crime syndicates like the Free Masons.

    The Rothschild Family of Bankers pretty well proxy-controlled European money and stock markets, postal services, rail roads, shipping, telecommunications, mass media and a host of raw material cartel-monopolies right up to the beginning of WW2. Since then the family has gone almost completely off the radar and “they”…, “won” that war too!

    If you think a Jew is going to let some 4th class Dalit (Hindu= untouchable) or Chinese peasant come to Canada, get elected to parliament, and risk standing up for truth, you might also be persuaded that I am a UC Jew. LOL

    Any Chinese or Indian national who gets elected to office in Canada is, at the very least, completely mum on the Jews, but more than likely, is cravenly and endemically kissing Kike ass till his/her lips are chapped to bleeding.

    If you think that the sexualization of, for example, the Walt Disney Empire and its subsequent entry into the Chinese market is a coincidence then you may be in need of psychiatric (non-Jewish) help.

    Chinese and Indians are more than willing to kill their own people at the behest of the “State”. Canadians, although generally craven, addicted and cowardly, are not murderers. There is a fine line even in the Limey Jew c@cksuckers between usurious or cowardly and murderous. Whites tend to draw the line at murdering for profit in their own country. LOL

    This will not do for the Jews.

    The Jews saw what happened when Erick Honecker ordered the “East German Military” (rank and file German) to open fire upon German protesters in Leipzig in the summer of 1989. This order resulted in the German Military balking and the consequent fall of the “Wall” is history (I was there).

    They (Kike filth) also know what Chinese soldiers are capable of when it comes to policing their own people (see Tianamen Square).

    While volunteering at the McMaster Cycle Co-op last summer, I told a Taiwanese National that Canada’s Chinese Mass Media is almost completely in the hands of the Communist Government of China , the Taiwanese student and his cowardly friend replied: “That is quite smart of them…”.
    Is it any wonder that no English translational subtitles are required for any 3rd World language programming in Canada? I wonder what Canadians would do if they could read what the Communist Chinese were telling their own people in Canada? On second thought, Canadians are too brain dead to give a shit.

    Chinese and to a lesser extent Indians are more craven and cowardly in their drive to the “American [pipe-] Dream” than even the most disgusting Limey c@cksucker of the Jew.

    If these “coincidences” don’t have “Kike” stamped all over them then I do not know what does.

  6. Anonymous said

    “…India and China don’t make gentiles and Americans and Europeans fight wars against Arabs, Iranians, Afghans, Muslims,…”

    Correct! Instead, they do it themselves!

    The Chinese Communist Forces kill the Western Chinese Muslims in the Shinxiang Province as well as Tibetans (sp?).

    The Indians kill Muslims in Kashmere (sp?).

    But what the dead of all races do not realize is that the Israeli Mafia have provided each side with the Western Technology to make the most of their mutual killing sprees.

    Jews are always ones to keep as many of their feet in as many doors as possible lest something not go as planned and they need a quick “out”.


    “…Indians and Chinese don’t make anti-free speech laws but demand full double standards for themselves…”

    LOL, You have obviously never been to China!

    Maybe not when it comes to the Holyhoax, but try proclaiming that the Communist Party of China is decadently corrupt and in league with the Triads and see how fast you end up in the slammer.


    “…And Indians and Chinese don’t have any books or guidelines or strong beliefs that are as diabolic and satanic and exploitive as the Talmud.”

    Correct, they only kill their own citizenry for protesting anti-democratic oppression and consider the “White man” as a foreign devil to be conquered.


    “…Nor are there any sizable number of Chinese or Indians who vigorously espouse hateful blasphemies against Jesus Christ, but there are plenty of Israelis and Jews who do.”

    Correct about the Indians but not the Chinese.

    Communist China is anti-Christian, although not without merit as most missionaries in China are Free Mason CIA informants who use the modern day bastardized Christian industry to disrupt Chinese unity.

    Nevertheless, the point is that Canada is being flooded with Chinese and Subcontinentals. These two groups have competing interests and are being let in by the Zionofascists who run our country.
    If you think Jews are going to let people bribe their way into Canada who are not on a Jew World Order agenda, then you are a bit naive.

    In case White North Americans realize the fate in store for them and rise up to prevent the future murder of their own off-spring under the JWO, the Jews are definitely going to need a place to run next. As Israel is little more than a parasitic Criminal State that can not survive without resources stolen from other host countries, many Jews will opt to go to China or India instead of israel if their plan to rule the world fails. Israel is already the most hated nation on earth. Do you really think a rich American or UK Kike would want to go to Israel without the guarantee of resource influx from other host nations?
    I strongly suspect they are actively negotiating with Chinese and Indian (Sikh) lawmakers for “inclusive” legislation that protects Jews in these countries should White North Americans wake up and make life for Jewish Criminals here untenable.

    It’s the least the Chinese and Indians can do for being allowed by the Kike and their Limey cocks@ckers to take over North America.

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