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Harper’s Israel-Grovelling Reaches New Low, Yet the Media Still Doesn’t Get It

Posted by Anarchore on May 14, 2008

Harper’s appeasement hits a new low, yet some still can’t grasp the fact that Canada is Zionist controlled. Is the opposition Zionist controlled as well?

“I guess my fear is what I see happening in some circles is (an) anti-Israeli sentiment, really just as a thinly disguised veil for good old-fashioned anti-Semitism, which I think is completely unacceptable,”Mr. Harper said in an interview with CJAD/CFRB radio.

Why is Harper working for the racist state of Israel? YayaCanada, an “alternative” Canadian internet news site, put it this way:

Harper’s blind support of Israeli policies is based partly on religious indoctrination, partly on directives from the US, and perhaps more importantly, his hope of “the Jewish vote” (a prejudicial term if ever there was one, suggesting that all Jews think with the same noodles).

Religious indoctrination and US appeasement(but what is the source of the pro-Israel sentiment of the US :-)) I can buy, but the “Jewish vote”? The folks at Yayacanada must be joking! The only Jewish votes that matter in a country where Jews are less than 2% of the population are those of the Zionist dominated media in Canada. The powerful Jews who own media are Zionists. Establishment Jews may have their disagreements but they are nearly always in agreement when it comes to irrational and treacherous, “unwavering” support of the world’s pariah, apartheid Israel.

Anyone that does not see that Zionists effectively control Canadian politics through their media domination is missing the big picture either through ignorance or malevolence. Politically ‘dissident’ sites like YayaCanada and ViveleCanada protect Zionists by covering the ‘other side’, but don’t reveal enough to actually expose the Zionists.

Whether it is political correctness(unforgiveable), ignorance(somewhat forgivable) or malfeasance(front groups), any Zionist protecting sites should be taken with a shaker of salt.

Even some pro-Palestinian blogs don’t really get it. There is no reasoning with Harper and the rest of the Bilderberg-vetted scum that dominate Canadian politics. Harper is not ignorant, he is fully aware of what he is doing and the powers he serves and it is time everyone woke up to it.

Here is an excerpt from an article discussing Harper’s latest subversion:


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently made outrageously ignorant comments on the plight of the Palestinian people.

<his comments were ignorant, but Harper is not. He is evil.-@>

He claimed that criticism of and opposition to the Israeli policies of ethnic cleansing and apartheid against the Palestinian people amounted to “anti-Semitism.”

“Unfortunately, Israel at 60 remains a country under threat – threatened by those groups and regimes who deny to this day its right to exist,” Harper said in a Toronto celebration marking the inauspicious anniversary of Israel’s birth.

“And why? Look beyond the thinly veiled rationalizations; because they hate Israel, just as they hate the Jewish people.”

Obviously, Harper was trying to curry favor with Jews by appearing more Israeli and more Zionist than many Israelis themselves are.

<No, you are looking at this the wrong way. He is playing along with the Zionist agenda of endless war and attacks on civil rights and free speech. The only “Jews” he has to please are those who own/control outlets like CBC, CTV, Canwest-Global and the associated multimedia empires because they decide who stays in power -@narchore>

read the rest of a well-written article that unfortunately lacks insight into the Zionist power structure:



6 Responses to “Harper’s Israel-Grovelling Reaches New Low, Yet the Media Still Doesn’t Get It”

  1. northerntruthseeker said

    Bravo…. Here in Canada, we need leaders that have a commitment to Canada first, second, and third… Not a love of a foreign power bent on the extermination of its native people, the Palestinians, or its neighbors.

    Your comments ring true, and hopefully others will get the hint. We need to take a stand against this evil, for it has taken control of our beloved country and plans to eventually kill us, or enslave us all.

  2. anarchore said

    Here is my encounter with yayacanada, who don’t reply to ‘anonymous’ emails, which is posted in their reader comments section,:

    May 14th 2008
    12:25:29 PM
    Name: (Required)
    Dear Readers: The below communication has been published in the interests of free speech and as an example of how an agent provocateur might work.

    Note especially the advice: “Let’s not mince words” and the incitement: “Death to ZOG”.

    * Website

    May 14th 2008
    10:13:38 AM
    Name: (Required)
    YAYA another ZOG front? Here is a letter to YAYA that was not responded to because I am ‘anonymous’.

    Well thanks a hell of a lot, “Corinne Allen”, if that is your real name. Perhaps I should have used a more real sounding pseudonym, then you would have answered? Do you have a phone number? I don’t give my real name to possible ZOG operatives.

    By the way my real name is Bruce Campbell. Now I am not anonymous and you are presumably free to answer.

    Bruce Campbell

    — On Wed, 5/14/08, YayaCanada.com wrote:

    From: YayaCanada.com
    Subject: Re: harpers anti-semitism
    To: anarchore@yahoo.ca
    Received: Wednesday, May 14, 2008, 12:48 AM


    Thank you for writing to YayaCanada.

    I don’t respond to the content of anonymous emails, but if you wish to share your point of view with my readers, please feel free to use the Reader Comments (Guestbook) feature: http://www.yayacanada.com/reader_comments.html

    Best regards,
    Corinne Allan

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Anarchore
    To: YayaCanada.com
    Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 10:45 PM
    Subject: re: harpers anti-semitism

    Hi there;

    You said:

    Harper’s blind support of Israeli policies is based partly on religious indoctrination, partly on directives from the US, and perhaps more importantly, his hope of “the Jewish vote” (a prejudicial term if ever there was one, suggesting that all Jews think with the same noodles).

    Those are all valid, but the real reason for Harpers’ Israel-sucking is that we have a Zionist Occupied government and media. The Bilderberg/Zionists got rid of Martin, because they wanted someone even more pro-Israel in. The evidence of this is Dion’s desperation in courting the Zionofascists.

    I mean, what more proof do you need, Canada Israel “public safety” integration, a Knesset liason inside Parliament, waronterror propaganda and a false flag Mossad subway bombing averted in the preliminary stage. I mean comeon! Let’s stop mincing words; the Zionist control of the media means that none will get elected without support of the terrorstate lobby. Any candidate straying from the line will suddenly have scandals appear, and be declared unelectable. They decide the talking points, they decide who is promoted, they control Canada’s politics. Canada is under ZOG rule.

    Check out my blog at http://zionofascism.wordpress.com/ for confirmation, I have written articles illustrating how the Afghan mission got extended(guess who?), and Israel’s terrorist ops in Canada exposed.

    Death to ZOG.

    Freedom and autonomy!


  3. anarchore said

    ‘Political’ sites or blogs that protect the Zionists by denying the horrifying realities of their control are worthless. Here is the reply to the poseurs of yayacanada, which was censored from the reader comments section:

    Oh, how clever to dismiss me as a provocateur, which conveniently allows you to dodge my point!

    After all, note that classic provocateur phrase: “Let’s not mince words”! What is your point? We need to point the finger at the Zionofascists, not mealy-mouthed bleating about how Harper is trying to get the Jewish vote! If you ignore a power clique that can make or break politicians, then what the heck are you doing posing as a dissident site?

    Oh, and that other provocateur phrase: “Death to ZOG”. ZOG stands for Zionist Occupational Government. I want it gone, kaput, dead! You have a problem with that?

    You are just confirming my suspicions that Yaya has joined Vive le Canada as a site that protects Zionists by suppressing information as to their true and concrete power over the government of Canada.

    I invite anyone who wishes to debate this to engage me at the comments on my blog, the website that appears with this post.

    As to Yayacanada, I hope that I am wrong and that you are simply unaware of the true scope of the Zionist power in Canada.

  4. When growing up, I thought Canada was the place to run to, the place of peace where one could escape war, the place that didn’t get involved with bullshit and the problems of other nations. Guess that leaves lots of free time to form these ‘Witch finder General’ groups, like the Pink Tutu Tribunal.

  5. I forgot a couple. The second one I didn’t make myself, but have had for so long I can’t remember where I found it.

  6. anarchore said

    Recently Canadians MPs voted on a motion to allow war resistors from the US to stay in Canada, after Canada’s Israel-centric Supreme court denied them. The Harper governorship says that US national guardsmen have to kill and die for Israel however and they will be deported back to Occupied USA.

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