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He Protesteth Too Much…Effie Eitam and Israel’s Denial of Shin Bet Involvement in Entebbe

Posted by Anarchore on June 6, 2007

‘He Protesteth Too Much…Effie Eitam and Israel’s Denial of Shin Bet Involvement in Entebbe

You just KNOW it had to come…The panic-stricken denial, the outraged shrieking of ‘how dare you filthy Goyim accuse us Jews of anything untoward, immoral or unseemly’ and–almost as if it were legislatively imposed–the wailing of persecution and anti-Semitism.

And so, true to form and as predictable as vultures at the scene of a 3-day-old road-kill, here ‘they’ come, meaning the makeup artists whose job it is to slap more rouge and mascara on the ugly, syphilitic whore known as Israel and try to do something about the smell of death and deception that follows her around like a black cloud everywhere she goes…

In this case it deals with the recently-released British intelligence reports indicating that the famous Entebbe hijacking in 1976 (and subsequent rescue of the Jewish hostages from the ‘crazed Palestinian militants’ who were holding them) was the handiwork of–ONCE AGAIN, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Israeli Intelligence. ‘Just in the knick of time’ as the old saying goes, since at that time the US was just about to begin important talks with the PLO over the Palestinian situation, all of which got flushed right down the toilet with this timely act of terrorism.
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