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Ken Dryden Hit With One Too Many Hockey Pucks

Posted by Anarchore on October 14, 2008

Zionofascism has so dominated Canada’s politics that the question is not pro or con Palestinian genocide, but how fast we can encourage Israhell to achieve it. Do Canada’s Jews really vote based on groveling to Israel?

One has to wonder how they can stand to live in Canada where many people are actually against Zionist genocide and control. Not that you would know it looking at politicians. The politicians know if they offend big Jewry they will not win. So we get the most philo-Judiac quislings, with candidates getting kicked out for telling the truth about Israeli 911 treachery.

Why don’t the genocidal Jews move to Israel. Won’t they be happier where they can kill Palestinians personally, without repercussion? Many of us are starting to not like the Jewish community in general. Thirteen percent of a growing percentage of Canadians have an unfavourable view of Jews, due to the activities of Israeli subversives.

Are there any Jewish groups other than Zionist scumbags in Canada? One or two, maybe.

“The fight against anti-semitism is vital”?

The reason for any so-called “anti-semitism” is because the Zionofascists have taken over the media, much of the Supreme court, and have turned Parliament into a junior Knesset.

It seems that Jewish criminal gangs have done this before, and this is the cause of your “anti-semitism”, that keeps getting Jews thrown out of country after country.

In other words, it’s not our fault, it’s YOUR fault for not reigning in the criminals.

Your whining about the fight against anti-semitism being undermined sounds disingenuous, what anti-semitism? There is no anti-semitism, but what is generated by your people.

And if you don’t reign in your criminals, WE WILL, epithet of “anti-semite”, or not. Because it doesn’t really matter what Jews say. You have no moral authority anymore, the Holocaust(six million myth) is a joke, esp when Jews have killed many times that many of my people, so don’t count on that helping you anymore.

Not that I don’t welcome you to help fight Zionofascism in Canada, but it won’t be on your terms and it won’t be to advance the interests of “the tribe”, and it won’t be to fight “anti-semitism”, other than cleansing you of the shadow of evil that lies over the word “Jew” by the actions of those who say they speak for you.

What Jewish leaders in Canada are calling for justice? I’d really like to know.

“I pledge to help Jews kill the Goyim of the world. While it may sound harsh, genocide is the right thing to do at this time.”

Ken Dryden goes on Israeli power play in York Centre faceoff.
Israel’s party mixer

Dryden blurs Liberal stance on Mideast
It’s true that sitting Lib MP Ken Dryden didn’t exactly promise to attend every bris up and down York Centre riding.
But he did dangerously hit the hyperbole gas pedal at a September 24 meeting while trying to out-Israel Conservative challenger Rochelle Wilner, a hard-liner and former B’nai Brith president.
In front of a split audience in the sanctuary of the Beth Emeth synagogue on Wilmington (personal note: I had my bar mitzvah here), the ex-hockey guy’s eyes hardened as he advocated no truck or trade with the “terrorists” in the democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza.
Then he offered this shocker: “Stop all aid that flows into Gaza. While that may seem a harsh measure that will hurt Palestinian civilians… it is the right thing to do at this time.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Dion: Full Confidence in the Canadian Jewish Congress

Posted by Anarchore on October 4, 2008

Dion is not a leader. Neither is Stephen Harper. They are puppets of the Zionofascists.

“I have full confidence in the Canadian Jewish Congress to solve this matter.”

While Canadians were sleeping, Zionofascists took control of our media.

Then they took places in government, on the Supreme Court, there was even a CJC leader Rabinovitch as head of the CBC.

Now they are cleansing Canadian politics of views they don’t like, for the terrorist state Israel, that they support more than Canada.

BTW, the evidence shows that Israel knew about 911 and was likely involved in the execution, which makes it all the more frightening that these powerful evil Zionists are so intertwined in Canada’s politics.

MTL911truth did a video about an Isreali company getting the Montreal Metro contracts, the company is a front for the terrorist Israeli intelligence operation, The Mossad, “by deception we do war” is their motto.

Now bring this up to speed with what we know about Israel attacking her “allies” to blame on the Arabs and we have a serious security situation in Canada.

Let’s give Zionists a one-way ticket to their criminal haven and world terrorist headquarters in Israhell.

How about it Bernie Farber, Johnathan Kay and the rest of your fifth column of Israel-loving rats?

I for one would like to give you a huge sendoff, by putting my boot up your ass.

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SMEAR JOB!!! : The Zionist Media’s Mendacious Battle to Control Canada’s Election Agenda

Posted by Anarchore on October 1, 2008

More reaction to ZOG agents outing themselves as serving Israel’s terrorist agenda before Canada.


SMEAR JOB!!! : The Zionist Media’s Mendacious Battle to Control Canada’s Election Agenda By Arthur Topham

September 29th, 2008

SMEAR JOB!!! : The Zionist Media’s Mendacious Battle to Control Canada’s Election Agenda

By Arthur Topham

September 29, 2008

Midway into Canada’s federal election the battle lines are clearly taking shape as voters across the country witness in anger and sad disbelief the Asper Media cartel’s unabashed smear campaign now being orchestrated against any and all candidates who don’t espouse views acceptable to the Zionist agenda for globalization, endless war, and the suppression of free speech.

Whether you are Green or Red or Blue the colour doesn’t matter. What is critical is that you must not come into this election bearing any present or past grievances toward either the Bush Regime, the Zionist state of Israel, the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq or the draconian federal laws prohibiting citizens from cultivating or enjoying a puff of that magic dragon cannabis.

Spearheaded by CanWest’s Asper media monopoly and its most zealous rag the National (Zionist) Post and aided and abetted by the persistent collusion of a motley hoard of rabid, pro-Zionist cyber hounds concealing themselves behind various “Christian”, “Conservative” and “Liberal” blogkades, the search for the non-believers in the official lies of 9/11, the heathen apostates who have yet to prostrate themselves before the Zionist Israeli lobby now controlling Ottawa and the freaks who once, or still, smoke the cursed marijuana herb are all fair game in this Armageddon to control the mind-fields of Canada’s volatile electors.

Astonishing as it may appear to many voters the realization that Canada’s media is dominated by one small faction of Zionist extremists still remains a mystery yet is thee perennial problem that Canadians face in terms of discerning truth from lies when it comes to our so-called “independent”, mainstream media.

When Joe or Jane reader in British Columbia pick up their “news” paper from their front step or the supermarket or corner grocery they basically have four choices: The Province, The Vancouver Sun, The National Post or The Globe and Mail. Of these four the first three are part of a monopoly that Vancouver writer and political commentator Robin Mathews once described as being one of the “sleaziest media concentration monsters in Canadian history: CanWest Global Communications”.

CanWest is owned by the Asper family, admittedly pro-Israel and thus, by definition, Zionist in terms of its political perspective.

Mathews also stated that Sociologist Larry Patriquin, after studying The National Post (2004), said of the Post’s material that it fits “’the classic definition of propaganda’. It was, he said, ‘a discourse in which incomplete information is presented to people with the purpose of distorting their view….’”

In fact a reporter for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, in an analysis of CanWest’s propaganda machine, once commented that it was so slanted and biased in its political coverage that  “Vancouver’s daily papers should be read at a 45-degree angle”!

The fourth choice, The Globe & Mail, while not apparently owned by the Zionists, might as well be for it follows suit with the former three in its editorial policies and is thus basically a clone of the Zionist cartel of the Aspers. In tandem they all work together to give a one-sided, pro-Zionist perspective on national issues and global politics, one that favours the US/Israel/UK agenda as well as the Harper government’s Conservative perspective on political issues.

In addition to the aforementioned, CanWest also owns Southam Publications whose daily papers include: the Halifax Daily News, the St. John’s Telegram, the Charlottetown Guardian, the Montreal Gazette, the Ottawa Citizen, the Windsor Star, the St. Catharines Standard, the Regina Leader Post, the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, the Calgary Herald, the Edmonton Journal, and the Victoria Times-Colonist.

As well, the Asper cartel owns 126 other daily and weekly papers across Canada. Here In BC these papers include: the Abbotsford Times, the Alberni Valley Times, the Burnaby Now, the Campbell River Courier-Islander, the Chilliwack Times, the Coquitlam Times Now, the Comox Valley Echo(partnership interest), the Cowichan Valley Citizen (Duncan), the Delta Optimist, the Harbour City Star, the Kamloops Daily News, the Lake Cowichan News, the Langley Advance, the Maple Ridge Times, the Monthly Star Homes, the Nanaimo Daily News, the New Westminster Record, the North Shore News, the Now Community, the Parksville/Qualicum Beach Morning Sun, the Pennyworth Shopper, the Prince George Citizen, the Real Estate Weekly, the Richmond News, the TV Scene, the Vancouver Courier, and the Westerly News.

This same Asper/Zionist media monopoly extends to television as well where the vast majority of Canadians get their political perspective on national and world events and includes the following televised media sources: Global Television Network (8 regional channels including Edmonton’s ITV and Vancouver’s VTV), Fox Sportsworld Canada, Lone Star, Deja View, Mystery Channel, CHEK Victoria, CHTV Hamilton, and CHBC Okanagan. They also own Fireworks Entertainment and 8 other foreign channels and numerous radio stations across the globe.

Now when you consider that an identical editorial (propaganda) perspective, such as the recent poison-penned hit attack upon Liberal candidate Leslie Hughes and the NDP’s Bev Collins by Jonathan Kay of the National Post is instantly peddled throughout this vast media network is it that surprising so many Canadians are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the Zionist propaganda machine and find themselves thrown into cognizant disarray?

Those additional forces within the fabric of Canadian society who are pushing this pro-Zionist agenda, either wittingly or unwittingly, consists in the main of the following: Harry Abrams and the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada, the Canadian Jewish Congress headed by Bernie Farber, the Simon Weisenthal Center and an assortment of pro-Israeli websites and bloggers such as http://www.FreeDominion.com , http://www.EzraLevant.com , the Liberal’s http://www.teambc.ca , http://www.liblogs.ca , http://jaycurrie.info-syn.com , Kathy Shaidle http://www.fivefeetoffury.com , http://blazingcatfur.blogspot.com , http://jasoncherniak.blogspot.com and so on.

Voters are being assailed on all quarters by a concerted effort on the part of a biased media monopoly to thwart the right of Canadians to choose their representatives without interference from an obviously parisan Fourth Estate.

As Dylan once prophetically wrote, “The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast”. Canadians, whether they wish it or not, are being forced to either suspend their disbelief in the freedom and independence of Canada’s media or else come to terms with the obvious.

There is only one reasonable solution and that is for all those political parties currently being affected to realize the trap they’ve fallen into and to then confront this mendacious media attack upon their candidates and expose the true agenda of the Asper empire. It will take courage and the will power to stand up for one’s beliefs but if our parties don’t confront this Trojan Horse now and expose it for what it truly is then the results will only be that much worse for the country in the long run.

Arthur Topham is the publisher and editor of the RadicalPress.com http://www.radicalpress.com and lives in central British Columbia, Canada.
He can be reached at radical@radicalpress.com

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Liberals: NDP Running Conspiracy Theorist

Posted by Anarchore on September 27, 2008

Unbelievable! You don’t have to go hunting for Zionofascism in Canada, it just walks up and slaps you in the face, repeatedly!

A press release at the Liberals website, is attacking NDP candidate Bev Collins for the crime of questioning 911.

Was this also at the behest of the Canadian Jewish Congress, like the Lesley Hughes termination?

Orwellian Lieberal press release follows:


NDP Running Conspiracy Theorist


September 25, 2008


Bev Collins Views Insulting to Victims of 9-11

Jack Layton must be held to account for approving the candidacy of Bev Collins, a high profile conspiracy theorist and former Canadian Action Party (CAP) President and NDP candidate in Cariboo-Prince George.

Sadly, it appears that the NDP didn’t do any research when they recruited this controversial candidate, who even speaks at “9/11truth conferences.” When confronted with the possibility by the Vancouver Sun yesterday, NDP campaign manager Gerry Scott was quoted as saying “I’m sure she doesn’t believe that” (Vancouver Sun, 24 September 2008)

Here are the facts:

There are countless hours of video and audio that show exactly what Bev Collins really believes. (Links and transcripts attached) The local print media has also reported extensively on what Bev Collins believes. For example:

“With Rumsfeld, Rove, and now Gonzales out of the way, Bush is losing his support base faster than he can say Al-Qaida. Now officials are warning their fellow Americans and the world that Cheney and friends are planning to launch a 9/11-style attack on American soil within the coming months to bring about martial law and keep their hold on power. This could be ignored as a conspiracy, except for the high-calibre people who signed on to this public written warning including a former colonel and congresswoman.”

-Running for cover from all the conspiracy theories,” Prince George Citizen (31 August 2007)


“The CAP [Canadian Action Party, of which Collins was president] is launching an independent internal investigation,” she said. There’s so much complicity and questions surrounding that day. And now we’re being stripped of our rights and freedoms with anti-terrorism laws, rules and regulations

“Collins’ party happy with turnout North American union, potential war hot topics,” Cariboo Press (21 October 2007)


Was Jack Layton aware of Ms. Collins’ views prior to her becoming an NDP candidate?

If not, now that Jack Layton has this information, will he repudiate or endorse the extreme views of this candidate?

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Dion the Terrorist Appeaser

Posted by Anarchore on September 26, 2008

It just gets worse and worse in Canada, as freedom of speech is stifled in a thousand different ways.



Liberals ask candidate to step down over 9/11 comments

‘No room’ for ‘odious’ anti-Semitic conspiracy theories: Jewish group CEO

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion has asked Winnipeg-area candidate Lesley
Hughes to step down over an old column in which she suggested Israeli
companies were given a heads-up about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the

The Big Jewry, ie your cultural and political masters, applaud the move to boot a candidate for telling the truth about Israeli foreknowledge of 911. Since then a lot more information has come out. Can someone show Dion the Fox News Carl Cameron video on YouTube about 100s of Israeli spies held in connection with 911, including 5 that were there to “document the event”, and a Mossad moving company that closed it’s doors soon after?


The American Zionofascist Jewry organization the ADL squashed these videos, more at this link:


This is horrible. Powerfull Jews are effectively protecting Jewish terrorists by punishing those who come out with the truth about Israeli terror. This is certifiable thought control on the part of Canada’s Zionofascist Jewry, something that will surely explode in our faces.

Canadians don’t appreciate attempting to silence information that is vital to Canada’s security, given Israel’s history of false flag attacks on it’s “friends”, and the Israel-Canadian integration the neoConservatives have brought about. Indeed the Montreal 911 Truth organization uncovered the fact that a Mossad front company got the video contract for the Montreal’s Metro and the Zionofascist-riddled government has done nothing about it.

If a “muslim terror attack” happens in Montreal’s subway(or in Canada for that matter), we will know who is behind it. We will expose you CJC, for your efforts on behalf of the terrorist state of Israel you slimey, undemocratic sicko Jew bastards.



Liberals ask candidate to step down over 9/11 comments
‘No room’ for ‘odious’ anti-Semitic conspiracy theories: Jewish group CEO

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion has asked Winnipeg-area candidate Lesley
Hughes to step down over an old column in which she suggested Israeli
companies were given a heads-up about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the
U.S. Read the rest of this entry »

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Know your real enemies, and act

Posted by Anarchore on May 2, 2008

Canada’s government has crossed the line and is actively working against Canadians’ interests on a number of different fronts. The corruption and scandals in the media are but the tip of the iceberg. Elitist Zionists along with Canada’s traditional plutocracy attend elitist conspiracy groups like Bilderberg, which vetted Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion and Paul Martin. They pick who we are allowed to vote for. Canada under the grip of global elitists and Zionists is a place where freedom of speech is hatecrime, war for Israel is the highest virtue, cures for cancer and other diseases are violently suppressed, alternative energy technology is violently suppressed, and the attack on the working people is in high gear.

Know your real enemies, and act

by Xymphora

Predictable pathetic attempt from the Ottawa Citizen (owned by what type of Billionaire?) to explain why the Toronto 18 case is completely falling apart. Always remember that the entire point of all these cases is to convince people living in Western democracies that they share with Israel an imminent danger from ‘Islamofascists’. Thus we should all sign on to Bibi Netanyahu’s ‘war on terror’ – I keep stressing whose war this is as we can never forget that it was invented in an Israeli think tank in the late 80s – and allow Israel to kill Arabs and steal their land and water. Hundreds of years of the development of the protection of human rights, including the presumption of innocence and the need to have a smidgen of evidence before we ruin lives, is all to be thrown out the door so the highest representatives of the Tribe can have their fun.

To sum up the Toronto 18 case, there were 17 young Muslim men, who liked to play paintball in the woods, one older guy (the Osama bin Laden figure), and two agents provocateurs. The charges have now been dropped against the older guy, leaving the paintballers and the government agents. One of the government agents, a controversial fellow (always remembering ‘innocent until proven guilty’!), claims to have been paid a considerable amount of money for his efforts, and the other, an agricultural engineer, appears to have come up with the fertilizer which constitutes the entire basis of the terrorism case. It is well past the time to let all these victims of injustice go, and start disciplining – preferably by firing – the police and prosecutors involved in this travesty. Those officials who leaked information to the public in order to try the case by innuendo should be tracked down and prosecuted.

It is about time that Canadians, and others, discover who their real enemies are. One of the many reasons I am so hard on Zionism is that it constitutes a serious threat to everybody in the world, whether through wars or the destruction of civil rights. To give just another example: the single main threat to free speech in the West concerns efforts by Zionists to stop discussion of the many wrongs committed by Israel. People who continue to rely on political correctness to dodge the real issues here are morally responsible for the real harm that is being done to real people.

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How Did the Afghan War Get Extended?

Posted by Anarchore on March 25, 2008

How did Canada’s Afghan occupation get extended? In Canada there are groups that will support war for vatious reasons. Some are veterans and newly-brainwashed soldiers and those who think like them, wanting to relive the imagined glory of the past. Then there are the warmongerers for money like arms dealers and stock profiteers. These fools and scum are in the minority, but they are superceded by a powerful faction that controls the media and politics in Canada.

There is only one group that had the organization and the resources to pull this off -The Israel Lobby.

Canadians were recently treated to a shocking and sickening spectacle. On March 13, 2008, Stephane Dion and the Liberals, who had been calling for an end to Canada’s hostilities in Afghanistan, voted with the Conservatives to continue propping up the brutal war- and drug-lords in the Afghan “government”1. The “mission” will be extended beyond 2009, to at least 2011.2 What caused the about face from Dion, who had said that he would never agree? Read the rest of this entry »

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Trotskyite Communists are now Called the Neocons

Posted by Anarchore on February 6, 2008

In Canada the world government and neocon crowd are ensconsed in the Liberal and Conservative parties, while “Montreal-based journalists” crank out propaganda for rags like the National Post..


February 06, 2008 NA (Network America) e-wire

Now that Super Tuesday’s Over . . .

Dear Friends,

The truth is that the Ron Paul forces are dazed and demoralized. They’ve had their “heads handed to them” by the Trotskyite Communists running the 5 Big TV Networks, and the 4 big computerized “vote-counting” companies counting 96% our “our” US vote.


By the way, the Trotskyite Communists of 1917 – are now called the “NeoCons” in 2008.

Consider this, as just ONE PIECE of evidence amongst hundreds of thousands available: Winston Churchill, in the “Illustrated Sunday Herald”, London, February 8, 1920, page 5, identified those behind the Communists who had taken over Russia in 1917 as “the most formidable sect in the world” and explained that for the advancement of this anti-Christian revolution for World Revolution (i.e., World Tyranny, i.e., New World Order) that “Russia had to be laid low.”

Churchill further stated that Communist Front Man, — financed from New York and London, — Vladimir Lenin had gathered “the leading spirits of a formidable sect, the most formidable sect in the world, of which he was the high priest and chief.” Churchill continued: “From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, etc, . . .  this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstruction of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.”

And this drive for the tyrannical “New World Order” has been steadily growing since 1920, and is still in full swing as exhibited by the war-mongering in the Mideast and the attempts to implement growing police state measures here at home under the guidance of Lenin-Look-Alike Michael Chertoff.
Read the rest of this entry »

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Barbara Kay Wants to Feel Safe

Posted by Anarchore on February 4, 2008

I was listening to CBC’s Cross Country Checkup, since it happened to be on, and I was feeling too lazy to switch it off.

Here is the program link in mp3 in case you are masochistically inclined: http://www.cbc.ca/checkup/archive/2008/080203CC.mp3
The topic was the US Republican and Democrat leadership race.

Consistent with the censorship inherent in Canada’s controlled media, there was praise for all the mainstream war candidates like Clinton, Obama and McCain, but they did not allow a single caller who was aware of Ron Paul, who is one of the remaining four Republican candidates.

Ron Paul is the only candidate of either group who is consistently against the Iraq war, wants to get rid of the IRS and the Federal Reserve, restore the constitution and get America out of foreign entaglements.

Of course the Oil/War/Bilderberg/Israel Lobby is on high alert when someone comes along and threatens to tip their cash cow, so Ron Paul is consistently cheated out of time in debates, and on ‘call-in’ shows like Cross-Country Checkup.

Cross-Country Checkup, which is obstensibly a call-in program where Canadians can weigh in on topics of the day is in reality a government information gatekeeper. Rex Murphy reprimanded a girl who called in during the beginning of the Iraq hostilities, and said that Bush was lying. Murphy, one of the gatekeepers for Canada’s plutocracy and global governance wing told her that Bush would not lie and that one should not say such things about George Bush. Of course 911 truth is not touched at all, except to condemn it as ‘ludicrous’ and ‘unthinkable’. Of course.

Yesterday’s show was no different in that the not-so-hidden powers controlling Canada were given their say. There were various guests, including one brilliant analyst who said that there is no point in debating issues because people don’t follow issues anyway, so we should just focus on superficialities. Then the neocon Barbara Kay was asked for her opinion, as though to provide ‘balance’ for the propaganda barrage I had just been witness to.

Kay’s qualifications are as an English teacher, but somehow this neocon columnist was selected as a reasonable voice for national radio. Why not ask a traditional conservative for their point of view? Traditional conservatives are evidently not pro-Israel enough. A true conservative might mention that Ron Paul is the best Republican for the job, but because Ron Paul is against foreign entanglements(ie Israel backing) and would reform the corrupt Federal Reserve system he is not mentioned by any mainstream media.

No, there are no conservatives allowed. The mainstream media including the CBC are in thrall to neoconservativism, what could be called ‘Israelism’, a fascist Zionist movement responsible for the Iraq war, and deeply involved in the 911 attacks.

Barbara Kay, a “Montreal-based columnist” for the National Post weighed in for McCain, because he would go after “the terrorists”.

Kay’s first priority is to be safe, and with a neocon warmonger in the US, we will be safe in Canada.

Now we know not to take statements like that from neocons at face value don’t we?

No, we see that Kay is in favour of the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war and war against Iran.

In fact, I could tell that about Ms Kay without hearing a word.

How do I know so much about her viewpoints?

The phrase, “Montreal-based columnist for the National Post” says it all.

Neoconservatives and Zionofascists within Canada, with their flagship newspaper the National Post, all have the same talking points and ideology. In fact this has been ordered by Izzy Asper, former owner of CanWest Global communications. Reporters that criticize Israel are fired.
They are pro-war, anti-speech, pro-police state(just like Israel) and always ready to play the “anti-semitism” card, lest anyone expose their perfidy.

Here she is going on about “Israel bashers”: http://www.barbarakay.ca/archive/20080130takingonisraelbashers.htm

Why is Cross Country Checkup giving this extremist airtime?

This isn’t Israel North, it is Canada!
related: http://theproles.blogspot.com/2006/08/one-more-round-against-barbara-kay.html

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Zionofascists on Canada’s Supreme Court?

Posted by Anarchore on December 12, 2007

With Zionofascist-fomented wars threatening the world, can we afford to have a Zionist idealogue on the Supreme Court?

Rosalie Silberman Abella was appointed in 2004 by Paul Martin as part of the heavily Zionist-infiltrated Liberal Party of Canada’s pro-Israel agenda.

What kind of person is Mrs Abella? Is she a part of the pro-Israel Zionist Occupational Government taking over Canada’s institutions, or is she a competent judge who is impartial and just happens to be Jewish? Paul Martin would not have appointed a rabid Zionist to the Supreme Court, would he?

We don’t have to scratch her worship very hard to reveal some disturbing facts about Abella.

She is married to Irving Abella, former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress(CJC). The CJC is one of the many Israel Lobby groups operating in Canada. The agenda is anti-liberty, anti-speech and pro-war for Israel’s interests. They talk about human rights and protecting minorities, but in reality all they are concerned about is that Canada’s ZOG agents be above criticism under penalty of law.

The exerpt below from Canadian Jewish Outlook September-October 2007 describes the CJC tactic of labelling anyone that disagrees with Zionists and Israeli policy as antisemitic.


Since 2002, the CJC has been treating any criticism of Israel as
an attack on all Jews: “Jews and Israel, Judaism and Zionism are
inextricably intertwined and an antisemitic attack on one is an
attack on the other.” ii It explicitly labels as anti-Semitic anyone
(Gentile or Jew) who criticizes Israeli policy or Zionism. Last summer,
as Israel rained destruction on Lebanon and the people of
Gaza, the CJC attacked the United Church of Canada as anti-
Semitic for considering a divestment motion in protest of Israeli war crimes.

What of Abella’s own views?


Jul 05, 2003 – Globe and Mail

By: Madam Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella

A battle that never ends

Canada’s response to anti-Semitism assumes many forms. We have Criminal Code provisions and anti-discrimination human rights commissions to prevent hate crimes and propaganda; we have special hate crime units in our police forces; we have expansive Holocaust education programs; we have aggressive representative Jewish organizations like the Canadian Jewish Congress; we have a lively and generally supportive media; we have vigorous public debate; we have human rights education for a strong and independent judiciary, and we have a consistently- articulated public policy against anti-Semitism.

Well it didn’t take her long to plug the pernicious CJC, showing that her loyalties do not lie with Canada. I like the statement about the “generally supportive media”. No surprize there, with the media being owned by warmongering, pro-mass immigration, anti-liberty Zionofascists! She goes on to lament the new “anti-Semitism”:

This new anti-Semitism seems to have started after the Middle East peace talks broke down in 2000, took flight with the rampant racism at the UN Conference Against Racism at Durban, and spiralled out of control after 9/11. Once again, we hear demonizations and vitriol; once again, we are admonished to put it in context, and once again, we are urged as mature democracies to yield our anxieties over anti-Semitic speech to the centrality of freedom of expression.

That’s right, bitch! Because there really is no “antisemitic” speech that is not the result of Zionofascist scum like yourself, in reaction to your subverting our governments and institutions for the sake of your precious parasitic terrorist state Israel. No one criticizes Jews for being Jews, but for meddling on behalf of an alien state with values that are repugnant to us. And with the evidence that Israel was involved in 9/11, you can be sure that we are watching you very very closely.

In conclusion, we see that Abella is an Israel mole. She does not belong on the Supreme Court, and we are now seeing the deleterious effect of ZOG agents in Canada with the denial of US war resistors, and the endless warmongering.


Dec 07, 2007 – CJC, UJA Federation launch “We Love Our Troops” pin campaign

OTTAWA – Dec. 7, 2008 – Canadian Jewish Congress, in conjunction with UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, proudly announce the launch of the free distribution of lapel pins with the messages “We Love Our Troops” and “Nous Aimons nos Troupes” at Giant Tiger stores, from coast to coast.

The idea for the pins flowed from the Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa last month, where Rabbi Reuven Bulka, co-President of CJC and Honourary Chaplain, Dominion Command, Royal Canadian Legion, roused the crowd in a chant of “We Love Our Troops.”

We are sick of it, and we can see the cause. Let them fight their battles themselves.

Three out of the nine Supreme Court judges are Jews. Three out of four of Canada’s most recent Supreme Court political appointees are Jews!

Fish, Morris Jacob                    Puisne Judge            2003.08.05        – Chrétien, Joseph Jacques Jean
Abella, Rosalie Silberman          Puisne Judge            2004.08.30        – Martin, Paul Edgar Philippe
Charron, Louise V.                   Puisne Judge            2004.08.30        – Martin, Paul Edgar Philippe
Rothstein, Marshall E.               Puisne Judge            2006.03.01        – Harper, Stephen Joseph

Zionofascism in Canada is accelerating. God help the country.

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