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News – Week of May 28 – June 3

Posted by Anarchore on June 4, 2007

It has been quite a week once more in Zionofascist News. Every week I am amazed by the amount of material covering what these scoundrels are up to. Another rabid Zionist is nominated as head of the World Bank by Bush, another ‘Toronto 19’-style “terrorist” plot completely infiltrated and controlled by the FBI is “stopped” from doing “unimaginable” terror, Canadian politicians continue to grovel to the Jewish mafia better known as organized Jewry or Zionism, Harper is swinging his pecker with his Bilderberg chums at the G8 and the neocon Sarkozy in France, and it turned out Israhell staged the whole Entebbe incident to scuttle any chance of peace with Palestine! One week!

We start with the treason known as Deep Integration, AKA the SPP.
Extract from Garth Turner MP blog June 3, 2007.
“Like most Canadians, I am at a loss to know with certainty if this is a beneficial partnership for our nation to be so enthusiastically embracing.

Even though Stephen Harper’s popularity is plummetting because of his support of the terrorist state, politicians still find it necessary to grovel to Zionism in Canada. No, it is not enough for politicians to support the Jewish community, they have to worship the state of Israel and never criticize it.
Israel is a Dion priority
Sunday morning, the national leadership of the Liberal Party congregated in Toronto. The event that brought them together was the United Jewish Appeal’s Walk With Israel, which is the largest pro-Israel event in Canada. I am the communications director for a group called “Liberal Friends of Israel”, so I was quite excited by the resounding success of the event and the Liberal contribution.

Not everyone supports Zionofascism, however.
Palestinians have been punished by the West
From the start, the democratically elected,
Hamas-led Palestinian Authority was never
given a chance to succeed. Canada,
the United States and other Western
nations immediately cut foreign aid,
and Israel refused to transfer tax funds
owed to the new Palestinian government.

In fact, dissent is growing in Canada.
The Stephen Harper effect
People who do not like to see their money wasted are not going to like it when they find out the costs of the Afghanistan adventure are going to exceed $20 billion, before the day in 2009 the mission is supposed to end.

The usual neocon deceptions, using the terror bogeyman:
Republican Candidates Employ “al-Qaeda” Fairy Tales
Like paranoid schizophrenic neglecting his meds, Senator John McCain tells us Osama will get us if the United States pulls out of Iraq.

“In the May 15 Republican debate in South Carolina, Senator John McCain of Arizona suggested that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden would ‘follow us home’ from Iraq—a comment some viewers may have taken to mean that bin Laden was in Iraq, which he is not,” reports the Boston Globe.

The old masters of staged terrorism, Israel have now been found to have staged the kidnapping and subsequent rescue at Entebbe. It appears they did it to discredit the PLO, as usual fighting against any hope of peace.  Wake up, Israel has it’s fingerprints all over 9/11 as well!
Documents claim Israel aided Entebbe hijack
The Israeli secret service and radical Palestinians may have engineered the hijacking of an Air France plane that flew to Entebbe in Uganda, according to a claim in newly released government documents.

Alleged Terror Plot Foiled by Hero Government –But they had NO EXPLOSIVES!

“Officials viewed the alleged plotters as a credible threat, but sources said they apparently did not have the technical savvy to carry out the plot.

One official said the plan “was not technically feasible.” Officials added that the alleged plotters had no explosives and had not yet figured out a way to get some.”

Xympora blog exposes the deception:
How scary is it?
Monday, June 04, 2007
Contrast “U.S.: ‘Unthinkable’ terror devastation prevented” and “Plot Was Unlikely to Work, Experts Say, Citing Safeguards and Pipeline Structure”. The usual problem with Bibi Netanyahu’s ‘war on terror’ is that the ‘terrorist’ story has to be dramatic enough to cause fear and Islamophobia, but not so dramatic that it seriously reduces anybody’s profits or the stock market index. Pipelines are everywhere, and largely unguarded and unguardable, and Americans know that, so a pull-back from the original scare was necessary.

The US government continues to behave exceedingly suspiciosly in the aftermath of the Zionist facillitated 911 plot.
Flight 93 Wreckage Under Armed Guard Buried Deep Inside Iron Mountain
This local news report discusses secret records, files and material that
is buried deep underground at a facility called Iron Mountain in
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – including the wreckage of Flight 93 which is
now under armed guard.

f93 wreckage kept under high security(What are they hiding?)

Bloody-Handed 911 Gangster Giuliani Heckled, Booed By 9/11 Family Members
We Are Change confronts former New York Mayor for second time on cover-up of crime scene, WTC collapse foreknowledge and desecration of victim’s remains

Secret trials are what you get in a Big-Jewry dominated country like the Soviet Union. And Canada.
Hearings secret, inquiry head rules
Not even the Muslim Canadians whose cases are being probed will be able
to hear what’s presented

Bad news for those hoping to find out more about Canada’s murky role in
the war on terror. The head of an inquiry into the mistreatment and
imprisonment of three Muslim Canadian men has ruled that, save in
exceptional circumstances, the entire exercise will be carried out in

Harper lands in Germany as G8 summit approaches, also meeting with neocon Zionist President of France
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Environment Minister John Baird arrived late Sunday in Europe to attend two world gatherings, including the Group of Eight summit of industrialized nations in Heiligendamm, Germany

Some blog reaction to Zoellicks nomination to the World Bank:

George Bush today appointed Zionist Robert Zoellick as president of the World Bank. He replaces another hardcore Zionist, Paul Wolfowitz, who was one of the architects of the Iraq war before moving on to his role as head of this Zionist-controlled organization.

Do the sheeple never question WHY someone who is not a Jewish Zionist would not have been chosen?


I cannot tell you how surprised I am that Bush has appointed another Jew to replace the Jewish Zionist Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank. That’s right, George Bush, just appointed a hard core Jewish Supremacist by the name of Robert Zoellick to replace the corrupt Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank.[1]


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