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Who is Behind the Financial Meltdown?

Posted by Anarchore on October 12, 2008

You can be sure that our Jewish-owned media conglomerates won’t tell you the truth. That is why Leo Adler, and the rest of the anti-speech Jewish supremacists want to censor the internet. We are able to look at what the media tells us, and compare it to the truth. Usually there is no resemblance. They hate it that we can do that.


Who is Behind the Financial Meltdown?


Michel Chossudovsky, at Global Research, 11 October 2008, wrote Who is Behind the Financial Meltdown?

According to Chossudovsky:

1. Certain powerful speculators, with inside information, are able to make money by manipulating markets.

“Triggering market collapse can be a very profitable undertaking.”

2. “There are indications that the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) regulators have created an environment which supports speculative transactions.”

3. Short selling was used by speculators during the 1997 Asian Crisis to bring down the Thai baht, the Korean won and Indonesian rupiah.

Short selling helped cause the collapse of Lehman, Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns.

“‘Short selling’ consists in selling large amounts of stocks which you do not possess and then buying them in the spot market once the price has collapsed, with a view to completing the transaction and cashing in on the profits.

Reportedly, Obama is supported by the Rockefellers.

The shares of Morgan Stanley dropped 26% on 9 October, upon the expiry of the short-selling ban and a further 25% the following day.

4. “There are indications that the downfall of Morgan Stanley was engineered by financial rivals….

“In contrast JP Morgan Chase, controlled by the Rockefeller family climbed by almost 12%. JP Morgan Chase and Bank America have consolidated their control over the US banking landscape.”

A giant J P Morgan and smaller Uncle Sam

“Morgan sold to the U.S. Army many thousands of knowingly defective rifles, weapons that more often killed the user or blew off their thumbs.” (See, “The History of the Great American Fortunes” by Gustavus Myers.) (Cached)

There are reports that JP MORGAN forced Lehman Brothers into collapse. (JP Morgan blamed for Lehman’s fall)

J P Morgan is alleged to have frozen $17 billion (£9.6 billion) of cash and securities belonging to Lehman on the night before its failure.

According to Lehman’s biggest creditors, this was what sparked Lehman’s liquidity crisis.

The allegations have been made at the bankruptcy court in New York. Lehman’s creditors include most big firms on Wall Street, most of Europe’s big banks and insurance companies as well as Japanese and Chinese institutions that are owed several hundred billion dollars.

Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa, writing at Global Research, 18 September 2008, refers to “a major clash between competing financial conglomerates.” (Global Financial Meltdown) .

The Rockefeller family has a financial interest in JP Morgan Chase.

Rockefellers (originally Rockenfeller and perhaps Jewish in origin) are involved with the Bilderberg Group and other such institutions.

J P Morgan

Chossudovsky writes:

“An internal war within the financial system is unfolding…

“The process of mergers and acquisitions is likely to proceed to new heights leading to an unprecedented centralization of financial power, with Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York playing a dominant role…

“It should be noted that while Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase are competing institutions, they are nonetheless entwined through intermarriage between the Rockefeller and Stillman families…

“The financial meltdown on Wall Street largely benefits Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase, which is part of the Rockefeller empire…

It is J P Morgan that took over Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual.

J P Morgan is now the USA’s largest commercial bank. (JPMorgan Builds Strength With WaMu Deal in Tense Age)

David Rockefeller

According to an article entitled The Rockefeller Family – Secret Jews (Cached):

“It was in 1492 that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain expelled the Jews from their country and confiscated their ill-gotten wealth. It was during this period that the Rockefeller family moved to the Turkish Empire which welcomed the Jews at that time, believing them to be a ‘poor persecuted people.

“The grandfather of… Nelson Rockefeller, admitted that his family once moved from Turkey to France…”

Blair, alleged war criminal, has links to J P Morgan

JP Morgan signed up Tony Blair as a part-time senior adviser, on a salary said to exceed $1m (£500,000) a year. (Blair joins JP Morgan as $1m-a-year adviser Business guardian … )
Kissinger, alleged war criminal, has links to J P Morgan

Henry Kissinger was a director for JP Morgan. (Care2 – JPMorgan Caused Lehman Cash Crisis, Creditors Say)

Kissinger runs a consulting firm, Kissinger Associates.

One of his clients: JP Morgan.


3 Responses to “Who is Behind the Financial Meltdown?”

  1. Prometheus said

    I know Chossudovsky’s website, he’s a bit of an idiot with economics, even if he is a professor of economics

    short selling isn’t manipulation. What a total idiot this guy is. Short selling is when one owner of shares gives another person his shares to “borrow” to sell at that point, except that in a certain amount of time, he wants the same number of shares of the same company back to him. So the short seller is betting that the share price is going down because the company is doing bad, so he sells the borrowed shares at the high price, then when the stock goes down he buys it at the lower price and gives the shares back, making a profit. The person on the other end thought the stock was going up, so that the borrower would have to buy the shares back at a higher price, thus losing money but making money for the original owner of the shares

    stock prices are supposed to go down when the company is doing bad, WTF. This Chossudovsky is a total dumbass, hasn’t he heard of price pessimism? When a company’s stock is overvalued because of its performance it’s normal for it to go down, this Chossudovsky is a dumbass. He thinks that companies AREN’T supposed to go bankrupt when they’ve done terrible decisions. Of course Morgan Stanley and Lehman go bankrupt when they make bad decisions, that’s not manipulation.

    OBV there’s a major clash between major competitors, THAT’S WHAT COMPETITION IS. WTF is this loon ass idiot talking about?

    and he doesn’t focus on who the real culprit of this mess is: the Federal Reserve. The Fed is the single highest manipulator and distorter of markets, inflating the currency, devaluing the dollar, adjusting artificial interest rates, causing booms/busts. The market, including the major Wall Street banks would be perfectly capable handling themselves and being forced to liquidate if they make bad decisions, had the Fed not have existed.

    the SEC is real stupid too, another disaster of government intervention into the market. banning short selling what idiots! As if price pessimism and stocks can never go down due to bad company decisions

  2. anarchore said

    I don’t really trust Chossudovsky either, but with inside knowledge I suppose you could make a killing off of a short-sell. Of course I know nothing about economics so I’ll take your word for it that he is full of it(Zionism). I posted this because of the interesting links with Rockefeller…

    I don’t link to Chossudovsky, since it is quite obvious that he is either a Zionist or so cowed by the Israel lobby that he won’t “go there”.

    He is against the Afghan war but won’t say anything about the Israel Lobby in Canada that is pushing for continuing war for Isreal’s interests through their media and political control.

    He bowed to pressure from Zionist pressure groups to take down the forum at his site, where actual truth was allowed. Of course since the truth involves Israel, Zionists etc, you can’t have that kind of ‘anti-semitism’ in Canada!

    I guess at the end of the day you have to realize that an Italian might not be the best person to investigate the mafia.


    Truth(Greg Felton):

  3. roy albrecht said

    From my experience around the world, J. P. Morgan(-stern…, His real name before he changed it to sound less “Jewish”) is no doubt a major player behind the scenes.

    However, it is always those that one can find out almost nothing about who end up being the prime movers behind the scenes, so I postulate that the Rothschild family is the head of the international Jewish Mafia.

    The end goal is enslavement of the entire human race to this “uber-criminal” Kike hierarchy.

    This is not rocket science. The International Jew has invented the “science” of economics to complicate an issue that couldn’t be more simple. Namely; Kikes run the West by proxy and the Goyem have been bred into a life of endemic corruption, servitude and fear of deprivation.

    The “economist”, at the highest level, is nothing more than a criminal liar who uses “legitimate” language, developed by Jew Mafia Publishers, to confuse the brain damaged masses into abandoning an attempt to unravel a “complicated system”. LOL

    As it has become illegal to speak the truth, so too has it become, “too complex” to explain economics.

    The economics degree proves little more than one has learned how to “lie/babble” in “confusion speak” with a straight face wearing a pin-stripe costume of legitimacy.

    It’s pretty simple really: petty criminals who advance the international Kike agenda are funded with money stolen from the tax payer via bail outs and other re-distributions of wealth. Those who advocate for truth are the targets of petty criminal reprisals or murder.

    The question is: Is it human nature to deny truth out of fear and allow ones self to be molded into a domestic animal, or is it human nature to rise up against injustice to promote health and truth?

    I can hardly see truth winning out over the sick minded Kike when 90% of the population is too afraid to stand up and resist.

    Perhaps man is destined to ultimately split into 2 races of beings: one that lies through its teeth and parasitically uses the other and one that is composed of craven low lives who have abandoned the search for their souls in favour of escapism and hedonism?

    Although knowledge of ones own soul can not be gleaned from anything other than honest soul searching, the number of people who can verify this within themselves is so slim that I must often wonder if it is me who is deluded for believing that human nature is ultimately destined to seek truth and freedom at all cost.

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