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Jews Not Welcome in Romania

Posted by Anarchore on October 15, 2008

Powerful Jews are organized to destroy us.

I think the wannabe-ruling Jews in Romania missed a step. You have to do it like they did in Canada and the US, and take over all the media you can. Then you control their minds. Sanity aka “anti-semitism” will never again hold. Anti-semitism is merely the Zionist fascists code-word for resistance against Jewish supremacy.


Resigning Israeli MP: Don’t come to Romania

Israeli member of Romanian parliament warns of anti-Semitic wave, says Jews being blamed for financial crisis

Well that is natural since Jews caused it!

Yael Levy
Published: 10.12.08, 16:35 / Israel News

Nati Meir, a former Israeli currently serving a member of the Romanian parliament, has announced on Sunday his plans to stand down from his position, due to increasing number of anti-Semitic incidents in Romania.

Anti-semitic? Or anti-foreign ruling class? What is it with Jews, that they want to rule every country ?

Meir is expected to submit his resignation on Monday, but for the moment he is taking the opportunity to warn Israeli businesspeople who are working in the country.

“Jews are going to be facing some tough times here. The era of Israeli growth in Romania is over. I would seriously think twice about coming here,” Meir told Ynet.

Jews come in, buy up land and businesses and try to rule the people. What objection could anyone have to that?

In regards to the situation in Romania and the reasons for his resignation, Meir said that “currently there is a wave of Anti Semitism. I’ve been living here for the last 13 years, and it’s only getting worse with each passing year. If this is the situation we face, and I as a parliament member see these things, and I have no right to respond to it, I decided to do something. The Nationalist Party is dancing on Jewish blood and no one is standing up and saying it’s illegal. If I didn’t take this step, then where would we be?”

‘Jews are always at fault’
In response to the various stories in the local press and television, criticizing the scope of the activities carried out by Israeli real estate developers, Meir said “they claim that the Israelis stole their lands. That it’s because of us that there is a financial crisis. The Jews are always at fault and no one reacts, no one cares, and the papers publish the same stories over and over again.”

Oh boohoo, sorry man I don’t have sympathy for your plight.

According to Meir, Israeli investors should be careful and reconsider their plans in Romania.

“Many of the Israeli companies that come here need to understand that there is a problem of anti-Semitism. The time of Jewish growth in Romania is gone, and tough times are ahead. As soon as they blame the Israelis, who knows where it will end, be careful about coming to Romania.”

Maybe there is a holocaust going on there right now!  Call the Simon Weisenthal centre!

Meir added that due to the recent outbreak of ant-Semitism, his family is seriously considering moving back to Israel.


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