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Posted by Anarchore on October 5, 2008

There are a lot of blogs reporting on the surface minutea of Canadian politics, taking politics at face value.

They see themselves as ‘muck-rakers’, helping to shape the nation’s political reality.

What they really are is heavily partisan and obsequious to their ‘leader’ who can do no wrong.

When they do inadvertently encounter the muck at the bottom of Canadian politics, they hold their noses, ignore it, and heap condemnation upon those who dredged it up.

Many are openly Zionist, like this Liberal Party Israel Lobby turd: http://jasoncherniak.blogspot.com.

And of course their consensus on facts like Israeli foreknowledge and complicity in 911, is that it is ‘wacky’, even to the point of casually dismissing the fact that it is true exactly as Lesley Hughes reported.

So their ‘muckraking’ never challenges the Zionist/corporate consensus with hard fact about the duplicity of the Zionist three ring circus of politics, media and corporatism, but focuses on things like skinny dipping or pointing out the immigrant third world drug dealers and gangs in Canada.

When a fact does come up, that Israel did have prior knowledge, and that the proof is available to anyone with the most basic research skills, the Zionist-vetted ‘bloggers’ hide their heads in the sand.

All these blogs link to each other, and are linked to by the mainstream media, who see them as a safe consession to internet culture.

But really, all they do is act as repeaters for corporate memes, regardless of “breakthroughs” that blogs like the Black Rod http://blackrod.blogspot.com/ (seems to have a fetish for the trappings of Parliament) make, ie “outing” Lesley Hughes.

I’m sure the author of that blog thinks that he is so cutting edge for “exposing” what Lesley Hughes wrote, and I’m sure it doesn’t matter to it that what she said was the truth. Common to many of these blogs is their disdain for comments, either not allowing comments altogether, like the “Black Rod”, or heavily censoring dissent like Jason Cherniak.

These people are not journalists, they are corporate repeaters and commisars. What revelations they do provide is on the level of ‘skimming’, but it allows us to reach deeper conclusions about whatever mental illness they have that makes them averse to the truth about this corrupt, rotten country.


4 Responses to “Skimmer Blogs”

  1. Prometheus said

    what “corporatism” and “corporate” consensus are you talking about? The problem is plain ole’ Jewry, I don’t see any “corporate” problems here. It’s just the classic tale of a few Jews doing what Jews do best: subterfuge and obfuscation

  2. anarchore said

    Prometheus, even if all the Jews would go to Israel tomorrow we still will have to deal with the corporate beast, a creature that has more rights than you or I, and cannot be imprisoned for crimes. It behaves like a sociopath, out only for it’s own short sighted profits. People are in the way, any local autonomy is the enemy that is eradicated by it’s deep pockets, legally, psychologically, financially, or they will simply kill you.

    Jews do not have a monopoly on evil.

  3. Whig said

    *The problem is plain ole’ Jewry, I don’t see any “corporate” problems here. It’s just the classic tale of a few Jews doing what Jews do best: subterfuge and obfuscation*

    Someone has the gumption to admit what your REAL agenda is, I can see. The honesty is refreshing, after so much anti-`Zionist’ BS

  4. anarchore said

    What is YOUR agenda whig? You have lost. Give it up. Your allegiance with criminals is transparent.

    Truth is a defense, no matter what Zionist terrorists say about it.

    Truth is also aggressive, and it is coming to bite your stupid ass.

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