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Zionist Political Persecution Continues in Kanada

Posted by Anarchore on June 10, 2007

Police Seize Terry Tremaine’s Computer in “Hate Law” Raid

by Paul Fromm

REGINA, June 8, 2007. Another Canadian dissident was raided this morning and had his computer and books seized. Terry Tremaine (Mathdoktor99 on Stormfront), a former university lecturer in math and computer studies, had his computer, books,. cds, dvds, and software seized by police executing a warrant to search for material that might violate Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code, Canada’s notorious “hate law.”

Mr. Tremaine had just returned from his night job. At 8:00 this morning, six Regina Police plainclothes officers, led by Sgt. Lance Davis, pounded on his door and gave him five seconds to open it.

Although the warrant specified computers and related electronic devices and software, the police still carted off most of Mr. Tremaine’s books, including copies of Mein Kampf, Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment, a magnum opus that argues that Mossad killed President Kennedy because he opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons and Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique. All these books are legal in Canada and can be imported into the country.

Mr. Tremaine was taken into custody and questioned for about two hours. He was released and was not charged. The police investigation continues.

Last year, Mr. Tremaine formed the National Socialist Party of Canada. Late last year, a Canadian Jewish group called for Mr. Tremaine’s arrest.

In 2005, he was the subject of a Canadian Human Rights Complaint filed by arch complainer (21 and counting) Richard Warman for postings he had made on Stormfront critical of Jews. Long before the complaint was adjudicated, Warman, who pursues tactics he calls “maximum disruption” to harass people whose views he doesn’t like, wrote a letter to the University of Saskatchewan threatening to go public with the complaint if they didn’t act on Mr. Tremaine. He promptly lost his job, fell into a depression and was eventually hospitalized in a psychiatric institution.

Last year, Mr. Tremaine recovered his health and fought a spirited battle before a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, represented by Paul Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

The ruling by Member Michel Doucet fined Mr. Tremaine $4,000 – a brutal punishment for a man whose part-time job yields an annual income more than 50 per cent below Canada’s official poverty level.

On hearing the news of the loss of Mr. Tremaine’s computer, Paul Fromm immediately launched a drive to replace Mr. Tremaine’s computer. “We have to get him back on line,” said Stormfront Radio’s “Midnight Man.” Mr. Fromm used his Friday night show to appeal to the Stormfront audience. “The only answer to police state theft and tyranny is defiance,” Mr. Fromm said.

“Last Thanksgiving, when Canada Customs stole my computer, the Stormfront community raised money and got me another laptop,” Mr. Fromm recalled. “We must do the same for dissident Terry Tremaine, whether we agree with his political slant or not.”

The Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFÉ) is accepting donations to buy Mr. Tremaine another computer. “We hope to have him back in business by the end of the week,” Mr. Fromm said.

Donations (checues, money orders or VISA) to replace Terry Tremaine’s computer can be sent TO:

P.O. Box 332,
Rexdale, ON.,
M9W 5L3

VISA donations can be sent by e-mail to Paul Fromm at paul@paulfromm.com or by Private Message on Stormfront.

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