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The world marks 60 years of zionist terror made possible by a corrupt U.S. president

Posted by Anarchore on May 19, 2008

Another great new(to me) anti-Zionist site in Canada! Greg Felton has also written a book about Israeli control of the USA.

The world marks 60 years of zionist terror made possible by a corrupt U.S. president


Greg Felton

May 13, 2008,
Over the past few weeks, The Lobby and its Christian acolytes in government and the media have been forcing the world’s governments to celebrate 60 years of Israeli “statehood.” Even the three U.S. presidential [sic] nominees are falling over themselves to pay homage to their political master.

I said “forcing” because I find it impossible to believe that any law-abiding democratic government would of its own free will celebrate a geopolitical perversity founded on torture, theft, murder, gangsterism and blackmail. If that were not the case we should have seen official celebrations of:

• Nazi Germany (Jan. 30, 1933);
• Chile’s military dictatorship (Sept. 11, 1973); or
• Democratic Kampuchea (April 17, 1975).

These tyrannies, fortunately, have all wound up on the ash heap of history. The fact that the same fate has not befallen the Jewish tyranny in Palestine is entirely due to the coercive power of The Lobby and the corruption of President Harry Truman, who, 60 years ago, sold the U.S.’s political soul for the sake of re-election.

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3 Responses to “The world marks 60 years of zionist terror made possible by a corrupt U.S. president”

  1. Zsidozas said


    I enjoy this blog very much. You are discussing very important topics here and I hope that you continue writing.

    I recently started a website which is focused solely on The Jewish Question and I hope you’ll come by sometime and read and/or comment.

    My website is located at: http://zsidozas.wordpress.com/

    – Zsidozas

  2. Daniel said

    Hello, I am from Israel and to your surprise I am a nihilist, you talk about Israeli influence on the USA but you forget how hard USA grabs Israel by the balls – everything Israel does is under the agreement or acceptance of the USA. If it was up to me I would stop all connection with the USA, I don’t like USA’s influence on Israel and I don’t want jews in USA I want to disconnect from the USA completely.
    USA the biggest hyprocrite of them all should not send their big hands and control things that are not their business.
    One more thing, Who is really the terrorist? Israel or Palestine? who throws the rocks and crying about children who they are the cause for their death? who uses the westeners’ democratic and liberal mind against Israel?
    As someone who is a nihilist I would expect you would have some more reason.

  3. anarchore said

    Hi Daniel, your comments are welcome but lack the full picture. The elitist Zionists and other world controllers have command of the media of the USA… so even though American Jews or even Israeli Jews are against the war, the UberJews are all for it and do so with Israel’s interests(or their version of Israel’s interests) in mind.

    The USA with it’s military industrial complex is always danger to peace, but paired with Israeli/AIPAC control of congress, and control of the media, we see that it is being steered by the insane neocons, Christian and Jew Zionists, into very dangerous, pre-WWIII territory.

    I agree with you that Israel and the USA should be separated and free to form their own policies, just like every country in the world should be free from the globalism foisted on us by some of the same conspirators.

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