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Zionofascists on Canada’s Supreme Court?

Posted by Anarchore on December 12, 2007

With Zionofascist-fomented wars threatening the world, can we afford to have a Zionist idealogue on the Supreme Court?

Rosalie Silberman Abella was appointed in 2004 by Paul Martin as part of the heavily Zionist-infiltrated Liberal Party of Canada’s pro-Israel agenda.

What kind of person is Mrs Abella? Is she a part of the pro-Israel Zionist Occupational Government taking over Canada’s institutions, or is she a competent judge who is impartial and just happens to be Jewish? Paul Martin would not have appointed a rabid Zionist to the Supreme Court, would he?

We don’t have to scratch her worship very hard to reveal some disturbing facts about Abella.

She is married to Irving Abella, former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress(CJC). The CJC is one of the many Israel Lobby groups operating in Canada. The agenda is anti-liberty, anti-speech and pro-war for Israel’s interests. They talk about human rights and protecting minorities, but in reality all they are concerned about is that Canada’s ZOG agents be above criticism under penalty of law.

The exerpt below from Canadian Jewish Outlook September-October 2007 describes the CJC tactic of labelling anyone that disagrees with Zionists and Israeli policy as antisemitic.


Since 2002, the CJC has been treating any criticism of Israel as
an attack on all Jews: “Jews and Israel, Judaism and Zionism are
inextricably intertwined and an antisemitic attack on one is an
attack on the other.” ii It explicitly labels as anti-Semitic anyone
(Gentile or Jew) who criticizes Israeli policy or Zionism. Last summer,
as Israel rained destruction on Lebanon and the people of
Gaza, the CJC attacked the United Church of Canada as anti-
Semitic for considering a divestment motion in protest of Israeli war crimes.

What of Abella’s own views?


Jul 05, 2003 – Globe and Mail

By: Madam Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella

A battle that never ends

Canada’s response to anti-Semitism assumes many forms. We have Criminal Code provisions and anti-discrimination human rights commissions to prevent hate crimes and propaganda; we have special hate crime units in our police forces; we have expansive Holocaust education programs; we have aggressive representative Jewish organizations like the Canadian Jewish Congress; we have a lively and generally supportive media; we have vigorous public debate; we have human rights education for a strong and independent judiciary, and we have a consistently- articulated public policy against anti-Semitism.

Well it didn’t take her long to plug the pernicious CJC, showing that her loyalties do not lie with Canada. I like the statement about the “generally supportive media”. No surprize there, with the media being owned by warmongering, pro-mass immigration, anti-liberty Zionofascists! She goes on to lament the new “anti-Semitism”:

This new anti-Semitism seems to have started after the Middle East peace talks broke down in 2000, took flight with the rampant racism at the UN Conference Against Racism at Durban, and spiralled out of control after 9/11. Once again, we hear demonizations and vitriol; once again, we are admonished to put it in context, and once again, we are urged as mature democracies to yield our anxieties over anti-Semitic speech to the centrality of freedom of expression.

That’s right, bitch! Because there really is no “antisemitic” speech that is not the result of Zionofascist scum like yourself, in reaction to your subverting our governments and institutions for the sake of your precious parasitic terrorist state Israel. No one criticizes Jews for being Jews, but for meddling on behalf of an alien state with values that are repugnant to us. And with the evidence that Israel was involved in 9/11, you can be sure that we are watching you very very closely.

In conclusion, we see that Abella is an Israel mole. She does not belong on the Supreme Court, and we are now seeing the deleterious effect of ZOG agents in Canada with the denial of US war resistors, and the endless warmongering.


Dec 07, 2007 – CJC, UJA Federation launch “We Love Our Troops” pin campaign

OTTAWA – Dec. 7, 2008 – Canadian Jewish Congress, in conjunction with UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, proudly announce the launch of the free distribution of lapel pins with the messages “We Love Our Troops” and “Nous Aimons nos Troupes” at Giant Tiger stores, from coast to coast.

The idea for the pins flowed from the Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa last month, where Rabbi Reuven Bulka, co-President of CJC and Honourary Chaplain, Dominion Command, Royal Canadian Legion, roused the crowd in a chant of “We Love Our Troops.”

We are sick of it, and we can see the cause. Let them fight their battles themselves.

Three out of the nine Supreme Court judges are Jews. Three out of four of Canada’s most recent Supreme Court political appointees are Jews!

Fish, Morris Jacob                    Puisne Judge            2003.08.05        – Chrétien, Joseph Jacques Jean
Abella, Rosalie Silberman          Puisne Judge            2004.08.30        – Martin, Paul Edgar Philippe
Charron, Louise V.                   Puisne Judge            2004.08.30        – Martin, Paul Edgar Philippe
Rothstein, Marshall E.               Puisne Judge            2006.03.01        – Harper, Stephen Joseph

Zionofascism in Canada is accelerating. God help the country.

Related: http://www.canadianjusticereviewboard.ca/Judgement%20calls%20by%20David%20Warren.htm


6 Responses to “Zionofascists on Canada’s Supreme Court?”

  1. Myron C. Wheeler said

    Terrorism zion-dubya style

  2. Ron Morris said

    Hopefully, the reign of the Zionists is coming to an end. Their monetary system is collapsing and hopefully with it, their power.

    China, Russia, much of South America and the Arabs are uniting against the Zionists, Europe and America.

    The Shiztal is about to hit the fan.

    The Holohoax is being exposed.

    Death to the Zionists.

  3. i am the son said

    I have nothing against any peoples, however the CJC is overreaching a little bit when they label anti-semitic those that disagree with Israel policies.

    Israel was borne of terror, which culminated in the explosion of the Kid David Hotel. The world felt sympathy for them after the Holocaust, so the kicked the Palestinians from their lands and moved in. They now treat the former owners of Israel in much the same way the Germans treated them in the thirties.

    Then they wonder why they are hated in the middle east.

    It would be no different for Native Canadians demanding their country back, kicking us out into some refugee camp.

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  5. ZIONIST SCUM beware your time is near thanks to the internet,
    I can’t wait for Back Lash! Benjamin Freedman warned you scum at the Willard hotel in Washington D.C. looks like you didn’t heed his Warning

  6. big boy said

    sorry to tell yuo but zionism is just like any other “ism” it is only one instrument in this orchestra. Getting rid of it won’t get the bad guys wiped out

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