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Know your real enemies, and act

Posted by Anarchore on May 2, 2008

Canada’s government has crossed the line and is actively working against Canadians’ interests on a number of different fronts. The corruption and scandals in the media are but the tip of the iceberg. Elitist Zionists along with Canada’s traditional plutocracy attend elitist conspiracy groups like Bilderberg, which vetted Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion and Paul Martin. They pick who we are allowed to vote for. Canada under the grip of global elitists and Zionists is a place where freedom of speech is hatecrime, war for Israel is the highest virtue, cures for cancer and other diseases are violently suppressed, alternative energy technology is violently suppressed, and the attack on the working people is in high gear.

Know your real enemies, and act

by Xymphora

Predictable pathetic attempt from the Ottawa Citizen (owned by what type of Billionaire?) to explain why the Toronto 18 case is completely falling apart. Always remember that the entire point of all these cases is to convince people living in Western democracies that they share with Israel an imminent danger from ‘Islamofascists’. Thus we should all sign on to Bibi Netanyahu’s ‘war on terror’ – I keep stressing whose war this is as we can never forget that it was invented in an Israeli think tank in the late 80s – and allow Israel to kill Arabs and steal their land and water. Hundreds of years of the development of the protection of human rights, including the presumption of innocence and the need to have a smidgen of evidence before we ruin lives, is all to be thrown out the door so the highest representatives of the Tribe can have their fun.

To sum up the Toronto 18 case, there were 17 young Muslim men, who liked to play paintball in the woods, one older guy (the Osama bin Laden figure), and two agents provocateurs. The charges have now been dropped against the older guy, leaving the paintballers and the government agents. One of the government agents, a controversial fellow (always remembering ‘innocent until proven guilty’!), claims to have been paid a considerable amount of money for his efforts, and the other, an agricultural engineer, appears to have come up with the fertilizer which constitutes the entire basis of the terrorism case. It is well past the time to let all these victims of injustice go, and start disciplining – preferably by firing – the police and prosecutors involved in this travesty. Those officials who leaked information to the public in order to try the case by innuendo should be tracked down and prosecuted.

It is about time that Canadians, and others, discover who their real enemies are. One of the many reasons I am so hard on Zionism is that it constitutes a serious threat to everybody in the world, whether through wars or the destruction of civil rights. To give just another example: the single main threat to free speech in the West concerns efforts by Zionists to stop discussion of the many wrongs committed by Israel. People who continue to rely on political correctness to dodge the real issues here are morally responsible for the real harm that is being done to real people.


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