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Is Israel Our Friend?

Posted by Anarchore on September 9, 2008

Liberal White Boy’s blog, at http://homo-sapien-underground.blogspot.com/ is hilarious and at the same time very illuminating and well written. He is one talented writer.

Is Israel Our Friend?…What Are the Probabilities?

By Joshua TitaniumbergProfessor of Finite Mathematics at Bezalel Academy of Arts Damn conspiracy theorists. Hell, everyone in America knows a Mossad agent in the moving business. You see them tooling around New York all the time I’m sure. Five Zionists and a Truck. Very common. What of it? It’s a good part time job for a Mossad agent working in the country without a visa. It’s time to put a muzzle on Liberal White Boy once and for all concerning this crazy Israeli spy business. Announcing: Professor Titaniamberg’s $100.00000000000 scholarship challenge…to students at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Einstein Institute of Mathematics : Math Problem…Solve the following story problems. Facts: 1. On or before 9/11 there are approximately 200 Mossad Spies/terrorists in the United States. Some are Israeli Art Student Spies/terrorists. Some are Israeli Urban Moving Company Spies/terrorists. 2. On or before 9/11 there are approximately 20 future hijackers/terrorists in the United States. Bonus Clue…One is slightly retarded and is likely to miss any scheduled appointment. 3. There are approximately 3,700,000 square miles of land mass in the United States. 4. There are 27,878,400 square foot per square mile. Problem 1: Under an assumption that Israeli treachery is perfectly random and can be applied equally to all geographical areas of the United States, compute the probability that one of the Mossad spies out of 200 would select a residence within 90 yards of a mail drop box established by the hijackers at 3389 Sheridan Street in Hollywood Florida. Problem 2: Compute the probability that 28 Mossad spies/terrorists would have residences within a 100 mile radius of 8 future hijackers located near Hollywood Florida. Problem 3: Compute the probability that 7 Mossad spies/terrorists would have residences within an 8 mile radius of 7 future hijackers living in New Jersey. Bonus essay question for Hebrew University of Jerusalem math students with philosophy or journalism minors. What if five employees of Urban Moving Company, owned by Mossad businessman Dominick Suter were picked up on 9/11 and detained by the FBI after being observed celebrating the attacks (they even got to Liberty Park early to record them.)? What if after the FBI interviews Suter, he abandons his business and skedaddles back to Israel? If Suter while back in Israel then falls over in an Israeli forest and no one is around, would Suter’s fall make any noise. How likely is it that Main Stream American Media would report Suter falling over in the forest? For Hebrew University of Jerusalem law students. If in the above circumstances we learned that Alan Dershowitz was involved in negotiating the release of the Mossad moving company employees should this be considered a prima facie case of guilt?6108


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