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The Cost of Israel

Posted by Anarchore on October 14, 2008

Judicial Inc does a great job showing how Israel has bled the US dry. From: http://judicial-inc.biz/US_troops_Israel.htm

What Does Supporting Israel Really Cost?

The Fifth Fleet was established just to protect Israel

$50.00 Fill Ups Are Because Of Israel

The Real Cost Of Israel

Israel Attacks Egypt In 1973

In the 1973 Yon Kippur War the Zionists were getting their asses kicked.

Golda Meier

The Arabs were about to retake the stolen Sinai, and possibly retake all their stolen lands, when Zionists threatened Nixon with thier ‘Sampson Option‘. They pulled out their US supplied nukes and threatened to wipe out the middle east, and even hit America.

Nixon sent US pilots and Phantoms in 1973

Nixon airlifted F-4 Phantoms, and pilots, to the Israel. – The Arabs said “Oil is now $ 35 a barrel”.

The Arabs Were Enraged

The war was over recovering the Egyptian Sinai, which the Zionists invaded in their 1967 sneak attack.

The cost of Israel

The USA uses 20 million barrels of oil a day, and our backing of the 1973 Jewish war resulted in a increase to $ 25 a barrel.

20 Mil Barrels
x 365 days

7,300 Mil Barrels
x $ 25
$ 182 Billion a year

As Israel enters their final stage of world domination

The American gov’t under Jewish direction had the Navy create the Fifth Fleet, stationed permanently in the gulf. It consists of 21 ships manned by 15,000 sailors and marines, along with 12 more ships with equipment for ground forces and about 250 planes to protect the fleet and enforce the no-flight zones over Iraq. In addition, there are 10,000 people on the ground in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, along with enough equipment for another Army brigade.

According to Michael O’Hanlon,of the Brookings Institution, the total cost of maintaining the United States force in the gulf – to protect the Israel – is at least $50 billion per year.

After the 1991 war, the Navy created the Fifth Fleet to keep watch in the Gulf, although it must borrow ships from other fleets to stay afloat. It generally includes an aircraft carrier, three dozen war and support ships, a couple hundred aircraft and about 15,000 sailors and Marines.

Since the early 1990s, dozens of U.S. aircraft and some allied forces also have patrolled no-fly zones over Iraq to keep Saddam from attacking his opponents. The cost wasn’t in the budget until 1996, so taxpayers were getting an extra annual bill as Congress approved supplemental funding. The no-fly patrol budget for fiscal year 1999 is $850 million.

Michael O’Hanlon, a foreign policy expert at the Brookings Institution, said many of America’s military resources aimed at the Gulf could be used elsewhere if Saddam wasn’t among top U.S. foes.

“That’s not to say that if the Persian Gulf fell off the Earth or became peaceful we wouldn’t be spending $50 billion,” O’Hanlon said. “Some would argue we’d be spending the money on military training and operations anyway somewhere else. But we would probably save half that.”

Israeli aid

Fifth fleet


Israel’s militia a.k.a. Turkey’s army

Turkey is a shit hole of 65 mill mongrels

A per capita income of $ 2,958 but it has the world’s 4th largest army.

Turkey’s Air force

240 –F-16C/D Fighting Falcon

182 —–F-4E Phantom II
44 ——RF-4E Phantom II

150 —–F-5A/B Freedom Fighter

3——Boeing 737AEW&C

14—-C-130B/E Hercules
20—–C-160T Transall
53—-CASA CN-235

7—-KC-135R Stratotanker

68—–T-38A Talon
40—-SIAI-Marchetti SF-260D
29—-T-41 Mescalero
38 AH-1W’s

85—-UH-1H Iroquois

20—-AS.532AL Cougar
Agusta-Bell AB.412 t
200—– S-70/UH-60 Black Hawks
145 —- Cobras helicopters (just ordered )

Turkey’s army

Personel: 500,000


2,500—-A/A ARTILLERY: Included in the above number are:
5,000 —-A/A MISSILE SYSTEMS: Included in the above number are:

Guess who is really paying for this ? You are – the American taxpayer.





Turkey inventory

Air Force

An F-15I of 69 squadron takes fuel from a Boeing 707 tanker.

Current Service Aircraft:

Click on aircraft type for more details

Aircraft Type Total
Role Origin
F-15A/B Eagle 38/6 33/4 Interception/Training USAF/USA
F-15C/D Eagle 18/12 17/10 Fighter-Bomber/Training USA
F-15I Eagle 25 25 Fighter-Bomber USA
F-16A/B 102/23 94/20 Fighter-Bomber/Training USAF
F-16C/D 81/54 75/50 Fighter-Bomber/Training USA
F-16I 102* 102* Fighter-Bomber USA
A-4N Skyhawk 25 50 Attack USA
TA-4H/J Skyhawk 25 23 Advanced Training USA
CM170 Magister/Zukit 80 40 Basic Training local/France/Germany
Grob G.120A-1 17 17 Cadet Screening Germany
Boeing 707-320/Phalcon 8+ 2/3/1 ECM/ELINT/AEW USA
Gulfstream V 3** 3** ELINT USA
Gulfstream V/Phalcon 2** 2** AEW USA
C-130E/H Hercules 12/4 8/2 Transport USA
C-130H Hercules 2 2 ELINT USA
KC-130H Hercules 4 4 Tanker USA
Boeing 707-320 12+ 6/3 Tanker/Transport USA
Super King Air 200/200T 4/5 4/5 Comms USA
Super King Air 200CT 8* 8* Transport/Training USA
RC-12D/K King Air 5/2 5/2 ELINT USA
SOCATA TB 20 Trinidad 22 22 Liaison France
IAI 1124N Seascan 3 3 Maritime Patrol local
AH-64A Apache 42 40 Attack USA/US Army
AH-64D Apache 9** 9** Attack USA
AH-1F/S Cobra 80 39 Attack USA/US Army
AH-1E Cobra 38 14+ Adv. Training USA/US Army
CH-53-2000 Sea Stallion 42 40 Transport USA/USMC
UH-60A/UH-60L Blackhawk 10/15 10/15 Transport USA
UH-60L Blackhawk 39 39 Transport/CSAR USA
AB206B/Bell 206L-3 45/10 36/8 Liaison/Training Italy/USA
AS.565SA Panther 7 7 Naval Support USA

* = On delivery.
** = On order.

Try And Calculate The Cost Of Israel

The nonsense of $3 billion in aid a year is a joke. You need to add in half the defense budget, and factor in the cost of the Iraq wars. Then you could throw in the economic damage caused by their False Flags like 9/11.


4 Responses to “The Cost of Israel”

  1. Magnificent and brilliant post. The $3 billion in aid is more like $4.8 but either number is missing a ZERO. I’m sure you’ve seen this before:



  2. anarchore said

    Actually I haven’t, ATW! I get surprised every day. In Canada we just found out that our Zionist war in Afghanistan will cost at least $18 billion… and our LiberCon parties both supported it… the good news is hardly anyone bothered to vote in last night’s election.

  3. […] The Cost of Israel […]

  4. Prometheus said

    Ironically, even groveling Harper has “considered” pulling out of Afghanistan, retarded

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