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Australian Holohoax-exposer arrested at Heathrow

Posted by Anarchore on October 1, 2008

An Australian gets arrested in Britain because Jews in Germany have a problem about what he said. World-wide Zionofascism has been implemented.

From Canada to Europe, questioning the Jew’s sympathy project the Holohoax can get you arrested, fired, and imprisoned.

As per the Zionist concept of freedom of speech and debate, the truth is not allowed as a defense.


Australian Holohoax-exposer arrested at Heathrow

Acting on German arrest warrant, British police take Gerald Toben into custody on charges of publishing anti-Semitic material, perpetrating Holocaust denial


Published: 10.01.08, 18:41 / Israel News

British police arrested Gerald Fredrick Toben on Wednesday on charges of Holocaust denial. The 64-year-old Australian citizen was taken into custody upon arrival at Heathrow Airport on charges of publishing and distributing anti-Semitic material and Holocaust denial and revisionism.

An EU warrant for Toben’s arrest was issued by Germany authorities. He has served time in a German prison after being convicted on inciting racism.

“From 2002 to this day the worldwide, internet publication of an anti-Semitic and, or, revisionist nature

deliberately contrary to historical truth the said publications deny, approve or play down above all the mass murder of the Jews, planned and implemented, by the national socialist rulers,” reads the warrant.

In 2006 Toben traveled to Tehran to take part in the ‘International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust.’ Toben told an Iranian audience that evidence of gas chambers are “the products of a feverish pathological mind filled with pure hatred, mostly directed against Germans and anything German.” He maintained that those who believe in the gas chambers display “an appalling state of ignorance of natural and chemical processes”.


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