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Toronto Scare-orism Case Falls Apart

Posted by Anarchore on September 25, 2008

First conviction by corrupt Zionist court, defense alleges police entrapment.

The RCMP is Canada’s national police force and is totally corrupt to the highest levels. They will do anything to play up the war on terror and the need to increase their budgets and power to the detriment of our rights and taxes.

This case is highly suspect, with two RCMP agents within the alleged terror cell. So you have the RCMP basically creating a ‘terror’ group(or was it a paintball group), and entrapping the non-RCMP followers and then congratulating themselves for their heroic bust.

The Zionist mouthpiece the National Post obviously is celebrating the utter rot of Canada’s politics to Zionofascism:


The group conspired to obtain firearms and to detonate truck bombs, using what they thought was three-tonnes of ammonium nitrate, according to prosecutors. RCMP said it was three times the amount used in the Oklahoma bombing in 1995, which killed 168 people.

Oooo they conspired to obtain… oh no, so in fact nothing happened, the cops set up the buy and the kids take the fall so Harper could ride the war on terror propaganda.

But what was the crime that this youth was convicted for?


The youth, who was accused of attending terrorist training camps and stealing items for them, displayed no emotion when the judge delivered his verdict, but shook his head at various points during the decision.

“I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that a terror group existed,” said Sproat, as he read part of his 94-page decision.

“(The youth) clearly understood that the camps were training for a terrorist purpose. He also understood that contributing materials to be used at the camp enhanced the ability of the group to conduct the training.”

What a joke! I call Kangaroo court!


Posted By Michele
“Unfair Dealing” also examines some of the controversial evidence and facts involved in the ongoing case of alleged “homegrown terrorism”, including:

  • The fact that federal MP Wajid Kahn was instrumental in surveillance of the suspects
  • The fact that one paid informants degree in ‘agricultural engineering’ gave him – and only him – the capability to buy the alleged bomb-making fertilizer
  • The fact that the warehouse which received the bomb-making materials is within 500 meters of the RCMP detachment in Newmarket, Ontario, at 1228 Gorham St., Unit 6
  • The allegation that the RCMP secured the rental of the warehouse – not the suspects – according to an exclusive interview with Ken Kerr of 1228 Gorham Street, as told to him by the warehouse co-owner, Robert Lassaline. This allegation challenges Crown documents stating that Shareef Abdelhaleem was the one to secure rental of the warehouse
  • The well-documented history of RCMP and CSIS dirty-trick tactics and staged operations (Phony FLQ Manifesto, Barn-Burning, Operation Bricole, Operation Ham, Operation Kabriole, Project Thread, Etc…)

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