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Dear Professor Akhavan

Posted by Anarchore on June 1, 2007

Payam Akhavan

I was listening to the CBC Sunday Edition last week and heard some of the usual nonsense about Iran.

They had an academic from McGill on and he was saying Iran is basically the most evil place in the world and wants to wipe out all the Jews.

Nobody seems to mention that there are 25,000 Jews living in Iran, and they are free to practice their faith.

The attacks on Iran are part of the ongoing campaign to justify genocide against the Iranian people on behalf of Israel.

The following links make nonsense of the claim Iran wants to kill the Jews:

The Jewish community of Persia, modern-day Iran, is one of the oldest in the Diaspora, and its historical roots reach back to the 6th century B.C.E., the time of the First Temple.

Although Iran and Israel are bitter enemies, few know that Iran is home to the largest number of Jews anywhere in the Middle East outside Israel.

It comes as a surprise to many visitors to discover that Iran, a country so hostile to Israel and with a reputation for intolerance, is home to a small but vibrant Jewish community that is an officially recognized religious minority under Iran’s 1979 Islamic Constitution.

Historically, say Jewish leaders, anti-Semitism here is rare, a fact they say is often lost on critics outside, especially in Israel, where many Iranian Jews have relatives.

Mr Akhavan did not respond to my email.
Dear Mr Akhavan;

Certainly Iran is doing some bad things, but the presentation you were a part of this morning smells of propaganda. The Iran Holocaust conference was not the Holocaust Denial conference(as you stated), and yes Mr Duke was a member of the KKK a long time ago, but there were no KKK members as you stated.

Meanwhile Israel is given a pass by the CBC for it’s ongoing atrocities. What do you think of this discrepancy? The former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress is the appointed head of the CBC, and we now have a heavily Zionist slant to the reporting of Israel vs Palestine and the demonization of Iran.

Canada is under a Zionist Occupational Government that is kowtowing to Israel, but then as a Harvard man you should already know that. If you don’t, please allow me to introduce a blog I have created for the purpose of exposing the neocon Zionist government in Canada. No I do not hate Jews, nor am I a NeoNazi or Arab nationalist and I have no group affiliations.

I just notice little things like Netanyahu being allowed to visit our countries when this man is clearly a terrorist, who celebrates the terrorist King David Hotel bombing every year.

British anger at terror celebration
By Ned Parker and Stephen Farrell
The commemoration of Israeli bombings that killing 92 people has caused offence
AS ISRAEL wages war against Hezbollah “terrorists” in Lebanon, Britain has protested about the celebration by right-wing Israelis of a Jewish “act of terrorism” against British rule 60 years ago this week.
The rightwingers, including Binyamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister, are commemorating the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, the headquarters of British rule, that killed 92 people and helped to drive the British from Palestine.
read the rest here…

Then I notice the CBC is going by the neocon/Zionist demonization of Iran in preparation to exterminate more Arab people for Israel.

There is a Jewish supremacist, fascist group at the heart of Jewry that is responsible for orchestrating the current exterminations and genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is not anti-semitic to expose this. But it would be risky for an academic to do so, and would certainly preclude any more solicitations from the CBC, and the rest of Canada’s Zionist dominated media for that matter.

Good luck to you sir.

Anarchore(BC Progressive Nihilist Party)

My blog: http://zionofascism.wordpress.com/

An excellent review of ZOG in the US:


One Response to “Dear Professor Akhavan”

  1. Alex said

    Who runs the Canadian Government?

    David Zussman : Commissioner of Public Service Commission holder of Jarislowsky Award!!!!
    David Langtry : Human Rights Commissioner at Canadian Human Rights Commission
    Edward Keyserlink: Integrity Officer
    Bernard Shapiro: Former Ethics Commissioner

    They have monopolized Human Rights and Integrity. Who runs the largest pension fund in Canada.(Jarislowsky). How does he manage all the pensions.
    Human Rights should be for all not for a special group who has a tendency to monopolize everything. A minority who has tendency to rule the majority. They should not create hate by monopolizing everything. We all are human being regardless of our fate and background. Why they love the Human Rights word so much. Why “Human Rights” should only belong to them. Why the rest of the world should pay for a crime that a small number of European committed many years ago.
    What is my fault that I should burn in peopls sympathy for jewish. The cycle of abuse will continue forever if we alwats give them special treatment for a crime that some European committed long time ago. Why 30 million Canadian should be for a crime that committed for a small number of Germans long time ago. Why?

    Why the human rights and integrity amd ethics should be the property of a special group?

    Who runs 80 percent of Canadian media. Israel Asper and wife of Conrad Black.

    What happened to freedom of Speech? Why talking about Jewish monopoly is a taboo. Why everybody talk about them is antismetic? Now Jewish people are great like christian and muslim and everybody else. But they should not monopolize everything. They should not spend 200 million dollars of tax payers money to build a human rights museum in Winnepeg while the very basic of human rights is viloated in Canada. We all have to live in peace in Canada from evey religion ad background but some people want everything for themselves and they always have great lobbist to lobby the government for whatever they want.

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