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It’s Official: Police State Canada is Here

Posted by Anarchore on August 25, 2007


3 Responses to “It’s Official: Police State Canada is Here”

  1. The system in this country is beyond corrupt.

    Although not exactly the same situation, but this relinds me of GRANT BRISTOW – CSIS informant that inflitraited the Heritage Front. He was an agent provocature to the max. He organized rallies and meetings, he often spoke lectures and incited violence in private settings, all while being a government plant for CSIS.

    This direct and blatently bold act of treason is nothing new for Canadians, as you know. This has been a tactic used for many years.

    I love your blog, it’s very well done Anarchore. Keep up the great work!

    Expose the exploiters!

  2. anarchore said

    Thanks for your kind words, Ontaryan! I have no doubt this originated from the PM’s Office, just like years ago when the police violence, pepper spraying peaceful APAC protestors was initiated by Chretien.

  3. look zionist media

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