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Barbara Kay Wants to Feel Safe

Posted by Anarchore on February 4, 2008

I was listening to CBC’s Cross Country Checkup, since it happened to be on, and I was feeling too lazy to switch it off.

Here is the program link in mp3 in case you are masochistically inclined: http://www.cbc.ca/checkup/archive/2008/080203CC.mp3
The topic was the US Republican and Democrat leadership race.

Consistent with the censorship inherent in Canada’s controlled media, there was praise for all the mainstream war candidates like Clinton, Obama and McCain, but they did not allow a single caller who was aware of Ron Paul, who is one of the remaining four Republican candidates.

Ron Paul is the only candidate of either group who is consistently against the Iraq war, wants to get rid of the IRS and the Federal Reserve, restore the constitution and get America out of foreign entaglements.

Of course the Oil/War/Bilderberg/Israel Lobby is on high alert when someone comes along and threatens to tip their cash cow, so Ron Paul is consistently cheated out of time in debates, and on ‘call-in’ shows like Cross-Country Checkup.

Cross-Country Checkup, which is obstensibly a call-in program where Canadians can weigh in on topics of the day is in reality a government information gatekeeper. Rex Murphy reprimanded a girl who called in during the beginning of the Iraq hostilities, and said that Bush was lying. Murphy, one of the gatekeepers for Canada’s plutocracy and global governance wing told her that Bush would not lie and that one should not say such things about George Bush. Of course 911 truth is not touched at all, except to condemn it as ‘ludicrous’ and ‘unthinkable’. Of course.

Yesterday’s show was no different in that the not-so-hidden powers controlling Canada were given their say. There were various guests, including one brilliant analyst who said that there is no point in debating issues because people don’t follow issues anyway, so we should just focus on superficialities. Then the neocon Barbara Kay was asked for her opinion, as though to provide ‘balance’ for the propaganda barrage I had just been witness to.

Kay’s qualifications are as an English teacher, but somehow this neocon columnist was selected as a reasonable voice for national radio. Why not ask a traditional conservative for their point of view? Traditional conservatives are evidently not pro-Israel enough. A true conservative might mention that Ron Paul is the best Republican for the job, but because Ron Paul is against foreign entanglements(ie Israel backing) and would reform the corrupt Federal Reserve system he is not mentioned by any mainstream media.

No, there are no conservatives allowed. The mainstream media including the CBC are in thrall to neoconservativism, what could be called ‘Israelism’, a fascist Zionist movement responsible for the Iraq war, and deeply involved in the 911 attacks.

Barbara Kay, a “Montreal-based columnist” for the National Post weighed in for McCain, because he would go after “the terrorists”.

Kay’s first priority is to be safe, and with a neocon warmonger in the US, we will be safe in Canada.

Now we know not to take statements like that from neocons at face value don’t we?

No, we see that Kay is in favour of the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war and war against Iran.

In fact, I could tell that about Ms Kay without hearing a word.

How do I know so much about her viewpoints?

The phrase, “Montreal-based columnist for the National Post” says it all.

Neoconservatives and Zionofascists within Canada, with their flagship newspaper the National Post, all have the same talking points and ideology. In fact this has been ordered by Izzy Asper, former owner of CanWest Global communications. Reporters that criticize Israel are fired.
They are pro-war, anti-speech, pro-police state(just like Israel) and always ready to play the “anti-semitism” card, lest anyone expose their perfidy.

Here she is going on about “Israel bashers”: http://www.barbarakay.ca/archive/20080130takingonisraelbashers.htm

Why is Cross Country Checkup giving this extremist airtime?

This isn’t Israel North, it is Canada!
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2 Responses to “Barbara Kay Wants to Feel Safe”

  1. Anonymous said

    minor corrections:

    I was listening to CBC’s Cross Country Checkup, since it happened to be on, and I was feeling *too* lazy to switch it off.

    Yesterday’s show was no different in that the not-so-hidden powers controlling Canada *were* given their say.

  2. anarchore said

    Thank you!

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