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Tremaine Arrest Triggers “Online Wave of Anti-Semitism”

Posted by Anarchore on February 8, 2008

What a joke.

The truth is the Zionist establishment is getting quite nervous as more people are coming to the angry realization that they are being dispossed of their country by a group of predatory psychopaths who have been using their Jewishness both as a shield and a cudgel.

Canada is perhaps the third most Zionized country in the world after Germany and Israel.

Canada’s voting at the UN has switched completely pro-Israel, ignoring long standing Canadian committment to human rights.

Three of the last four Supreme Court Judges are Jews, and one is married to the former head of prominent Zionofascist organization the CJC.

Recently the Zionofascists have been consolidating their power in Canada, yet overplaying their hand so that long-tolerant Canadians are starting to whisper the forbidden.

Hate-crime charge triggers wave of Internet anti-Semitism

JANA G. PRUDEN, Canwest News ServicePublished: Saturday, January 26

The case of a Regina man charged with promoting hatred on the Internet has sparked an online wave of anti-Semitic comments.

On Wednesday morning, a long-time contributor to the white supremacist website stormfront.org issued an alert saying Terrence Tremaine – known online as mathdoktor99 and JCMateri – was being arrested and charged for his Internet postings.

The contributor later added he had been in contact with Tremaine, who had been “held for five hours in a cold cell at the police station.” “He’s been charged under Section 319 of the Criminal Code, Canada’s notorious hate law,” the post reads. “He’s been completely gagged. His bail conditions state that he cannot own a computer or access the Internet. Yes, our sordid corrupt justice system becomes more corrupt each day. It’s like when they took away Ernst Zundel’s pencils.” Zundel is a notorious Holocaust denier who has previously been jailed under Canada’s hate laws.

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The article goes on to use the standard scare tactic of quoting the most extremist and moronic comment in the Stormfront thread in question.

Here is the thread that is the so-called “Wave of Anti-Semitism”.


Funny. It seems to be people that are nervous about the increasingly totalitarian tone of government.

He was criticizing Zionists in Canada’s government on his site blog and on Stormfront, doing his duty as a citizen and doing Canadians a service by spreading the news.

National Socialism does not have to be your ideology(it is not mine) to support freedom of speech for societies’ most vulnerable, maligned, and marginalized groups.

Thought crime laws are a Kafkaesque farce, engendered by the very people that are taking the country into a downward spiral, to a dark new age.


One Response to “Tremaine Arrest Triggers “Online Wave of Anti-Semitism””

  1. james w. said

    Truth needs no law to protect it.

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