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What has the Israel Allies Caucus been up to?

Posted by Anarchore on April 21, 2007

“We hope that one day every parliament and government around the world will form a sister caucus to the Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus which will mobilize support for Israel around the world and promote Judeo-Christian values.”


Harper has created an explicitly pro-terrorist lobby called the
Israel-Allies Caucus with co-operation with Israeli politicians(AKA
terrorists), and he explicitly supports the terrorist state Israel. In
fact so did the liberals. Vote for the Cons or the Libs, you vote for

Since I posted this story the news blackout has been sustained -there has been no further mention in the press about the “Israel Allies Caucus”. You aren’t supposed to know that there is a liason group for Israel ensconced in Parliament.

One would think that a group promoting ties with Israel would be sending out press releases or some other material advertising their stated aims to “mobilize support for Israel around the world”. Since there has been no public activity from this group, it appears that they are operating under secrecy.

Is the Israel Allies Caucus a terror plotting liason between Zionofascists in Canada and the Israelis, for the purpose of creating provacateur terror in Canada to blame on the Arabs? Seeing how unpopular the fraudulently sold Afghanistan war is in Canada, Zionofascists may be plotting a 7/7 event for Canada so we can realize, “we’re all Israelis now”.

Do you think it is dangerous for terrorist supporters to have such an
intimate relationship with the main parties of Canada? Particularly when
said terrorist state has been caught attacking allies to blame the Arabs.
The USS Liberty is one example, Sept 11 is another, and arch terrorist

Benjamin Netanyahu was even warned away from the 7/7 site in London,where he
was scheduled to give a speech. Israel was involved in 9/11, and we have their
supporters riddling the government of Canada.


Zionists in Canada need to be marginalized and driven out of the political
process. We cannot afford to have known terrorists and terrorist
sympathizers plotting with a known terrorist state that was involved in the
very events that precipitated Canada’s entering a war that the Zionists
themselves wanted us in!


How long before the Zionists like the CJC and B’nai Brith, all connected to
Israeli terrorists like Benjamin Netanyahu arrange to have an ‘incident’
happen on Canadian soil that will blame Arabs and precipitate the
no-questions policy favoured by people like George Bush.

The Zionists already did have a ‘mini-event’ last summer, where a police
officer was involved in encouraging Arab youth to make overblown threats,
thus making great propaganda when they raided the youth’s homes. We don’t
hear much about these ‘terrorists’ now do we? That is because the event
was a psy-op designed to bolster support for the Afghanistan mission and
whatever else is on the Israeli’s agenda in the so-called War on Terror.


Should we wait until they manage to actually set off a 9/11 or a 7/7 in
Canada? If there is such an attack, we know who is likely to be
responsible. Zionists are terrorists, and they should be treated as such.

We need to demand the dismantling of the Israel Allies Caucus, and curtail
the infestation of Zionist groups into the very government of Canada.
Zionist groups like the B’nai Brith and CJC, who constantly lobby against
Canada’s interests need to be declared terrorist organizations.

We don’t give Tamil Tigers or their supporters appoitments to the CBC, so
why is the Zionofascist terrorist supporter Rabbinovitch appoited there?

We don’t give Sikh extremists who praise the Air India bombing oversight
and control over our broadcasting, so why is the Zionofascist former judge
Von Finckenstein appointed as head of the CRTC?

Israel needs to be declared a terrorist state by the government of Canada.
Zionists and their government cronies that have been found lobbying for the
terrorist state should be arrested.

We won’t know when the Zionists will strike next, so the alternative to
inaction against Zionist terror may be a mushroom cloud over a Canadian
city. Are we prepared to risk that? Are we prepared to endure the
sickening literature that will result, the martial law, and the
unquestioning, unwavering support for Israel. The question to ask is CUI BONO
-who benefits -and we have seen the Israel lobby benefitting from every
terror event and scare since 9/11.



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