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International Zionism’s Future

Posted by Anarchore on May 5, 2007

By tatarewicz <tatpaul@gmail.com> Source: Newsgroups can.politics, us.politics, uk.politics.misc, soc.culture.australian, soc.culture.europe

Two upcoming national elections may determine the future course of
international zionism’s political intrigues and destructive rampages
like what we are witnessing in Iraq.

The first is this Sunday in France where the zionist and former prime
minister Sarkozy is vying for the more important post of president
against socialist Segolene Royal. A Sarkozy victory would make it
alot easier for zionists in Washington, where they have total
political control, to involve France in illegal wars on behalf of
Israel as they tried to do when they launched American forces against

The other is on July 22 in Turkey where the secret, doenmeh jews are
trying to prevent majority Moslems from taking control of the powerful
presidency position, held by their out-going “secularist” Sezer.
President Sezer warned that Turkey’s secularist system is facing its
gravest threat from radical Islamism since the (secret) jew Ataturk
founded the republic in 1923.

Turkey’s Islamist parliamentary majority had appointed foreign
minister Abdullah Gull as president but the secularist opposition
challenged the move and the Constitutional Court denied the
appointment because a”two-thirds quorum” article was not met.
Confident that they have the upper hand, the Islamist parliamentarians
voted to advance elections from November to July to resolve the issue.

Jewish origin of the secularists goes back to the late 1600’s in Asia
Minor where they became Islamic Marranos or doenmehs as a matter of
convenience but secretly retained their relgious observances and
avoided inter-marrying with Moslems. From them emerged the Young
Turks at the turn of the last century and who led a revolt against
Sultan Hamid’s authoritarian rule, with Mustafa Kemal becoming the
leader under the name of Ataturk. More on their intrigues at:


(E_T’s thread) in News&Opinion (General)
History & Archaelogy

Previous attempts to return Turkey its Islamic traditions were
countered by coups by the army which the secret jews made sure they
controlled (as in the case of the Soviet Union). However, the
European Union has told Turkey, no more coups if it wants admission to
the EU.

Turkey became a strategic part of NATO during the time bolshevik jews
in the Soviet hierarchy were promoting expansion of communism
throughout the world and its membership in the mainly European
alliance was no doubt “arranged” by Israeli zionists through its
friends in Ankara, about the only benefit America has gotten from its
costly parasite. Membership in the Western alliance enabled Turkey to
become more a more cosmopolitan and prosperous country.

But since Putin kicked out the conniving zhids from Russia’s political
landscape and insisted any that remained run the country in the
interests of its citizens, not international zionism, Russia is no
longer a threat to western Europe; rather, its an asset, a source of
valueable energy and market for engineering and other technologies.

America on the other hand, has become a liability for Europe with
zionists taking control of the political and military apparatus in
Washington, and launching wars on behalf of Israel in the Middle East,
ruining European economic and commerical prospects there.

Turkey is likely sufficiently “westernized” that its becoming an
“Islamist” state will make no difference in getting admission to the
EU, especially if it maintains acceptable human rights standards and
can resolve differences with the Kurds fairly, something the EU
should insist upon.

On July 22 Turks have a choice to have their country run in their own
interests, in a business-like manner, maintain cordial relations with
all neighbors, as has been done by Putin’s Russians, or they can
continue to be a tool of criminal international zionists whose top
priority is retaining, at any cost, land stolen from Palestinians to
form the illegal state of Israel.


2 Responses to “International Zionism’s Future”

  1. Sadettin said

    Wow, what have you injected in your veins? Heroin? LSD?
    For God’s sake, you are high, flying up up in the sky.

  2. Mehmet Can Akgün said

    I think you know things wrong, Abdullah Gul and his party is supported by neocons in U.S. To make things clear, Justice and Development Party is using islam as their cover for keeping their support from conservatists of Turkey. On the contrary, they support Zionists by giving them privileges on many businesses behind the scenes.
    It is shown to world media as the struggle is between secularism and religion. In fact, the struggle is between the zionist collaborators and Turkish nationalists. They have been in power for four and a half years and they are trying to take presidency to control all of the administration.
    To inform you about doenmeh stuff, half of the things you wrote is true. Doenmehs had supported Atatürk for protecting their interests. But now, Atatürk’s nationalist legacy is an obstacle for their goals. So many times, there are claims that Atatürk was a jew. That’s big fiction invented for to make muslims attack his legacy. None of the nationalists has believed this made-up but radical illitarete muslim community.
    I think you should not believe all the things that Mainstream Media tells about Turkey.

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