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Dion: Full Confidence in the Canadian Jewish Congress

Posted by Anarchore on October 4, 2008

Dion is not a leader. Neither is Stephen Harper. They are puppets of the Zionofascists.

“I have full confidence in the Canadian Jewish Congress to solve this matter.”

While Canadians were sleeping, Zionofascists took control of our media.

Then they took places in government, on the Supreme Court, there was even a CJC leader Rabinovitch as head of the CBC.

Now they are cleansing Canadian politics of views they don’t like, for the terrorist state Israel, that they support more than Canada.

BTW, the evidence shows that Israel knew about 911 and was likely involved in the execution, which makes it all the more frightening that these powerful evil Zionists are so intertwined in Canada’s politics.

MTL911truth did a video about an Isreali company getting the Montreal Metro contracts, the company is a front for the terrorist Israeli intelligence operation, The Mossad, “by deception we do war” is their motto.

Now bring this up to speed with what we know about Israel attacking her “allies” to blame on the Arabs and we have a serious security situation in Canada.

Let’s give Zionists a one-way ticket to their criminal haven and world terrorist headquarters in Israhell.

How about it Bernie Farber, Johnathan Kay and the rest of your fifth column of Israel-loving rats?

I for one would like to give you a huge sendoff, by putting my boot up your ass.


6 Responses to “Dion: Full Confidence in the Canadian Jewish Congress”

  1. Jesus said

    what THE HELL was going on at the end of the video? What the hell was he doing, going back and fourth, and then running back to the podium???

    And what THE FUCK are those RETARDED reporters saying???

    “how is that not anti-semitic?” WTF. What the FUCK IS GOING ON?

    and which Conservative member are they talking about that Dion asks for his resignation??? I didn’t hear any Conservative member say anything about this, it was an NDP and a Liberal

  2. roy albrecht said


    I have been reading your comments both here and in http://www.Stormfront.org
    and fully agree and find your insight spot on for almost everything you have said.
    Too bad that for every one person like you there are 10’s of thousands pathetic Canadians who gum their crackers with care for lack of teeth.
    However, there is one point of yours that I question.
    I have noticed that you begrudgingly advocate giving the NDP a chance to rip us off. The NDP has probably been the least craven to the Jew Bastards of all the “…Jew owned…” parties. Jack Layton’s rhetoric on Afghanistan and the “…big banks and oil companies…” is begrudgingly laudable and deserving of some merit. However, I still think it prudent to back tiny “…non-mainstream…” political parties and candidates “…who have not been taken over by Jews…”.
    We have proportional funding now in Canada. From what I understand, giving these non-recognized, non-Zionist parties, whoever and whatever they are called, a vote, also gives them between $1.75 and $2.00 per year per vote of government funding.
    As small parties are often shoestring operations, a few hundred votes can translate into a few thousand dollars between election cycles.
    This is money they can use for activism and outreach and more importantly is money the mainstream parties will be deprived of.
    Jack Layton’s wife is a Chinese Nationalist IMO. She sings a pretty Canadian Lullaby but is Chinese through and through. The Communist Chinese (who have a lock on Chinese Media in Canada) have been in bed with “…Jew-Joint Venture Multinational corporations…” for decades. IMO, Olivia Chow is a Jew kiss Ass and Jack Layton probably is not far behind (no pun intended).
    I live in Hamilton. Hamilton is full of controlling Jews and Masonic Gentile-Jew hybrids. They are mostly immoral criminals, the lot of them. The average citizen is cowardly and fears naming “…the Jew…” and the corruption of their ways or is down right brain-damaged and escapist. David Christopherson, the NDP MP in my riding is sure to win re-election. His votes come from everyone but the Jews in his riding (Jews vote pretty much liberal here), yet he cravenly hides from the issue of Jew control of the Western World even though he knows it is so.
    You have an effect on people’s opinions with your blog, so I recommend that you recommend to your reading public that they,
    “…vote for whomever they perceive will maintain a minority conservative parliament with a stronger NDP presence, but when a candidate is projected to be a shoe in, the vote should go to the “…non-aligned…”, “…non-mainstream…” little candidate not so much for ideological reasons but for financial reasons.
    In my riding the NDP are a shoe in and do not need my vote, so I am free to “…spend/vote…” my $2.00/year on a candidate that I know is a non-Zionist no matter what platform he stands on.

  3. anarchore said

    Jesus: I know! Corporate Zionist wackiness in Canada would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous. The conservative candidate is Richardson in Calgary who made the mistake of telling the truth that 3rd world immigrants are behind most of the drug dealing and crime. Un-politically correct speech is so ugly and evil, that our good friends the Zionists have made sure that we will not have to listen to any of it. Thank them for cleansing the ballot of uncomfortable truths.

    Roy: Thanks for the compliments, and I can’t disagree on anything you have stated… but strategic voting gives me the hives for some reason, because of the feedback loop that polls create. I wonder how different things would be without polling, and everyone just voting for the candidate they think is best.

  4. roy albrecht said

    The faux-election is over and we have a stronger PC minority (no majority thank god) and an increased NDP presence. (something we both advocated/predicted to a certain extent)

    The Jews destroyed the Liberal Party in the hopes of getting a CPC the majority. This so they could more effortlessly ram through more anti-Canadian, pro-Jew legislation.

    They failed by just 12 seats of getting their majority. Just 12 seats away from a full on Stalin style Jew-Mafia controlled police state.

    In the wake of the collapse of Jew-owned Western banks and the ensuing, joblesness, famine, and deprivation (for everyone but Jews and their masonic ass kissers of course) to be followed by wars of all colours and textures, we need to ask ourselves: “What next?”

    Every public institution in Canada is now proxy controlled by the Jewish Mafia and all but the most mentally retarded White Canadians know this!

    Canadians are used to backstabbing each other to “sink the heat” away to anyone but themselves, so what can we realistically expect society to turn into with a populations of cowards and fools who equate survival with backstabbing?

    I suspect that the Jews (Mossad operatives) will have to start killing key figures of dissent to keep the rest of the cowardly Canadian public in line.

    There is practically no where to go to escape this coming mass murder by the Jew-mafia of the law abiding dissidents.

    WNists groups are fractured, infiltrated by Zionists and so lacking is self-awareness that they will not risk trusting other like minded people and therefore they wait in fear like pigs for the slaughter.

    Hopelessness is the aim they (the kike mafia) strive for. They prefer a world where the cattle have lost all hope of freedom. I see these craven Canadian animals all around me and wonder how they are able to live with themselves. But alas, neurosis, paranoia and fear are their constant companions. Surely a punishment in itself.

    A country full of people infected with the cancer of comfort and fear of truth. What a sad and shameful country I am a part of.

    To think that Canadians were once considered one of the most fierce fighting groups during past World Wars yet have now, for lack of pride and honour, become little more than Israeli Bankster owned Murderers.

    What now?

  5. anarchore said

    Roy, we haven’t even started. Most Canadians, I suspect, do not even know what a Zionist is. In my work I often talked to people, about Israel and Jewish billionaires in Canada. I often get the response that people do not like Israel. Anyone educated absolutely despises Israel for the abomination that it is, so we have to educate people. These Zionists are so arrogant in their small power, that they think they can just pass some anti thought laws and people will shut up, but now even their hate crimes is in peril and ridicule. But the Zionists still continue with their arrogance like the emperor with no clothes… everyone is pointing at them and laughing, while they still carry on the same behaviour and that will be their undoing. Take it to the streets! Make and post stickers and flyers. We have just barely begun, the Zionists have just begun their descent. They are finished in Canada, they just don’t know it in their hubris.

  6. roy albrecht said

    In Hamilton Zionist Limeys and Kikes are master liars and thieves. Their influence is all pervasive.

    The minorities that are housed in “Public Housing Complexes” (owned by Jews, rent paid by middle class taxes) are certainly not going to disturb the goose laying golden egg.

    The Jew dependent liars and criminals, whether it be drug dealers or “establishment professionals”, all know about Kike power yet fear confronting it like the plague.

    Many believe themselves to be beneficiaries of the system we try to resist and many more, rightly so, fear abandonment by their fellow Canadian the moment they do speak out.

    Moreover, organized crime is in cahoots with the establishment Jewish mafia, so action against Zionism is an invitation to be targeted by organized crime.

    EVERY city I have ever lived in in Canada it has been the same; fear of naming the Jew. This indicates knowledge of sin yet cowardice to combat it.

    There is no need to tell people about the Jew, because only the mentally retarded don’t know “Jews” are in control. The problem is Canadian men are no longer men, they are like frightened, greedy mongrels with little brains and shriveled hearts trying to hang on to their little piece of the pie.

    The vast majority of Canadians willfully avoid the issue because parasitism has become an endemic national characteristic in Canada.

    To continue to perpetuate a system they know full well is corrupt to the core, because they have become foul and parasitic themselves is the mark of a present day Canadian.

    Canadians (and Westerners in
    General) are criminals by omission and by passive consent. They deserve to be slaughtered for their sloth and cowardice and they shall be one day. There are no excuses for abandoning ones conscience and there will be no mercy shown.

    As for posting posters and going to the streets…?…surely you jest!

    Going to he streets for a citizenry that is actively participating with the establishment Jewish Mafia is like going to Columbia and speaking out against the Drug cartels.

    Only a man who has absolutely nothing left to lose and every reason to want to be killed attempts such a thing…, but now that you mention it it beats another winter alive in this country…, good idea.

    Next stop, an invitation to be murdered…; “public activism in the name of anti-Zionism”. See you in the obituaries. LOL

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