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The Hidden Holocaust of the German People

Posted by Anarchore on February 18, 2008

Well, the glorious allies heaping abuse at Germans all these years weren’t all that innocent.  I wonder if this will be featured in the Asper’s Human Rights Museum?

A Hidden Holocaust–Revealed

A Review of James Bacque’s “Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation 1944-1950”

by Eric Blair

Canadian historian James Bacque’s new book, “Crimes and Mercies” [Little, Brown], is a sequel to his 1989 work “Other Losses”. While the latter focused on the fate of millions of German POWs at the end of the Second World War, more than a million of whom the Allies deliberately left to die of a synergistic combination of disease, exposure, and starvation, his current book focuses largely on the grim, post-war fate of 60 million German civilians.

Published this September, “Crimes and Mercies” is over 300 pages in length. These include over 30 maps, photos, and illustrations; a foreword by historian and legal scholar, Alfred de Zayas, and an introduction by the author; eight chapters of text, as well as an index, bibliography, notes, and appendices.

But it is probably on page 131 that we find the epicenter of the book, and its seismic thesis; it is here, in a little, statistical chart, that Bacque’s findings may be seen in a single glance.

                        TOTALS OF DEATHS


                       Minimum     Maximum 


Expellees (1945-50)   2,100,000   6,000,000 

Prisoners (1941-50)   1,500,000   2,000,000 

Residents (1946-50)   5,700,000   5,700,000 

                      _________  __________


Totals                9,300,000  13,700,000  Read the rest...


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