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Japanese “Holocaust Denier” Forms Political Party

Posted by Anarchore on June 7, 2007

The Zionists are figuratively on the run, soon they will be physically running from the people enraged at the Iraq and Iran wars and the 9/11 terror, the third world legal and illegal immigrant flood, enabled by the Israhell Lobby, AKA organized Jewry, AKA Zionism, AKA Zionofascism. Jews, help us to speak out against the terrorists hiding behind your religion. The ADL, B’nai Brith, Simon Wiesenthal, CJC, CJPAC and all the other Zionofascist criminal gangster groups have to be eliminated if we want peace in the world.*

Thanks to our Japanese brothers and sisters dedicated to fighting this tyranny!


Holocaust denier establishes party in Japan


Richard Koshimizu claims no Jews were murdered during World War II, and that Hitler was funded and protected by Jews. Anti-Semite political activist to deliver public speech at State-funded venue this week

Obviously the Predators have not sunk their claws into Japan. Japan has kept her culture free from Zionofascist Occupation Government. They have not let Jewry control their press, or pass legislation prohibiting discussion of the menace of the terrorist supporting Israel-first crowd. In Canada or Europe Mr Koshimizu would be arrested under hate crimes(thought crime) laws.

*This is not intended as an insult to Judaism, but rather to a group of people that wrap themselves in Judaism as a cover for their terrorist activities. These Zionists who cheer on Israel’s terror and do not seem to have any conscience, who lie outrageously with no shame and who lead us into war for nothing –they need to be denounced using the strongest terms possible. I hope this shocks people who are sitting on the fence, because there really is no middle ground, you are for Zionist supremacy and terrorism or you are against it! I salute our Jewish brothers and sisters who have seen the light and denouce the Zionofascists –but I wish there were more of you!


One Response to “Japanese “Holocaust Denier” Forms Political Party”

  1. Gun-Ichi said

    You can watch Richard Koshimizu’s speech(off course in English) on Google Video right now.


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