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Ahmadinejad Says Zionists are Not Jews

Posted by Anarchore on April 30, 2007

As Zionofascists attribute false quotes to him, Ahmadinejad speaks truth.

“The Zionists, I want to tell you, are NOT Jews.

That’s the biggest deception we’ve ever faced.

Zionists are Zionists. Period.

They are not Jews.

They are not Christians.

They are not Muslims.

They are a POWER group – a POWER party.”



2 Responses to “Ahmadinejad Says Zionists are Not Jews”

  1. alkali said

    The world is waking up! Zionists Your time has come !

  2. King Bulan and the Khazars converted to Judaism. Ashkenzaic Jews are not Semites.

    Chagall, David, Target: Special Victims of the Holocaust, Xlibris, 1999.


    Dunlop, D. M., The History of the Jewish Khazars


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