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Zionists Wage War against Independent Media

Posted by Anarchore on May 29, 2007

The Zionists just keep growing the list of people who will oppose and expose them.

They just can’t sit back and enjoy life in Canada.

They insist on making their power known in increasingly obnoxious ways. 


Monday, May 28, 2007

Zionists Wage War against Independent Media

Loonies Tune Out: B’nai Brith Shuts Down Peace Activists in Canada

When Monopolization of the Media Fails, Then Squash Freedom of Speech

Canadian Zionists Wage War against Independent Media

by Kim Petersen / May 28th, 2007

“Knowledge is power.” So goes the often heard, and generally accepted, aphorism. Consequently, powerful people who would like to maintain and consolidate their power will endeavor to control and manipulate information. One step in achieving control of information is through the media. When complete media control is not possible, then silencing rival media is also effective. In Canada, this silencing of dissident voices can be attempted, strange as it seems, through the Canadian Human Rights Council (CHRC).

Control need only be exerted in a society where those wielding power do not wield it on the behalf of the masses. Despots rely on information manipulation, propaganda, and lies. Since neoliberalism and Zionism benefit only a tiny segment of society, neoliberals and Zionists are compelled to control the information sources to hide the crimes of their ideology from the masses.

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One Response to “Zionists Wage War against Independent Media”

  1. Alex said

    Who runs the Canadian Government?

    David Zussman : Commissioner of Public Service Commission holder of Jarislowsky Award!!!!
    David Langtry : Human Rights Commissioner at Candian Human Rights Commission
    Edward Keyserlink: Integrity Officer
    Bernard Shapiro: Former Ethics Commissioner

    They have monopolized Human Rights and Integrity. Who runs the largest pension fund in Canada.(Jarislowsky). How does he manage all the pensions.
    Human Rights should be for all not for a special group who has a tendency to monopolize everything. A minority who has tendency to rule the majority.

    Why the human rights and integrity amd ethics should be the property of a special group?

    Who runs 80 percent of Canadian media. Israel Asper and wife of Conrad Black.

    What happened to freedom of Speech? Why talking about Jewish monopoly is a taboo. Why everybody talk about them is antismetic? Now Jewish people are great like christian and muslim and everybody else. But they should not monopolize everything. They should not spend 200 million dllars of tax payers money to build a human rights museum in Winnepeg while the very basic of human rights is viloated in Canada. We all have to live in peace in Canada from evey reogion ad background but some people want everything for themselves and they always have great lobbist to lobby the government whatever they want.

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