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Scandal as Harper Government Delays Medal for Peacekeeper; Widow of Von Kruedener Wants Answers

Posted by Anarchore on August 10, 2007

Hess-von-Kruedener: Murdered by Israel, delayed honours in Canada

Last July Israel decided to try to invade Lebanon in keeping with it’s desires to acquire new territories. The Latani river across the border in Lebanon is especially sought after, because Israel is in need of more water.

So, using the Hezbollah capture of two Israeli soldiers as an excuse, they embarked on a large-scale bombing campaign that devastated much of Lebanon’s infrastructure.

The attacked apartment buildings, schools, bridges, and at least one UN observation post. On July 26, 2006, they killed a Canadian UN peacekeeper, levelling his post and killing 3 other peacekeepers.
For his bravery, he was recommended for the Meritorious Service Cross on Aug 9, 2006.

It appears that a medal for the Canadian Peacekeeper has suspiciously been delayed for over a year.

On Aug. 9, 2006, retired colonel Michel Drapeau sent a letter to Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Rick Hillier recommending the major for the Meritorious Service Cross.

“Despite knowing that he might be severely injured or killed, he remained at his UN post continuing to valiantly and steadfastly perform his duties in an outstandingly professional manner in the service of the UN and humanity,” the letter reads.

“In the process, he brought great honour to the Canadian Forces and the military profession.”

Yet it was not until last week that the Canadian Forces confirmed it had received the recommendation, which Mr. Drapeau, who retired in 1992 as executive secretary at National Defence Headquarters, called unusual.

read the rest: http://www.embassymag.ca/html/index.php?display=story&full_path=/2007/july/25/peacekeeper/

Meanwhile the investigation into what happened has also been delayed at both the Israeli and the Canadian side. The Israelis said that there was a ‘map error’, even though they had been repeatedly asked to stop shelling the area. The Canadian investigators are no doubt rewriting the story according to Israel’s script, because they are still ‘at work’ ‘finding out’ ‘what happened’. Canada’s government is heavily biased towards Israel, and no criticism of Zionists is tolerated in Canda.

Widow Wants Answers

A Canadian military commission of inquiry was established to write a more comprehensive report about what went wrong. It was supposed to release its final report in the spring but is still at work.
“I want answers because I think there are still a lot of questions about what happened,” she said yesterday.

more: http://www.thewhig.com/webapp/sitepages/content.asp?contentid=634241&catname=Local%20news&classif=


4 Responses to “Scandal as Harper Government Delays Medal for Peacekeeper; Widow of Von Kruedener Wants Answers”

  1. Ger said

    Clearly the Israeli Forces deliberately bombed the UNITED NATIONS post to hide the criminal genocide they were perpetuating under the guise of rescuing two Israeli soldiers who had either wandered into Lebanon or were directed by their superiors to test the defences of the Hezbollah. The tragic event is even worse when a Canadian soldier who perishes in battle and is denied the recognition by the very Government he took an oath to serve. I seems the current and past Governments of Canada have no problem when it comes to bending over the barrel and letting the apartheid government of Israel have at her. This is beyond shame.

  2. Mannstein said

    Could it be that with a name like Hess-von-Kruedener the Jews are putting pressure on the Canadians not to grant the medal.

    After all Holocaust High Priest Elie Wiesel wrote in his book, Legends of Our Time: “Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate-healthy, virile hate — for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German.”

  3. Maurice said

    So, using the Hezbollah capture of two Israeli soldiers as an excuse, they embarked on a large-scale bombing campaign…

    If Israel wants to engage in a “large-scale bombing campaign”, they would not wait around for Hezbollah to capture a couple of kids as a motive. They would simply do what they do best, fabricate a false-flag operation by kidnapping their own soldiers then march right in to Lebanon.

    It certainly would be the first time, nor would it be the last.

    They are skilled at making the Reichstag fire look like an amateur job.

  4. “no criticism of Zionism is tolerated in Canada”… These words are enough to make me feel ashamed of being a Canadian. Shame, shame, shame…

    Israel not only rules the US, it also rules Canada. This is disgusting. If things don’t change soon, I bet not all Canadians will want to stay in Zionist Canada… I don’t wish to be counted among any Zionist-supporting citizens… It’s a big planet and there are a lot of other places to go to, places that are uncontaminated with Zionism!

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