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Canada’s Friend Israel

Posted by Anarchore on August 15, 2008

Israel is a good friend of Canada, the kind of friend that takes you out for a good time then drugs your drink and you wake up in chains.

Israeli assassins likely to pose as Canadians: expert

OTTAWA (CBC) – Israel is reported to have reactivated a unit known to
send agents posing as Canadian tourists to foreign countries to carry
out assassinations.
The Kidon Unit—named for the Hebrew word for bayonet—is part of
Israel’s overseas intelligence service, the Mossad.

Canadian travel documents have been a favourite of the Mossad for
decades, and some in Canada say that practice is likely to resume, no
matter what Israel promises.

At a time of heightened tension in the Middle East, Mossad agents
posing as Canadians may expose real Canadians to attacks by groups who
fear they’re on Mossad’s hit list, says a former CSIS agent, Michel

It might also mean more scrutiny for Canadians travelling abroad.

“These people [the Mossad] have very active covert operations all
around the world, so more scrutiny, more suspicions, maybe more
surveillance against Canadians, will make travel more difficult,” says
Juneau-Katsuya, who’s now a security consultant with the Northgate

The last time Mossad agents were caught using Canadian passports was
in 1997. Two hit men had tried and failed to inject a lethal poison
into the neck of the director of the Hamas press office in Amman,

Canada recalled its ambassador in protest. It was the third time
Mossad agents had been caught posing as Canadians, and the third time
Israel promised to stop.

Foreign Affairs spokesperson Reynald Doiron says it was important for
Canada to tell the world that its passports were being used without
its permission.

“There was no cooperation whatever between the Canadian and Israeli
governments, in that Canada did not supply the passports,” says

He adds that the passports found in 1997 were determined by the RCMP
to be counterfeit.

The resumption of the Kidon Unit means the use of Canadian passports
is likely to resume, no matter what Israel has said in the past, says

In defence of the Kidon Unit, Israel says “pre-emptive” assassinations
are necessary to protect it from attacks.


2 Responses to “Canada’s Friend Israel”

  1. Diogenes said

    The Information Clearing House article starts with “Ottawa (CBC)” as if it was originally a CBC article. I haven’t found a CBC source for this article at all. I haven’t found any other mainstream or more credible sources that report on this.. It’s not helpful to uncover the crypto Jew conspiracy when these websites don’t cite their sources

  2. anarchore said

    Diogenes, this was rather an old article from several years ago… should have stated as much… CBC only holds stories on it’s page for a short time, then down it goes into the memory hole… which is why I believe bloggers should copy full stories from media organizations… fuck copyright, we are fighting terrorist Zionism.

    Yes, Canada sure has a forgiving attitude towards our ‘friends’ the Israelis…

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