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Zionist Newspaper Slams Criticism of Zionists

Posted by Anarchore on August 17, 2008

The Zionists hate it that there are alternative sources of information. They don’t like it when these alternative sources expose Zionist power.

I hope the publisher is not dying of cancer as reported in the hitpiece from the National Post. I can see the freaks running the NP rubbing their hands in glee at such a prospect. I hope someone who knows the publisher will let him know of the THC cancer cure, and that life is worth living and not all that bleak.


Homeless newspaper, strange message

Street News; It ‘can get away with anything,’ and it does

Joseph Brean, National Post Published: Saturday, August 16, 2008

Most passed without eye contact. Some looked sheepish, even scared, or they shrugged to say they had no spare change. A few read the headline: “Beachers’ White Racist Hate Attacks Expanding!!” And like every day at countless street corners across Toronto, the General sold three issues in a midafternoon hour, making $6, nearly minimum wage, and sparing himself the indignity of begging.

Since the passage 10 years ago of the Safe Streets Act with its strict controls on panhandling, the Street News has become a popular alternative, selling 4,000 copies every two weeks across Toronto. Homeless people pay a nominal fee at various collection points, then sell it for $2 an issue.

But under this guise of charity, it has become the city’s most prominent vehicle for hate propaganda, outrageous conspiracy theories, blatant plagiarism and libellous personal attacks, though virtually nothing about the homeless, all published at the whim of a man who lives a two-hour drive away in Ontario’s farm belt.

In the past year, the paper has claimed Liberal MP Bob Rae’s name was changed from Levine to hide his Jewishness and that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s secret true birthday is the same as Adolf Hitler’s, which “looks good on a resume” for “New World Order types.”

It has claimed a police officer covered up racist attacks on a shopkeeper, and even the editor admits one article was an illegal incitement to genocide against Jews. Ads are rare to non-existent, and often unpaid.

“It’s a little left wing,” the General said. “Real out there.”

Barbara Hall, chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, calls it an “unpleasant rant,” full of anti-Semitism and senseless paranoia that is contrary to the spirit, if not the letter, of human rights law. “I don’t like it. It’s offensive,” she said. “I suspect that a large number of people who open it would very quickly do what I did, which is say, ‘This is scurrilous stuff ‘ and throw it away.… This is just using a group of vulnerable people to put out an offensive message, which is making them even more vulnerable.”

“It strikes me that it’s better than begging,” said Mel Sufrin, executive secretary of the Ontario Press Council. At the same time, he said it fails almost every conceivable test for membership in his council.

The Canadian Jewish Congress has a longstanding file on the Street News, and in the past year has brought a hate speech complaint to the police, since settled without charges, and a human rights complaint against a columnist, now referred to a tribunal.

But even though the editor and publisher of the Street News apologized for a story that urged the killing of all “Jew bankers,” he remains unrepentant.

“For a homeless paper, I can get away with it, and have done that for 10 years,” said Victor Fletcher, 63, who calls himself a “one-man charity,” though not a registered one, and a “hands-on reporter.

read the rest :http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=727682&p=2


3 Responses to “Zionist Newspaper Slams Criticism of Zionists”

  1. Don’t worry – I am not dying of cancer — at least that I know of — I had to tell National Post interrogators that line because they were threatening all of my contacts and demanded to know the name of my Jewish printer!!

    I told them I was dying so they would leave me and my relatives, journalists, suppliers, etc., alone without harm.

    They already frightened my Honda advertiser from giving us more ads and more stuff. You are right they don’t like it when they are exposed — and it is coming I believe — mainly from Bob Rae and his wife Arlene Perly who have been exposed by myself previously and the brother-in-law Gary Perly used to live across the street from me as a Maoist smuggling Chinese into Canada in the early 1970s. How do I know — he tried to hire me at his lawyer’s office!

    Talk later.

    — Victor / Toronto Street News

  2. anarchore said

    Hi Victor! Thanks for posting! I am glad that rumours of your imminent death were exaggerated!

  3. Croatoan said

    What sad news. Please let me know when Victor Fletcher is, in fact, dying, so I can donate money to help buy the champagne.

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