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La fin de Sion

Posted by Anarchore on May 3, 2007

Here is a French language blog, speaking out against the Zionofascist menace.

The following essay is one of the best and most comprehensive to deal with the problem we face that I have read to date.

translation courtesy of:
http://www.online-translator.com and myself!

The end of Sion is near

The world thunders! Internet became in some years the tool of ultimate(final) knowledge. Far from the lies of mass media and corruption of the essence of political word and men of any edges which play it, resistance àu government of Zionist occupation or Z.O.G in English, the instigator of new worldwide order, NWO in English (NOM in French) gets organized. What was hardly visible(obvious) only some years ago becomes easily approachable. Everywhere the men awake of Sion’s nightmare and rebel.

Zionism was not born with Herzl, it is from a distance previous(former) to him(her) even if it did not carry this known name. It is not amazing that it is to an atheist that falls to write what was going to be taken for the foundations of Zionism.

Its action remained quasi secret during centuries and the men who belong survey to fight it often assimilated it with Judaism.

Zionism began by diverting the religion of Bassinet and Abraham and distorting contents.

Acquiring a hold so on the jewish people and instituting superiority and election of the Jews, while the initial message is universalist and humanitarian,

and the bars of law are enough to certify it.

Ten simple laws to be applied and respected.

If the human beings were held there, paradise would return.

It is however enough that of a modification minor of appearance, to add Jew in every law and to develop it in the books which have followed to extract the humanity from it and divert this religion towards the political goal which modern Zionism inherited.

You will not kill! Becomes: you will kill no Jews.

And institute word Gentile who includes the rest of the humanity and the excluded of law.

And so a venerable and venerated religion becomes an efficient and bloody weapon in the hands of a diabolic elite of distant time, derivation of which seems to have borrowed steps and to belong enlarge.

Usury is forbidden by jewish law, as by christian and Muslim laws, but by returning this law applicable to the only Jews they allow usury towards goys and therefore towards the whole world. It what makes that everywhere in the world the first usurers was Jews who pawned and lent against strong interests under the protection of their organizations (consistories and others) and local elites thirsty for treasures and for power. More often they were advisers of the kings and mighties, but also tax collectors, or even leaders of militias and bloody secret services

Everywhere in the world of peasant revolts and pogroms burst on this type of problems and created the phantasm of anti-Semitism which was going to become one of their favourite weapon. The one behind whom(which) hide all Zionist operations of subversion across the world.

Examples are numerous, to read Israel Shahak and Israel Shamir and many others allows to understand(consist of) reality and myths. Using the screen of Jewish religion, actions of some of the future bankers of the world had just found their first reactions in these demonstrations of the anger often legitimate but badly interpreted by the people. And while they escaped to go to repeat their phagocytage of the energy of other Nations.

And progressively finances of the world, while innocent Jews were slaughter on their place.

The security guards of Judaism did not disappear in spite of the hunt which was made to them for centuries by the tutors the Zionism, and the orthodox movements such Natureï Karta are the agents. Reason for which they are ill-treated in Israel and that they live in the united states. Israel as nationalism with a soil and people, or even a breed(race) is for them a heresy, with other sense than to institute Zionism.

Israel is a spiritual idea according to which the Jews would be the priests who would guide the humanity possibly on spiritual plan, it is already haughty, although this remains minor (they are besides delightful and they hit to think that Zionism is called to disappear. Nothing(only) makes it that they are persecuted by the Zionists of a very organized way an indication, but of other one is ends up giving up and including(comprising) in their Orthodoxy the most crooked thing which is.

That is the elitism of the breed(race) and the soil).

When you add this salt there to a dish it takes a gout of blood, if you add it the soil and blood / breed it becomes what motivated the Nazi Hitler. Zionism is the father of Nazism, he is him more than broadly previous(former) and vehicle of the concepts which are reproducible in all nations or human groups but by dint of peace.

From tomorrow whoever can create a group of elected representative and superior and he does not doubt there that a heap of morons is going to stick to it. There is only to see what took place in Rwanda. Besides it is the most moronic which handle weapon as for the most clever, and who die for them incidentally

Since Zionism is appeared to the eyes of all fascist movements made babies in Europe. All countries are crossed(passed) there. Numerous nazi movements across the world have as guides of the Zionists, who try to make artificially the apparent anti-Semitism which they provoke. The bugbear.

Hitler was clandestinely financed by bankers and of supranational magnates of oil itself whose leaders are known all over the world to be the Zionists from the top of the pyramid.

Furthermore everything was made to exacerbate its hate, by declaring him(her) in one of the biggest newspapers of New York for instance war on behalf of the Jews of the whole world, and it ten years before the launching of the second world war. This war was accompanied by a pauperization of the German people thanks to agreements signed after the first world war under impulsion and the dictation of the supranational banks and the Zionists who aim(turn) them, followed by an aspiration of all financial force of Germany which put it in knees. Until Hitler takes absolutely the reindeers of power, and institutes solid finances.

The winning only ones of all these fratricidal wars being the Zionists and their plans in Palestine. Every war brought its stone in the total building. 14/18 the statement of Balfour, 39/48 the institution of the jewish state(condition) of Israel, to the point where the Palestine disappeared from cards(maps) of the world and to the point where his(its) government not either because an authority without state(condition).

Sublimate irony.

Say to the Palestinians who endure this chaos since the beginning of the century, and who have end up understanding that alone armed resistance could prevent or at least postpone genocide, and at best deportation and banishment of their people without any hope of repairing. The Zionists even pushed vice to the point of trying to form an alliance with Hitler to make easier their program, and make understand to him(her) that their views and ambition on the breed(race) and the soil were very close(near)

But it did not grant them the credit which they discounted.

He had to have the habit of the quoting bifide and liar of the Zionists …

At the same time they refused the proposals of agreements of Evian which offered to save while it was possible the population Jews who obviously were implicitly going to pay for the action of their elites and the racism shown by the Nazis, deducing that the only displacement of Jews which they would allow that towards the Palestine would be. And that in any case weak-willed persons and incapable and useless in the building of Israel were refused for lack of means Sic

Irony it is because it is these poor people who were once again sacrificed on the altar of the gold calf(veal) which is the true religion of the Zionists.

History, ultimate(final) lie taught from most youth is being rewritten and reviewed secretly since laws came to muzzle Europe preventing the historians among whom it is the role, to reject disconnectedness and to change the information which are lit(enlightened) by their researches. The world resembles more a huge phantasm than reality. Falsehood is everywhere, and it only has for seeing it to light a television set or to read the newspaper of your region.

Everywhere the Zionists put their grain of salt and planted the kernels of hate and iniquity. The pornography dethroned love and corruption interferes in business(stuff) and us of every society. A profitable market organizes and legislates the abortion. Every way. The organization of chaos.

A country after other one is going to topple over to the Zionist sphere and to change the lesson of history. The Japan and the China who are Asiatic are not excluded from the general schema. Especially with the influence of communism in China and that of emperors and their advisers in the Japan. Loss for the Japan of its ancestral landmarks for the modernity not it in brought back(reported) that to be the 1st and the only country to be had is subjected to late nuclear technology. Which evolution, which shame of both quoting.

The country which they in Europe best manipulated is England or they blended with the middle classes, become by silver(money) nobility.

Germany counted in its breast the most powerful jewish Zionists of the world. Are there they stayed? Heavy industry was entirely between the hands. As well as finance and mass media.

As everywhere else …

Since the school holocaust is taught as absolute science, more puissamment that the crucifixion of the sculpted Christ. Grace in secularism the sculpted Christ besides disappeared from any education and messianic Judaism even succeeded in federating the Christians against them even by leading to the christian Zionism which clamps down in USAS. And in the various christian sects and others bricklaying who(which) clamp down in Europe. Irony at all levels, demons of men!

What was only a theft(flight), (the statement of Balfour) became the worst of nightmares. England did not have the right of ownership on the Palestine and even less lord Balfour.

Give what does not belong to you a theft(flight) is more than it is a crime if this gesture implicates that the only drop of blood follow from it. Even if you washed your hands beforehand by adding it by circumspection that the local populations will have to be worried under no circumstances, and even less displaced or slaughtered.

What the watchers had really predicted and seen defendant obvious ferocity in the behaviour of the armed criminal groups which constituted the state(condition) of Israel.

Which did not hesitate to slaughter high diplomats of various country. Which used(employed) the terrorism of mass at an instant when this one was completely unknown. Moreover they since transformed this tool by gluing together this tab in them successive enemies and stranger still they have succeed in getting to accept it by the most part of the western countries. As what mass media has a very particular(special) function(office) which you should be necessary neglect under no circumstances, on pain of death in more or less big expiry date.

What was only a recommendation, (the resolution 181 of the UNO) became the country xenophobe and racist who usurped the holy name of Israel. Under no circumstances the UNO has this type recommendations had the right to play. And if incidentally it had made it, any country shall have what had the right to make it apply, what makes it null and void.

However! Irony still?

The genocide of the Palestinian will not stop without an intervention of international authorities. South apartheid African is a soft euphemism in comparison with situation in occupied Palestine, so that a man who participated in the worst acts of violence when he was president of the united states, Oil pan, makes a so moderate criticism, it is that case is serious and at the edge of explosion, it is an amicable warning. But the Zionist agenda does not consist of negative analysis of its policy(politics).

The hypocrisy which reigns in USAS over the real governments is symptomatic of deep attack.

By waiting Gaza is the biggest concentration camp which ever exists.

A concrete wall eight metres high, reassured extremist is named guardrail, separates houses between them, the villagers of their fields, and villages enter them and condemn(sentence) the Palestinians for isolation and misery.

The wall of shame, however condemned(sentenced) by the international court, fits tightly round its preys more and more and stifles(chokes) them cruelly. Simple fact to be suspected of being armed is enough for the immediate execution of whole families sometimes.

If you are involved in resistance it is with bombs of several tonnes that Zionist justice is applied. The Palestinians benefit from no protection of international authorities, while it is these same authorities which are responsible for his(her,its) partition and for the slow and especially silent genocide which follows from it. The Holocaust Palestinians lasts for 60 years in the most absolute indifference

As say it so definitely Israel Shamir, if the Times announced that Palestinian’s meat was eatable the whole world would claim it. And other newspapers would extol immediately qualities and tastes, can be even recipes(receipts) it is exactly what takes place has part that it is with bulldozers colossal of tanks and of F16 that they chew them.

Progress it is really fantastic.

Certain resolutions of the UNO are applied by bombs and embargoes and others more numerous however, by silence and neglect. Everything depends of if it is good or not for the Zionists

The biggest criminal counters the humanity of all time, Henry Kissinger is not even worried and continues governing in the half-light of power US, his battlefield is the whole world, and its massacres are incomptables, the enemies that it created in united states either. The fact that it continues crossing(passing) on the chaines of TV of the whole world is among the worst insults that have it be able to make to those who everywhere in the world have of be subjected to wars that it set up.

The criminal international court orchestrates its immunity by agreeing to work for united states without the same country acknowledging(recognizing) the action of the court concerning it, returning therefore his(her,its) nationals in jugeables, and institutionalizing the propaganda which US / ZIONISTS diffuse before making war by judging wrong guilty and prevent that they turn round towards the real protagonists and motivations of these wars.

The massacre of innocent children Palestinians and Lebanese became national sports in Israel and snipers engraves notches to every child slaughtered on their guns which will be blessed by the extremist rabbis. It is a religious duty The death of a gentile is not answerable in Israel, it is as to kill an animal.

Under high international pressures a pretence will be played and soothed down(calmed) conscience, what is of an absolute curiosity.

What tends to be repeated across the world, where, thanks to their positioning in key post offices(posts) of the justice of the various countries in which they are quasi in power, supported by the perky lies of mass media or their silence, the powerful Zionists avoid the justice of the country in whom they are above laws. In last resort they fly off towards Israel, where from they have no risk of being extradited.

But in general they are powerful enough to invent verdicts of responsibilities without guilt or without punishment and other aberration of the same type.

Baruch Goldstein pile murderer of mass is venerated on the cloth and in Israel.

The children of settlers are recruited from their most youth and scrawl their names on bombs intended(designed) in Palestinians or to the Lebanese. They go for a walk armed as in mythical Far-West. Return impossible life to the Palestinians when they insult them terrorize them and should curdle them under the protection of the army of occupation and the various polices of the state(condition) of Israel. Their parents draw(fire) Palestinians at the women(wives) and the men in a repetitive and provocative manner.

Some videos show it in detail and allow to judge by one even this racism which in exceeded any border.

The film check-@ of Toav Shamir procreates an anger which should not be contained and must be put in the service of those as whom(which) anger acts of justification in a death without judgement, it takes place every day in Israel.

The rhetoric of mass media succeeds barely in covering reality, and an old lady Nobel prize can be slaughtered as they slaughter a fanatical animal, in the course of a demonstration of support of the Palestinians.

Without that this even so prompt mass media to react for graffitis origin of which they ignore on tombs is touched in that case flagrant of denial of humanity.

The example of the trip of Mr Chirac in Jerusalem is another powerful example. It is unconvincing that some words of the prime minister at the time have the legitimate anger of the French president is enough to tranquilize. They see there The services of protection of the French president and the agents of Israel bumping into each other virilement. The first to avoid to Jacques Chirac to be jostled(knocked down), and the Zionists to prevent it from shaking Palestinian hands, among the dealers of old Jerusalem, even if it means jostling(knocking down) a state leader indignement on official visit.

The united states were pirated by a handfull of Zionists and of the thousands of Americans is dead and die every day for the nice eyes of the traitor Sion.

September 11th, 2001 which was allocated(awarded) against any common sense to Ussama Ben Laden by the press under Zionist control, is not by the FBI, nor even CIA it. While everything indications and now scientific proof bring in Israel and to the Zionists having dual nationality who govern them.

Besides nobody searches more the big bearded man particularly, and everybody, thanks to institutionalized propaganda turns round towards the bearded man, in general.

Regarding famous bearded man, whose assassination in some days of September 11th is the maitresse key which aims(turns) to the culprits. The lion of Panshir, Massoud Ahmed Shah is slaughtered by reporters who had hidden(concealed) explosives and weapon in their video equipment the precise date is 9 but several sites him date of September 15th, 2001. Hypothesis that it is Ben Laden is absurd.

On the contrary it upset oil Zionist / American plan and incidentally drug trafficking organized through CIA by the Zionists.

The schema is the same for the coke of South America where helicopters sold or given in Israel one found(rediscovered) in the hands of the trusts of her narcotics.

Ben Laden who was only a traitre in Islam by fighting for CIA, following the example of Saddam and others ongoing whose end(purpose) will be identical), died from the end of 2001 during the intensive bombings of his cavern and his carefully removed body they were to the point of clearing away the cave to search it.

The press in brought back(reported) as well as the analysis DNA effectively negative of the numerous bodies.

Living USAS / ZIONISTS would have been too loud and dead, had no more reason to commit war to dread, it was needed to them of time to launch the machine with worldwide propaganda and create the Islamic myth. Some days later the first tape went out in which one almost look-alike demands attempts them. Then silence. More pictures.

And since the manipulated buffoons being supposed to do appeared to be his(her,its) right hands, left property moreover

Zarkaoui is a pure and simple creation, and Khalid Cheik Mohammed is an agent / actor of one of numerous Israeli agencies, he is besides completely isolated of committed policies(politics) and subjected to no torment contrary to the innocent.

It is one of the reasons that makes that none of the photographs of him is clear(light) and that judgements are military and in camera.

The Stalinism under Zionist hold does not have act(behave) in another way. And shone front Leninism. And after them tants of others. September 11th is not the biggest crime of the Zionists but constitutes the first one for the Americans.

Alas it is only one beginning.

Iraq is Sion’s prey and massacres organized by outside militias is introduced(presented) by mass media as civil war. Hundreds of Israeli killers slaughter intelligence Iraqi under the protection of the army US and slaughter G.I’ s by filming them to broadcast(diffuse) videos then on the net(clear) and get this for Iraqi resistance, trying to give proof in the spirit of the Americans who are less and less disposed to it, this war which gets ready actively for more than 20 years in Israel.

Hewing in the Israeli sauce of means, and close(near) east is under way. And take place perfectly.

At least for the Israeli.

For GI’ s it is another affair. In the majority however they are not so badly treated. Camps were reassured with swimming pools and supermarkets, or they remain confined as soon as this heats up outside. And the biggest of job(work) is made by the private army which obeys no law of war and know no resolution and no rule of behaviour?

The museums of Bagdad were ransacked in a organized way and works of art réapparaitront in the rooms of sale of New York and the whole world.

The Zionist battle for the control of weapon US is on the way to being earned(won), in spite of the fact that this right is inscribed(registered) in constitution.

But it is not the first time, the right of the congress to strike currency either is not any more applied. EDF having accepted(received) this ultimate(final) privilege for almost a century.

Patriot-Acts succeeds one another and take away every time more freedom from the citizen US. Fascism US is not any more a myth. Barbarism is common and the rights of the persons under suspicion of terrorism disappeared. One did not deride at them, they simply disappeared, more lawyers, nothing more. Just torment and death. Humiliation also …

Arabic goes to earth, or even collaborate, without getting ready even in what is brewing as the conflict of the coming years. They have the most powerful lever however between hands in the world; oil. To close or to blow up the wells of oil together would change deal completely and isolate or even would eliminate Sion’s fascist regime. The one who has power to destroy a thing is the one who controls it. Alone Iran (Persian) became aware of danger and gets ready there actively.

Zionist terrorism stretched in the whole world and the fools start singing the name of Al Qaeda in the form of a heart.

France is overbalancing Zionist tool to the sarkosisme, variant of Hitlerism, for a complete domination. It is going to plunge the country into Zionist wars for next thirty years, what Jacques Chirac had succeeds so-so in avoiding (if there is an act for which they can thank it it is definitely this one).

It flounders with it and resembles to be wrong has the discreet nervousness of Hitler in full ascent there. It has a dream as France. And numerous nightmares for the French. The fact that it is on the stage is not a simple personal course, it is an element of Zionist counting.

All his(its) acts of foreign policy, will be fulfilled regardless real needs and motivations of France, the winning only one will be Israel. It is going to have free time to manage exclusively it, relegating internal battles to the ministers and other deputies.

American plan begins getting breathless and the help(assistance,assistant) of (demilitarized) Germany is not enough France is needed.

Attack against Iran is going to find with Nicolas Sarkozy an ear different from that of Jacques Chirac, and the mythical security of Israel is already on its tray to have lunch. Iran according to him represents a threat for the security of Israel. Weak(slow) Israel, armed with 2 à300 atomic bombs and with means to send them on the moon. Good joke. The security of Israel. Armed with the beep of the American army, in every field. He(it) even took the liberty of ransacking brevets US but not exclusively, France is a big donor to know, sometimes without its agreement, to fabricate of the weaponry that they sell retail across the world and with which they help local despots, although help a too correct(right) word for debts gathered in by these despots in the name of their respective states is.

All it with the help of the IMF and with the World Bank. Or even from the WHO and from OMC and others banker’s antechamber.

But let us come back(let us return) to France or paradoxically the only alternative was nationalism there.

Irony when you hold us …

The socialists in spite of visible(apparent) temperance which their candidate shows, belong all persevered ready Zionists to reconnaitre in massacres repeated by Israel a simple demonstration of auto defence(prohibition).

Even when these massacres concern dozens children. They do not cease saying that Israel passes before France without no dominated mass media raising it. They are going to attract in the form of a heart with mass media to orchestrate participation in wars anti arabo / Muslims of the coming years. And it in spite of the recent report of Interpol which underlines that Islamic terrorism is microscopic with regard to regional terrorisms such as complicates it or basques, but that on the contrary arrests concern for more than 50 % of the persons linked to Islam, or of simple Muslims whose appearance reminds us of certain Ben Laden.

Minimum bores stiff it to be suspected of terrorism.

About it you will not have intended to speak, predominant mass media having preferred passing under silence of the information which deny(contradict) the clash of civilizations with which they soak(water) us. At the risk of lose besides them taken out a subscription what is already made their subventions and appearance. Because the advertising executives are ready to pay even if nobody buys the dishcloth.

This flies in the wind and ca broadcast(diffuse) pub therefore of …

The wage-earning journalists of dominated mass media lost their soul, they did not sell it, nobody wants it more, they lost it in the meanders of them lies.

And they dare to take out again us to the blow of the politician which tries to gag them by ci or thereabouts, and behind the scenes they speak business(stuff) with the same minister.

The lawful(legal) torment since chandeliers in Israel is getting back to normal a bit everywhere. And following the example of the Nazis the Palestinian prisoners act as guinea pigs for medicaments and other poisons than perfect organism and Israeli firms. Knesset granted an increase of rights to experiments. But nothing of the kind am repeated by predominant mass media. And if it comes to know all in unison are going to try to reduce impact. Not the impact of experiments on the Palestinians, but that on our conscience.

Russia taken out again from communism in the hands of foreign oligarchs practically every Zionists, gets up and faces up its future. After the corrupt and senile alcoholic whose death warmed up the heart of all Russians, came Putin who by his diplomacy developed muscles in taken back(resumed) the queens of the big country where Russia is. It probably postponed war US (Zionist) against Iran, but he(it) is handcuffed by the capital and has only not enough freedom of action. It really reacts with an unforeseen animation. The countries which belong or saying liberated(released) of yoke of USSR is saying regret the time or they were a powerful union if they were under torment it Zionists appearance were safe. While now while being subjected to the Zionists, they goutent in the merciless and more direct domination of poverty and other blights(beams) which accompany(go with) the friends of Sion.

Orange revolution showed its illegitimacy, and well-known Zionist Gary Kasparov wants to overturn Russia for the oligarchs who ran away. And the European press takes part in these calls to violence in an offhand manner. However very few people follow it and his(its) movement in spite of a favourable coverage(blanket) on international plan remains marginal.

The Israeli is silent in the majority, subjugated by the biblical tales and by the fright which instils into them their mass media. An opinion poll has just confirmed the racist character of their state(condition): 99 % of the Israeli want to live exclusively between Jews. They who lived and live still worldwide as minority and fought on all fronts for even minorities, deny the right of the previous(former) occupiers to live on their own lands. Not the irony, too it’s too much. Nevertheless those who resist are among the most virulent combatants against Zionism. Not without having disavowed their religion in anticipation and married Christianity or even disavowed Israeli nationality.

The end(purpose) of Sion is close(near) and it not due to anti-Semitism or hate of other nations, but racism and inherent xenophobia in Zionism. All wise Jews enunciated it. The behaviour of Israel and its American vermiform appendix be going to create a backlash which is going to devour them. It there there in also a plethora of wrong clairvoyants who tell work at peace by accepting racism. A nightmare. The most clever can be of this edge.

Azneri, and other finkelstein which acknowledge(recognize) that the Jews make it too much on holocaust but that say that the security of the elected representatives cannot be appraised.

The elites which betrayed their countries and that joined Zionism by opportunism will be surement the first ones on the vengeful list. They collected(stored) power and treasures but did not receive(feel) the message of the humanity, their deafness and their blindly are going to be them fatal.

The end(purpose) of Sion is close(near).

And this day a day of holiday for the very whole humanity will be.

This blog is in evolution perm and am not finished. I put in it all my observations on phenomenon that Zionism is peel blend, I invite you to correct(adjust) me and to add it what is forgotten or that is unknown to me, or even to use in the reference and the inventory of the possible sources. every information will be progressivment linked in one or several sources.

Insults are property visits.

Criticisms(Critics) also, finally all that constitutes a dialogue and thereabouts, useful, is welcome. If you have pictures or photographs which can illustrate my words do not hesitate made me in part, it is necessary us to act(behave) against this blight(beam) which destroys the foundations of the humanity. Whatever are consequences. If you agree with this vision(view) of things especially do not hesitate to signal it it is united that they dominate us and it is united that we libèrerons us. I invite you, for those who have fewer references on subject, to use(employ) this tool which is the Internet to make you your own idea. The only thing which allows this political phenomenon that is Zionism to make what it makes it is ignorance lie and therefore inaction.

To cease believing in predominant mass media is the first step, to search to go up to the reality of contemporary and ancient(former) history is a second.

That’s true, it is not reliable and it risks upsetting your foundations a bit and delaying(giving) many matters in hand in your life, but it is temporary and reality finished to clarify our skylines and to give us the gout once again to act(behave) in what seems to be madmen’s world, (force of occupation US) And that explains once they take it by the good ends.


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